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  1. Right then, we give them 2,200 in the Hamil. Sorted.
  2. Think there are rules on having to give covered seating to away fans as well, which means they'd have to give us the Arkell's as well. I imagine it's part of the deal where they we get that and they get the whole of the Hamil.
  3. They won't sell out all 4,500 tickets, no chance. Being charitable, they might get 2,500 so we'd lose out on 1,000 ticket sales at £23 each. £20,000 ish when you take into account reduced prices for kids. Then because of the aggregation of income (posted above somewhere), we won't see most of it anyway. Not a massive cost compared to the influence on potentially being promoted instead and playing Sheff. Wed. instead of Barrow. I'd go even further and stick them on the far Lorne Street side of the stand as well.
  4. Seems to (sort of) be working now - still very slow but managed to get through the payment screen and enter my card details. It's still whirring round on screen loading something but I've had an email confirming the order. Not sure though if that is this order or one of the others that partially went through. Probably going to end up with 5 tickets here! Edit : just seen the email is from my order at 9:13am. I've done it multiple times since then!! Anyone else still waiting, if it's whirring and not loading I recommend closing down and refreshing. That's what I did, took multiple tries but worked eventually.
  5. I did the same as you, got to 0 minutes and nothing happened. I since refreshed and managed to get a ticket in the basket but payment wouldn't work. I'm now back to it just whirring while I try and get back in. Very poor, and especially as there's no update on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Is anyone in at the club today?
  6. Gutted, I'm away too but my season ticket has gone to a good place (temporarily). Back for Newport, hopefully by then it'll either be a promotion party or a chance to confirm it. I'd take a draw v Brizzle now and be confident of beating Walsall and Newport.
  7. Worrall would be a massive loss, UNLESS... Gibbo is back fit.
  8. Me too, I'm not complaining! Winning when you don't play well is the sign of a good team.
  9. I'd say today was a poor win. We were playing ourselves at times our passing was so poor. Play like that in every game and we wouldn't be in the mix for promotion. Anyone who saw the game at 80 minutes wouldn't have said we were odds on to win it at all. We have to do better against Salford.
  10. Pett out for 3 weeks according to Crosby. Wrap Walker in cotton wool for the rest of the season!
  11. Cheers for the heads up, anywhere I can listen to this? It's a Patreon only thing I think.
  12. Hanlon's razor - never put down to malice what can be attributed to incompetence. Don't imagine there's some evil master plan, they've just cocked up.
  13. I didn't tell you it didn't go up? I had no idea that it did. Haha yes you did, read it again. I literally asked if it went up tomorrow (now today) and you replied "no". Never mind.
  14. Yeah £18 is still a decent price and don't mind giving it to the club, just a bit annoyed that I asked the question and was told it didn't go up. Never mind.
  15. £16 everywhere but Lorne St Cheers for the wrong info, you just cost me £2. Price increased to £18 today.
  16. Is it the same price or more expensive tomorrow? Not got mine yet but will be going up.
  17. Quite high I'd have thought. Pett and Walker both tough tacklers, can't see them backing off from that second half. Cov likes a time waste too, again can't see him stopping that second half. We could be down to 8 😝
  18. Vale also without top scorer Jamie Proctor (7). However since he was injured we've scored 3, 1, 3, 4, 5, 5. That's 21 goals in 6 games or 3.5 goals per game. Lump yer money on a 0-0 in front of the Sky TV cameras kids.
  19. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. He had his chance to show what he could do here and didn't take it. Good luck to him if he can make it with Bradford but I won't be concerned if he starts on Saturday - Smithy has faced better this year and come out on top.
  20. To be fair, you can't teach someone to be more physical -they develop and bulk out at their own pace. If you come back in 10 years time I'm sure that at least one of those players last night will be a household name. I do though question the wisdom of putting them in against beasts like Leon Legge, their striker is never going to win the ball in a month of Sundays. Must be really demoralising.
  21. "Vale fans have been taking the mickey out of me whining. Here's another 10 minutes of me whining about that". 😁🙄😂 He says he's seen the video of Smiffy kicking him and their player putting his hand on his collar, what video is this? The BBC highlights don't show that.
  22. Fingers crossed he'll be showing what he can do in League One next season.
  23. Goal difference, then goals scored, then number of wins, then head to head, then drawing of lots.
  24. I hope Crewe survive on goal difference - nice local trip next year for us once we get promoted, a good party atmosphere and a guaranteed 6 points.
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