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  1. If having players doing well is a problem, then what's having players doing badly?
  2. And he's not even got on the pitch in the last two games.
  3. I'd be very surprised if Legge plays and Rodney doesn't (unless he's injured). And given the eulogies he's had from both Clarke and Flitcroft I'd be even more amazed if Conlan plays but isn't captain.
  4. Adam Yates seemed pretty confident Bailey would be sent on loan in August.
  5. Because we don't want to pay the wages of a crock...
  6. OK, I know we have injuries and late returners, but where are Taylor, Amoo, Wilson and Jones?
  7. Spot on. Saw that Johnson was being given 3 weeks off because his season had only just ended, so seems fair that Covolan gets the same.(Wonder if Clarke forgot too when he talked about the 19 and only using 2 youth teamers and a trialist.)
  8. Well Clarke says no one will play more than 45 minutes, so could be interesting if not...
  9. Must be the one with the huge BMI that was in all the papers a few months back. (Perhaps it wasn't a mistype after all...)
  10. I'd prefer 4 at the back (no Legge) and get the best out of Worrall instead.
  11. From what I've read those are the manager's reasons. Agree or disagree as you please, but I think they're understandable. The last thing most players need at this stage of the season is game time. A rest more likely. The only people needing game time are those who can't have it - i.e. those not yet recovered from injury.
  12. Yes, over the whole season.. Worrall, Smith, Conlon, Rodney - yes, they're the other 4 in the 5. Gibbons, Legge, Brisley, Brown - injury and too often being a liability reduced their contribution.
  13. Yeah, but still managed to be one of our top 5 on the pitch... 🤔
  14. 1. To give players from the European finals a break. 2. There are players such as Maguire and Henderson who aren't yet recovered from injury. 3. To keep the "reserves" up to speed - one will be needed to replace Alexander Arnold.
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