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  1. You make good points. There's alot of variables for him to cope with. I also agree with Clinton B that staying focused is crucial. I think he's improved. The major further improvement imo would be to stay focused on what is actually happening, describe that, and be very wary of humour. That's his Achilles heel.
  2. I'm so pleased there are people who think we'll lose. I'm very uncomfortable with feeling hopeful. It usually means we get beaten, and disappoint in the process by being poor. I just have a hunch. We'll see...
  3. I'm quietly hopeful about Swindon. I really think we are building a decent team and last week was a lesson to be learned from. A repeat of FGR is the answer. I think we're a good away team, but not yet as good at home.
  4. Well done for sharing 🙂 I totally agree that it's sooo difficult to share feelings of vulnerability. We don't generally possess the language or the tools to do so, and it's massively scary opening up.. More concerning is that we have little idea how to respond. We largely live in a world where everyone hides how they really feel. Banter, hostility and being tough all provide enormous barriers to genuine openness. Whilst many speak about change, few know how to go about it. It's in our behaviours that we are trapped. Changing those behaviours, listening, being open and genuine, allowing space. Taking people seriously is critical. Sharing your feelings is very scary when you risk being dismissed. We live in a world of rush. No one has the time. I wish I had the answers, but there are always more questions.
  5. SFBT

    ron wilson

    Wow, he looks well!
  6. I'm wondering whether the performances at FGR and Bolton pushed things on, perhaps too quickly. Encouraging a more attacking, more risky approach to the game. Hence we play champagne football for twenty minutes, then ran out of steam. Leaving out Walker may have been pivotal. My expectation is that we will go back to basics and start again, only from a base of greater knowledge. Easy to lambast with the benefit of hindsight, but this is how progress is made. It's all about learning...
  7. Good call. The great 433 gets another vote 😉
  8. I've come to the conclusion that leaving Walker out was the root cause of yesterday's outcome. Great to have 3 attack minded mids, which doubtless led to the excellent start. Once that, inevitably, faded, we didn't have that stability to stop Rochdale's forays. Hence an exposed back line who, as a consequence made mistakes. That's what happens when you are under pressure. So Walker has to be the first name on the team sheet.
  9. It's been a very good week, with things looking like they're falling into place. With so many changes, it's no surprise that it's taking a while. It could be argued that it's been really quick. A win has made all the difference to the mood of the fan base. But anything can happen, and Rochdale also seem to be settling. I'm expecting an entertaining game, with Dale more than equal to us. A win would be excellent, but any other result would be just another game. No need for a meltdown if we don't win.
  10. My overall impression of a team that barely resembled the FGR side was very favourable. Lots of pressing, energy, incision and possession. All, without exception, looked good, and it's such a bonus to have three returning from injury. A very useful game to have had
  11. He's a very different player to Brisley. Good on the ball, overlaps!, good in the air, strong. He fell asleep for the goal, but otherwise performed very well imo, even though playing in a three who haven't played together much, if at all. He didn't hide after the mistake either.
  12. Remember it well. It was supposed to be on TV I think.
  13. Wow! Model professional. I wonder what he does in his spare time 🤔
  14. I agree. There are better, more considered, responses on here, which do stand out.
  15. I know it's only clips, but Lloyd looks nippy, tenacious, skilful and aware. A good, different option to what we've got.
  16. Great to see OVF in meltup for a change 😄
  17. Only from the Faceache idiots and the vocal minority on here. The rest of us are sensible enough to appreciate that Rome wasn't built in a day and are willing to give the management team and players more than 7 league games to gel and improve. This demand for instant success from a few fans nowadays really is ruining football. Nobody is given any time at all any more. Is it any wonder that so many managers refuse to blood youngsters? And the philosophy of the club is now built around this very way of doing things. So those who don't like it will either have to get used to it or carry on being miserable.
  18. I reckon that on Saturday we witnessed the worst and the best performances so far. It's probably to be expected in such a new set up, and is likely to continue for a while yet as they gel as a team. So who knows what to expect?
  19. Maybe it depends on how you define a good cross. I saw what seemed like a stream of quality balls into the area. Not having anyone getting on the end of them is another thing entirely. Clearly the two coinciding is the ideal.
  20. I also noted Phil Sproson's remark about Aaron Martin being young and inexperienced. He also stated that he doesn't know Cov, I think in the Carlisle game. He's an expert summariser. It's his job to know the players. Very disappointing.
  21. Having watched the game this morning, I'm a bit surprised at the general negativity. First half was poor, but even so, we weren't carved open. Most chances were our mistakes. Second half was thoroughly entertaining. All players looking good and doing their bit, with Jones and Woz outstanding. Pace was higher, passing crisper, crossing superb. We should have won, and need to score when so dominant.
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