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  1. For Mills, I felt (and still feel) he had a decent game yesterday. He wasn't at fault for any of the goals, I can't really remember a dangerous attack coming down his side either. For a lad that got absolutely rinsed in the reverse fixture, he looked relatively solid. I don't think he's good enough to be starting regularly, and it's a shame he's been forced in to this because the abuse he's got when we haven't really got any other options is a bit wrong. Jonny giving him a 0 annoyed me, because it's just based on previous performances and a dislike for the player than anything else (although J
  2. Knocked it down to a 6 on reflection!
  3. Here's the Scunthorpe Preview! We're joined by friend of the show Jord to talk through a few things. We get final thoughts on Walsall at home, talk through the post-match interviews and then have a discussion on a message sent from one of the listeners about the current situation at the club. Before we get into a Scunthorpe preview, we also discuss mental health at this difficult time for lots of people, with Jord who is a local mental health advocate. Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com
  4. The Walsall preview is up! We first pay tribute to a big Vale fan, and then a popular ex-player by talking to people who remember them well (Thanks to Tom and Steve for their contributions). We then head into the weeks news as COVID hits the Vale again, and we talk stats! Then into a Walsall preview, our schoolboy defending was the final straw for some Valiants in the reverse fixture, can we beat these this time around? Rest In Peace Charlie Holland and Jinking Jonny Jeffers Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com
  5. We'll certainly give it some time on the next podcast mate. I remember him well, one of the first proper wingers down at Vale Park from when I started going in 1992 as the conveyor belt of top wingers really kicked in. Bad week for deaths in the Vale family, we'll make sure it's all covered.
  6. The Jake Taylor pod has been delayed, we're just confirming when we can get him on. I think we're looking at the 2nd Feb for Boom Boom.
  7. I would agree with that point you've made about Askey prioritising the system, and when you look at his signings they were strange as they never really fitted his preferred system. Aside from Rodney, neither Cullen or Robinson really fit a front 3, so I have found that confusing. I jest a little when I use Liverpool as a comparison. Like you say, we can't decide who our best three are, so it's always going to look disjointed. I would also consider us playing 3 at the back, but unless you play a 3-4-3, you're putting Worrall in centre-mid. Some great points again, I shall bring
  8. Thanks for the feedback mate. We'd appreciate any help in terms of the mic's. I'll message you.
  9. Hi Dave, I'll bring it up on the pod. Cheers!
  10. I think that's an interesting point. If you don't have forwards in those wide positions, is it more of a 4-5-1? It certainly felt more like that under Askey. If you look at Liverpool who are the experts at 4-3-3, a front line of Salah, Firmino and Mane includes 3 forward, who press further up the pitch. A great point, I'll bring this up on the next pod. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Ha! That watch needs its own podcast!
  12. Forest Green Review! We're joined by OneValeFan founder Rob Fielding who gives us his thoughts on the game, and how the manager situation lies now after 2 league games under Pugh. Did Vale play well and give a good away performance, or was it a missed opportunity? We go in depth on the game! Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com
  13. Our Forest Green preview is up! A busy week at Vale, with lots to talk about including two new signings! Then we delve into the Forest Green game, they've been playing well but had a couple of big outgoings from their squad. Can Vale take advantage? Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com
  14. Will agree with this. It really is most important that the manager, chairman and all other club staff are in sync. There are plenty of success stories of managers in the their 1st job, as well as appointing experienced managers. Getting the right fit, structure and support are way more important than if someone has been a manager before.
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