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  1. Regal Beagle


    I've seen some hypocrisy on this forum but christ almighty this one is bad. You've bought up Norman Smurthwaite in threads on Brexit, Black Lives Matter and Coronavirus as a way to try and discredit me. You literally tried to justify it as "I just wanted people to know how trustworthy your track record was" when I asked how it was relevent. Not only that, but you gloatingly implied how sensitive I was when I called you out for it, making it even stranger that you now mock people for doing similar. Do you stand by that, given how you are now mocking this tactic?
  2. I think Askey has played this perfectly really, can't be a coincidence that he signs as it looks likely we're about to replace him. I don't think Carol has it in her to give it the old "i think it's time he flies the nest" thing on the ale and vale podcast if she thought that this was imminent either. Amazing work Vale. And well done to the media team, it's been pretty seamless since Max left really.
  3. Wow that's awesome. Hartley is surely a bit of an over indulgence now i would think? I'd have been more than happy with him replacing Smith mind.
  4. Regal Beagle


    Any evidence AT ALL will do. Anything but conspiracy thoeries. Boris Johnson is the PM, he hired Dominic Cummings. As all other present day PMs have had advisors. Tony Blair absolutely loved them. I think you are deliberately misrepresenting the arguements of brexit voters to try and claim that Cummings position is contradictory to our views. It isn't.
  5. They're victims of the extreme left is what I meant, not that they're far left themselves. There's always someone more woke than you. that's the point I made, it wasn't a criticism of those particular people, in fact I was actually defending them. Could any of us imagine a time 5-10 years ago where a prominent feminist would be attacked by numerous people in mainstream media outlets (many of whom she made rich and successful by the way) because she believes that the rights of trans people should not trump the rights of women? Linehan is a brilliant example of my point - He engaged in cancel culture because he was upset by a comedy video on youtube. A few years later he is the victim of cancel culture because he backed feminism over the trans rights movement.
  6. Regal Beagle


    Cummings being a puppet master is pure conspiracy. We vote for MPs and the leader of the winning party forms a Government which includes appointing people to assist them. It's not comparable in any way to people who have an issue with unelected people who live in another country and are realistically unaccountable to the British people. Also, you'll have a tough time convincing brexiteers to stick up for a civil service that has treated us with contempt and betreyed our democratic right for 5 years. Cummings has work to do yet.
  7. Correct, despite the fact that racism is falling: US - https://igpa.uillinois.edu/programs/racial-attitudes https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/mixed-race-relationships-no-longer-exotic-rarity-new-normal/ https://www.ipsos.com/ipsos-mori/en-uk/attitudes-race-and-inequality-great-britain If I were being very cynical I'd say that some people profit politically from being ultra woke on race issues. They clearly gain from their being more racism which possibly explains why they have to broaden or completely change definitions of racism, and spin a narrative that racism is increasing. In every day life it's a great way for people to get likes on social media and tell everyone what a nice person they are. Even when they're baying for the blood of 'racist', getting ordinary working class people sacked for 'misspeak' on twitter, it just shows how wonderful they are. And there are those, possibly the majority of this 'side' that are simply decent people who believe what they are told by the media. I think this will be reflected on the right to by the way, but the extreme right is nowhere near as successful and doesn't control the centre-right as the extreme left does with the centre-left. The extreme left will eat itself eventually. There's always someone more woke than you who will eventually tell everyone how bigotted you are. A couple of great examples - JK Rowling, Graham Linehan and I even saw James O'Brien copping a lot of stick for being transphobic yesterday. Look at how much BLM shot itself in the foot because they couldn't wait to tweet about Israel, they went from universal and unwavering support to the BBC actually distancing themselves.
  8. Regal Beagle


    I don't think I was overly critical of protesters in terms of Covid. Maybe I asked about the double standards and the complete 180 from people who were hysterical about Cummings driving in a car with his family but completely fine with thousands of people not observing social distancing in the UK because a man was killed 4,000 miles away. I can't remember offering an opinion either way though but happy to be proven wrong. Pubs opened on Saturday, as was their right. I'm sure plenty of people visited them and maintained the social distancing rules where possible. I don't think there's any reason to say that pub goers are more guilty because their reason for being in public was less virtuous than the protesters. I don't know where you are getting your information from that little or none of the law was observed. But for a few pictures of busy streets - comparable to the packed beaches from 2-3 weeks ago. The pub industry is far bigger than the fitness industry, I would imagine. And I don't think it's clearer one way or the other which one is safer to open or not. That's probably why they focused on opening that up first. Not sure what the incident in Leek as to do with Covid, were they breaking social distancing rules? I understand stone island are famous for having PPE built into their clothes. Probably a very sensible thing to wear in a pandemic.
  9. I remember them balking at me a few years ago on this site when I said that racism was alive and well on the left. It genuinely is getting to the point now where if someone has those politics and tells me something, I may as well just believe the opposite. The levels of hypocrisy are staggering. I've done this a few times but I can't quite believe that this is where we're at: -All Lives Matter = Racism -White Lives Matter = Racism -Black Lives Matter - Brilliant, anti-racism, pro every oppressed group including all lives. -black lives matter (no caps) = Semantics, you need to grow up as you are probably a racist -Saying nothing at all = Racism, silence is violence -Saying you don't want to dismantle capitalism = "part of the problem" you are probably a racist -Saying you don't want to abolish the police = semantics, you are probably a racist -Talking about the stated goals of BLM = semantics, you are probably a racist Insanity. It's about time we had someone in our mainstream politics actually stand up to this garbage. It's very funny how the people who refuse to acknowledge the far left extremism of BLM as a movement also are the ones that are desperate to shut down every other opinion. There's one acceptable opinion - We must abolish capitalism and the police force and the nuclear family, and if you don't agree, you hate black lives.
  10. Great logic Just admit you have no evidence and that the comment you claimed as a FACT is actually just an opinion you hold.
  11. Grow up he says You are trying to move the goal posts. It's been a common theme in this thread right from the opening post there has been an attempt to control the language that is used. I've explicitly stated that I believe the majority of people who use the HEADLINE black lives matter are not supporters of the POLITICAL organisation's aims. Not one person has attempted to paint all protesters with the same brush, so let's just put that one to bed. EDL/UKIP has zero to do with anything, your example doesn't work. Some labour party members supported brexit. A common theme with the people who are vociferously supporting BLM in this thread is that they have not once accepted BLM's OWN MISSION STATEMENT. If you are so offended by me taking BLM at their word and asking for clarity on THEIR words, maybe it isn't the organisation you want it to be? Black people don't deserve to be used as pawns by the far left. I truly believe in equality (dictionary definition not a far left definition) and I truly believe that BLM is doing immense damage to race relations in the UK/USA. Any accusations you can throw at me for failing black people, I can throw right back at you.
  12. It's upsetting to brexiteers because this is patently false. It stems back from the absolute garbage that was spouted by anti-democrats when they tried to void the brexit vote by calling brexit racist. They then tempered their views with this outrageous lie that "not all brexit voters are racist but all racists are brexit voters". It couldn't be further from the truth. We are seeing open racists on the "progressive" left ALL the time. They are given air time on the BBC. We see many bigoted views in the Labour party which was not a brexit supporting party. You have zero evidence for the claim that "all racists are brexiteers". You want this to be the case and therefore you say it is a fact. But what are you basing it on? Absolutely nothing. There are CLEARLY racists on the sides which have opposied brexit. This was always a smear campaign and a classic example of weaponised false accusations of racism. Pretty disgusting to be honest.
  13. I'd be more than happy with Rodney although I've never really seen him play. I did watch that Hartlepool game where he scored twice and nearly kept them up a few years ago. A completely sensible low risk gamble to take. Burgess was exactly the same last summer and look how that one turned out.
  14. Agreed phil. Should labour politicians be in a position whereby they have to research what race or religion someone is before they tweet about them, just in case they're Jewish? It's so stupid to automatically assume the worst intent of someone because you can score cheap political points.
  15. I genuinely don't know if this sentence means that they're fighting on behalf of those marginalised groups as well as black people (ie, sex workers with white skin would be included) or if they're saying that it's all black people, especially those with 'aggravating' circumstances such as disabilities or sex workers? Maybe you could explain this part Fosse?
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