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  1. Agree re the manager's analysis. Interesting that The Sentinel gave everyone between 7.5 and 6 !!!
  2. According to the Sentinel he was replaced by the academy player John Clarke. Walker started and played throughout.
  3. Another head injury? Or, this being the Vale, fine / points deduction coming up?
  4. Took the ball past the goalkeeper, reached it, but instead of shooting from the best angle took an extra touch, then stumbled... He is infuriating at times, but he did make the run and got past the keeper.
  5. Agree about his first touch. Speed is his major asset, and would like to see him / the team use it more often. Last season I would have said strength and not getting knocked off the ball too, but he seems to be losing the ball / being outfought more so far this term, though he does seem to be fouled more - opposition wising up to him? What he doesn't show is a scorer's instinct - expecting the ball, getting into good positions, expecting a knockdown or a loose ball in the goal area - or even making runs. Thought it was astonishing, in one of the iFollow commentaries towards the end of last season, Adam Yates saying in effect he didn't do too much in training, he liked to look after his body. So, he's not going to be Bernie Slaven, but he could be a quicker Ernie Moss, and we'd all be lucky and delighted if that's what he becomes.
  6. Unfortunately his most memorable contribution near the end was to stand watching as O'Keeffe ran past him to score the winner!
  7. In many people's minds the more Manny didn't play the better he got...
  8. iFollow was difficult to follow a lot of the time. Camera was zoomed in too far e.g. didn't show goal when corners taken, so forever panning quickly to follow ball and stopping / revesing quickly too. Coupled with low steaming resolution this lead to a fuzzy ball passing out of focus blobs rather than clear on focus players.
  9. Why is Benning not fit already? (Have I missed something?)
  10. The consideration should be how would a largely new squad benefit from having an underperforming disinterested malcontent in their midst. Answer: not at all. Theo has been provided with ample training and fitness time and facilities with the youngsters. His response is up to him.
  11. No Carabao Cup or FA Cup matches available on iFollow apparently.
  12. If having players doing well is a problem, then what's having players doing badly?
  13. And he's not even got on the pitch in the last two games.
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