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  1. Strikes me that there have been several factors in play. Firstly, sacking Askey was not in the grand plan. This led to a review of strategy which has taken time. No quick fix this time round. In some ways, this slowing down has probably moved the club forward much more quickly than anticipated. So there has been much to consider at a time of the season when root and branch changes are not generally advisable. It appears to me that Carol has had to have a major rethink and is taking the time required to get the structure right for the foreseeable future. For some, this
  2. The determination to develop the best possible infrastructure is highly impressive, as is Carol's willingness to listen and learn. So refreshing to have a leader who recognises the value of humility and respect. I am looking forward immensely to the next decade of progress at Vale Park. And yes, there is the small matter of getting enough points to stay up!
  3. Agreed. Hopefully the way forward and the solution to the how to replace Joyce conundrum.
  4. Looking at that team, and the team generally, it seems to me that Joyce's role makes it more of a 3-5-3. Joyce being a deep lying midfielder/ centre back, with two attacking full/ wing backs. A flat midfield three requires a different strategy.
  5. Liking the sound of McGreal. Why did Colchester sack him?
  6. Received wisdom surely? That's how Scunthorpe are approaching things.
  7. Does anyone know exactly how the 22 squad players works? Can it be altered at anytime, on windows?...
  8. I, too, saw the bit about players apologising. I put myself in their shoes, and also in Carol's and why she shared it. My manager gets the sack. I/we haven't been doing well on the pitch. I hold my hands up, accept my part in it, and commit to doing better. As chair, hearing this shows humility, acceptance of responsibility and a re commitment to the cause. The players I might be more concerned about are those who say nothing, don't come forward, don't accept responsibility. I would put money on the players apologising were Legge, Joyce, Brown, Monty, Wozza. Real, rounded, consci
  9. A good signing and great signs of the way the club appears to be going. Decent, young players on long term contracts. Presumably becoming a development club, with a conveyor belt. Sends out a very positive message to the football community. Professionalism!!
  10. I agree. It also allows for players to over perform for 60 minutes and then be replaced by fresh legs. Currently being exploited with Hurst perhaps. I wonder how many injuries come towards the end of a game when players are overstretching as their energy fades.
  11. Yes. A very appealing set up. Let's hope that's the blueprint for the coming seasons.
  12. Another thought provoking and considered post. Really enjoying the high standard of discussion and sharing of views. A breath of fresh air.
  13. I guess there comes a point where we just have to wait and see...🙂
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