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  1. Disappointed our best quality in midfield is leaving but understand why. If it wasn’t for the 20/25 player rule I would definitely say bad decision but when we have to reduce the size of our squad I agree we need players who are more likely to be fit for at least 2/3 of a season. I hope Monty isn’t the next to go though.
  2. That is stoping posts on social media. Young uns today live on social media. I cannot see how anyone can stop young footballers checking their social media accounts
  3. Advisable that all players stay off social media but I cannot see how it can be enforced.
  4. Ideally bring in a L1 standard Centre Half. Agree, but that will come at a cost.
  5. After their slog with local rivals Barrow as well.
  6. Smith does seem to go through phases of brilliant or dreadful, he has returned to his form when Champiomship clubs were looking at him. Just hope he keeps this form permanently now because I’m not sure we will get another season out of Legge and I have my doubts that Brisley will replace Legge.
  7. Not sure if you were joking but I was trying to say the more women referees the better, the standard of refereeing has certainly improved through the years and why should women be any worse?
  8. Great to win an historic day. They will be saying in a hundred years time “first game a female reffed an English league game was in 2021 when Port Vale beat Harrogate 2-0”. Females should not be disadvantaged in any way from refereeing a mans football match and we should have more female refs as long as it doesn’t become a situation where we have to have x amount of female officials to avoid discrimination.
  9. Bet365 does pay reasonably, and she does give generously to charities. As mentioned, she could move the business to a tax haven, saving her millions in taxes and not employ anyone from Stoke. The Coates have started up a very successful business, fair play to them and what they choose to do with their money is up to them.
  10. I have heard off a few people she’s not a nice person at all.
  11. She won’t need a house like that if she works 7 days a week.
  12. I certainly wouldn’t but her choice.
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