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  1. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you ignored the full context of my post due to not having time. Your first post was very different to your second. In your first post you seemed to be accusing me of advocating for the UK to beomce a rogue "tinpot dictatorship" which is obviously not what I said and obviously not what I meant. I wouldn't have posted an example article arguing the merits of international law whilst maintaining domestic sovereignty if I didn't recognise international law. What kind of country doesn't have rules, you asked in your first post. You have seemingly dro
  2. Good people on both sides...proof that the media is fabricating incidents of trump racism no? I see it's listed on that wiki page as evidence of racism. I don't think you can accuse a statement which clearly and totally condemns white supremacists and neo Nazis as racist without having some sort of agenda. Pre covid you had the highest ever level of black employment in the USA. You had real growth in the wages of the lowest earning 20% of the population, which is disproportionately more black. He also started reforming the prison system which I think any rea
  3. Haha I love this tactic. "Forget the hot mess of the rest of reply" Well let's not forget it for a moment, the rest of the reply was a copy on paste section of the exact UK law which gives the UK authority to set aside this <ovf censored> "international law" that you are hanging your hat on. The other thing in that post that you are very keen to forget is 2 examples of GERMANY deciding in their courts that their domestic law is sovereign even though it is not compatible with an international law. I'm not sure why you have called either of t
  4. I think we know enough about the people who are most at risk to be able to shield them, without shutting down the economy any further though. The number of people who have died of covid who are younger than 60 and have no underlying health conditions is around 308 (correct as of Friday). That's less than a 1/5 of the people who die each year on our roads, for some context. We're not banning vehicles or crossing roads. Surely we could use the money we would be spending to lock everyone down on properly shielding the vulnerable, instead of spreading it so thinly to shield
  5. Another in depth rebuttal from nofinikea. That's a useful one though, I'll remember it for any guardian links in future.
  6. I was surprised he didn't give it, the ref started giving them everything after an hour or so. Though I've seen a few comments from their fans about a handball penalty, hope they're not referring to the one that bounced up and hit Smith's hand, never in a million years a pen. My steam cut out for a few mins so i may have missed another shout though. Conlon was excellent, Rodney is looking like an unreal signing, Brown outstanding as per usual. <ovf censored> it. I think we're going up.
  7. That's the problem, we were conned the first time. I don't like being conned. Maybe. The media told us herd immunity was plan A. The Government told us that protecting the NHS was their primary aim. Neither have been true. I've been ignoring the constant garbage on coronavirus for a few months now, it was depressingly pessimistic and not really based in fact. I'm not sure the Government knows how many of the daily cases are false positives or not, Hancock dodged the question on Talk Radio. I've also found out that the R number is completely arbitrary based on
  8. 900 people in hostpital with Covid yesterday in the country. Why are we locking down whole regions? Why are we being asked to call the police on our neighbours if they have 7 people in their garden? I'm starting to think that we should never have locked down in the first place.
  9. (1)It is recognised that the Parliament of the United Kingdom is sovereign. (2)In particular, its sovereignty subsists notwithstanding— (a)directly applicable or directly effective EU law continuing to be recognised and available in domestic law by virtue of section 1A or 1B of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (savings of existing law for the implementation period), (b)section 7A of that Act (other directly applicable or directly effective aspects of the withdrawal agreement), (c)section 7B of that Act (deemed direct applicability or direct effect in relation to the
  10. Well played Boris: https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1336919/brexit-news-eu-trade-deal-michel-barnier-northern-ireland-protocol-international-law
  11. We literally just signed a trade deal with Japan that is the same as the EU one plus a little bit more. I wonder if Japan realises that there are 540m more people in the EU? It's almost as if we can sign trade deals based on OUR WANTS/NEEDS, instead of a country with significantly different culture and socio economic status being able to veto it. Obviously we can sign better deals than the EU.
  12. Once again, not one attempt to rebuke a single point I make. I'll take this as you are conceding on this one.
  13. Haha this is getting silly now. So desperate to blame Brexit voters for everything that we are no at fault for the remain campaign being absolutely worthless? It is not up to vote leave to come up with handy arguments for remaining. It is a crazy suggestion. Remain didn't mention it because it wasn't an issue. The EU have made it an issue after the vote. I can post the video of them planning to use Northern Ireland to put political pressure on the UK if you want? as we said before, we should just I form the EU that we will not be putting up a border
  14. Is a single part of your post true? The government has not broken any law. There are always exceptions which set aside laws if specified conditions are met...self defence is a complete defence to murder for example. If the government use this to renege unprovoked then they will be breaching the international treaty. If, as they claim, this is to protect us from nefarious EU tactics then not only do I not condemn it, I actively celebrate it and it will have gone a little way to restoring my diminishing faith in this conservative government to govern conserva
  15. I didn't skirt around anything, I clearly and accurately described why and how the judicial review went against Boris. It is in my post, read it again. I can't take anyone seriously who talks about siphoning money off, feathering nests and cronyism and then uses that to support the EU. I studied UK constitutional law for a year as part of my degree. I'm still woefully unqualified to debate the intricacies and nuances of it and to boil it down to a sentence as you are is sheer lunacy. You completely fail to acknowledge the basic facts because you are desperate to try an
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