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  1. It’s current format isn’t working, it needs a massive overhaul but it would be a brave decision from any party as the NHS has so much support. The UK has the 6th highest GDP to health with the number 1 being America which does go to prove the more you spend on health does not necessarily mean you get a better service.
  2. Plus the fact that Dianne Abbott would be Home Secretary then we definitely do have a national security problem should Labour get in to power. Corbyn wants to scrap Trident, he thinks The Falklands should go to the Argentinians plus he has to raise money for all his promises so you can pretty well guarantee the budget will be reduced for our armed forces. could be our last general election ever if he gets his way.
  3. Correct, when was the last time a manifesto was followed through? last election Corbyn promised the world by growing money on tress and it won him a lot of votes. On the other hand May was was doom and gloom and promising more austerity. This time Boris is being clever and playing Corbyn at his own game, whoever wins the election will not follow through with their promises.
  4. I’m not going to, pretty sure it’s where you work but I will bite my tongue and not give my opinion on a lot of social workers.
  5. The NHS has been out dated since I remember, it has got worse and worse through all Governments, Blair came full of promises to save the NHS yet it got worse with an extra budget ending up with more white collar workers costing a fortune. Keep throwing money at it and hope it gets better, it won’t.
  6. Chuck more money at a failing product?. We already pay the 6th highest GDP in to health in the world. It needs a total change not just more money thrown at it and don’t get me started on Social Services.
  7. But Corbyn has never been a Prime Minister.
  8. Ok, but we don’t have a majority Government, it is not far off a coalition and when we did officially have a coalition last it was not a huge success.
  9. It’s always between the 2 main parties in the U.K. though with what ends up in a majority or one of them forming a coalition with a really small party. In France you can’t always predict the 2 parties meaning the 2 main parties can change through the years which will not happen in the U.K., we are stuck with a choice of Conservative or Labour.
  10. Maybe if it was just the Palestinians but you can add the IRA to the list as well.
  11. But we have a coalition government now and it doesn’t seem to work well. I like the French system when you have 2 rounds, the first you vote for whoever you want then the leading 2 parties go through to the final vote, this way the smaller parties get more votes than they would with just one vote, also you definitely get a majority.
  12. I’ll ask you again. How would you work the election? Last time we had a majority was the referendum but half the country and more than half the politicians don’t accept the result.
  13. Don’t blame them. Germany would be most manufacturers choice to build a car in Europe, far better equipped than the U.K. but as you say Brexit uncertainty does not help and I am sure this had to be taken in to consideration, another reason why it needs to be sorted out ASAP. Pretty well your only concern is the currency rate because it directly effects you. Did you notice the rate go up when it looked like there was a chance Boris’s deal might go through?
  14. She must have know there was an election looming.
  15. There was no chance there would have been another referendum had the vote gone the other way, well not for many many years. The country would have just got on with staying in the EU. I for one who have always thought we should leave the EU would not support another referendum but hoped we could have negotiated slightly better terms like keeping the rebates which are due to finish. have you read the whole article? Farage was mainly complaining about the way the campaigning had gone by the remain side, not so much calling for another referendum. Also, Cameron is quoted a couple of times as saying there will be no chance of another referendum. we have had a vote and that vote was to leave so therefor the politicians should agree on what is the best way to leave the EU not should we have another vote or revoke the decision to leave.
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