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  1. Definitely not as has been proved we need three centre halves.Well played Brisley though. Listening on radio smoke Brisley got mentioned for his excellent defending time after time
  2. Yes very true what Askey put in the tea at half time I dont know but I wouldn't mind a drop. For me the most satisfying thing was the performance of Brisley particularly in the second half.When I heard Smith was out for a while I expected that we would really struggle at the back so well done to him!
  3. I walk past the charging pillars before every home game. I have only ever seen 1 car plugged in since they were installed Reg No NVS 1 enough said!!
  4. We have now scored the least goals in Div 2 27in 29 games !! Aspo out
  5. Remeber only 1 player in the starting 11 played for us last season Smith. so it will take time to gell!I thought we played much better yesterday and with 11 men and a bit of luck with the Pope header that hit the underside of the bar we could have got sometnhing from ther game.Some of the younger players did well yesterday thre goalkeeper and left back especially.Very worried abot the Smith Kay combination though.Time and again their forwards got free headers in the box, we need amore mobile CB or we are in big trouble.As for Brown, well if he continues to play Pope up front on his own at home we will win nothing. Tom was slow before he left but seems yards slower now, remember whern there was a 50/50 in their box which a nippy forward would have probaly won but Pope just stood and watched!
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