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  1. If you don’t know who to blame just blame everyone.
  2. Pope is the only decent striker we have had in about 6 seasons.
  3. Is there truth in what I’m hearing.....Legge grabbed him by the throat?
  4. Big mistake IMO, has Michael Brown similarities written all over it and we only just stayed up then. I will take 3rd from bottom this season now.
  5. Correct decision, the wrong decision is not to replace him with an experienced manager. Askey had very little league experience, Pugh has zero. Longer we go on without a good manager the more we will sink.
  6. Gutted- most entertaining player I’ve seen play for the Vale ever. True legend.
  7. They often ask and refs will tell them most of the time, in the rules, nowt wrong with it, be surprised if Brown doesn’t do the same given the chance.
  8. Might not have been a good performance but it’s a good result against a team who will finish top 7 this season.
  9. I gave Askey as an example as we do not know anything about Pugh yet. Me personally would rather spend the money on a top manager than give someone like Askey that sort of money to spend and potentially waste.
  10. And end up with a other Sinnott?
  11. I wouldn’t, if we can afford Cowleys then we should try and get them. Would you prefer the Cowleys running the team with a limited budget or Askey on charge with £500k to spend on players?
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