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  1. Or, just under 7% have had coronavirus according to the independent ONS figures...
  2. So theft us now punishable by execution without trial? Why not save money by exterminating all the urban poor before they start damaging those nice shops?
  3. Agree with posts a little way above, if we have promotion there must also be relegation. If the league can't stomach relegation, then scrap promotion too and save money.
  4. Considering reputation, cost (monetary) and cost (to the team) Martin Henderson.
  5. Malvin Kamara provided possibly the worst performance I've ever seen from someone in a Port Vale shirt. Mbamba's only resemblance to a winger is that he stood near the side of the pitch. Harsh on both, who no doubt did better at other times for other teams, but you can only go with what you saw.
  6. Chris Robertson, whose principal (only?) playing tactic was to wrap his arms around any attacker who came within grabbing distance. And Bob Delgado, who cost a lot of money and gave the appearance of not giving a toss when playing for us.
  7. Sophie's Choice: You look very nice, you're wearing your cocksucker. That's my "seersucker".
  8. Thanks to those who mentioned Colin Miles. I couldn't remember his first name. Anyway, he's my candidate for worst left back.
  9. Without going back to the history books (OK internet searches) or programmes, the first name that sticks in the mind is Lawrie Wilson. Looked fine if had the ball in acres of space, but not in any other situation likely to be encountered in a football match. Perhaps premature ageing and past injuries affected him - physically or mentally. Not sure he played enough to count as a proper "Vale player", and I've discounted players who tried but just weren't very good.
  10. When he "dived" it was like watching a tree fall. Definitely my choice.
  11. No. If a general election were called now we could leave with no deal before the election had even taken place. If Johnson wants an election he could ask for a Brexit extension as requested. An election could then be quickly under way. And if he won he could force no deal any time he wanted.
  12. They don't. They just want to avoid it at the cost of a No Deal Brexit.
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