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  1. Does anyone know exactly how the 22 squad players works? Can it be altered at anytime, on windows?...
  2. I, too, saw the bit about players apologising. I put myself in their shoes, and also in Carol's and why she shared it. My manager gets the sack. I/we haven't been doing well on the pitch. I hold my hands up, accept my part in it, and commit to doing better. As chair, hearing this shows humility, acceptance of responsibility and a re commitment to the cause. The players I might be more concerned about are those who say nothing, don't come forward, don't accept responsibility. I would put money on the players apologising were Legge, Joyce, Brown, Monty, Wozza. Real, rounded, consci
  3. A good signing and great signs of the way the club appears to be going. Decent, young players on long term contracts. Presumably becoming a development club, with a conveyor belt. Sends out a very positive message to the football community. Professionalism!!
  4. I agree. It also allows for players to over perform for 60 minutes and then be replaced by fresh legs. Currently being exploited with Hurst perhaps. I wonder how many injuries come towards the end of a game when players are overstretching as their energy fades.
  5. Yes. A very appealing set up. Let's hope that's the blueprint for the coming seasons.
  6. Another thought provoking and considered post. Really enjoying the high standard of discussion and sharing of views. A breath of fresh air.
  7. I guess there comes a point where we just have to wait and see...🙂
  8. Also, there isn't a midfield player in front of him. What had happened before?
  9. Brilliant analysis. Thank you.
  10. Almost enjoyed yesterday's game. Excellent start. Fell away. Very anxious in defence leading to comic book goals. Hit the heights second half. Again probably trying to hard and becoming anxious in front of goal. Stunning equaliser by Monty, who was excellent second half. Finished off by more calamity defending. Very anxious is the overall verdict. Needed cool heads to introduce some calm. Had three centre forwards on the pitch, still none scored. The hapless Cullen stopping a goal bound shot on the line! The fourth centre forward nowhere to be seen. We've gone from a t
  11. Amoo and Worrall are the go to players, and for good reasons. They are top players at this level. McKirdy does have that creative edge to him, but appears to be more individual, rather than team oriented. I would see him improving the team side of his game under Askey and possibly becoming a more rounded player. Whether this would be better is to be seen. If the McKirdy that we think we know was to play, I suspect he would get slaughtered on here for his lack of team contribution. We love whole hearted players who give everything for the cause, but it is those very cha
  12. I would agree with that. I guess league two football is pretty basic. Vale didn't even have the basics 18 months ago. They're now trying to go beyond the basics, possibly having missed out on a consolidation phase, largely because we progressed much faster than expected. Maybe we're simply hitting reality, and going backwards before we go forwards again. Progress is rarely linear.
  13. I look forward to your next incarnation 🙂
  14. Ultimately disappointing, but what an entertaining game. Tranmere are a good side and will be up there. Vale matched them with tremendous energy. I thought the game would have been more suited to Cullen than Pope. That performance tells me we will do well over the course of a season.
  15. Like many, I missed the first 35 minutes. Subsequently seen the saves, they were tremendous! Also like many, I was very impressed with Burgess. Conlon has a knack of winning and keeping possession that is very impressive. Wozza was like a man possessed, and what a stunning goal! We were up against a good team and got it together in the second half. Impressive. Final word has to go to Tom Pope. He was instrumental in knitting together the endeavours of the aforementioned high energy players. He's still there and coming up with answers. Some may mock this, but he reminds me of Ha
  16. No matter how many times I watch it, it still doesn't go in! Yes he should have scored. It was on target and the defender stuck out a foot. Nothing more to say.
  17. The manager gave us all a bit of a clue about Wozza in his post match comments. He prefers the left side. Makes sense, as he can cut inside. So it could be argued that this has been a factor in his being slightly below par, especially as he was reportedly back to his best yesterday.
  18. Enjoyed the first half. Thought we looked good, some decent interpassing. Liked Monty. Cambridge didn't look any great shakes throughout, bit they maintained their levels whilst ours dropped, alarmingly, in the second half. There's been lots of talk about the next few weeks requiring the whole squad. Which has become threadbare really quickly. Theo's performance, especially first half the highlight of an ultimately disappointing evening.
  19. A lot of hard graft required of the front three tomorrow as it will be a full on game. Work rate the number one consideration, anything else a bonus.
  20. There was good evidence of having worked on creativity on Saturday, with Monty and Whitehead having chances. Also set piece moves that had clearly been worked on. Steady progress. We are further on than expected. It's easy to forget this following the superb end to last season and start to this. I think expectations are ahead of where we are, so a dose of realism, although not welcome, has probably been a good thing.
  21. Great news Andy. Looking forward to your humourous take on all that is Vale. A breath of fresh air. I just love getting a plain brown envelope through the letterbox. Subscription highly recommended if you want to stay in touch 😃
  22. I agree about Monty. Theo can also run the channels, as demonstrated yesterday. As a cameo, he showed us a masterclass yesterday. Hope he can do it for longer periods.
  23. I totally agree about the lens that performance was viewed through. A very good and well made point.
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