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  1. I don’t know of anyone who constantly moaned about the EU before Cameron announced a referendum, there was nothing on the OVF forums so I guess it gives myself and anyone on here the right to complain about remoaners.
  2. I’m amazed that anyone is surprised a political lies!
  3. The Government did have the choice to not honour the referendum result but that would be seen to be more undemocratic and there would be a bigger divide than there is now. The truth is the result went against what 48% of the population voted for and a certain percentage of those cannot and will not accept the result.
  4. As you keep saying, not that your system would make any difference anyway. And as I keep saying, we do have a democratic system, far more democratic than the EU system, the problem is we don’t have an opposition party to threaten the Conservatives.
  5. Building on flood plains does not help. True but the biggest problem is that most of our sewerage system was built in the Victorian era
  6. This has been happening far longer than our exit from the EU. Maybe more highlighted recently, maybe for political gain I don’t know. Who said anything for Covid being the cause? Global warming maybe as a big cause is the overflow system meaning the system cannot cope when there is too much rain.
  7. The laws were too lenient when we were in the EU and they still are so does not say anything at all for the EU. I will wait on judgement as the Government have said they are introducing their own rules soon. I agree, the water companies need to be held responsible and something has to be done but this has happened for decades and do so in other EU countries but the EU have not stepped in, hopefully with the new rules this will be stopped, we will wait and see but if the new rules don’t then it does not look good on Boris’s environmental promises and we have a choice at the next election just like we did when we had a referendum.
  8. What high levels? We haven’t changed any laws on pollution since we left the EU.
  9. Googled it and can’t find any! Conspirancy? No, just looking for evidence unlike a lot that you have spouted out. I am fully for wearing masks and do so myself whenever in a public place inside and supported that we should be wearing masks well before the hopeless WHO admitted they were wrong saying there was no evidence that wearing a mask reduced risk.
  10. Which world leaders? Those who possibly have a vested interest in us being members of the EU.
  11. No difference than when we were in the EU. What’s your point?
  12. Very unlikely. If put to a referendum they would vote to remain. There are many countries that would vote to leave but Poland ain’t one of them.
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