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  1. With loans, it's unlikely to come down to money unless another club is willing to pay a loan fee for him to Forest (I highly doubt Forest will be letting him go permanently). The loan club normally covers the salary, so it makes no odds financially unless there's a fee involved. I think it will come down to whether Forest think his development is going to continue to the level they wish at Vale, or if they think he'd be better served stepping up a level to League One. The only issue for his development when doing that is, he may not may an automatic starter and may have to work his way in again. He is one of the first names on the teamsheet at Vale and we're not in a relegation scrap. Two reasons why I think Forest will extend him here until the end of the season.
  2. Contrary to other thoughts on here, I am happy with Montano at LB. I think we've been a better side since he's been playing there, offering another attacking option down the wing. He makes mistakes, he's still relatively new to the position. If he works at the position and continues to, then I think we have a more than adequate LB. The results since he started playing there back that up. I really think we need a striker though. It's hard to say with Pope and Bennett sharing the position, but I don't think we've had enough goals from there. I think the goals have come well from the other positions and we're maybe 5 short from the strikers. Use the money to find the long-term Pope replacement in January if he's available (Wait until the summer if he's not). I like the expected goals stat and we're doing well with that. Which suggests we aren't finishing our chances off when we make them. Good goalscorers are hard to find, but there must be someone out there who suits the style we play at the right price. Having said all that, we're doing better than I expected, so anything we do in January in terms of signings will be beneficial.
  3. I think i'd be in the market for a left-back, although generally Montano has done well there. Him taking the left-back spot and us having an upturn in form are not a surprise. I understand he is out of position sometimes and he makes the odd mistake, but he still looks better than most full-backs at this level. Striker is also the other position I'd be targeting. We're decent there, but you can always get better. We need regular goals and there must be someone out there who must feel they would be a good fit here. Taylor staying is also a must. I get the feeling he'd like to, if he can sort it out with Forest. I'm sure he'd go to a L1 team, wait a few weeks for a place and then work his way in. But perhaps he'd be better staying here where he's already guaranteed a first team spot at a team doing well.
  4. Yep, a real shame. I joked to my pal who's a Congleton Town fan last night saying they'd be playing Macc next season. We both agreed they wouldn't, as Macc would probably have to start in the league below. Jeez
  5. I would've loved to see Johnson being interviewed by Neil. But honestly, if you think you could get away with not doing it, why would anyone in the campaign suggest that he do it? Yeah yeah, being scrutinised heavily. But all the other leaders got absolutely savaged and probably lost votes as a result. I would imagine that someone has done the maths and realised the negatives of doing the interview outweigh the negatives of being called out for not doing it. I don't like it, but the Tories have done a sensible campaign trying to avoid any major flashpoints and it's worked. I don't think BoJo could've won the election by being in the headlines more, but he certainly could've lost it!
  6. I think fixture pile-up is a bit exaggerated. If an extra game in Jan/Feb is going to make or break Crewe's promotion season, then they aren't good enough to get promoted anyway. You get a light relief at this stage of the season before going in to a busy Xmas period. Surely that's some benefit to Crewe? I agree with CV above. They won't last the season which will be a tremendous shame as the fight the players have shown is truly incredible. I believe the financial trouble they are in, is going to be too hefty for anybody with legitimate love for Macclesfield to take on.
  7. 180k????? How on earth did he rack up that bill? He wasn't there more than a year. Absolutely astonishing the level of incompetence there is running a football club. I suppose after ownership between 2002-2019 it shouldn't be a surprise, but it is.
  8. Just looked at the draw in full, likely TV games would be: Wolves v Man Utd Rochdale or Boston v Newcastle Liverpool v Everton Middlesbrough v Spurs Gillingham v West Ham Maybe Fulham v Villa and Preston v Norwich
  9. Very unlikely to be a live TV game. Premier league club at home to a L2 club is about as close to boring as it gets for a TV channel. Not for us though!!!!
  10. Wonderful draw. Maybe some cash in Jan to have a little crack at the playoffs, but keep most of it back for a proper push next season!
  11. Ha ha, that's true. I would like to see him get a proper grilling, as it certainly seems like the other candidates have done. I do not believe the BBC have shown bias. Both sides complain that there is bias against them. That usually means it's pretty fair coverage.
  12. It seems like nobody is actually benefiting from doing the AN interview. I would be disappointed if Boris didn't do one, but I can also see why he would avoid it. The BBC should have locked everyone in, prior to any of them proceeding. It is staggering that they didn't. I'm not one for peddling 'bias' conspiracy theories, but this certainly doesn't help.
  13. Aspo definitely did well in recruiting part of the team, credit where it's due. Not sure Conlon gets in this team currently, especially if Manny is also fit. I feel our best midfield three is Joyce, Oyeleke and Taylor, but Burgess has also been good since he got his chance. Overall, it's been a mix of recruitment. Michael Brown somehow contributed to it, Aspo added some and then Askey has injected pace in to it with Amoo and added depth. As someone said earlier, imagine if we hadn't had Smurthwaite decimating us via Bruno a few years back.
  14. Yes, this superior squad building torch that people believe Aspin holds over Askey is strange. Overall the first team is reasonably similar (Although we must remember that Aspo didn't like using Worrall or Gibbo unless he had to - Worrall in particular had been completely frozen out which looks foolish). In the first eleven last year, we had some quality and nothing behind it really that was in favour. Askey complemented what we had with Amoo and Bennett in the summer to start. The others he signed have mainly been good when called upon. Burgess and Taylor stepping in has been excellent. Askey came with a reputation of slow, but steady progress in difficult conditions at Macclesfield, often overachieving what was expected or reasonably possible. So far he's doing that and I'm very pleased. He's got a system he likes using and will get stronger as he gets more time with the current players and gets to add more quality. Next season I believe we will be even stronger, but nothing wrong with a 'build the buzz' season this time around.
  15. I think that's a bit harsh. He's competent on the ball, but his crossing in the box is not to the level we require currently. It's something he needs to work on. We're a better team (In my opinion) with Monty at LB. I was a big fan a couple of years back when Aspo had him playing there. It suited him playing deeper and coming on to the ball earlier than if he was in left-mid. He will at some point during the game have pinned the oppositions right-midfielder back and stopped them being effective. He may get beat like he did for Carlisle's goal the other day, but Crookes also has a mistake in his locker. I remember when we signed Crookes that he was supposed to be a left-back/left-mid wasn't he? Is he that or a centre-back? I'm honest in thinking I don't know his best position. There's a player in there somewhere.
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