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  1. Still very young and inexperienced. Adjusting to being a full time professional, both physically and mentally. She'd just finished her A Levels a year ago. Before winning the US Open. A very talented tennis player, but still a work in progress.
  2. Are there any images of the kit?
  3. Wozza has become the type of player who is always there, always does a job. So it's hard to imagine him not being first choice in any system. Looking forward to seeing who we bring in to challenge him for rwb.
  4. With those formations, he's a shoo in. But we mostly played 3-5-2, and there was so much debate about this sacrificing one of our best assets. I don't see that changing. Do you?
  5. I agree with much of this. Dominant keeper for me. Martin upgrade. More upfront; Harratt's pace was a big factor in our play off success imo. Where would Worral play in the system if not wing back?
  6. Good question. I guess that's what happens when you have a squad of players who can all do a job, and offer different qualities. A bit of a strange one for us to get our heads round after all those years in the wilderness. Yet another sign of change!
  7. Every year the same. Some parts of the club still need improving it seems. It's one thing keeping quiet about transfers, but surely, ways and means of accessing games should be transparent, simple to understand and well publicised.
  8. Natural anxiety aside, does anyone really think that there isn't a plan, A, B,C... That's what these folk do for a living. Of course we'll get players, and decent ones too. The cricket has been entertaining, Wimbledon's on, the sun is shining. Enjoy 🌞🌞🌞
  9. We often performed better against better opponents as they come out and play, leaving space to exploit. I wouldn't be surprised if our home record is better, although 11 wins isn't bad. I think the level will suit us better, although we may well have a few bad days to learn from.
  10. I agree with you. There's something about the human psyche, or maybe the British, that we always look for weaknesses. It's actually part of our survival strategy, but it's overused to the extent that we are socially conditioned into being negative and, especially, highly critical. It has a place, but being critical is easy, and often lazy. Pride also comes into play. People are critical and then defend or elaborate their concerns rather than listening to other views. Fundamentally, criticism produces negativity. For a living example of how to produce a good environment, observe Carol Shanahan. She's a shining light, and we are absolutely blessed to have someone with such brilliant values.
  11. Excellent post. Balanced and realistic. Thank you. 👏👏
  12. Hi, No, I lived there for just over a year in the early 70's. Been back in the UK since then.
  13. That's really useful to know. I had no idea, but as a former resident, I follow the fortunes of Adelaide United. I moved there aged 14. My best mates were from Norton, Lymm and Rotherham. 75% of the kids in my school were from the UK.
  14. At 24, being offered likely triple his current wage and potentially playing at a higher level? Wouldn't blame him one bit. He's nothing to prove at this level. Only worry for me is that here he will always get back into the team if he's out injured for a spell. If his current injury record continues at Wigan (or wherever he went) then he'd likely be thrown on the scrap heap. Sums it up nicely. Not an easy decision. Could boil down to pay or play... Just one query. You say he has nothing to prove at this level. Has he played at the level we're now at?
  15. I agree. Time is short. However, I'm confident that there is much going on that we don't know about yet...
  16. Suddenly, perhaps, for us observers, but for those inside the club, I'm sure they have been fully aware of potential developments, and will have contingency plans. Worth remembering that the club had a plan for league one and league two. The attention to detail is impressive, and necessary given the new, and seemingly realistic ambition of the club.
  17. And relatively close too
  18. I become very selective in my visits to OVF. I love constructive, open, non judgemental conversations, where people are curious and wanting to learn. Once the naysayers get a grip, with their critical closed minds, I disappear. Not worth the effort.
  19. TC is an important consideration. Like a number of players returning from injury, you don't know what will happen. Thankfully, Tom will be given some leeway, but if he's not up to scratch, then action has to be taken for the team's benefit. I think that it would be folly to assume he will hit the ground running after a lengthy time out.
  20. I'd be sorry to see JT leave the club. I enjoy watching a player with his skill set. Good control, runs with the ball, and a good passer. I felt we needed more of that from TC, who is more static, rather than a ball carrier. However, if he's off elsewhere, then there will be good reasons, and I'm confident it will be the right move for the club. It is that last sentence that highlights the difference now. Under the previous regime, there was no trust. There is now.
  21. Fascinating. Very different conversations from the last few years! We really are in a different league.
  22. Interesting, and understandable views. I'm hoping that we will see a version of JT more like the one who played before the injuries. I also think Tom Conlon could be difficult to get back up to speed as he won't have a pre season, so we need some midfield options.
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