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  1. Bradford fans happy he's gone it seems. I'll never judge a player until he's kicked a ball for us. Most players have terrible patches at certain clubs. Hope he does the business and gets some goals.
  2. Wishing him a speedy recovery. You knew something was bad when popey didn't get up straight away. Amazing he could carry on after breaking his arm.
  3. Jake Taylor coming on. This game is making me paranoid about more injuries.
  4. Players will be sending sorry cards from moonpig next.
  5. Has anything happened in this first half? Like have we even made a decent pass ? Feel like I blacked out for most of it
  6. Might re watch the game before bed to help with my insomnia.
  7. This feels like a reserve game. I must be bored paying a tenner for this competition
  8. Crookes , Legge and Mills all need to be released next season.
  9. Poor defending there. How many injuries have we had from this over priced pizza cup? I hate this cup and iFollow
  10. Either I'm losing it or there's a weird humming noise in the background, similar to when you can't pick up a station on the radio
  11. Taylor and Conlon in the middle.
  12. Big fan of Campbell, he did well against loma as well. Garcia has a bright future ahead of him if looked after and has the right fights picked. Critics are already hyping him as the next de la hoya (minus the outside antics) Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson. Some serious decent young talent from America at the minute.
  13. For me the perfect choice going forward next season. Has plenty of drive, aggression and can score a beautiful free kick. Just need another quality midfielder by his side. Or new legs for Manny
  14. 3 points Clean sheet Job done. Worrall MOTM for me and Conlon should be Captain next season. onto Sunderland
  15. I can't stand Blakeman. Prat Subs before 79th minute am i dreaming ?
  16. We've been here before so its hard to get excited. But great start Hurst definitely needs a new contract. Keep it up vale
  17. Good to see Conlon with the armband. Future captain in my eyes
  18. Why/how is Heskey favourite for the job ?! Not even had any experience coaching has he ?
  19. I try to stay off the vale fan Facebook pages because they are just full of fans arguing with each other half the time. But some of the managers suggested are bonkers. So far I've seen Gareth Ainsworth Sol Campbell Tony Pulis Billy Davies Phil Neville Chris Coleman Do they just pick a name from a hat ? Jesus wept.
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