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  1. Metropolitan police amongst others have been doing it for a long time
  2. Totally agree, I don’t care if they are black, white, yellow, pink with green spots, gay, straight, transvestite, tall, small, fat or thin as long as they are the best person for the job it does not matter. People should not be judged by their looks, ethnicity or what they do or don’t like, all these equality measures have gone too far. People shouldn’t be discriminated against but on an equal note people shouldn’t be given positions to even up numbers.
  3. Yes, but you can’t say that these days!
  4. RB has given reasons why he thinks he shouldn’t be there. You give reasons why he should.
  5. philpvfc


    Survival rate is less than 50% for those gone in to intensive care for Covid-19. Wishing Boris all the best.
  6. philpvfc


    Exactly what I was saying on the other forum.
  7. philpvfc


    They have a lot stricter Lockdown policy than pretty well anyone. Don’t know if they are enforcing it or those figures are true.
  8. If referring to myself, I was only trying to give reason to comments made by others. As mentioned before, I don’t care what background someone has.
  9. Yes, but he went to Oxford uni, that you could class as elite.
  10. philpvfc


    Locking down earlier wouldn’t have been affective IMO, people wouldn’t have adhered to it if there was no sign of a problem, the only thing I would have done different would have been to make traveling in to the U.K. only for essential travel and everyone coming in be quarantined for a week, that would have made everyone think twice about traveling to the U.K. and kept a lot of Covid-19 out of the U.K. On one hand you have the Biologists recommending we lock everything down and impose the most dramatic measures and on the other hand you will have the economists requesting the minimum disruption to our economics and the Government has to do what they feel is right. The same advisors to the Government from London University predicted doomsday when SARS came out and were recommending similar precautions back then. Covid-19 has caught every country by surprise and I don’t think any country was fully prepared for what has happened. It will be interesting how Sweden get on with their policy of no lockdown except for the vulnerable, let so many people get the illness as to develop an immune to Covid-19.
  11. Disgraceful comment from the PFA and shows how greedy they are, I would bet more than half their members in the Premiership are embarrassed with their comments. So many people are only taking 80% of their much lower salaries and the over paid footballers can’t even forfeit 30% of their salary when they are not doing what they are paid for. my comments are directed at the Premiership not the lower divisions where salaries are more in line with the average worker.
  12. In total agreement but there are so many Labour supporters and MPs who criticise private education and the elite. That’s why the tongue in cheek comments come against Smarmer, Corbyn etc.
  13. Jezza needs to crawl under a rock and stay there. All party leaders have been invited as they have before, why would Labour not want a representative there?
  14. Or maybe it’s to get the opposition party’s up to speed with the current crisis especially as the main opposition party has a new leader as well as try to keep the political parties united at this current time. then again, you probably believe the Russians that Covid 19 was instigated by the Americans and Boris.
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