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  1. This post is brought to you by Pfizer. Totally disagree valeparklife, vaccines are wonderful and the only way we will return to normal. Anti-vaxxers are liars and that includes anti-vaxxers such as those who have had the vaccine but don't like the idea of mandating them and basically anyone else that isn't 100% promoting the vaccines. Natural immunity is basically homeopathy and you are not even science because we are science. Do you believe in bodily autonomy? Well you should shut up you racist bigot.
  2. Discussed by labour supporters because they desperately want it to be true that the Conservatives neglect the NHS. We can't have a debate about the NHS until you lot get a grip and without a debate the only answer is to tip more money into the black hole.
  3. Restrictions are getting removed then and the bits of PMQs I heard it sounds like they will be removing any remaining ones quite quickly, possibly even quarantine requirements for positive cases and unvaccinated overseas travel. A bit of distraction tactics from partygate, a bit of political jostling for position for when covid is properly over (and potential leadership battle) and obviously the whole thing about omicron being a sniffle and England basically proving that Scotland and Wales are doing absolutely nothing but wrecking people's jobs and social lives.
  4. Yeah he is guilty as sin, I was just teasing fosse with that last post 😅
  5. Not innocent until proven guilty Fosse no? Just checking because you are such a staunch defender of our legal system.
  6. Covid contract to Dominic Cummings friends ruled lawful by Appeal Court WWW.BBC.CO.UK Thought it was strange this one hasn't been posted. Is the legal process sacrosanct this week or is that just when a group of far left rioters get let out of jail free?
  7. Similarly, a member of my family told me that going to the pub unvaccinated could equate to murder. I also heard a very senior staff member at my work place say that unvaccinated people should be arrested for attempted murder. I don't believe there are that many evil people walking amongst us. It has to be some form of serious mental block that would allow them to unquestioningly hold that sort of view. I don't blame them, they're victims in all of this sadly. I hope there is a way back out of that because it's not healthy to hold such a strong view based on so little.
  8. Is this why you lot hate brexit? Because it's seen as a tory thing? I never did understand why Corbyn fans were remainers to be honest.
  9. I'm not quite sure you are listing the selling points of brexit completely accurately but yeah, I knew there would be downsides, never said or pretended otherwise. At least the red tape which affects us know is either consented to or created by ourselves. We no longer have to adhere to a country hundreds of miles away with vastly different culture, requirements and socio-economic conditions. We've already discussed a big example of this with the vaccine roll out success. As for fuel prices...I am not totally sure anyone who isn't a world leading economist can really start to begin to define how much of the current economic issues are caused by brexit and how much are caused by covid. You might claim brexit, if so, I'll just say covid and then we're no better off. To be honest, I don't know the extent of either, but I'm pretty sure you don't know. I do know that fuel prices are through the roof globally. You can't pin that on brexit can you? I'm reasonably patriotic, why wouldn't I be? And as for Boris and the current Government - not really brexit related but if you need some context - I voted for them, I was fairly happy with how they got brexit done. I was ok with the early reaction to Covid until early summer 2020 ish when I started to have some serious issues. As it stands today, I'm disgusted by them. They're not conservative in the slightest, and I say that not as a conservative myself, but as a libertarian who shares the same traditional vision of smaller government with national responsibilities only (Defence, borders, international trade and infrastructure for example, to some extent, possibly, health care, although I could be convinced either way). I totally agree with you about the 1930s germany similarities. Obviously not quite the same motivations or rhetoric but 100% similar tactics. They've made an enemy out of the unvaccinated, given people someone to blame, and they've peddled lie after lie, complete propaganda. Check out the Covid thread, especially from the last 2-3 months and I've said all this before. Whether or not I'll ever be able to bring myself to vote for them again, I don't know. Certainly not whilst the current crop of tyrants are about. There are some brilliant voices in the party but they'll get nowhere near the leadership unfortunately. That being said, Labour are absolutely no better and in some ways much worse. They've provided no opposition to this tyranny, they could have stopped some of it and voted with it. Most of the time saying that the Government isn't going far enough.
  10. Totally agree. I think it boils down to the fact that some people want to be led. They want to blame others to absolve themselves of responsibility. Some opinions held during covid are genuinely evil. I don't use that word lightly. Supporting segregation, supporting forced or coerced vaccinations, accepting a complete lack of science whilst shouting from the twitter rooftops that you are "the science". There will be some VERY hypocritical people u-turning soon when it's election season and ID's stop becoming a public health precaution and start becoming racist again. There will be no accountability though.
  11. Anything but to actually answer a question when you've been called out. Is it dishonesty or do you actually believe the stuff you posted?
  12. Boos at vale were a bit more audible in my opinion. Following the logic of some in this thread it must mean that a good few Vale fans have become racist over Christmas.
  13. Only just seen this but it's obviously quite offensive and not for the first time in this thread, quite far removed from any truth. It's either some weird attempt at projection, or your standard far left gaslighting. Obviously you haven't mentioned what content I consume, it should be easy enough considering the thread is full of theories/references and terms that you know are from certain people, so let's have the debate...What people are clearly influencing me? It all sounds rather shady in your post and I think the implication being that I'm somehow becoming indoctrinated. I can't express strongly enough how untrue that is. I hate the ideology of the far left, true, and I would accept totally that I'm guilty of using blanket terms to describe followers - I do try to distinguish between left and leftist although maybe that's not completely clear either. I'm not the only one guilty of this however and I would strongly argue that my political outlook does not lend itself to the type of outright hatred and bigotry displayed by people on the left today. This part is a good point although I think you should heed your own advice. Would recommend you take a step back from the content you consume and see if your views soften. Your political views are up to you but I don't think your current worldview is a massively healthy one. Lets not forget who it was who was removing context to twist something into becoming "abhorrent" when in context it was just an academic discussion which used an extreme example to highlight the bias and hypocrisy of the interviewer. I'd hardly call that a healthy world view. That's fair enough Tony although not sure what would cause my posts around that time to come across as weird. I've seen a few more things for what they are but my underlying political view point has never really changed. Maybe covid has focused it a little more - I never thought we'd realistically be facing a totalitarian threat to freedom in Europe again, for example.
  14. Yeah yeah yeah, you right wingers probably think it's hilarious that prominent labour and lib dem remainer figures are caught up in the china spygate but you are just burying the really big news about what Boris' favour vol-au-vent is.
  15. At least Bidon agrees that he should go <ovf censored> himself. On Santa tracking call, Biden is told 'Let's go Brandon' - and says he agrees WWW.MSN.COM
  16. Not a lot will go wrong with their personal stocks and shares portfolio, I know that much. It's a lucrative business being a democrat career politician over there.
  17. There's nothing better than the little eye contact nod when two maskless legends walk past each other. It'll be a shame to lose that when everyone has a naked face.
  18. I'm actually a bit lost now, is being a patriot a good thing a bad thing for lefties at the moment?
  19. Sure, the big one for me was that we can hold the people who govern us accountable now. That was diluted so much in the EU that we basically had next to no way of removing people in elections who we felt were not serving us. If you don't like what Boris does, vote for someone else. In the EU we voted for people who voted for people to govern us, even then our individual votes were basically zero when there are 500 million other people with wholly different cultures, requirements and expectations who can outvote us. We had one of the lowest amount of MEPs pro rata too. It makes no sense that give that power away unless we're getting something truly very good in return, which was debatable at the very least. Secondly, the EU itself as an organisation is just not very good. They waste so much money on vanity projects and the red tape is insane. For them to make a decision they had to go and ask all 28 member states what they thought. If you disagreed you would be eventually outvoted anyway which meant that you'd either have to plead for a veto (I think we had the most vetos of everyone by number) or lump it. We now make decisions for the UK. We don't have to go and ask Romania or Belgium what they think - two completely different countries with different economies who probably won't agree on very much. The other big one I'd say is the direction of travel for the EU is not something I liked. I don't support a european army, I don't support a federal EU government eroding national sovereignty into states. I believe we were handicapped a bit by not joining the Euro (100% completely the right decison by the way) but when the EU makes economic decisions they obviously made them for the greater good which would have been their currency first. Econmically the EU is a disaster zone, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Italy are basically bankrupt and needed constant bailouts. Why tether ourselves to that? Not an exclusive list but they are the big ones I'd say. It's like staying in a loveless marriage. Remainers would say "yeah but we get this particular tax benefit"...maybe but we're both deeply unhappy and want different things darling 🤣
  20. Thanks pal, just call it as I see it. These lot paint me as some radical entrenched fAr RIgHT tory who will never change my mind because they're radical entrenched far left pseudo-socialists who only change their mind when they're told too (this is a joke by the way but also it's not a joke).🤣 I'd love to know why you believe the things you do, but alls we get are these throw away comments. Shame.
  21. I think they call that "the science" nowadays.
  22. Are we going to be offering the same goodwill for "arise Sir Boris"? It seems to be just accepted that he lies but we're just sidestepping Blair for entering into a 20 year war based on nothing? And didn't he promise to spin it for Bush too? This is all exactly why Governments should have less power not more. You cannot trust them, they <ovf censored> eveything up, they're all corrupt, all have ulterior motives and none of them end up poor. The colour of their ties makes no difference.
  23. Go on then 🤣 I'll bite. How is lying to cover up the likelihood of the lab leak protecting China from Trump?
  24. If you are one of the "trust the science" lot...read this...and remember, we all got had by the lies to some extent. It's not too late to admit it. Scientists believed Covid leaked from Wuhan lab - but feared debate could hurt ‘international harmony’ WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK
  25. Hammer-wielding activist scales BBC's Broadcasting House and starts destroying Eric Gill sculpture | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Looks like a case of criminal damage to me. Obviously we all agree in this thread don't we?
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