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  1. I was looking at the online ticketing yesterday and it seemed like it was allowing me to buy an ST in the 'new' side of the LS. It also looked like a handful of seats had already been sold in that section. May have missed it elsewhere in the thread, but this would indicate that we'll be able to sit in that area next season?
  2. 1. Conlon 2. Wozza 3. Rodney Coincidently three of a small number of players I hope are still here next season.
  3. Cheers Darren. Can't rely on Nelly for accurate info.
  4. I couldn't see past Sutton 6 weeks ago, but bar an impressive win at Alty they've been bottling it week on week and scraping results here and there. There's an argument to suggest they don't want to get promoted because it'd cut off a huge revenue stream from renting out their 4G pitch on non-matchdays. A pretty big earner down in S London. Barnet have also picked up recently under Mark McGhee - I don't think that's a straight forward 6 points for Sutton. I hope their chance has gone. Selfishly, Hartlepool and Halifax although I feel the title is beyond Pools now. Like others have said,
  5. Clarke said in his post-match that he wanted to see the response from going behind, as that would tell him a lot about the players. Scoring within a couple of minutes tells you one thing, but I don't think it gives you the answer to that question on mentality. I think the league has been poor this season and will be the same again next season. You don't need to be world beaters to go up. There's no reason to think that Clarke couldn't achieve a top 7 place with this same group next season, but I'd still be incredibly underwhelmed (and a bit hacked off) if we start next season with Brown,
  6. Harry McKirdy should start. 90 minutes against his former club to show us what he's got.
  7. Really liked him when he was here and was a young man playing in a really poor side under really poor management. Would be an excellent replacement for Joyce.
  8. You're spot on Joe. No time for sentiment in the summer. Legge has been much improved under Clarke but we really shouldn't be giving new contracts to players who are clearly on the decline and will be 36 years old by the start of next season. In any case, I never really get the sentiment for Legge. We've been dross for 80% of the time he's been here. Hardly cult hero status stuff. Same for Scott Brown and Luke Joyce, albeit Joyce is a couple of years younger (still 34 at the start of next season). Time stands still for no man and these players are very much replaceable.
  9. Not sure about this post. The Coates family have a track record of philanthropy and have put food on the tables of thousands of families in the city/region through large scale employment and job creation. Carol through the Hubb foundation and the football club community scheme are doing tremendous work too but it's not a competition. Let's applaud them both.
  10. 0-0 followed by a win at Col U. We'll be talking about whether we can finish in the top half come Saturday night.
  11. For the very low bar we've set this season, we were ok last night. First half by far the better side and showed levels of desire and fight that have been missing for months Looked bang up for a scrap and if any of our players had any confidence in the final third we'd have scored first and gone on from there. As it was, their 5k/week striker who's spent the last 15 years scoring goals for fun did what none of our players could - little bit of nice movement and a solid finish. Take note, Devante Rodney. Second half we didn't really get going and made the least effective triple substit
  12. Why would you move our best player (and top goalscorer) to the wing?
  13. I don't see how any with functioning eye sight could disagree with that. Brown, Gibbo, Conlon, Wozza and Rodney + 15 new players (I'd keep Crookes, Taylor and the new keeper as squad players). Even then, none of those five mentioned would be guaranteed starters in a top 7 side. The rest need to be moved on. On Gibbo, it's a big few months for him. Got enough credit in the bank to be given another season but I thought that the young Stevenage full back (Remeoa Hutton - on loan from Birmingham whose contract is up in the summer) looked miles ahead of Gibbons last night, especially in
  14. Looks like a perfect starting XI to execute PROJECT BEAT STEVENAGE . The only question is how many we'll score with the rampaging full backs, lethal strikeforce and goalscoring midfielders in the side. Pred: 6-0.
  15. Be ace if the Dazzler makes something like 9 changes tonight, just to let the boys know that nobody is safe and everyone needs to be ready. The more he sees, the better informed the decisions in the summer can be ie. get rid of anyone over the age of 26 who's name isn't David Worrall. I expect him to pick a team that gives us the best chance of success for Project Beat Stevenage. None of this sticking with a player because he put in a decent shift on a cabbage patch in East London 4 days ago nonsense.
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