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  1. One of the biggest scumbags in football.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/former-professional-footballer-caught-11000-21145600.amp Oh dear.
  3. Still unsure on the kit. No doubt after a few beers I'll buy all three ! Up the vale x
  4. Chuffed with that. When's the promotion party?
  5. Was always going to happen. Canelo punches were just too powerful. GGG III trilogy next?
  6. Ruiz looks fantastic ahead of his fight
  7. Painful watching Parker fight. I get why he does it but as a viewer , Christ he could cure insomnia. Taylor-Jonas was a fantastic bout.
  8. I love this football club 💙
  9. I see Jose has walked. Apparently due to this super league proposal. Fair play if true Like someone has said before, I can't see it happening with so many against it and condemning it. Least it's stopped the corona arguments now for a while..
  10. Stuff it shove the Vale in their. I fancy our chances against Tottenham to be honest Kane is a poor man's Guthrie
  11. Good scrap between Williams and Andrade tonight. Fair play to williams going the full distance after that knockdown
  12. Ah the random drunken threads after a game. Can tell the boozers are back open 😂
  13. One man doesn't make a team. Great midfielder yes but other players around him also deserve the credit for the recent run. I've missed the last couple of games due to work so can't comment but thought Conlon had really stepped up again recently.
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