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  1. I see Jose has walked. Apparently due to this super league proposal. Fair play if true Like someone has said before, I can't see it happening with so many against it and condemning it. Least it's stopped the corona arguments now for a while..
  2. Stuff it shove the Vale in their. I fancy our chances against Tottenham to be honest Kane is a poor man's Guthrie
  3. Good scrap between Williams and Andrade tonight. Fair play to williams going the full distance after that knockdown
  4. Ah the random drunken threads after a game. Can tell the boozers are back open 😂
  5. One man doesn't make a team. Great midfielder yes but other players around him also deserve the credit for the recent run. I've missed the last couple of games due to work so can't comment but thought Conlon had really stepped up again recently.
  6. Exciting times and all that 😂
  7. Great performance by young Conor Benn tonight. The hype is real I believe, big fan of him With the kelly fight unlikely to happen. Khan next?
  8. If I caught DC in bed with my missus, I'd tuck him in and make him a brew. What a man. 2nd coming of Micky Adams era
  9. Theo scored on Friday Guthrie scored Today. Miracles do happen and DC is the Messiah!
  10. Agreed. Not been the same since the Warrington fight. One last payday before he retired , can't fault him. Very surprised BT didn't pick it up though, shame he couldn't finish it at a packed Windsor Park with his fans but that's life now
  11. Frampton retires after losing to Herring tonight. Sad to see him go out like that. Fighting in a dark and depressing room on channel 5
  12. I absolutely love DC. Reminds me of the Micky Adams days. Much needed win after the last few days. Four on the bounce. Bring on Harrogate Up the Vale !
  13. Will never forget that incredible run he did all the way from our box. One of my favourite players in a Vale shirt. Absolutely heartbroken
  14. Absolutely heartbreaking. RIP Lee Collins
  15. Absolutely. Although at this point I'm sick and tired about hearing the Joshua-Fury fight being agreed now. I'll believe it when both boxers are in the ring together Been over 3 years of this saga. Too much money and greed from the promotions
  16. Good fight back for Dillon. Ruiz-Wilder next?
  17. Big one tonight. Young Hatton Debut. Cheeseman-Metcalfe Whyte-Povetkin 2. I fancy Whyte for this, not sure where he goes if he loses. There's also Nathan Gorman on BT tonight for anyone not wanting to pay box office
  18. About time someone else had a comical error at the back. Vale have looked so much better recently. Thank god
  19. Gutted for the lad. Hope he finds something to fill the void. As Joe has already said , thankfully it's already been spotted before something sinister could have happened.
  20. Left back is a must for me. Big fan of Monty but when he's injured we lack that attacking threat going forward. I wouldn't mind Taft from Bolton as CB but he's gone scunthorpe I believe
  21. Wonder if brother Phil Neville never went inter miami (ridiculous name by the way) he would have gone there. Hope they go down next season regardless. Right there with MK dons of hatred for me.
  22. Some of the names there are ridiculous. Money talks though eh
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