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Man. City v Port Vale - F.A. Cup


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On 01/12/2019 at 08:35, Biddulph_PV said:

Not the way Arsenal are at the moment. There was ‘only’ 30,000 there against Eintract the other night.

Utd, Spurs, Liverpool then Arsenal away, in that order. Would be happy with Chelsea, Newcastle, West Ham, Villa or Everton. Not that bothered about going the Emptihad if I’m honest.

If we happen to draw Agent O’Neil’s Championship giants, I’d prefer it at their place given the carnage that always accompanies them when they come to Vale Park.

Knowing our luck, we’ll get the much wanted Premier League draw.....and it’ll be Bournemouth away.

I’m going!!!! 

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Their away end holds 4.5k but looks like it can be extended of needed looking at how the ground is set up. Surely if we sell 4.5k (which we will do!) they will give us more if they’re struggling sell tickets (which they will do because their fans are notorious for not turning up to these sorts of games)!

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13 minutes ago, Bald Eagle said:

Nice to see a Stoke the last team added to the list of ‘big’ clubs key numbers.

as Jim Royle would say, ‘Big Club‘ my ar$e!!

Sjoke got Brentford away.

Kiss the FA cup goodbye and relegation to Div 1.

Couldnt happen to to a better team.

How the mighty have fallen.

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12 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

Money spinner and double digit defeat but who cares!!!! 👍


I've worn scars since we lost, was it, 0-6 at Villa few seasons ago and this one looks hugely tough. City score for fun and don't let up.

But hey let's enjoy it. What a day out for the players and everyone connected with the Vale. I believe City's hospitality is second to none so Kevin will have a good afternoon. Probably the best way to watch the 90 minutes - tanked up so you can't recall much of the game. 😉

A wonderful draw and hopefully a boost for the coffers. 

I'm really pleased for everyone, the owners in particular. They deserve it.

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