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  1. Interesting point from The Guardian: George Davidson emails in an interesting thought: “National government may have limited formal powers to stop any super league. But local government may have more, stronger and long forgotten powers. Football Clubs use the name of their towns and cities with the permission of the local council. If Liverpool Council decides it no longer wants Liverpool FC to bear its name, then they could withdraw that right. The club could still exist and play in the new ESL but call itself something else (Red Mersey?) but they could no longer call itself Liverpool. Th
  2. Unless you've copyrighted it, this should be in small print at the bottom of everyone's posts on the site.
  3. Refer to the type of players Flitcroft and / or Clarke said they wanted at the club, then you won't be surprised.
  4. Monty and Manny are two different people!
  5. What is she doing that is worth her "earnings"? (To take 10-20 thousand times as much as a typical worker.) The only way to become rich is to make a lot of other people poor, or maintain them in poverty. To become very rich you have to similarly exploit a very very large number of people.
  6. Hannant was a very good player for us - alongside Smith and Pope at the time. In a poor team with players hiding he always wanted and looked for the ball. Two footed, good in the air for a little 'un, chased lost causes... (cf Morsey). But if he was causing team problems with off-field shenanigans then we have to back the manager.
  7. I haven't noticed any player put the ball outside the corner arc (and I always look). As long as a part of the ball (even a millimetre) is overhanging the line it's in.
  8. Smaller squad, so less scope to rotate. Hopefully the overall quality is raised so we're not fearing those brought in will just go through the motions or drop a clanger.
  9. Crookes and Mills only left out through injury though, so not a masterplan.
  10. Would not be upset if Crookes is retained, and as you say he has some good attributes. However, having seen all of the games under Clarke, Crookes has usually if not always played as one of three centre halves, which is not playing full back, and has taken the spotlight off his weaknesses.
  11. Since Clarke came in has Crookes actually played as a full back? Thought he'd only been the left of three central defenders in a back 3 / 5 (Where he has looked fairly competent, but no more. Though he is relatively young and "athletic", so ticking some of Clarke's boxes.)
  12. Utterly defeatist to talk of what other teams are doing or only needing one more win to be safe. I don't want to see us limp to the end of the season. I want to see us continue improving, get the best out of the players and give the fans something worth watching. And, of course, breed hope and expectation for next season and beyond. Unless Clarke is all words and no action most of the squad are still playing for their Vale careers.
  13. And when he get's injured for 6 months? All you eggs in one basket... We need a number of players who are each a significant improvement on what we already have, or can be quickly developed into such, not just one "superstar".
  14. Only one camera angle, and I do wear glasses, but surely that was Smith's header that Brown saved... Rodney did more yesterday than in the last 'x' matches. (Fill in number of your choice.)
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