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  1. I am with a few others on here. I would like to see Monty have another go at LB. 2nd half of the 17/18 season he looked like the best left-back in the league. It was only when Aspin tried to change him in to playing centre-back for the 18/19 season that the problems arose. I think that is an upgrade on Crookes, who doesn't look up to standard at the moment, and has cost us a few times with individual mistakes so far this season (Not saying anyone else hasn't been at fault, but Crookes has been noticeable).
  2. And the half that didn't go to that game, missed some good entertainment with Leon Constantine jumping in to the stand!
  3. Our ex-chairman massively undervalued the managers position. I'm not saying he put the money in the playing budget instead, but he didn't think it was worth paying good money for one. It's been shown time and time again, that if you can get the right manager in place then you can give him a budget and he'll overachieve. I'd much rather we had a manager and backroom (Not just staff but the resources they need) in place to make the most of what we do have, rather than skimping in this area and then seeing the inevitable consequences. Thankfully, Carol and Kevin are from a business background where they understand that theory. I think they've backed Askey in this aspect already.
  4. Surely someone knew something weird was going on when we signed Mbamba. They should have been sacked on the spot for signing him, never mind if someone got bribed or not.
  5. I've said before, two per season ticket is crazy particularly when we have 4,000+ season ticket holders. Only roughly half of them can get a ticket for Crewe even if they just buy one each. If each person buys one for a non-season ticket holder as well as theirs, then only just over 1,000 season ticket holders could be at the game. It should be one per season ticket. And before anyone asks, I'm not a season ticket holder anymore so this would directly affect my ability to get a ticket for in-demand away games.
  6. Macclesfield was awful on Saturday. All teams have a blip though, where just nothing goes right. Given how we've performed so far this season, to have it limited really to two games where we haven't performed up to standard (Grimsby, Macclesfield) is decent going from where we were a year ago. Last year we looked awful whether we won, drew or lost. I don't think you can say that this year. I would say we head back to the 4-3-3. I was surprised we weren't playing that v Macc, as that has given us success (At home at least). Stevenage over the years have somehow managed to do us over through the middle of the park. Packing that with our midfield should be a priority. I would like to see Burgess given another game, he and Taylor linked well with Joyce behind them. I think the main selection area of contention is right back. Atkinson was superb v Morecambe, and Gibbons was awful v Macclesfield. It shouldn't be a contest on that basis, but Gibbons has played well to that point.
  7. Consistency I can agree with, we haven't been consistent enough. But togetherness? I'm not sure I would say this side isn't in it together, they seem a close-knit bunch. I've seen them fighting, but being short of a bit of quality.
  8. I think we look a decent mid-table team with the potential to push on a bit, which is what I was hopeful for at the start of the year. I too, have been surprised by the depth of the squad. We have handled an injury crisis and continued to get results. We would have dropped like a stone. The first eleven at Colchester was very similar to the one used last year, and since then new signings have forced their way in. That's how it should be and it bodes well for the future. I think it'll be interesting to see what happens in January re: recruitment. A couple of signings could really push us on and mean we have something to fight for in the latter stages of the season. From what I've seen we've given everyone a game so far (Aside from Grimsby), losing two games in the final 10 minutes after hard-working performances. It goes without saying that our away form needs to improve, but I like what I've seen so far.
  9. I've been critical of him in the past, and I still think his breathtaking arrogance will eventually be his comeuppance. But I think he lasted as long as he could at Macc before having to walk. I hope he gets somewhere that will give him another chance, and that he shows his true colours which will cause that club to implode due to his man management 'skills'. Macclesfield is an absolute disaster and playing above the level the infrastructure of the club can currently sustain. They should have a budget that matches their income, but it seems like they've got themselves in to some sort of financial situation that is irretrievable without someone stepping in to get back on a level footing (And the current owners don't appear to be prepared to do that). It looks like they could be the next club to suffer a points deduction. I think there are a few local businessmen willing to step in, but only to run the club as something that is a going concern and not as something that consistently needs propping up financially. I think the one thing Vale fans should take from this is, John Askey did an incredible job in those circumstances to get Macclesfield promoted. He exceeded expectations regularly there, and I think over the coming years we will see that too.
  10. So what if he called a few people out for criticising him? I'm pretty sure that if people are willing to stick their neck out to criticise someone, they should at least be tough enough to take it on the chin when that person has a go back. So he hasn't quite used an eloquent tweet to do that, I couldn't give a toss. People get upset too easily these days, by everything. Well done Tom for standing up for yourself. He's still more than good enough for us, and I'm sure most teams in our league wouldn't mind have Popey in their squad to call upon. Anyone who doesn't think Popey is club legend needs to have a word with themselves in my opinion. This lad has never given less than 100% and is one of the clubs all time top scorers, basically getting us promoted in 2012/13, and keeping us from dropping in to oblivion in 2018/19. If that doesn't qualify for 'Legend' status I don't know what does.
  11. I like our chances, but I also remember the game versus Morecambe last year, where we battered them until we gave a terrible goal away and couldn't get back in to it. Hoping for a good performance and victory to boot.
  12. stupers


    I feel sorry for the Bury fans. But it would have been an unprecedented step since the Premier League/Football League split in the early 90s to have let a club who had failed to fulfil their fixtures due to financial issues to stay in the football league (I know it happened before that point). Bury would be better off as a phoenix club, starting again without Dale involved. Whilst it was Stewart Day who ultimately has to take responsibility for the years of overspending, having Dale running the club going forward is a disaster. Sometimes you have to say that the game is up, and it's time to start again. For the record, I would have no issues if we were in the same position as Bury and this was happening to us. This is just a direct response to this crazy situation we have where clubs are desperate to play above their level and get to the promised land of the Premier League. For whatever the rights or wrongs of what I'm about to write this is my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Two options will sort this out: A) Let the top 6 sod off and get their European Super League dream. English football will regroup and move on, with less money but with more parity B) Stop promotion to the Premier League. Have a 2 tier, 16-team Premier League 1 & 2. Entry to the Premier League will be through application rather than any other way. If you take away the possibility of getting to the top level, clubs will stop spending to get there. Sadly, Bury won't be the last club to have this happen to them. It's just the first of many, and I'm just glad we weren't the first club to be destroyed due to irresponsible off the field management and catastrophic decision making.
  13. Ha, as I'm abroad too maybe that's it. But I was in the UK until December last year so saw the first four months live. Aspin football was not too good, and it showed on the TV when I started watching the games on here. You just couldn't see where a goal was coming from. Now even on Tuesday when we weren't great there were still a few moments where you think 'If only he'd got his boot/head on that properly'. Last year there was none of that, we just weren't creating enough decent chances. Now we look alright at the back (Not great, but alright). When we go forward we aren't created a boatload of chances, but what we do create has substance to it. As a bit of a numbers man, I've gone and had an in-depth look at the 'Expected Goals' statistic and how it's calculated. Now it is subjective, because there's no clear 100% rule you can have for it, but what it does say is that in a lot of our games this season we've had the better chances. I tend to agree with that. I'm not saying we're brilliant, but we're not crap either. Not being in the stadium and listening to some of the moaners (Who incidentally, will never be happy) allows to be a bit more level headed!
  14. Looked good for a point for the most part. The subs changed it for them, and they pushed on. Yes we didn't look much like winning it but we defended well and restricted them to few chances up until about 70 minutes. We'd lost the right side of our team and had a player making his 1st professional start against the league leaders away from home. We were up against it from the start. I've seen a few people on social media venting their frustration at our inability to win away games (Some even saying Aspin had us playing better away from home). If they're saying that then I would suggest they haven't watched us much so far. We're playing better than I have seen us play since Page left. The away games I saw last year to this point (Colchester, Carlisle, Tranmere, Forest Green, Crewe) were mainly dreadful, aside from the Crewe game that we looked a decent side (Obviously that didn't last). I would say that we look much better than last year (Apart from the Grimsby game). We keep the ball better, create better chances and we're less reliant on the lone striker because he's been getting support. We've lost to decent teams so far, beaten the ones we should have and maybe Plymouth on top of that. Overall, we're doing better than I thought we would, and I thought we would finish comfortably in mid-table. I'm not too concerned about losses to top sides away from home.
  15. Agree we've got some issues to sort out. We look far too defensive in the midfield three without Oyeleke, and we need goals from other areas of the pitch than up front. But...………… Smith (And I haven't singled him out before) was at fault for the goal against Newport. He completely loses his man just before the ball comes in and the lad has a tap in from four yards out. We keep making individual mistakes and they're usually resulting in a goal. I think people see Smith and Legge as reliable, but there have been a few times this season (Particularly at Grimsby) where I have wondered what on earth they are doing.
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