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  1. Agreed mate, I’ve just looked for my niece and there’s no availability for 6 seats together.
  2. Really hope they both get sorted mate 🤞🏻
  3. I agree it’s not really fair on the older generation. Would hope the club would be able to assist these fans in some way.
  4. I’m normally in Railway Stand but completely agree with you [emoji1303]
  5. Possibly a consequence of Sky having no consideration for the fans who prefer to travel by train…. 7.45pm on a Saturday evening for Cobblers fans and a 12pm KO on a Sunday afternoon for Vale fans. There was surely a window for the Swindle v Vale game to KO at 12pm today
  6. 4 of us done the same as well.
  7. Well done Vale, that gets a big thumbs up from me [emoji1303]
  8. Good point, forgot about that seeing as it’s so long since we’ve been involved in the play-offs. In that case as there’s no Vale fans to upset simply allocate the Lorne Street to them and Vale fans have Railway/Bycars/Hamil
  9. Spot on, Vale fans behind both goals surely helps the team. Any Lorne Street ST holders surely wouldn’t mind being moved to Hamil Road given the potential importance of the match
  10. Could we not just send the away fans coaches onto the Lorne Street car park, as the official team coach parks down there anyway. Walsall had no hesitation in moving there own ST holders to accommodate Swindle fans, so we should be able to for such a big game. The more home fans the better!
  11. Give Swindle the Lorne Street and Vale fans the Hamil
  12. Rodge

    The run in

    4 points would put us on 79, but if Brizzle win both of their games they would be on 80.
  13. My mate just sold a spare ticket on Facebook Wonder of Port Vale, said there were quite a few messaging him
  14. Rodge

    The run in

    Hope you don’t place your bets with THAT company Sheff61 [emoji6]
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