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  1. A decent answer would if he just told the truth though? Why do you think he isn't being truthful out of interest? You'd think someone standing against the heinous liar Boris would use that to their great advantage, show him for what he is, get the public on side, let him make a fool out of himself. But he isn't. I wonder why.
  2. It would be very embarrassing if labour had a fact checking account on twitter without the block capitals THIS IS THE LABOUR PARTY in the name. Very embarrassing indeed. Take a look at The Insider (@The_InsiderUK): https://twitter.com/The_InsiderUK?s=09
  3. No evidence except all of the people who have quit the labour party citing anti semitism? The brave people on dispatches who shared their first hand accounts? The Jewish labour members who are being hounded out? The fact that they're the only other party aside from the bnp to be investigated for racism? The use of "zionists" and "isrealis" instead of "jews"
  4. But he is asking to be elected with a mandate to go and negotiate a new deal but wont actually say whether he actually wants that deal to fail before he has even negotiated. I'm sorry fosse but the only thing clear is that he wants to remain now but darent come out and say it because it would torpedo his traditional vote even more. He is lying. Intentionally trying to deceive people to get into power.
  5. Socialism isnt many of those things though. It would be great if socialism worked, everyone would be a socialist. But it doesn't. The scariest thought of all is that not only do socialists want jezbollah to be PM, they then want to give him far more power than Boris currently has. This is despite the same people using a techincal constitutionally unlawful act of Boris as a stick to beat him with.
  6. 6 years of socialism working is the best you can do? Every socialist country fails eventually. Corbyn is ramping up the chance of failure by openly trying to grab power however he can. That should be decades down the line.
  7. Haha I was just about to google this. I knew for a fact it wouldn't be as simple as more people are starving. That being said, these people genuinely believe the nhs budget has been cut and that the tories are a low tax party and even that the deficit has increased. The dishonesty is staggering really.
  8. I do give a flying one, that's why I hope to god that corbyn doesnt get in power.
  9. Regal Beagle

    Prince Andrew

    His PR man quit because he didn't agree with the interview being a good idea. He was right.
  10. In my opinion Bill, national security should be the first name on the team sheet when it comes to Government. It's literally the main reason and trumps everything else.
  11. Principles?! The man has spent his working life opposing the EU. His more radical policies would be made much easier to implement if we were outside of the EU. People talk about Boris snatching power, Corbyn is flushing the few principles he had down the toilet because he thinks he has a sniff of power. Saying that, that is what socialism does. It drives people power hungry (and the population just hungry).
  12. What do the facts say regarding mass immigration Sage?
  13. "stop peddling fake news" "the tories want to sell the NHS to Trump" Shameless. I'm also not sure how exponentially increasing the percentage of GDP that goes to the NHS is a good idea.
  14. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/boris-johnson-lesser-of-two-evils-for-german-economy-082937613.html
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