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  1. Bizarre decision to stage play offs. Regardless, I'm with Iron Curtain on this. Everything about Vale is on the up, with exceptional improvements in a very short time. Success will follow.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=colin+grainger Should bring back a few memories for long standing fans
  3. Yet another article about the positive influence of the current owners on the club appears in the press. The story of the past few years and the polar opposite approaches of the owners deserves to be chronicled. Within the two regimes lay the blueprints for how to make a total hash of things and how to build a sustainable future. I sincerely hope that someone takes the time to write this story and put Port Vale FC on the map.
  4. SFBT

    Leon Legge

    Great news. Thanks
  5. Leon Legge ever present this season. Superb achievement. He's on 9 bookings though. So will he be banned when he gets to 10, or is there a cut off after playing this many games?
  6. SFBT

    Run In

    Intriguingly, before yesterday's game, we were 7th highest scorers and in 7th place. I was surprised, as, like you, I didn't consider us to score enough. But then, in recent weeks, we have been both creating chances and scoring more goals.
  7. Joyce won't be banned as he's past the 37 game cut off, says the Sentinel. Does this apply to Legge as well?
  8. There seems to be a trend developing that Conlon is becoming a major influence on the way we play.
  9. Askey has made reference to improving Smith's distribution and general footballing skills. Also that he's a better player than he realises. Finally, he's finally playing in a reasonably decent team, allowing for more expression.
  10. I agree 100%. This is what steady, incremental progress looks like. This is what valuing your staff and building a team looks like. It's good people doing good things and getting good outcomes.
  11. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/port-vale-praised-colchester-boss-3852947 References turnovers and uncharacteristic mistakes by their players. All down to relentless pressure. Vale were unplayable for large periods yesterday.
  12. Not heard mention of the pitch, which looks in very good nick in spite of the abundance of rain.
  13. For me, one player sums up today's team and last year's team. Joyce is the lynch pin of the team. In our somewhat pedestrian and defensive side of last year, he seemed slow and negative. Always passing sideways. Today, in a very energetic, forward thinking team, he is quick and positive, often playing incisive forward passes. This is a proper team where everyone knows their role and work so hard for each other. A remarkable transformation, way ahead of schedule. It seems disrespectful to select individuals, as they all rely so much on each other and every player is a better player because of the team ethic. Wow! It was a pleasure to be there today!
  14. I'm liking that many of our remaining fixtures are against teams in the top half and teams who have improved e.g. Crawley, Grimsby. Should make for open games that will suit us well.
  15. Whatever happens from here, for me this season has already outstripped my expectations. So anything else will be a bonus. I hope we keep going to the end of the season, and beyond, and will be disappointed if we peter out, but there will be no complaints from me if Tuesday proves to be the high point of the season.
  16. As far as I'm aware, we still haven't won back to back games all season.
  17. This progress has Askey's hallmarks written all over it. He builds teams, who consequently over perform. He's patient and persistent. Goes about his work quietly. Maintains a level head, which I think is admirable. It could all change, as he says, but I'm getting a bit concerned that we might make the play offs
  18. SFBT


    Great way for the club to do business.
  19. It's a complete shambles and depriving the game, supporters and players of the opportunity to see what they can do. Warehousing talent is a disgrace.
  20. There has to be an argument for Smudge to stay. Having endured 3 seasons of playing in a toxic environment, why leave when it's all coming together so well. The future at Vale is clearly going to be good, so stick around and enjoy it. He deserves it too for his admirable perseverance under difficult circumstances. Look at the difference in him under improved conditions. The alternatives may not be so appealing imo.
  21. I've seen suggestions of emailing etc, getting a database of fans and connecting with them regularly. I always buy on line. I get email confirmation. I don't receive any other communication. I would expect anyone with any marketing nous to address this and quickly.
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