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  1. Yep, going on and on about the penalty incident but no mention of one of their team clumping one of ours in the first half.
  2. Only saw the second half but judging by the comments we must of been dreadful in the first as we were definitely the better side in the second. Played some nice stuff just didn’t create enough unfortunately. Swindon are certainly nothing to be scared of. It’s hardly beyond the realms of possibility that we could win 2-0 on Thursday. I’d rather be in Swindon’s position but It’s no where near over yet.
  3. Quite pleased in a way with 147, went to bed at 11-3, had visions of us all out for 40 odd.
  4. Is there anything you don’t have an opinion on.
  5. The better team won , England stunk the whole tournament out with their anti football. The whole game plan was get the ball to Sterling or Kane ,they would then dive win a free kick and hope to score from it. In one way I’m glad we became a bit more streetwise but those 2 players were embarrassing with their dives.
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