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  1. Nice to read an overview of progress. Whilst TC is a good captain, I would add that Legge was also a top quality leader of the team.
  2. We had a squad that, even as stretched as it became, got us promoted. I reckon that squad would have coped with league one. Maintaining the basis of that squad, plus a few quality additions will, I'm sure, do ok next season. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. I want to relish the times that we are in. But the future certainly looks very bright.
  3. I think I'm becoming a happy clapper 😃 How could you not?
  4. Signed Cass. Wow! What a statement that is for the first signing of the window. Looking forward to seeing his lolloping runs forward again. One of the most entertaining players I've seen in recent years. Keep em coming Flitters!
  5. After the awful years, Vale fans are easily panicked, and with good reason. Periods of stability and good habits breed calm. Success follows, pretty much inevitably!
  6. Good preparation for the step up to the Championship then 😄 Just what we need!
  7. Just seen it all on twitter. Don't do Twitter usually, so all passed me by. Well done Vale 👏👏👏
  8. Yes, I think I've finally got it! Not low key at all. Clever stuff.
  9. I'm bemused. Seems a very low key kit release. Very different from recent seasons. Few pictures, no shorts and socks, no build up... Based on the images available, I can't decide. In an ideal world, it would have been available at the RW concert, surely? Hot cakes...
  10. It would be really interesting to know how income/ expenditure works, and what different clubs have available. How do you find out?
  11. And it appears that Championship clubs get 3x league one? Awful. Dare I ask what premiership clubs get?
  12. Thanks for this. The prize money that you refer to, is that what every club gets for playing at that level? Did we get extra for promotion? I've no idea about this, important, stuff!
  13. For a striker, he did supremely as a wing back. His cross in the game against...? was sublime.
  14. I never thought I'd see those last 4 words used together 😁
  15. As he's described as a fee agent, I assume he'll be on a good whack.
  16. Whilst I've always thought that the Hamil makes sense because it's self contained, it is also right in the forefront of the action outside the ground. The Bycars, by contrast, is out of the way, so it should be easier to maintain segregation.
  17. As for Kian Harratt, as has been said, he was a key component in what was probably our strongest team of the season, v Swindon home and Mansfield. This also comprised Gibbo and Taylor contributing excellent performances alongside the more regular players continuing to be at their best. Harratt's stretching the line provided space for others to play in. Sure he'll be missed. I just hope that the formula is repeated with a replacement. I think after the ups and downs of the season, and there were so many, to produce such top quality performances in the last two games is tremendous!
  18. Seemed a really nice young man, on first impression, his comments about growing up are there to be seen. He was disappointed, obviously, but not a bad word to be said about the club. Has a few trials lined up with u/23's, and Newcastle Town another option. It's a very, very tough world for these young lads!
  19. Proctor has never been prolific. Or Wilson! As was pointed out when he arrived. Obviously!
  20. I would agree. It might happen in the fullness of time. Not an immediate priority I guess.
  21. I reckon you could read anything you wanted to into that message. I didn't see any cryptic references to his future at all.
  22. I'm not! But what symmetry. Both play offs being 3-0, with a sending off. The difference though, is that Vale were on top v Baggies before the sending off.
  23. Haha. Northerners. Can't handle southern beer 🍻😄
  24. That's the sheer beauty of this season! So many ups and downs, followed by a very happy ending! A proper rom com 😄
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