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  1. I don't see how any with functioning eye sight could disagree with that. Brown, Gibbo, Conlon, Wozza and Rodney + 15 new players (I'd keep Crookes, Taylor and the new keeper as squad players). Even then, none of those five mentioned would be guaranteed starters in a top 7 side. The rest need to be moved on. On Gibbo, it's a big few months for him. Got enough credit in the bank to be given another season but I thought that the young Stevenage full back (Remeoa Hutton - on loan from Birmingham whose contract is up in the summer) looked miles ahead of Gibbons last night, especially in
  2. Looks like a perfect starting XI to execute PROJECT BEAT STEVENAGE . The only question is how many we'll score with the rampaging full backs, lethal strikeforce and goalscoring midfielders in the side. Pred: 6-0.
  3. Be ace if the Dazzler makes something like 9 changes tonight, just to let the boys know that nobody is safe and everyone needs to be ready. The more he sees, the better informed the decisions in the summer can be ie. get rid of anyone over the age of 26 who's name isn't David Worrall. I expect him to pick a team that gives us the best chance of success for Project Beat Stevenage. None of this sticking with a player because he put in a decent shift on a cabbage patch in East London 4 days ago nonsense.
  4. Never had much faith in CG, and I'm certain there's a stack of people who would do a far better job as a well paid CEO of an EFL club. And reading between the lines there's the problem. Perhaps a few of the 'Senior Leadership Team' bought over from Synectics and elsewhere (The local newspaper for example) have eyed up that role and put CG in the corner doing the filing...? There's clearly an imbalance between the off field and on field activites and the success of those two areas. I want to put it down to naivety/inexperience from the owners but it may also be a diffusion of respons
  5. I see that we're still in the new owner honeymoon period where even discussing a radio interview by the owner/Chairwoman is 'disturbing'. For those of you who've forgotten how it works at Port Vale, here it is: New Owner 'saves us' from horrible old owner - no criticism or discussion about anything they say or do. Everything they do is wonderful and we must trust in what they say 100% or else you're a nutter despite the fact that if the same words or actions came from the previous owner, they'd be vilified for it. Owner has been at the club for a couple of seasons - there's a b
  6. There's a few things that came out of it for me: 1) Blakeman actually did some journalism and pressed Carol quite hard with probing and relentless questioning. Refreshing. 2) Carol doesn't seem particularly motivated to even consider anyone from outside of the current coaching setup (mentioned slack within the academy which frees up the likes of Sinclair, Paynter and Griff). I'm not dead against this idea, but it was pretty surprising that she admitted to not looking at any of the applicants in detail. 3) Contradicting the above a little, Carol said something along the lines of
  7. Good job we have an experienced CEO and club president looking after the football side of things. Over to you, Colin and John.
  8. Tim Cahill is the current favourite for the Fleetwood job. A progressive club who think outside the box.
  9. Good stuff as always, Joe. Interesting to see our PPDA against is the highest in the division at 11.95, but our other attacking metrics such as Xg, key passes, chances created do not follow. This shows what we can see - that Vale are neat and tidy in possession (and that teams either don't bother trying to get the ball off us until we get further down the pitch and/or teams are unable to get the ball off us if they try to press) but we come unstuck in the final third due to compactness of opposition and lack of creativity, or a bit of both. Others have suggested it in this thread, bu
  10. No goals at home to Harrogate, Kings Lynn or Scunthorpe. So clear to everyone at this point that Askey has no idea on how to setup a team or change tactics within a game to enable us to break down these types of sides. If you're an opposition team, just sit very deep, pack the centre of the park and watch us pass it sideways and long for 90 minutes. We've got plenty of creativity in the squad - Amoo, Worrall, McKirdy, Hurst, Rodney, Montano, Conlon, Oyeleke - but no idea on the best combination to unlock the opposition.
  11. People are seriously moaning that we're building a competent and qualified coaching setup to try to increase throughput to the first team from the youth teams, as well as safeguarding against changes in management ie. not ripping up the whole philosophy of the club if we sack a manager? Some people clearly have a Norman Smurthwaite attitude towards running a football club, unfortunately.
  12. Based on last night's performance, I'm more convinced than ever that this is a promotion season. We put out a '2nd string' against a strong L1 side and held our own for most of the game. They had Ched Evans and Paddy Madden up top and our 'reserve' CB pairing handled them really well. We have 4 very capable L2 CBs. Oyeleke controlled the middle of the pitch for an hour, Hurst showed that he can be another attacking option and McKirdy showed glimpses of brilliance, including an assist. The likes of Pope, Gibbons, Rodney, Amoo and Conlon weren't even considered to play a part. I could
  13. We never travel to Cheltenham. In the last promotion season we took about 400. Andy Proctor is about right, we'll do well to take 600.
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