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  1. Well, it could have been much worse… we need to score first on Thursday….he may be a horrible little scrote, but McKirdy knows where the net is
  2. Todays results could put a few more on the gate on Monday…..
  3. I fancy Bristol for 3rd spot now…… although ask me again on Monday teatime…..
  4. 1969 for me, can’t remember much about it, I’m pictured here with my dad in the. lorne Street stand for Roy Sprosons last game
  5. Well….that’s it for the automatics, need to regroup now and focus our efforts on the playoffs, rest a couple of players if necessary, whilst we are hurting at the moment the last two results have not defined our season, if anybody had offered us a playoff position last August we would have snapped there hand off…..
  6. I use this service mate, very easy to use, print off or just open up the email they send you and it gets scanned at the turnstile…..
  7. Decent player for the Vale and unlucky not to score, Rudgie sold him to Preston, (which went to finance to Robin Van der Laan transfer) and he scored a hat trick on his debut!
  8. May sound a bit selfish, but its perfect from me, finishing a cruise on saturday morning and was facing a mad dash from Southampton!
  9. Sorry to date myself but……Bay city rollers, “Shang a Lang” (Shanahan)
  10. Cracking result….and could be the most important result of the season. BELIEVE!
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