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  1. I did say if we were in the same position. 2nd in the table, undefeated and a ground we’ve not been before.
  2. TBF 123 is a pathetic turnout, we have an average gate 2.5 times higher but if we were in the same position we would take at least 6 times more fans. Gibbons coming back has made all the difference, what I have seen this season, Benning has been our weak link who hasn’t fit in to the team yet. We are certainly looking a lot better than the first few games of the season, let’s keep this consistently and we should go up this season.
  3. Is it a case that Swindon bought a lot better than us in a much shorter window or is it a case of a very good start by Swindon which will fade?
  4. Thought we played really well, thoroughly deserved to win by at least 2 goals and not one player had a poor game. I thought we were a lot better in the 2nd half at retaining possession as we gave it away a lot in the first half. Wilson and Proctor worked a lot better together in the 2nd half but need to work more on their partnership as there was a lot of balls played forward which were flicked on of headed across the pitch no way near to their playing partner, that will only improve as both had decent games, also, there was a few players who looked knackered after 60 minutes or so which is a slight concern as I didn’t see the same for any FGR player so fitness may need to be worked on a few of our players but overall it was a great performance, very solid and other than the first minute when the FGR player should have scored I cannot remember them threatening to score once. I was particularly impressed with Proctor who led the front line well and helped the defence when needed, Worrall who despite injury concerns did not stop running for 90 minutes and hassled their defence in to a lot of errors, Martin who was solid as a rock, not giving anything away and Pett who second half took the mick out of them. Terrible ground though, when they first came up I thought it was a very good none league set up but all the money that has been ploughed in to the team and not a penny on the ground, all these promises of a new ground being built, is that still happening?, I understand not letting away fans in the supporters club (always been allowed in before), but not to have some sort of drinking facilities for away fans was a joke, 40 minute round trip to the pub and not lay anything on is crazy, Mickey Mouse set up.
  5. Chicken shack in Almancil…..great Piri Piri chicken
  6. About 200 standing tickets left which are not expected to be sold out. Can pay on the day at no extra cost.
  7. PM me your bank details and date of birth and I’ll transfer the money.
  8. I’m abroad at the moment and only got my Amex card which the club don’t accept. Can I get tickets on the day?
  9. Could an extra refreshments kiosk or 2 be opened up at the other end of the paddock? Plenty of room.
  10. Rules have changed from Monday…you don’t need to isolate, plus was it ever the case if you were outside?
  11. Should have delayed the kick off……shambles.
  12. You’ve only got to look at the angle of the ball after the challenge, terrible decision. If the ref thought it was a penalty, he had to be sent off! Cannot wait for VAR in the lower divisions.
  13. Messi leaving Barcelona……if we manage to get him then we may well pull more than Stoke next season. Small steps…..they are good figures for what we have had to put up with, Stoke wouldn’t fair any better if they were in our position and gone through what we have had to through the last 20 or so seasons.
  14. You can now @4/1, equal 2nd favourite to go down.
  15. Tried to have a bet on Swindon going down on the weekend but Sky had every team in the division but not Swindon as an option.
  16. Spot on….don’t know why so many are saying we have a better squad than last season, it is far too early to say the players we have are better than what we have cleared out. Hopefully they are and they should be if DC has done his job properly but looking at the friendlies I have not been filled with confidence.
  17. I’m predicting mid table this season after thinking we would go up last season! Goal scoring will be our Achilles heal this season.
  18. Didn’t we have Kane taking corners in the last Euros?
  19. It’s pretty obvious that managerial skills are not the most important attributes to have when being manager of England. Being on favour with the press is massively important, Taylor was crucified as was Sven to a certain degree, while Venables who I did not rate was loved by the press and Southgate is very good in the way he comes across hence the press love him.
  20. Yes….. I thought the same before the cup started so logged on to a French booking site which had us down at exactly the same odds and joint favourites alongside France.
  21. It was a great opportunity and had the team not sat back then things may have ended up different, who knows. Can’t recall anyone saying it would be easy though.
  22. Not at all, Southgate has done a good job in both tournaments but I do not agree he is as good as many are coming out with and yes, Hodgson is a better manager, look at his club record and compare to what Southgate has done outside the England job. England were 2nd favourites to win the trophy going in to the tournament and we finished 2nd, yes Southgate did a good job to get us to the final but we ended up where we were predicted to finish. Last time I looked we are 7th favourite to go up this season, if we make the play offs in 7th position and fail in the play off final, will you be saying that DC is fantastic and done a great job?
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