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  1. I thought we could cope without him in the summer. I was wrong. 3.5 years is excellent. Well done vale. Would have been easy to try and stall this one to find a manager first but I think we had to take the opportunity to sign him permo.
  2. Weirdly I think this is the first time we've been in the market for a new manager that I think it's far easier to name who I don't want than who I do. There's 7-8 names that I'd be ok with, probably more if I read the full thread. I think there's a few red flags with Sinclair in terms of the rumours in the last few weeks/the opinions of the non-league fans and the fact that he's not been given the caretaker role. This Murray chap sounds like he could be in the mould of the managers who seem to be very successful currently - in terms of his philosophy on yout
  3. As terrible as whitehead as been, there's an element of me that thinks maybe he could improve under a new manager. I mean are we trusting Askey to have gotten the best out of him? In a formation that never changes unless it collapses due to red cards or being behind with a few minutes to go. I think the fact that so many players were better last season than this is a huge reason why the pressure ramped up on Askey so quickly. I'm not saying that Whitehead is any good, or that he should be playing etc...and obviously you'd say that Askey should have known how to get the
  4. I did see a cryptic tweet from theo saying "peak times" which had a few replies frm Col U fans begging for him to come back, dunno if there's anything in but but it wouldn't surprise me.
  5. I'm not a big Sol fan, i just think he's a bit of a weirdo 😂 Harsley brings up some deeply repressed memories of that team and so my gut reaction was to dry heave, but he has as good a CV as any of the ones with no first team managerial experience.
  6. The more I think about it today the more I like Heskey. It would have been far to risky to appoint a complete newbie manager like that after Brown had been that failed experiment, and we were in similar positions when Aspin and Askey came in. We're not quite in the same boat this time around, I wouldn't say that the new manager is coming in to keep us up. I think many of us still believe we're a good enough squad to be competing with the playoff chasers although our points handicap may be a bridge too far. Maybe now is the perfect time to gamble on a Heskey type. Ideall
  7. A bit of a blessing that it's been so quick really rather than being dragged out for another half a season. Although it hasn't felt quick watching the games. I'm with the majority I think - thankful to John and Dave for their efforts but the time had come for a change whilst we still have time to stop the rot.
  8. Let's hope, first and foremost, that pugh doesn't think that he's still got it and puts his boots on for Saturday I'm all for giving people chances but I'm Pugh out if he does 😂
  9. I think especially in Synectics industry and being based in stoke, Carol will know that you have to pay the money to attract the right people for the specialist jobs, so hopefully we can go out and offer a competitive salary for one of those on your shortlist. I can't see why not. Also - it's not a terrible job for someone to walk into really. We know the squad is completely under performing rather than the shambles Aspin and then Askey had walked into. There's a more than good chance that a good experienced manager could start getting results early on, not to put too much pressure
  10. Totally agree with you Phil. It will be fascinating to see what Pugh does in terms of selection. Both when it comes to McKirdy/Robinson and whether or not he drops anyone else. I'm not saying I don't trust that the players have let us and Askey down but it's possible that terrible performances and results creates friction rather than the other way around which is what Askey has been alluding too. Assuming he gets to pick a side that is.
  11. oh yeah sorry, I don't want us to lose. I'll just kid myself that there's a silver lining if we do 😂
  12. I agree with that, a draw may save him for another a week too, which would almost be the worst outcome at this point.
  13. There's a correlation between poor performances on the pitch and anti-owner sentiments. back in he good old days I asked the question many times about why Smurf was at fault for defenders being unable to defend, or strikers being unable to score etc. The levels went up after bad results and down after good results. Some tried to justify it by saying the owner is ultimately responsible, many never gave an answer. I was ultimately wrong about Smurthwaite, as ive said many times now, before anyone starts. But I was right about the correlation, I think that's partly why i became so en
  14. I think it's only right that in the interests of player safety the football league should reduce games to 80 minutes play, starting on Saturday.
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