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  1. Haha. Yes, I realised after I'd posted. Cheers 🤭
  2. Conlon is exactly the type of player that we've been crying out for for years. 25, experienced, at the peak of his powers, with more to come. Hopefully there will be a few more like him on the way.
  3. No idea how you work that out, but anything that gets the action closer to the Railway is welcomed. Looking forward to the day that it's rebuilt. Closer to the pitch and with a much steeper rake.
  4. Some of our higher paid players were at the end of 3 year tenures, generally older, and coming to the end of their careers. The available funds should translate into younger players, perhaps at the top of their game, rather than on the wane.
  5. Utterly inspiring. Port Vale changing the world as we speak! Thank You so much.
  6. SFBT

    Retained list

    This represents a massive opportunity. I really hope that crowds are allowed in next season. I'm certain that there will be a rebound effect following lock down. Combine this with the exceptional off the field progress at the club, the good end to the season, and, hopefully some exciting signings. We could be in for some decent crowds to further the progress
  7. It's an interaction. DC keeping them on their toes. Won't be tied down. It's probably quite challenging for the journos. Up to them to come up with better questions and have the courage to keep asking if they don't get answers. There's a fine line though, annoying the manager doesn't encourage a useful discussion.
  8. And it was the same centre backs who created mayhem in Crawley's box last week leading to Conlon's opener.
  9. Strikes me as exactly the kind of challenge that DC would welcome. Probably likes a maverick character, and wants to pull out their talent. I got the impression that JA preferred more mature characters, so Mc would have been a bit of a nuisance.
  10. Sure, there's a coincidence of upturn in results and his arrival, but correlation is not causation. There are lots of other factors in play too. Not least the return of some of our better players!
  11. SFBT

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    And there are plenty coaches to go around 🙂
  12. Massive factor in performance, fitness and injuries imo. Has to be addressed.
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