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  1. Few years since I’ve been but I remember The Wig & Pen and Malt Shovel as being decent pubs
  2. Kelleher signed for Bradford. Derek Adams making some decent signings for them.
  3. Alex Gilliead signed for Bradford, wouldn’t have minded him at Vale
  4. Aaron Collins gone to Brizzle Rovers
  5. Correct, I remember going the bookies to put £100 on the draw but the match wasn’t on the football coupon
  6. My guess would be The Senile is completely off the mark as usual. Either way I think there were plenty there today purely to collect the loyalty pack and will renew later as they didn’t fancy queuing in the rain. Bloke next to me in ticket office was not a renewal so hopefully there will be plenty more buying ST’s for the first time.
  7. Not sure if it’s an indication of ST’s sold but renewed mine around 2pm today and the receipt says order number 1949.
  8. Quite busy today given the awful weather, car park nearly full when I got there at 12
  9. He started with excuses at Vale almost immediately. Seems very good at saying what people want to hear, probably how he managed to get the job at Vale.
  10. Mine just started to work on laptop
  11. Refreshed page, came on for 3 seconds then froze again
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