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  1. I don't know, is brexit done? The EU should be more concerned with whether their contract is enforceable. They admitted to manufacturing the Irish border as a barrier to brexit. They risked peace on the island of Ireland to wrangle political capital. The agreement in place arguably breaches the good friday agreement on the part of the EU/ROI. The protocol was a terrible idea and we never should have agreed to it. But the EU insisted on it and it has turned out to be a terrible idea and shock horror, a way for them to undermine our sovereignty still. I don't think this is the remain win you think it is.
  2. Fire bombs and illegal protests outside the homes of judges. Death threats on twitter. Wonder if the FBI will be using their geolocation devices to track and arrest these domestic terrorists?
  3. 🤣 So worthless it's got you on strings for starters.
  4. Projection again. Remainers love the immigration topic. They're desperate for it. Hence why you literally lied about 4 posts ago by saying it was the main reason people voted for brexit. It's a common trend, you simply have to believe that because it helps you reconcile your failed brexit stance in your mind. If it's simply true that over half the country are somehow (not so) secretly racist and just don't want as many "johnny foreigners" here. It isn't true though is it? And how much does it get to you? 🤣 And the funniest part really is that the real reason people voted for brexit, you lot are actually desperate to try and ignore or write off to the point that you cannot even acknowledge its existence. Cult.
  5. 🤣 I know your politics are absolutely insane so whatever you need to tell yourself to justify your awful opinions. A bully (well, he tries but all he has are complete lies) and a complete and utter bigot. He has no principles and laughably tries to claim the moral highground constantly despite posting pretty awful things about fellow posters regularly. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the truth of the matter is, this poster blocked me because of two issues: 1. I held up a mirror to his face. He couldn't debate me so he lied to try and smear me as a racist. I called it out by demonstrating that by his own logic he was also a racist. 2. On a related note, he really doesn't like if when you point out that his political heroes have a huge problem with Jewish people. If you don't believe me, ask him about it, but you will be abused and blocked and lied about for years whilst he tries to claim superiority. But then again, that is what bigots believe isn't it? Seriously, I can find the exact post that proves it if anyone is that interested, it was the 2019 election thread.
  6. They're not above anything. In fact they can't really sink any lower in my view. *Leftists that is.
  7. You'd think Sky would be happy to do a deal really, they could have a camera on the fans then for reaction to goals etc.
  8. Remember all the times you call out people's whataboutery Jacko? Is that another "principle" you hold when it suits you but abandon when it doesn't? Genuine question.
  9. If you are someone who believes that the UK prime minister should not be able to hold office after breaking the law and lying about it, yet you are trying to excuse the guy for allegedly doing EXACTLY that, who you presumably want to be the next prime minister then you are a hypocrite whose partisian politics is based on lies. There's no two ways about it. "no one is above the law" "Unless you wear a red tie and only broke the law a little bit"
  10. And it's international law and UK law that many of them are breaking. Whether they speak the language or have relatives here is not relevant as to whether they are genuine refugees or not. If they're migrants, fine, just say that then, why are we being forced to believe this lie that they're refugees fleeing france?
  11. LMAO I love it. Zero accountability from any of you about your complete abandonment of your staunch principles on politicians breaking the law. This is why you will never win. You don't actually believe any of the <ovf censored> you say either do you?
  12. <ovf censored> me, the state of this:
  13. That's the whole issue isn't it. These people all claim to be refugees, we know at least some are lying.
  14. Dear oh dear, it gets worse for Sir Keir. I hope you good folks haven't lost your famous principles over this one. Keir Starmer's Beergate story is blown apart by leaked Labour memo | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK It screws Rayner over a bit too so can she really replace him if he goes?
  15. Sounds like a film script. I don't believe that narrative would fit most of the people fleeing france.
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