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  1. There's genuinely videos of people purporting to speak for the black community online, who say that this quote should not be taken literally. It's actual racism to judge people on the colour of their skin.
  2. Regal Beagle


    Not sure how you can expect a direct answer to a Robert Peston essay of questions. The other day there must have been 5 or 6 "how is Boris" questions - it was garbage journalism. I agree with the poster above, these daily briefings have run their course now. Lets do 1 or 2 a week unless there's a significant change in circumstances.
  3. Regal Beagle


    We're not a wealthy club. If we furlough players/staff it will be to protect jobs - which is what it was designed for. I think we should do it ASAP.
  4. Change the metrics slightly and "white privilege" doesn't exist. Asians as a race in America are the most privileged by a lot of metrics, but as you've pointed out they're discriminate against by the top schools. There have been some studies in this country showing that white working class boys are the worst performers in school within the last 10-15 years. The idea that they are privileged over better performing bame students is disgusting. It's not addressing the issues of why any group is underperforming, clearly skin colour is not the deciding factor. Class is much more of a marker for privilege.
  5. The most lied about and the most brilliant politician in a generation. The race baiting victim trampling David Lammy isn't fit to lace Nige's boots.
  6. It's a fair point, I know I am biased and I know I have hypocritical views. I try to be conscious of them. And as I've said many times, I make my mind up on the evidence in front of me, I get some things wrong, I get some things right, I'm early on some things, I'm late to the party on others. Principles are not foolproof, but it's better to have them than not in my opinion.
  7. We are starting to see job advertisments now which exclude particular races/genders from applying. The BBC have done it (for non acting roles too).
  8. Anti-Racism = Not considering race at all If you consider someones skin colour when hiring/judging/electing/supporting or anything else, then that is a form of racism. "positive" or negative discrimination, if you allow one type of racism then you risk allowing others. That's my main gripe with it. All of my political principles are that everyone is equal. It's why I hate the hypocrissy of the left so much. There are so many juxtapositions in left wing (especially identity) politics it is untrue. Feminism v Transgenderism LGBT v Islam Diane Abbot v Priti Patel Anti-democracy v Brexit Isreal/Judaism Language and thought policing These are all areas where many on the left may hold completely contradictory views. It was exposed in the General Election when you had Jo Swinson looking like a deer in headlights when a caller on a radio show asked her to define "woman" (go and check that out on youtube if you have not seen it, it's staggering). It also threatened to play a part in the Labour leadership contest early on, when the Trans issue came up and sent the candidates diving for cover. My philosophy on race is that I treat everyone the same. Part of my belief based on that is if you treat a black MP differently to a white MP, that is racism. It's happened on here many times, people almst arguing that we should have lower expectations or a lower bar for bame people because they've faced discrimination in the past. I find that idea to be so damaging to the interests of society. I don't want anyone to apply lower expectations to me in any circumstances. If I succeed I want to know it's because I worked hard, had the ability and determination to earn it, not because there were too many white/black/asian/male/female/trans/gay people and so I skipped to the head of the queue. The craziest part is that there are people on this forum who will read this post and think "yeah, RB is racist". Scary.
  9. You can answer my question first.
  10. The Government that the people wanted. And very diverse in terms of ethnicity.
  11. Why is that Ginge? His terrible politics? His disgusting divisive opinions? His multiple inaccuracies when trying to drum up propaganda for his ludicrous opinions? Him single handedly wiping £8m+ off the comic releif effort because he cannot help up but race bait? Shadow justice minister....Someone who freely uses racist conspiracy theories and tries to politically profit from the holocaust. You've had an absolute stinker already Sir Keir.
  12. Don't give David Lammy any sort of higher responsibility than he already has if you want to even pretend like you can win the next election. The man is an absolute lunatic.
  13. I don't know loads about her but the 2 things I do know - She was very aware of the lack of clarity surrounding Labour's brexit position, and she was very aware of the anti-semitism issue under Corbyn. I can't speak of her ability without being more informed, but it is positive that she appears to understand the issues that labour face(d) without burying her head in the sand.
  14. Regal Beagle


    He went to state schools initially after being given up by his mother at 4 months old and put into the care system. He applied for a scholerships after his Labour supporting adoptive parents fell on hard times and ended up at Oxford. I dare say he could actually tell a lot of working class people a thing or two about struggling for success.
  15. Because they struggle to debate without merely trying to dismiss opposing views. Same reason they call everyone racist. Problem is they dont hold themselves to the same standards they claim to expect from others.
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