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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but that statement is a bit vague. No mention of the overall allocation, no map of the seats etc. All a little bit confusing - maybe they din't want to overload the message with too much information.
  2. Maybe we should all stop using the American phrase 'Black Friday' if we're all going to get offended by it.
  3. An exceptional young player who is improving each game. Looks to be really enjoying his football and I genuinely think this is the best place for him at the current time. I don't see the reason to disrupt him midway through the season even if he were able to join a League One team.
  4. Would agree with this. I think they'll erect the stage at the Bycars end then you have premium seating in the Lorne Street and Railway (up to the half way line) then cheaper seating in the Hamil End of the Railway and the Hamil itself. Plus, of course, people on the pitch. I'm guessing though. Will be very interesting to see how they pull this off and what improvements to the ground are made for this.
  5. I remember Steve Guppy being called lazy, he did ok though.
  6. Not good enough. Another bad egg gone.
  7. Having watched most of the game back again, I think we were very good on Saturday and made a decent team (albeit a toothless team) look bang average. David Worrall was superb and I'm excited about him and Gibbons building that partnership. There was already some lovely one touch triangles when a central midfielder got involved and that's where most of our joy came from. On the other side, Crookes badly needs to work on his distribution and delivery in the final third. Amoo was fairly quiet but someone I like because he scares the opposition with his pace and direct nature. Again, final ball needs to be worked on. Joyce was the best of the midfield three, with Conlon and Manny doing the little things right but the bigger decisions wrong. The lack of vision shown by Conlon when we had the 3-on-1 opportunity was criminal. Even at the end of the first half he decided to waste possession in the 2nd phase instead of recycling and building again. Instead, he gave the ball away with a daft nothing ball down the line which led to Northampton breaking and getting the phantom corner. Just little decisions like that show me why Stevenage released him. At the back, Smith was immense but I'm still a little worried about Legge. For both goals we've conceded this season he's been on the line semi-obstructing Brown, and he drops off far too deeply at times to compensate for his lack of pace which plays people onside too often. I don't want to upset Old Sage with my verdict on old Popey. All I'll say is that the biggest impact he's had in the past 12 months has been when he came off the bench at home to Crewe towards the back end of last season. Miler has ran his legs off for 65 mins, we'd huffed and puffed but couldn't get the winner. Enter Popey - a heavy legged defenders nightmare. We easily went on to win that one with Pope instrumental. Oh how I'd have liked to have seen that free header from 8 yards out land on a fresh-off-the-bench Pope's head instead of a battered-bruised-and-knackered Pope's head on Saturday. Maybe we'd be sitting here on 4 points instead of 2.
  8. jjvale_03


    I think it's inevitable that they're thrown out the league. On one hand it is a tragedy for true Bury fans, an another hand it is a necessary step from the EFL to show that this type of financial mismanagement can no longer be tolerated. Obviously there's a debate to be had over how or why these idiots are allowed to get their hands on something like a football league club, but that's a wider issue. I'd be miffed if we'd finished fourth last season at the expense of a team who were clearly 'financially doping' - in a way I'm glad that they were irrelevant to us last season.
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