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  1. Never played a league game for them so don’t count
  2. To defending the Government but I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of this pricks mouth.
  3. Boris should know it’s time to go when Raab refuses to back him, it’s only a matter of time.
  4. I think it’s terrible that MPs can defect to another party other than election time, they should either quit or wait until there is an election. You have to question his motive, scraped through in the election which was very much dominated by Brexit and a constituency that Conservative hadn’t won for 27yrs. Vote against Boris on any commons debate or resign, don’t switch sides. And this should stand whatever party an MP represents.
  5. Very selective aren’t you? Vote goes your way they are hero’s, vote goes against you then god you don’t half winge.
  6. Nothing like a manager to build confidence in our youth players
  7. Far, far, far better than the horrible Angela Rayner, shadow Secretary of State.
  8. DC got his tactics wrong today, can’t understand why Gibbons was dropped. Hopefully a one off but what I’ve seen of both keepers we have, neither are better than an ageing Brown, this needs to be addressed.
  9. Probably, by a weak leader who wants to please everyone.
  10. Sunak might as well wear a red rosette. A lot of the decisions made by the chancellor are very much in the mould of previous Labour Governments.
  11. IMO biggest game this season so far, FGR will be top 3 and 2 others, one of which is likely to be Swindon, first league game for a month and because of that we have slipped down the table, we cannot lose this game and a win would be absolutely massive.
  12. Sounds a great place to work.
  13. They won’t go out of existence, their owners won’t allow it but a points deduction would be very nice, something on the lines that Derby had. They shouldn’t be allowed to have the losses they have, the EFL must stop this from happening as this is why clubs do go in to administration.
  14. Why are you pretty well always wrong? I think Boris should step down, not just for this incident but for the constant failings of his leadership.
  15. So what do you make of Starmer doing exactly the same? Keir Starmer branded 'absolute hypocrite' amid 'lockdown drinking' pictures WWW.THETELEGRAPHANDARGUS.CO.UK
  16. True, I was just quoting someone’s opinion who lived over there and was doing guided tours on the troubles. He said many catholics believe Thatcher started the process off on getting rid of the problems as she was the first British politician not to side with the Unionists and that to sort out the problems both sides of terrorists need to be sorted out. I guess a loyalists opinion maybe very different.
  17. Funny you should say that. When I took a black cab tour around the Belfast troubles, the driver who was a nationalist said Thatcher did a lot to level things out for the catholics, much to the annoyance of the loyalists, in the fact that previous governments just IRA as terrorists but she declared both sides as bad as each other. He also went on to say that Blair did not do much at all to seal the peace agreement.
  18. Yes, they will have to pay VAT on the total revenue so any ticket sales will be subject to VAT but that VAT will have already been paid by now for season ticket sales.
  19. More than Stoke get against 2nd division opposition
  20. Personally I’d rather see all clubs announce the true attendance. For me the clue is in the name ATTENDANCE
  21. I came on here thinking it was the Vale present forum not Politics!
  22. I think after Benning performance after coming on last Saturday made DC think straight away we need cover for the left side.
  23. Most if all clubs in the top 2 divisions publish their attendance as what their ticket sales are, Sunderland were the first and it’s very noticeable they get very low gates for cup ties. Arsenal a few seasons back were publishing gates over 40,000 when it was reckoned half those games were less than 25000 there. I’m sure if we did it we would be averaging close to 7000. I think Bradford do it and their season tickets are less than £200 so be interesting to see how many do actually attend there.
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