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  1. Clearly it's not either/ or. There's a complex interaction between players and systems, otherwise there wouldn't be any need for systems. The point I'm trying to make is that we had a system that was working, and it was refreshingly high tempo. It has changed in the last few weeks due to injuries and trying to, in my opinion, get the best out of Tom Pope. In the process, we seem to have lost direction and clarity in how we play. So I'd like to see a return to the system that seemed to suit most of the team, was effective and was entertaining to watch.
  2. Fair point. However, having a regular pattern helps this. Gibbons, for example, is used to a particular way of playing and his usual outlets were not available on Saturday. Consequently he had a nightmare. I do think we would benefit from some stability.
  3. I'm afraid I don't buy this story that it's about the players being poor and not the system. I get that there has to be a party line, but, for me, Askey got it horribly wrong on Saturday and should be saying so. I think he's been tinkering with systems and needs to go back to what works. His early season tactics produced the goods, I'd like to see them again.
  4. https://www.mtfc.co.uk/news/2019/october/13.10.2019-daryl-another-brilliant-performance/ Oh boy. How wrong did Askey get his tactics on Saturday? Beaten by a team who used width, whilst we went narrow! Compare this to FGR, who also played with wing backs. Has he got caught up in finding a way to have two strikers, of which one will be Tom Pope. Really difficult position. Pope's still a threat. But has the game moved on?
  5. This is the contradiction in Askey's message. Historically, he's had success with 433, yet has been quoted as saying you fit a system to the players. He's probably right, but he seems to be falling between stools at the moment, so really needs to make his mind up to avoid confusion.
  6. 4-3-3. High energy, high press. Do what works.
  7. I think Askey rates Tom Pope and is trying to build a team around him. Hence the various permutations being tried. He also has a preferred way of playing 433, with high press and athleticism. Which Tom does not fit into. I'd like to see Askey play his way, using the players who fit that system. Build a regular pattern of play so players are clear of their jobs. Time to stop experimenting and go back to basics.
  8. Looking forward to this. We have a strong looking squad available and that's without Manny or Conlon. Both of whom would have been first choice if available. Midfield was a big concern. It's a major achievement to have replaced the loss of those two.
  9. I'm not really noticing an anti Pope flavour. Recognising his massive contribution does not preclude analysis of his current value to the team. The majority appear to be of the view that Pope on his own up front has limited impact. The dilemma is that this, together with a high press is the preferred way of playing at the moment. These two factors diminish Tom's contribution. He's a superb player in a two up front system and a brilliant finisher. The dilemma is how to utilise Tom in the team system, and whether others contribute more. Personally, I'm liking the increased mobility that Bennett and hopefully Archer provide.
  10. That's the key and the dilemma when playing Pope on his own.
  11. Plenty pace around Pope, which may bring out the best in him and cover his limitations. Quite something to feel slightly disappointed that he's in the team. Significant sign of progress methinks.
  12. And who's been training at the club for two weeks, so they know what they're getting. So much more thought and planning going into recruitment it seems. Stability is taking root!
  13. Good to be getting a player of this calibre. He could make quite a difference. Still around his peak. What a refreshing difference from the barrel scraping of the past few seasons.
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