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  1. Totally agree A section of our fans may have smashed all his confidence away
  2. I’m not talking about masks I’m all fairness there is more evidence that shows the lockdowns worked for the hospitals regarding covid beds being available I personally think the virus is all over Mr farage reporting that mr sunak is righting off 4.3 billion of fraudulent covid claims
  3. At no point has the NHS been overwhelmed and there is zero evidence that it was ever likely to. Another fairy story from the narrative. Look I get where your coming from If we had gone natural immunity way at the start the hospitals would of been rammed full Now it’s very mild is the time for natural immunity
  4. The lad who runs it is just as bad if he cared one bit about vale he would shut it down Trust me leave the groups life is a better place without it
  5. I’m so glad I’m not on Facebook anymore
  6. Hey up suprised u ain’t blaming Boris for our loss
  7. Spot on As good as our support can be we are <ovf censored> awful at times
  8. Could not attend due to daughter poorly so watched at home Bad bad result should of been out of site first half then absolutely shocking goal to concede struggled after The commentary at times was just as frustrating like the amoo made something out of nothing comment he was <ovf censored> one on one with the right back before he turned back Away Saturday is what we need the away support will help us so much more
  9. A lot of our fans don’t understand the meaning of supporting your club
  10. Good signing We have a proper football club now Top 3 100%
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