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  1. Are you serious? Wind your neck in Warren.
  2. I desperately want us to win at Wembley. But regardless, you'll never take away the memories from last night. An all time classic and one that will be talked about for decades.
  3. It was fantastic. As someone who's spent the last 20 years in the Paddock and Stand, I would happily move permanently to the Hamil given the opportunity. The views are far better than I thought they would be. Even with half as many as last night, it'd still improve the atmosphere tenfold. The concourse, the access, the toilets, the sightlines. I could go on. But it's all a million miles better than Railway or Bycars and it's criminal that we've been giving that to 200 away fans whilst we've been getting a 1960's experience in the home ends. One thing that is so apparent from there is the distance from the Railway to the pitch. It's ridiculous. We stand in there thinking we're making a huge racket and yet none of it comes out onto the pitch because you're half a mile away from it. You could literally build a new stand in front of the existing Railway, without knocking it down. For those saying we can't afford to lose the revenue from not maximising away fans numbers, I'd argue that a vocal home end (ie. the Hamil) would genuinely be worth 6-10 points per season to us - which could be the difference between playing in the 3rd and 4th tier. That's far more than important than <50k in revenue by allowing Sheff Wed and Derby 4.5k instead of 3k.
  4. Yer, but will the fairweather fickle fans be around when the rain sets in , again a minority of neanderthals bring shame on us, and as for Clarke he needs to get some control over his emotions, he ain't help matters as the media will now make mountains out of this and a big fine will come, feel it for this diehard 4000 TRUE fans who now have these incidents due to glory chasers to contend with, not forgetting the other knuckle draggers down the road giving them something to beat us up about, what turned out to be a victory turned into a national shaming incident thanks to part time fans. Your view of 4000 diehards is outdated. We're changing and growing. The amount of kids I see at Vale Park staggers me, and the players have just hooked them into this club for a lifetime with a trip to Wembley. Make the Hamil a permanent home end where the focus is on supporting the team rather than goading away supporters and we're flying. RIP little old Port Vale.
  5. Making lots of huge assumptions (and trusting the ticketing hub to be giving accurate information in LS and Railway), I think we've sold around 6500 tickets so far. I'd expect another 1500 to go in the next 72 hours, which takes us up to 8000.
  6. I'd rather have another squad player than a modern ticketing system. Why think long term anyway?
  7. Tom Pope trying to make it all about himself in the most important week of our season? Imagine my shock.
  8. I'll take that as proof that I was right. Enjoy the game! UTV
  9. I imagine that the whole front section (ie, anything below the walkway) will be netted off, so away fans are nowhere near any home fans.
  10. Jacko - you're a terrific fan, the epitomy of what makes football great in this country. But, you're not convincing me that you gambled on missing our first play off match since 1993. You'll have known in advance that you had a ticket put aside for you, and you will have picked it up in a brown envelope with your name on the front.
  11. I'm not hunting anyone down, although it sounds like a lot of fun. Just interested in the defence of a system that is so clearly in need of a revamp. There's also a lack of transparency over who is getting to the front of the queue before they go on sale to 'normal fans'. If one of the advantages of being a club sponsor, box holder, or programme contributor is that you get access to tickets before everyone else, then so be it but let that be known and give more accurate information to fans queuing up in person about the actual allocations. The Exeter fiasco has led to such paranoia that people (needlessly) have camped overnight or spent hours on the car park again. It's also incredibly tinpot to excuse it by pointing our that smaller clubs than us also have issues in this regard. We're Port Vale, not Mansfield-<ovf censored>-Town. The daft thing is, a fit-for-purpose online ticketing hub with an incorporated loyalty points system would be to the advantage of the poster I'm asking the question of, given they go to every single Port Vale match. There's no need to reserve tickets in a brown envelope when you'd be (rightly) at the front of the queue anyway.
  12. Let' get the Hamil rocking, Breadie.
  13. Jacko, it seems like you're heavily defending the policy of keeping loads of tickets for the 'chosen few'. Is that because you're one of them? Can't remember ever seeing you queuing on Hamil Road for a ticket like the rest of us?
  14. Genuinely, yes. Especially when I'm nervous (which is for the whole game!)
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