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  1. I agree about Askey developing players. He seems to have the knack of doing so within a strong team ethos. The team becomes more than the sum of its parts and individuals keep growing. Really impressive
  2. Might be Evans, I think that's his natural position. It's also Atkinson's natural position and he's been a quality player at this level. I'm expecting him to play as he seems to be the natural replacement.
  3. The Robbie Williams concert is creating so much social media activity. Unbelievable exposure for the club and for very positive reasons. Timing pre FA Cup draw impeccable! Serendipity? The club is suddenly full of rude health. What a difference. Smurf came in wanting to make a killing and become famous and left it in an ailing mess. Carol and Kevin came in wanting to build a healthy club and it's already thriving, well ahead of schedule imo. It's a graphic demonstrate of the difference between good and evil.
  4. No. I don't think he is. Nor is anyone else. That's the strength of the Askey way.
  5. There is precedent. We knocked out the Cup holders in 53/54.
  6. Smurf will be so pleased to see his old club doing so well. And so soon after he left!
  7. This is the third unwinnable away draw this season. When will our luck change?
  8. Wow! Rudgie there too! So much good news Al at once!
  9. You might be right. As with others though, it's a fine judgement. Consolidate progress with another half season at Vale or take a step up, knowing that it might not work out. Given most of these young lads experiences, consolidation is too often the path not taken, with corresponding regret. It is a path that can easily get lost in the rush to the top and is vastly underused in our hurried world. Imo, and from a totally objective stance , he should stay.
  10. We've had two awful draws so far and prospered. A windfall would be lovely, but is not essential. The Shanahans are building a solid foundation for years of steady improvement. Enjoy the journey.
  11. Good point about being in a struggling team. Background structures are now in place to provide support, consequently, the whole club is stabilizing and players can flourish. Coming to play at Vale must have been a nightmare under the previous owner.
  12. I agree. Results are also helping. We're still on the turn and there are enough anxious/ negative fans out there who panic/ stick the knife in if things don't go well.
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