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  1. Brentford doing the same. Charging 40 quid though!
  2. How Ritson won tonight is mind boggling. Don't think I've seen a more scandalous decision until tonight. Absolute daylight robbery if I ever saw it. The judge Terry O'Connor should be fired after that.
  3. Never a dull Moment being a Vale fan. Those last few minutes have aged me. Don't care how we do it all about the three points. The lack of creativity and strikers not scoring is a worry but we go again Tuesday. Clark was fantastic today and you can tell already he's much better then league 2 Scott Brown deserves a new contract , statue , keys to the city and free oatcakes for life. I love that man
  4. Thank god for Brown. We need someone to take control of this game and get something going. Absolutely no ideas or drive at all Whitehead is absolutely awful
  5. Joshua vs Pulev announced for December 12th
  6. So Leicester vs Villa and West Brom vs Burnley have been selected as PPV matches. Except for their fans who would pay 15 quid for this ? Between this , B team suggestion and project Big picture it's enough to make anyone fed up of football. Meanwhile EFL clubs have to finds ways to survive this season. Sky and Premier league can get stuffed.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54560148
  8. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12101655/premier-league-liverpool-and-manchester-united-propose-major-changes-to-english-football Ridiculous.
  9. Have I read the team sheet right for England. Three right backs starting?!
  10. Didn't see the game due to personal reasons. But three games without a goal is a massive worry, I try to keep positive but even I was surprised by that team line up. Still not panicking though, this is a strange time for football and a long way to go yet. I'll continue to shout and complain about it till it happens but we need fans back in the ground , not saying it would have made a massive difference today but imagine 4,000 vale fans shouting on the team to push on.
  11. Brown Clark Legge Brisley Monty Conlon Joyce Burgess Rodney Theo Worrall Plenty of attacking options on the bench with Pope and Cullen and hopefully Mckirdy or Amoo being available for the bench. Feeling confident for this. 2-1 Vale
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