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  1. A Cambridge supporting friend was astonished when I told him that Amoo regularly plays from the start. He said that Cambridge used him as an impact substitute. Suggests that JA is developing him into a 90 minute player, which will take time. Great stuff.
  2. You make some good points, reflecting that none of this stuff is simple. It does frustrate me when players are singled out and, whatever they do, they're criticised. Can't believe it's helpful.
  3. Brilliant. So pleased to see this. We all stereotype and categorize. It's how we work. We are trying to make sense of the world. Once we've decided, we then notice any signs that confirm our view. Often ignoring other evidence. Confirmation Bias. Of course it's racist. My point is. We all judge, it's a natural human instinct. Tolerance is acc
  4. Thanks, that's excellent! I think Scott Brown has extended? Next steps have to be extending several others, as mentioned above. JA is going to have to go deeper into his contacts list to replace those squad players recruited last summer. The biggest challenge is recruiting for replacements for the spine of the team. Most have another season, but we really need our experienced players to be mid 20s. Plenty to be done to get to where we hope to be, so I'm beginning to think that talk of a promotion bid next season is perhaps a little premature.
  5. Ah! Two year, so December 2020?
  6. So Pope signed a 2.5 year contract at the age of 33? Wow!
  7. Is there a list of contract lengths available anywhere? Phil Sherwin reckons Pope, Brown and Bennett of the current starting squad are contracted beyond this season. I believe Manny is too. I thought Pope signed this time last year, so assumed it was until the end of this season. Can anyone enlighten me on this?
  8. It would be very interesting to see Taylor and Manny together. Mouthwatering prospect.
  9. He'll be desperate to come back and play out of his skin for us. Certainly one way to get players to appreciate their surroundings. On a serious note, he needs game time. Maybe he'll return and drive us to the play offs
  10. Another transfer window departure Has done an exceptional job. Hope his good work is continued and built on.
  11. Looks like Forest are going to make us wait
  12. My take on JA is that he is very steady. Methodical, strategic and long term. Ideal for our situation. There are times, however, when the situation requires a swifter response. Substitutions being one and re-energising the squad another. These are perhaps not his greatest strengths and may need developing. Such an easy job managing a football team!
  13. Hopefully you'll be fine. Back on home turf again. All the excitement has died down now, so life can return to normal. It does show our limitations though.
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