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  1. The way I see it..... Boris is correct in changing the agreement if a loop hole has been found which the EU will take advantage of, in fact if it benefits the U.K. he should change the agreement as much as he can. What I think he has totally cocked up is the fact all this should have been picked up in the first place and the agreement should have been bolted down so that there are no possible loop holes that can be manipulated.
  2. Not seen the challenge so can’t comment but tbf Kane is not a dirty player.
  3. May was a remainer who wanted a very soft Brexit trying to appease both sides.
  4. Kane is the best player I have seen live for many a year, his passing is better than any other Spurs player and I’d say the best of any striker in the world, he creates so much when he drops back.
  5. New rules! It was a joke last season with goals being disallowed if the ball touched the arm of an attacker and needed to be changed but no! The idiots in charge level things out by using the same rule against defenders. Similar decision against Spurs today.
  6. Leaders will change, as long as those who come in afterwards respect the decision to leave then they too can move us forwards.
  7. philpvfc


    True, but if you don’t try something different you will only get same results.
  8. philpvfc


    The NHS are not run by people with a medical background. My criticism of the NHS is not those at the front line who in a whole work very hard but the general running by middle and senior managers is pretty awful.
  9. philpvfc


    And maybe there wouldn’t have been 600 health workers who have died if we had a competent NHS. You’re quick to blame the Government for everything but the NHS as well as care home owners need to shoulder some of the responsibility for its workers. if it is all the Governments fault then maybe it is time we should remove the NHS from government funding and it moves more towards privatisation.
  10. philpvfc


    Or an obsession with ploughing more and more money in to a state funded organisation that simply does not work.
  11. philpvfc


    I bet you'd end up waiting for a letter sent by second class post to tell you that your test is booked for next Easter. Correct, and when you turn up they realise they’ve messed the booking up and you should have been there last week.
  12. philpvfc


    Maybe because the NHS are incompetent?
  13. I’ll be surprised if Harrogate are up near the top come end of the season and surprised if Vale are not near the top come the end of the season so certainly a game we should be looking to win.
  14. China are the worlds largest exporter, we import billions of pounds worth of stuff every year from them because they can produce it and send it here cheaper than we can and they are the other side of the world.
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