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  1. Am I right in thinking that last season we had Pope and Miller, oh and Whitfield up front. This season, we have Pope, Cullen, Bennett and Amoo, all attacking players. Midfield and defence at least as good, with a fit, so far, Manny. With more depth in most positions. It looks much more solid and fit for purpose. Am I missing something?
  2. Suggesting that the Lloyd deal was lined up when the retained list was revealed.
  3. Suggesting that Lloyd was already lined up when the retained list was decided.
  4. Strikes me from these discussions that nobody really knows. Perfect. Who needs a predictable team? Long may Askey keep everybody guessing.
  5. I've referenced Russell Bromage many times as a player who developed and evolved, putting my initial reservations in their place. Players need time and patience. They can be nurtured through good management and benefit greatly from a tolerant and supportive crowd. The style of negative criticism that can be seen on here at times benefits no one.
  6. I'm really curious to know howcome Amoo has signed a one year contract. Can anyone explain?
  7. You may be right. I'm hoping the other strikers will give different options so that Pope doesn't get run into the ground and can be used more judiciously.
  8. With Amoo, we seem to be stocking up on offensive players. It's a nice change from an obnoxious owner.
  9. He's certainly been lauded by many on here in the past few weeks. His Cambridge stats are not brilliant. Over two years, 31 starts, 36 sub appearances, 7 goals. Maybe used as an impact sub, which is very useful.
  10. Sums things up very nicely. Thanks for sharing. It's so heartening to know that decent people are in control of the club at long last.
  11. Whitfield undoubtedly has talent. Not a player I would want to see playing against us. It's the ugly side of the game that needs developing. Tackling, covering, defending...
  12. I agree, could still do with a decent midfielder...
  13. I'd love to see that. Nine new players, all better than we have at present. I hope that's where we are going, but I can't see it for this season.
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