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  1. There is a safety bar than runs to the concourse on some levels, this makes the seats restricted viewing but it isn’t really, you won’t have a problem.
  2. Your link doesn’t work but what you’re quoting never happened, don’t know of any cases where this happened, the EU are soft on immigration, whether legal or not and no country in Europe wants the migrants, they are happy to move them on.
  3. £32 return by train from Birmingham to Watford, very simple to get to Wembley from Watford.
  4. TBF it is quite late, they may answer tomorrow.
  5. Ticketmaster can’t cope with the demand from Vale fans, they are used to Liverpool and Man City .
  6. Wembley station is the closest to the stadium but that is overground but the closest tube station is Wembley Park which is at the other end of Wembley way.
  7. Wish it was this easy for England and cup final tickets.
  8. County's Ellison mocks former Exile after costly penalty miss in play-offs WWW.SOUTHWALESARGUS.CO.UK
  9. Is it in the congestion zone? No, Stanmore is a good shout
  10. Facilities are the same, better view, not the best closest to the pitch, I’m going to try and get category 3 as pretty good view from there but you do share the same facilities as the lower categories. Top tier won’t be open for this game.
  11. I work for Budweiser who sponsor Wembley and the tickets were offered to us 3 weeks ago for £80! No hospitality.
  12. Booked Wembley travelodge for £140, not ideal but means I can drink around Wembley both before and after the game.
  13. Ofcourse we want to pay the Joke again, let’s get level and even better than the, again. Top team in the potteries again where we should be.
  14. I expect about 18k Vale and 14K Mansfield. 30k is about the norm for 2nd division finals. Booked my train and hotel for the first night., hotels are looking very expensive that weekend in London.
  15. For those who live in Stoke On Trent.
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