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  1. Not many of that 11 were signed by aspin either though. Aspins recruitment was not great. Only 4 are aspin signings with 3 Askey and 4 already here. You could even argue that it’s 5 for Askey as he plays Worral and gibbo where aspin didn’t. Then the bench is pretty much Askey.
  2. Unless they have a tent over the grass. No way this is on. Be like the game v bury at their place few years ago if it is. Was like watching ice skating
  3. Performance dire. Tactics dire. Subs dire. Not much more can say really. We would have lost this last season mind. Still waiting see high tempo pressing football from Askeys team. Still not convinced but keep telling myself we need to go through the motions and we will hopefully come out better the other side. Not sure I believe myself though haha
  4. I don’t think it’s the result, it’s the manner of how we got there. No one has the right to beat anyone, you have to earn it. Still waiting to be convinced with Askey. Can’t say I have seen much high tempo football and yesterday and last week for that matter, was not a team to be proud of. Vale fans will forgive defeat if there is some endeavour present. Macc showed it in abundance. For me people will look at the defence and say we conceded 2 sloppy goals and then at the strikers because they had no shots. But the real issue is the centre of the park we are awful in the middle, to slow and flat footed. One burst of pace, or ball over the top from the opposition and you are past our midfield and in on goal.
  5. Correct. People make to much of formations. At the end of the day it’s 11 v 11. Yesterday pathetic if you can’t kick or pass you get nothing. Lost count of the amount of times we failed to find a yellow shirt. Then don’t get me started on being unable to clear a ball!
  6. I’ve sent slept in it, And I’m angrier than i was yesterday!! Haha. Why do we do it? Still I’ll be there next week. As someone says we want a reaction. It will be a hollow victory but it will go some way to repairing yesterday. Change at the back it called for I think.
  7. Our players ought to pay them. Not fit lace the Macc players boots today.
  8. Disgraceful from start to finish. Only people that come out of today with any credit is the macc lads. Well done to them, not been paid but showed us up today and fully deserved it. That was as bad as last season. No real surprise, carried on from last weeks performance until they had a bloke sent off.Sort it out Askey, we will take defeat but not the manner of defeat.
  9. Well said. Some of the bile spoken about a player who has kept us in the football league let alone been a brilliant servant and model to all those around him is down right disgusting. The bloke is a true legend. The issue that people are seeing, in my opinion, is that Popey has never been and will never be a lone striker. He has never had the pace to be and as he gets older is less mobile than he once was. There was an article in the sentinel where pope said as much himself last season. The second half should shut those up moaning about him for now. And proves that when you play someone alongside him he’s still the same threat. But it won’t stop the debate until we find a way of helping him up top. Askey needs to solve that particular puzzle for me. And hopefully with Atkinson’s signing may have done just that. Stronger midfield may allow us to play 2 up front or at least get players closer to Pope. Bennett gives us something totally different up front. He is more mobile than popey so will always look better on his own. He definitely made the goals for Pope yesterday by drawing and harrying defenders. Need to be careful as it was against 10 men but I’d be starting Bennett and pope up top next week.
  10. Reading a few things about Lloyd. Both sides have decent points. Sadly though it was embarrassing watching him yesterday. Just not good enough for league football. Main reason is he hasn’t got the heart for it. We have seen a few of these players over the years. May have a nice touch occasionally may play a nice ball occasionally but doesn’t add up to being able to play league football. Use Sam Kelly as a recent example, good ability, had a wonder goal in him but never a league footballer in a month of Sunday’s. I actually feel sorry for him, he shouldn’t be put in this position. Shouldn’t have been bought on yesterday. Should have been Bennett from the off. Don’t mind having him about but in the league he is a late sub to waste time, nothing more really.
  11. Very hard fought point today. Would have lost that last season. Difference in effort his their for all to see. Sadly still lacking in skill. Thought Askey let the fans down a bit today, some of his decisions were very amateur. Hope he learns from it and moves on. Still as said we used our get out of jail card to good effect. Well done the vale.
  12. Absolutely superb to a man today!! Well done vale and well done Askey. That’s what we want to see. Can’t ask for any more than that.
  13. Not sure I understand your post? Whose single minded? Seem to be plenty of people saying the same. And what argument is not being backed up? I posted a few weeks ago that we carry players especially in midfield. I think it’s a real area of weakness and a concern that it doesn’t seem to be being flagged up by askey. Joyce is not a defensive midfielder end of. Conlon has some ability but no stamina and oyleke may have ability but that’s no good in the treatment room. We are crying out for an Andy Porter/ granty type who can do the dirty work. Not saying that all three midfielders are no good at all just that collectively they all lack pace, height and tenacity. Not a good combination for me. You want an argument backing up? Look at what other posters are saying? Someone even wanted Kay back. I liked Kay as a professional but progress? Has to be a young energetic Callum guy out there somewhere surely.
  14. Not sure I agree Conrad. Their lad who scored the second shot just over the bar just before he scored. Hessenthaler has a free header in the box. There was also 2 other chances on the edge of the area where thankfully their players passed instead of shooting. All came from us being shoved off or out paced in the middle. we stand off to much and give to much space but I’m starting to think that we do that because we know we have no legs to get back if we get beat to the ball
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