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  1. Haha is that a dig at me for posting evidence all the time? Maybe a compliment that you think my knowledge is that good? Why does any government prorogue?
  2. I don't believe you. Do you have any evidence at all?
  3. Correct. Remainers in this thread are simultaneously arguing that we should observe an 80 year old precedent whilst at the same time breaking an 80 year old precedent. It's another one of those scenarious where they'd have been more than happy with it if it was their side that did it, but because it's not they are pretending to be outraged.
  4. Like I say you have to twist and turn things to demonstrate a mandate for any type of brexit. "If you add up all the votes of different parties and chuck in some from the other side who probably agree but voted Brexit party anyway then we have our favoured mandate" Doesn't work like that.
  5. Which is probably why the media holds the eu to account then? You cant really say that the media shouldn't pick on the EU, it should pick on the Government when the ultimate government is the EU?
  6. Confirmed that he's not even the most racist leader in North America now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49763805 I absolutely love when this sort of thing comes out about a "social justice" champion. It happens regularly too.
  7. Agreed. Thatcher switched from advocating for membership to almost campaigning against it. Worried that it was starting to errode our sovereignty. That is another stat I've seen but I haven't got the link at the moment - British people are more concerned about sovereignty than the rest of the EU member states. We're just politically different. The EU wants to go further in a direction that we have never and will never be comfortable with in my opinion.
  8. You are happy to compare a tory brexit to nazi germany, do you think that the tory government is exerting control by killing everyone who disagress with them? Your head has gone big time. Take the tin foil off and read some proper news that isn't just your facebook timeline. I don't believe you know what right wing is, I don't believe you know what fascism is, I don't believe you know much about nazi germany judging by your recent posts.
  9. Did we join Schengen? Did we adopt the Euro? Including the charter of Fundemntal rights of the EU and the Area of freedom, security and justice, the UK has the most opt outs of EU legislation out of all EU members with 4. source https://ec.europa.eu/commfrontoffice/publicopinion/index.cfm/Archive/index 40 year "eurobarometer" published by the EU.... -EU citizens polled about whether they "feel European"...UK scored the lowest with 33%. -UK also scored joint lowest on whether they felt like "EU citizens" (With Greece by the way) -Also the lowest in 2011 survey when asked whether EU citizens were seeing the benefits of membership (35%) -Scored in the lowest 5 in the aftermath of the financial crisis when asked whether this was a sign that the EU needs to work more closely together -In 2013, the free movement principles being described as the most important success of the EU was least likely to be mentioned in....You guessed it....The UK (and Malta) -The UK and Sweden have had majorities against a common EU foreign policy since 2010. Joined by other nordic countries in 2012. Every other nation had majorities in favour. -Only Ireland scored lower in favourability towards a common security and defence policy. (Ireland 50%, UK 54%). It's also cited how interesting the difference in results for this question is between the 3 main EU contributors to defence/security budget...France 77%, Germany 82% (EU Average was 73%). So yes. Traditionally we are one of the most eurosceptic populations within the EU. Fact. And for TheSage - This euroscepticism was alive and well, well before the referendum was announced so if you could stop trotting out that line, that would be great. Let me know if you need any more sources by the way, there's absolutely loads but I went with the actual EU again as it felt about the best.
  10. Any proof at all? I anecdotally know that this is not true. What about the labour party? 60% remain apparently and is a party investigates for their terrible racism problems.
  11. This is quite blatantly not true sage. I've demonstrated this before. Look up the eu elections 2009, 2014 to see this has been rising for some time. We have traditionally been a eurosceptic nation. Anyone can see that.
  12. Can you please stop the name calling? Record investment in uk tech start ups this year. London trades more rupees than India now. These are industries by the way, not just 3 companies which you have named (at least two of which are pro brexit and blame uncertainty rather than brexit itself). 10 years ago, 10 of the top 40 companies in the world were from the EU. Now only 2 are. Why is the EU any better? As for the peace argument, we are doing pretty well at not going to war with every other country outside of the eu. Please stop mentioning 1930s Germany. It is comical. And not sure where britain first comes into it either but obviously you've not explained your alleged logic.
  13. And you won't even stand by your post now. No principles. No moral conviction. I'm not surprised.
  14. Funny how they don't capture any of the anti-muslim hatrid on video though isn't it? I didn't see the nazi salutes either but I'm happy to be corrected on that. I'm the only one of the two of us that doesn't actively promote and participate in abuse on this thread though so I won't be lectured to by you, and I certainly won't be lied about, by you. I've turned you over a few times when you've lied about me being racist. I've shown you to be racist by YOUR OWN definition (though not the actual definition). Are you really trying it on again? It doesn't end well for you.
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