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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49410172 not sure if this good or bad news for the Shakers.....!
  2. In my line of work, I often see things which would shock most people, babies and young children used to convey drugs, unbeknownst to the child obviously, I have witnessed a young lad scared to death after being stopped by a store detective, because his “Mums Boyfriend” asked him to “take a box which contained a few cans of lager” out of a supermarket and wait for him..... on the other end of the scale I have seen mums and grandmothers get arrested for conveying illicit items into jails......sadly in the real world things like this happen, and while I wholeheartedly agree that searching a 70 year old for flares might appear a little excessive for a low key game against FGR, I pretty sure that some of those people who set off the flares at the Vale - Stoke game, had them brought into the ground by people who look “innocent”..... the stewards are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
  3. I was in the Bycars, the ball was fired across the goal and their big number 9 missed it by inches, should have buried it to be honest, no Vale player touched the ball, never a corner...
  4. Not read through the whole thread, so apologies if my comments have already been made, overall I was pleased with the performance today, a couple of appalling decisions by the referee, not much between the teams in the first have but we certainly turned it up for the second, Gibbo and Worral (man of the match for me) seemed to be linking up very well, Amoo has a decent touch and good turn of pace, although he seemed to fade in the last 15, Manny was putting in a decent shift despite coming in for a lot of physical attention, I was a bit frustrated by Conlon, I was he seemed to want to take an extra touch when he was In a good position instead of taking the shot, Popey led the line well and was unlucky with a couple of headers, good mention of Leggy who performed well against there big number 9 and almost scored with the header in the second half.....Scott Brown does what Scott Brown does...certainly kept us in the game in the second half. positive signs..... it is going to take a couple of seasons to turn the club around, it’s early days, but I feel we are on the right track....UTV
  5. I am suprised that the initial Arsenal - Vale cup tie isnt on youtube, I was fortunate enough to attend the tie at Highbury to watch Mussy stop everything that Arsenal threw at him
  6. And I was there..... standing to the left of the tunnel with my father, brother and cousin....
  7. Personally I think we should refrain from naming people in the public domain until there is a statement from the club, I have heard the rumours but like any rumour, its only as good as its source and accusing a person who is then found to be innocent can be very damaging to all parties; I'm sure when the takeover is complete and the season is over then a lot of things will become clear.....
  8. Macc won tonight, first time they have been out of the bottom 2 for quite some time....
  9. I was a worried man when Leggy got sent off, following the game at work on the BBC site, outstanding result, really chuffed for Tom Pope, finally got that goal, hopfully he can now go on and get a few more. Hopefully we can get the club sold and the new owner can offer Askey a decent contract, he deserves it!
  10. Personally I think John Askey is doing a decent job under the circumstances, I for one would not be sorry to see his contract extended, but I guess the coming weeks will be a big influence on his decisions....
  11. I have long advocated for a new ground for us, Vale Park no longer suits our purpose and as much as I would love to see Vale back in the Championship, I don’t honestly think I will see it again, something along the lines of Shrewsbury’s ground (but with corners filled in) would far better suit our needs and what is more, we would not be tenants of Smurf....
  12. After the FA Cup defeat to Exeter on the 6th December 2015 Norman Smurthwaite stormed into the supporters coach and stated there would be changes....he wasn’t wrong, 5 Managers, 1,000 supporters lost and 30 league places, who says he isn’t a man of his word!
  13. Irrespective of who owns the club, I would not want to pay him rent, would much rather groundshare with Stoke!!!
  14. Then do it Smurf, fold the club...if all you can do now is blackmail the fans, then just fold us, we will reform and ground share with Kidsgrove, I don’t care which league we are in I will still support Vale, Wimbledon did it, so can we!
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