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  1. I’m coming over for the game tomorrow, bought my E Ticket on the website this afternoon, very simple process and certainly beats waiting in the queue outside the ticket office….
  2. Irrespective of the quality of the opposition, Politic seems to be getting some excellent reviews
  3. If Carlsberg did evenings at the football……. It started with the first tie, sadly I was working but my father went, I was constantly ringing home to get updates and sneaking out to the car to get snippets of commentary, losing 2-1…. On the phone to my mum at home, radio Stoke on in the background….suddenly it literally exploded into a full on George Andrew’s moment, Bogie had scored and salvaged a replay….. What followed at Vale Park was simply the best evening I have ever witnessed at a football ground, one particular moment which sticks in the mind was at half time I was stood up from my seat in the Bycars and looked around, barely a yellow seat to be seen in the entire stadium….fantastic performance by every player and Big Nev Southall turned to face the Bycars at the end of the game and applauded the fans…..simply wonderful
  4. Certainly a bigger list than I anticipated, Scott Brown was the main shock for me, but I can only assume that DC has got replacements already lined up and at least the fans are going to have the opportunity to say goodbye to Popey next season as we did after Hughesy left us, he came out of the tunnel at half time to say goodbye to the fans.....
  5. Nice that it was broadcast and touching tribute to Charlie....
  6. Stats or no Stats, every player has bad patches and being a keeper any mistake usually ends up in a goal, but Scott Brown has saved us more points than he has cost us....
  7. Glad to hear it.....I really hope he can stay fit, but with squads being limited in the future and I do not feel that the club will take a risk on him, he really needs to make the most of whats left of the season
  8. Im actually "watching" the game from work on OVF, so I did not see the incident and have no axe to grind against the guy, but sadly I do I feel that his injury record will count against him....
  9. This is agony!....Im at work, so no commentary, "watching" it on the OneValeFan.
  10. Manny is a very talented lad but he will not be with us next season, sadly his body is just not up to playing profesional football
  11. Sat in Telford International Centre waiting for my COVID vaccination and my “FlashScore” app to go “Ding” then pluck up the courage to look who scored! GOO-ARN THE VALE.......!
  12. Wow, that has shocked me, played a great part in the Rudgie era, such a sad loss at a young age....RIP
  13. The big difference is, we are supporters and they are players, yes they are in a privileged position but they see it as a job.....
  14. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but Graham Alexander has just been appointed manager at Motherwell
  15. I take no joy in his dismissal, he tried his best and it hasn’t worked out for whatever reason, there may have been “goings on” that we are not privy to, but with 5 mins to go in the Tranmere game were sitting in third place I believe, then it all went wrong..... ironically today a memory popped up on my Facebook page, it was Tom Pope celebrating after scoring at Man City, this will be my lasting memory of John Askey.... thank you for your efforts.
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