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  1. Yeah I agree that budget isnt an indicator. My main point is that we under performed last season, I honestly think that squad was (a little bit) better than a relegation battle. I'd take a top half finish now and I think that is achievable and realistic given our signings and the standard of this league.
  2. Totally disagree, if we finish anywhere close to where we finished last season it will have been a failure in my opinion. Whether it's lower or not I bet there are plenty of teams with smaller budgets. I also think we under achieved last year due to poor tactics amongst other things. I'm not saying we must go up but if we are in a relegation battle again then we've failed, in my opinion.
  3. The truth is that you like to call opponents racist and have pretty much tried every excuse in the book to avoid discussing the biggest racism story in politics currently - left wing anti semitism. You can pretend it's about keeping things on topic all you want but that is rubbish. You are happy to derail threads about racism when it suits you. Hence why you've just mention Islamophobia in the tory party. If you are that concerned about staying on topic, why have you not started a new thread? The left being guilty of the thing they falsely accuse others of is absolutely hilarious. That's why I keep bringing it up.
  4. Went to thailand last year and loved it. Definitely going back at some point.
  5. You've posted a dodgy survey of 1,000 people and I've posted a CSEW survey which blows it out of the water. I've posted ONS stats for Mr H about the number of hate crimes which shows them to be miniscule and yet he constantly tries to take the piss out of me for (factually) saying that there are next to no racists in this country. Although to be fair he probably sees a lot more day to racism as a labour supporter. I'm thankful we're so tolerant on the right. I'd hate to live in that world.
  6. AOC is literally ludicrous.
  7. Although to be fair, I watched a brilliant and insightful program on BBC this week which has made me wonder that we might have a very serious and increasing problem with racism in certain intolerant and bigotted sections of our society. I think it was on, on Wednesday at around 21:00.
  8. I've never denied racism and hardly anyone is racist nowadays. Both factual statements and I know you have zero evidence on the contrary. They asked 1,000 people if they'd been a victim of a hate crime? Not exactly reliable. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/748598/hate-crime-1718-hosb2018.pdf https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-corbyn-cherry-picks-hate-crime-stats The most accurate data you can find tells us that hate crimes have decreased by 40% in real terms over the past 10 years. The actual "numbers" of hate crimes going up which is what many untruthful politicians quote (Lammy/Corbyn etc) are due to improvements in recording hate crimes by police, and not due to an increase in crimes being committed. The CSEW also shows that hate crimes are far more likely to be reported on average than all other types of crime (as a combined average). It's all there in the government link I've provided. All discrimination is a bad thing. "Positive" discrimination is not positive for the people who are discriminated against and nor is it positive in the long term for the minorities who are (short term) benefitting from it. The best people for jobs should get the jobs. Sorry but this is pure "whataboutery" and is off topic, you should start another thread... ...And no, I am not being serious as I would never use the word whataboutery in a serious manner
  9. He could be a bit more sensitive you are right, but that does preclude him from being a successful president. He is arguably far better than Obama who was very media savvy and cultivated a great image for himself, for example. I honestly think he's unbeatable in the next election due to some of his foreign policy and economy metrics being historically better than they've ever been in history.
  10. He could have used more sensitive language. How can he possibly carry on in his role if the Trump administration wont deal with him? Yes it is the fault of who ever leaked the messages but that doesn't change the fact that he can no longer fulfil his duties.
  11. It does help when it is actually truthful though. Remain were the liars. They are still lying now.
  12. Laughable but I'll humour you. What evidence?
  13. Our ambassador got caught, that was his own doing and he has made his position untenable. Also all Tory PMs are elected the same way. Not sure what skin colour or age has to do with anything however.
  14. That is what happens when 48% are intolerant of democracy.
  15. I would love it if you lot started posting evidence. You wilfully misinterpret things to suit your argument.
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