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  1. Slowly maturing into a very good player. I think a lot of us are eating some large slices of humble pie tonight and long may it continue. I think as fans we all have to remember to stay level headed and enjoy every moment of this now. 50 points was the target so anything beyond that is a bonus. That performance was sublime to a man. Something seems to have clicked since the second half against Exeter. It’s almost like the shackles are off. Brilliant!!!
  2. I am not sure I agree. But never the less Clarke spoiled that game last night with his needless challenge. Pope should really have known better and walked away. But sadly our hero in so many ways is just a bit of a plank. kettle was biased all game. There were a number of fouls on vale lads last night that went unpunished one on Clarke himself where their player has kicked him.a number on conlon where the ref has ignored them. But the one that sticks out is a push on Browne as one of their lads is trying to take a corner. Browne walks away and nothing is given... based on kettles reffing last
  3. Drugs testing needed after that second half!!! Worst performance of the season swiftly followed by one of the best. Thought our second string players grew into to game as the confidence built up. Makes a massive difference when conlon plays forwards instead of back and sideways and proves that there is a player in there. Some of those balls for amoo were fantastic and gave amoo something to attack. Hope we don’t rest on our laurels now though would like to see us move a couple out and bring a couple in to freshen things up. Well done vale.
  4. There is always talk about creative players. It’s because they are the exciting ones. The ones you go to see. The ones that people put pressure on to make something happen. If they aren’t on it you tend to notice and they tend to get stick. It happens at every club up and down the country. Just the nature of the beast.
  5. I think the thing with amoo is confidence and consistency which is a common theme of players in this division, especially wingers. Not sure I fully agree with the comparisons to jmw though and I think that’s possibly where some people’s frustrations come from. Jmw and Vincent were the last real wingers we had of any note but they were both very different to a amoo because they were so direct. They used to want to get the ball and go and they both got some unfair stick when it didnt work. Amoo is not always so willing to go direct but gets some stick for not doing it. Damned if you do damned if
  6. Good advert for league 2 today. Really enjoyed that. Could have gone either way but great to get the win and clean sheet. Amoo and Monty both brilliant today as was smithy. Thought burgess had a tidy game too.
  7. Madness! We need all the money we can. If Man City have given us all the gate receipts it is to be applauded not rejected!! The prem give zero f00ks about us and the lower leagues so I’d happily be patronised every week if it meant that money was going back into grass roots. If true, thank you Man City for such a humble gesture.
  8. Calm down fella. I’m far from convinced but perspective is we are currently over achieving. This season was always going to be like this.
  9. They were at vale park to tbf before they had a bloke sent off. 1 goal changes the whole complexity of the game let’s hope vale can get 1 and salvage something. On Saturdays showing I wouldn’t bank on it... make me look daft vale I beg you!!!
  10. What’s going on is we were <ovf censored> at the weekend but didn’t heed the warning signs. We didn’t grind anything out, we got lucky. Pissed me off this has. Typical bloody vale
  11. Watched it in telly so never the same as watching live. We were poor today. Difficult place to go for us and was never going to be a footballing spectacle. Can’t agree that we ground it out today though. For me we got lucky. Their lads had a decent game and then goes and makes one of his only mistakes in his own box. Still, more than happy to be the benefactors. Conlon is not the answer sadly, I really wanted him to come good as thought there may have been a player in there but maybe the injuries have taken their toll. Severely lacked any energy from midfield today. If we can’t keep Taylor we
  12. Yep. Was fantastic. But would like to have seen it today too.
  13. Poor today so understandably some knee jerk reactions after the match but what you been smoking. Askey has us punching well above our weight at the minute. He is slowly building something along with Carol and Kevin.
  14. I think it’s obvious why he didn’t pick him. But you do have to question it after Sunday’s performance. Should always pick the best side and not sure he did today. Still, we didn’t lose.
  15. Personally think that people are over critical of Monty at left back. It’s no coincidence that that we have been better since he moved there. I think he offers more to the team from left back than he does from the wing. His positioning and concentration lets him down at times but that’s something he can develop. His passing has never been great where ever he has played. He always looks to have more determination in him somehow at left back than when he’s out wide. He would probably benefit from being told that that’s his position now so he can concentrate on developing that part of his game.
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