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  1. Why was Conlon getting singled out yesterday? Why was Amoo being applauded so vociferously, and was many people's actual man of the match (mine included)? Why does Leon Legge not get singled out? I think it's lazy and disingenuous to accuse people of racism with no evidence other than the fact that Amoo is black. Do I think some Vale fans are racist? Yes Do I think there's a conspiracy, conscious or otherwise to label black players as lazy, no. Amoo was getting stick because he'd been relatively quiet for the last 2 months or so. Before then he had noticably been one of our best players and no one was talking about racism. He gets the most stick when he pulls out of challenges or turns back to pass to Gibbo instead of taking the full back on. I don't think that is anything to do with his skin colour. Port Vale fans have always been frustrated by players who do not fully commit in tackles - Whitaker, Chris Lines etc. They were both singled out too at times and I don't think it had anything to do with Whitaker's dreadlocks.
  2. I don't think anyone would be against that.
  3. I think there has been far bigger use of unacceptable language on the remain side. They've called leavers racists and nazis for years. A systematic attack using lies and smears. And it's not just me that found the language used by leave eu to be fine - it was the majority of us. Time and again. In fact, if there was evidence of any side of the brexit debate being found to be using unacceptable langauge then I'd look at the perennial losers first, we the public have consistently voted against them. Why do you think that is? (FYI - I won't accept "brainwashed by media" or "everyone is racist now" as answers unless you can actually evidence it).
  4. It's happening already unfortunately.
  5. Great quotes, not sure how they show that we are "not over" ww2. I'm also not sure how Germany et al are over it. I'm equally unsure what it has to do with brexit and why you are bringing it up. Finally, I'm not sure we SHOULD 'get over it'. I think the lessons we have and continue to learn from the unbelievable sacrifices made to defeat pure evil are extremely valuable. Furthermore, up the mighty brexit.
  6. But we do know which way the EU is going.
  7. Yeah agreed. If Monty had a knock and Crooks had to play a few games I'd have no issue with it. If Monty has a bad run of form and JA thinks that Crooks is the best option, likewise. I don't think we have any glaring holes in the squad, it's about efficient and sustainable improvements now.
  8. It doesn't though does it? That's seemingly your go to tactic. If you just ignore the good points from the opposition, it makes your argument look loads better. Please argue the POINT. Don't just claim it to be invalid or "pseudo intellectual" You have 3 options, as i see it: 1. Explain how you think that the notion of sovereignty is unimportant 2. Explain how you think that brexit will not improve our national sovereignty 3. Just stop talking about it at all. Anything else and I'm afraid it's already determined several times over 3 years, you are flogging a dead horse.
  9. Do you have any examples from the "many" politicians you reference?
  10. Crookes get a hard time and it's a bit unwarrented in my opinion. Although I would keep Monty there whilst Worrall and Amoo are both fit. I'm more than happy to wait until the summer for any incomings, as long as none of the better players leave that is. A new contract for Smith/Gibbons/Burgess/Worrall and the Taylor deal until the end of the season and I'm happy.
  11. That's actually a new one. Not sure where you've plucked it from or exactly what is meant by it though.
  12. They didn't know what they were voting for.
  13. Hence a historically resounding tory victory in December? It just doesnt add up jacko.
  14. Even funnier than the first post. That's like a defence barrister telling the jury to ignore the smoking gun with the fingerprints on it. We voted for sovereignty multiple times. We are not sovereign in the EU. Therefore it cannot be the best deal possible. Try to actually argue the facts rather than just dismiss the main and underlying reason why we are leaving the EU. If you ignore all Man City's goals then we won 0-1. Shame it doesn't work like that
  15. incredible that some people still stick their heads in the sand and cling to these completely rejected ideas. Let the bells ring out for brexit.
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