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  1. So you can't answer my simple question?
  2. He's more of a right sided CB than a RB, so I think it's Smith who he'll be providing competition for. I don't think we've fought off a number of other clubs and convinced a Premier League side to loan us their U23 captain so that he can sit on our bench. We certainly look very well stocked in those defensive areas (on paper) with lots of flexibility around formations.
  3. If you're prepared to travel half way across the country to watch a fourth division football team - quite probably by public transport or via a motorway service station - and still decide to wear a face nappy at the match despite standing in the open air, then fair play to you.
  4. Have to agree, on the basis of that performance in the NL play off final. Lacked awareness of what was going on around him, in the book early doors for a reckless foul after he'd been done by a tiny bit of movement and pace and generally looked like a bang average non-league defender. The only thing I can think is that they've identified that Smithy needs a big brute next to him to bring out his best - as we saw with Streete, Innis, Bikey etc.
  5. No. I'd rather we went out of business.
  6. Many of us felt a connection to the likes of Scott Brown, Montano and Luke Joyce. Every time I saw their faces I made the connection to the bottom half of League Two and embarrassing defeats to clubs like Barrow.
  7. There's obvious risks. There's also an obvious risk to our league status if we'd have kept hold of more of the 4th division cloggers and Macc Town reserves. The downside of the 'gamble' is relegation out of the EFL - a feat almost achieved on more than one occasion by the group of players we've just released - but the upside is far greater. The goalkeeper example is an interesting one. There were some absolute shockers in that bunch but a couple have ended up carving out decent careers for themselves, most notably Kelle Roos (at a far bigger club than Vale, by the way). So maybe it was the chaos surrounding the club at that time rather than the ability of the players that made it a revolving door of terrible goalkeepers.. Not something the current crop could be excused for given the club is the most stable it's been in three decades. Lastly, 'we may get lucky'... nope. Carol has spent a decent chunk of money to build a football structure to give us the best possible chance of success. It remains to be seen whether the right people were employed in those key roles but if we what we hear about the way the DoF, data analytics and first team manager/coaches are working together to map out areas of weakness in the squad and possible transfer targets is genuine, it'll be less luck than judgement if we get it right this summer, and next January and so on.
  8. The sentiment for any of the lads released (with Pope as the obvious exception) continues to baffle me. They were a mix of over-the-hill fourth division cloggers and Macc Town reserves. 3 wins in 25 league games (one a freak result at Bolton, and the other two against the sides who eventually went down into non-league). If that's not justification for a clear out, I don't know what is.
  9. Had a good schooling with Leicester U23, showed great promise in L1 when Walsall were relegated, had a decent season in 19/20 but has struggled this campaign. Looks like an upgraded version of Kurtis Guthrie - fairly strong, fairly quick, good movement and an eye for goal. I think it'd be a half decent signing.
  10. Callum Harriott is a player who I've always rated and has been released by Colchester. Scored 9 goals in 36 league starts for a really poor side this season, playing on the left side of midfield. Interesting prospect if he'd be willing to move outside of the SE.
  11. I think that's a good move for Monty, and I hope he does well. He'll relish the opportunity to play infront of 50k+ against the Old Firm. Only concern would be his injury record given they play on a very dodgy 4G surface.
  12. I'll have forgotten about Joyce in 2 days time, and Brown in about a week. The same as Chris Lines, Anthony Grant, Chris Neal and Jak Alnwick before them (who all played at a higher level for the club).
  13. It comes with the territory of being a professional footballer. I dare say many of them should've thought about the consequences of downing tools for a good three months this season. It should be an honour to put on the Port Vale shirt and quite frankly some of them took the piss and disrespected all of us with what happened over the winter. Good riddance.
  14. I'm not sure there's much downside to this decision. We've released loads of players who are on the decline and are high earners, this freeing up plenty of money to recruit players who are hungry and have scope to improve.
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