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  1. No, I'm telling you that I expect all Vale fans to never want them to lose.
  2. This is bizarre. You're a Vale fan. (I presume.) Even considering the possibility that you might want them to lose the next game to save potential disappoinrment further down the line is unbelievable.
  3. That's not the team that finished the game. Charsley went off at half time, and Worrall played all through.
  4. You mean we pay the price of having a player doing the work of two (c.f. Robbie Earle) pressing, chasing, hassling, ball winning, turning 50-50s into 60-40s and still having a second go if he loses the first challenge, driving us forward... and scoring goals Slaven or Hughes would be proud of? Modest, level headed... I could go on, but I don't have his stamina. That's our Player of the Season you're talking about.
  5. Still playing at Swindon...
  6. No. Always feel more comfortable if we're defending by playing in the opposition's half. PS. There's also the Mansfield factor...
  7. So, following the results above we are 2 points ahead of Northampton with 1 game each to play. Unless we revert to 2 points per win that does not mean we are up....
  8. If not injured against Bristol Rovers why, in the second half chasing an eminently reachable ball towards the Bycars End, did Benning give up 10 yards short in front of the Railway Paddock. He then quietly felt his left hamstring. And felt it again 2 or 3 times in the following minute or two. I don't recall him going on a full out sprint after that. I agree that we should be playing fully fit players, but we all know that players sometimes do play with knocks or little match fitness, especially in crucial games with not many left to play. And fully fit players in the team can sometimes make you wish they weren't. I also agree with you about the massive overreaction to the last two results. I think it says more about how people deal with their disappointment than the actual playing performance. Not our finest 3 hours plus but we have to give credit to the other team. We haven't been absolutely smashing teams, every game is competitive, and we have had some long overdue rub of the green recently. Having said all that I do think we're one of the best clubs in the division. My confidence / optimism has taken a knock, but it's not over until... (insert cliche of your choice here.)
  9. Had a string if good games until Monday. Was he still carrying his hamstring injury from that game??
  10. Since we beat them Sutton making a quiet run under the radar...
  11. Are you resigning yourself to the play-offs?
  12. Came as a raw £200,000 makeweight. Left for £1,000,000. Someone certainly rated him.
  13. Didn't see that coming. When was the last time a team got relegated but kept their manager? (Apart from Burnley / Dyche himself.)
  14. Someone who never gets a mention in "Best of..." teams: Russell Bromage.
  15. If Nathan Smith retired tomorrow he'd still be a club legend. (Ditto David Worrall.)
  16. How about: If you want a ticket, apply. (Decide if single tickets only, or perhaps max 2 per application.) Random ballot to decide allocation, with winners committed to following through the purchase. OK, I'll get me coat....
  17. Proctor: 4 goals in the last four games. Please keep this rate up (or improve on it!)
  18. 4 wins and Mansfield can finish 3 pts ahead of us!
  19. Are we expecting over 14,000 home fans?
  20. Outmuscling Hall a bit too often for my liking.
  21. 2nd best goal difference.
  22. Even bigger dream is the result is immaterial as we're already confirmed as champions! 😀
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