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  1. Well it's definitely different I'll give them that.
  2. Fully recommend the Egginton-cheeseman fight from last Saturday. Fight of the year for me and a decent undercard too. Also good to see local boxer Nathan Heaney In the top 12 British Middleweight division.
  3. Aberdeen have gone back into lockdown. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/coronavirus-lockdown-to-be-reimposed-in-aberdeen-after-spike-in-cases-12042945
  4. Have Bolton got a few quid again now ? They seem to signing players every week.
  5. Quite surprised he has been picked up by Shrewsbury his goal record is shocking.
  6. Good signing that is. Feels so refreshing Compared to a few years ago when we were signing players like Theo Vassell and Brendan Daniels. Hopefully a returning Clark , young goalkeeper and a striker will be next and we can push on when/if the season starts in September.
  7. Harrogate it is. Feel for Notts county, always hard for teams to come back up from the national league. Stockport and York City springs to mind
  8. Kewell ? Oldham must be desperate. How long did he last at Notts county ? Ten weeks or something. His post match interview after we played them still makes me laugh. Guy is a grade A plonker
  9. Newcastle United takeover has collapsed. Safe to say the toon fans aren't happy and are planning to boycott the season. Also saw something online about the PL being influenced by a third party and the Saudi consortium are planning to take legal action.
  10. Hopefully Neal finds a new club soon. Reliable keeper and a decent shot stopper. Played a massive role in our promotion season and was a breath of fresh air compared the keepers we had before he arrived.
  11. Watford down. Karma for sacking pearson perhaps? Feel for Bournemouth. I wonder if young local lad Ramsdale will get picked up by another prem club.
  12. Good to see boxing back on BT. Strange with no crowd. Easy test for Joe Joyce, can't see him beating Dubois at all though. August is gonna be very interesting with all the Matchroom events coming up.
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