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  1. Carlisle Review/Barrow Preview One for the purists as Vale's 6-game winning streak is brought to an end with a goalless draw at Brunton Park. Not much to take from the game with few decent chances for either side, but saw the return to the bench for McKirdy and Pope! We then tackle the Barrow game, with Clarke saying he's going to rotate, who comes in to the lineup to prove themselves in the last 4 games? Barrow lost to Leyton Orient, but were unbeaten in the previous 4. Can Vale win on the peninsula with a few changes? Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here!
  2. Our preview for Carlisle is up! We help Bezza through the difficult decision to let Manny Oyeleke depart for Chesterfield, tears and laughter and debate! We then talk about Hurst's new deal before getting in to the Carlisle preview. They're on a 5-match unbeaten run, but can we bag 7 wins in a row? We also clear up a confusing moment for a listener with one of our sponsors! Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com
  3. If I remember rightly (As they're being rather quiet about him now), they were saying that he'd put the squad together so if he couldn't get results with them it was his fault. Two points on this for me - He may have put the squad together, but the budget looks limited at Walsall compared to Vale. You have to wonder how much he could do with what he had. I would factor that in, as Walsall fans seem to have an overinflated view of how well they should have been doing. I think the fact he had them in contention was impressive. - If recruitment is a problem for him, the fact that Flitcr
  4. I wouldn't be getting rid of Burgess. I like him. And Taylor too. Burgess hasn't had much of a chance under Clarke yet, but I'm sure they will look at him in the last 5 games. Taylor looks disjointed, but it's been a funny season for him. A full pre-season with one club under his belt and I think we'll see the same player we had in 2019/2020. I also like Joyce, but I do wonder if he fits the profile of player they're after. Perhaps they will keep him, should you be starting him every week though? They have to look for a successor for the holding role. That player is not currently in the s
  5. Definitely a question for Friday, who's his next Vale crush going to be? Maybe it'll be too soon!
  6. Yes, Bezza is recording a 2 hour special by himself with a breakdown of each of Manny's appearances, as well as a nostalgic look back at his interview on the podcast. We're never going to release it, but it helps him with the grieving process 😁
  7. Our interview with Super Jon McCarthy is out! It was truly amazing to spend some time with Vale's record signing Jon McCarthy who gave up his evening to go through some great memories. His unusual route in to professional football and how he ended up at Vale were the starting points. Then his time at Vale which included an amazing cup run, and a promotion charge that almost ended up with Vale in the Premier League! Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated! The sound qual
  8. When Burgess and Taylor play together, there is a noticeable improvement in both players. However, how you do that when you have Conlon playing like he is, is anyone's guess. Conlon could also attract interest from higher up clubs, aside from the first 3/4 games under Clarke, he's been excellent. Joyce's contract is up at the end of the season, and he'll be 34 on opening day. Is he a guy you have sticking about? Centre midfield is going to be a very interesting area of change in the summer. 6 here today, possibly only one (Taylor) of these could be on the books come the first game.
  9. Do you reckon? I thought Flitcroft might be keen on him. He mentioned him when Flitcroft joined the club.
  10. Both signed on for next season, and Whitehead too. I think we'll try and pay Whitehead off, and try and work with Burgess and Taylor.
  11. Morecambe Review! Another win! Not the best by any stretch but 3 more points on the board which makes us officially safe. We run through the few chances in the game, and a dreadful refereeing performance. Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com
  12. Morecambe Preview! We start with some nice words from Adam Yates about his pal Lee Collins, before having a chat about mental health and how important it is to check on your friends. Then into talk on squad sizes, finances in L2 and season tickets. Finally, we cover the Morecambe game, who haven't been in the best form recently but still lie in 5th place. Can the run continue?! Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com
  13. Surely Whitehead will be shown the door in the summer. I can't imagine that given the players at our disposal, that he will still be about. He's 6th choice for central midfield. I can't see us carrying any more than 5. Sadly, Carol and Kev will have to consider writing some of the bad deals off in the summer that happened under Askey so we can move on. This is surely the first place. Saw some talk above about keeping leaders. How many do people on here seriously think we have? We won 3 in 25, teams with plenty of leaders don't do that. I think the list of true leaders is shorter than peop
  14. And the Harrogate review! Another 3 points for the Vale after a game of two halves in Harrogate! Vale deal with the conditions in the first half, before making them work for us in the 2nd! And another surprise goalscorer! We reach 50 points and feel suitably safe. Who'd have thought that a month ago?! Thanks to PV1973 from OVF for his ratings! Available on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. And here! https://aleandthevale.podbean.com
  15. I’ll stick up for Jonny. He’s run football teams for 8 years and has played at a decent level. I don’t agree with him all the time, but he’s only saying what he’s seeing and his opinion. That said Robinson was harsh, and in hindsight harsh on Rodney too!
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