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  1. Based on last night's performance, I'm more convinced than ever that this is a promotion season. We put out a '2nd string' against a strong L1 side and held our own for most of the game. They had Ched Evans and Paddy Madden up top and our 'reserve' CB pairing handled them really well. We have 4 very capable L2 CBs. Oyeleke controlled the middle of the pitch for an hour, Hurst showed that he can be another attacking option and McKirdy showed glimpses of brilliance, including an assist. The likes of Pope, Gibbons, Rodney, Amoo and Conlon weren't even considered to play a part. I could
  2. We never travel to Cheltenham. In the last promotion season we took about 400. Andy Proctor is about right, we'll do well to take 600.
  3. On the contrary, many clubs (including our dear neighbours) use or have used a 'family area' as a buffer between home and away support. Man City used to reserve the block nearest to the away section for students only (sold through the Student Unions) for example. It's a popular policy.
  4. Vale fans in 'lets reduce our revenue for the most in demand fixture of the season' shocker.
  5. 2000 behind the goal and overspill of 1000 into the side stand. I think we'll do well to fill behind the goal but we've done it before so entirely possible.
  6. Yep, Worrall has the highest XgA in the league at 8.88. This means that his assist should've led to nearly 9 goals this season. In reality he has 6 assists meaning that the chances he's creating for other players are not being being converted at the expected rate. Only Nicky Adams at Northampton gets anywhere near those numbers. Worrall is statistically the most creative player in the league, and signing him up for next season and beyond is a must. On the other wing, Amoo's XgA is 4.89. This may seem poor compared to Worrall but it actually makes him the 7th most creative player in the l
  7. I thought we were a little off the pace on Saturday and sloppy in general. Legge saved a certain goal with his block in the first half but was otherwise a couple of yards off the pace and had Browny to thank for saving his blushes on a couple of occasions. Gibbo and Monty were also a bit sloppy. However, we kept a clean sheet (mainly thanks to Brown + poor finishing from them) so iut's hard to dig out the defence too much. The main issue was the lack of creativity. We had Amoo and Browne who, despite trying their best, didn't create much in terms of a spark or quality in the final third t
  8. My opinion is that they should be put on General Sale on Saturday after the match. It'd mean people who go to the game can just walk out and get their ticket afterwards without having to also make the 2nd journey on Sunday. It'd also potentially boost the attendance. If they communicated that now, it'd give ST holders 72 hours to buy via phone or in person. I don't see the problem with that.
  9. They'll be hoping for a new manager bounce but you can't fix a leaky defence over night. I foresee a solid away performance from us, restricting them to few chances and if we take a couple of the chances we'll inevitably create then we should be in with a good chance of victory. Hoping to make it four wins from four visits for me at the Broadfield Stadium.
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