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  1. Brown, Gibbo, Legge, Joyce, Conlon, Manny, Wozza, Rodney. IMO all outstanding at this level. Smith not far behind. That's 9 players! The rest of the squad are all good enough too. I think Rodney finds playing at this level easy. Once his decision making gets sorted, he will stand out. From what I've seen so far, I think Pope will be first choice centre forward, and probably score double figures, maybe even 20.
  2. Brown. Two stunning saves at crucial times. 9 Mills. Steady. 7 Fitz. Steady. 7 Legge. Imperious in the air. A couple of weird moments on the floor. Dominant. 9 Smith. Good first half. Struggled when Bowman came to his side. Something that is likely to happen regularly. 7 Manny. Quick and positive. 8 Conlon. Supreme goal. Lovely assist. Hard working. Strong. Kept possession. 8 Rodders. Boy, what a prospect. Big, strong, fast. Seems to have a good temperament. Did well again today. Took his goal well. 8 Cullen. Isolated. Tough game. 7 Worrall. Their commentary team kept talking
  3. I remember saying that he'd represent Wales after seeing his debut for Vale 😄 We'll see. Might depend on escaping the shackles of Leicester's Academy.
  4. As I've said before, we will need all the squad this year. So many games coming up. Squad rotation will be a significant feature of the coming months. It's so pleasing to have more than one player for every position, and all able to do a job. An endorsement of the recruitment, stability and attraction of the club.
  5. I agree that this has been an excellent window. Looking at the fixtures, it's a good job that we have good cover in all positions. There will be a minimum of 27 fixtures in the 17 weeks from the start of the season to the end of the year. More if we progress in any of the 3 cup competitions. The energy levels in our squad are now really high. Such a difference from a couple of seasons ago. An excellent reshaping job.
  6. It's also worth bearing in mind that there are cup games midweek which can be used to enhance fitness levels. So perhaps those who miss out on Saturday will get game time in midweek.
  7. It's a good opportunity to get more time into the legs, whilst still playing strong teams. This season, even more than ever, will be a squad season, with players being rested to maintain their levels.
  8. I would have fully agreed with you at half time. Second half we were much better, created more and stopped them playing out from the back. The midfield battle swung Vale's way, with Joyce providing the anchor role from which others could build.
  9. Theo looked like he'd just arrived and hasn't had the benefit of a full pre season. He also had alot of chasing down, as Rochdale played it out from the back. So a tough day for him. Rodney both looks raw and with lots of desirable attributes. He looked desperate to take a penalty. A goal could make a big difference. He did ok playing wide, but looked better down the middle. Cullen came in and did a job last season. Seems to be able to get straight into it, so that's hopeful. Having four, very different strikers is really useful. I suspect there will be lots of different combina
  10. Right now, it will be Rodney to start. Cullen injured and little game time. Theo nowhere near ready. Tom not available.
  11. Much improved second half. Joyce pulling the strings. Made all the difference. Other players look better when he's around. Amoo and Wozza on the wings also better. Rodney looked decent throughout and especially down the middle. Still raw, but he'll do for me. Generally looked good defensively. Stopped them playing out from the back second half. First half we were mainly restricted to long ball and looked 4th division. All changed second half.
  12. Nice to read such appreciative comments about the often unnoticed skills and hard work, highlighting the intentional strategies that are applied and often overlooked, or not noticed, in the hurly burly of a match.
  13. Being able to watch this is a very welcome bonus. Well done to all involved in making it, and the Blackpool game, available.
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