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  1. Yep, Worrall has the highest XgA in the league at 8.88. This means that his assist should've led to nearly 9 goals this season. In reality he has 6 assists meaning that the chances he's creating for other players are not being being converted at the expected rate. Only Nicky Adams at Northampton gets anywhere near those numbers. Worrall is statistically the most creative player in the league, and signing him up for next season and beyond is a must. On the other wing, Amoo's XgA is 4.89. This may seem poor compared to Worrall but it actually makes him the 7th most creative player in the league. Amoo sits on 2 assist, which again implies that the quality of chances he's creating for others are not being converted at the expected rate. Stats are stats and people will always argue with them. People tend to have a big problem with Xg. Fair enough. However, I'm fairly confident that these stats disprove one thing at least, that our strikers are not getting the service to score goals. The wingers alone have created 13 goals worth of chances this season and seen only 8 converted. Whilst I'm talking of Xg - Tom Pope's individual Xg this season (in the league) is 6.52. He's scored 4 goals. This would imply that he's been a bit wasteful this season.
  2. I thought we were a little off the pace on Saturday and sloppy in general. Legge saved a certain goal with his block in the first half but was otherwise a couple of yards off the pace and had Browny to thank for saving his blushes on a couple of occasions. Gibbo and Monty were also a bit sloppy. However, we kept a clean sheet (mainly thanks to Brown + poor finishing from them) so iut's hard to dig out the defence too much. The main issue was the lack of creativity. We had Amoo and Browne who, despite trying their best, didn't create much in terms of a spark or quality in the final third to trouble a poor Crawley side. Often it was left to Pope to create anything of note - and I think he did exceptionally well especially in the 2nd half. All it demonstrated is that without Worrall we really do lack that cutting edge in the final third. The stats suggest that he's the best creative midfielder in the league so it's no surprise we miss him badly when he's not here - he's the difference between grinding out a win at League One MK Dons and holding on for a draw at L2 strugglers, Crawley. Only other note is Askey's reluctance to use subs. It's no surprise now that this happens, but on a bog of a pitch entering a busy period of matches would it have hurt to make a couple of like-for-like changes on 70 mins? I appreciate that he didn't want to change the shape, but we had Atkinson, Cullen, Archer and Bennett as unused subs. Surely one of them could have been used to give Crawley something different to think about? Even a Ryan Lloyd for Burgess/Taylor in the last ten minutes just to disrupt play would've made some sense. The fact we used no subs at all is baffling to me - and a few other guys were muttering the same things as we left the ground. Vale fans were quiet other than some weird young lads with southern accents who'd clearly never been to a Vale match before. I think they were just locals who fancied a bit of 'banter' but it actually killed any other atmosphere.
  3. My opinion is that they should be put on General Sale on Saturday after the match. It'd mean people who go to the game can just walk out and get their ticket afterwards without having to also make the 2nd journey on Sunday. It'd also potentially boost the attendance. If they communicated that now, it'd give ST holders 72 hours to buy via phone or in person. I don't see the problem with that.
  4. They'll be hoping for a new manager bounce but you can't fix a leaky defence over night. I foresee a solid away performance from us, restricting them to few chances and if we take a couple of the chances we'll inevitably create then we should be in with a good chance of victory. Hoping to make it four wins from four visits for me at the Broadfield Stadium.
  5. The best thing about this is that the Labour party and those on the left seem to be in complete denial about why this happened. Like last time. And the time before. And the time before. Still cocooned in their social media echo chambers and their inner city bubbles. Long may their self destruction continue.
  6. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but that statement is a bit vague. No mention of the overall allocation, no map of the seats etc. All a little bit confusing - maybe they din't want to overload the message with too much information.
  7. Maybe we should all stop using the American phrase 'Black Friday' if we're all going to get offended by it.
  8. An exceptional young player who is improving each game. Looks to be really enjoying his football and I genuinely think this is the best place for him at the current time. I don't see the reason to disrupt him midway through the season even if he were able to join a League One team.
  9. Would agree with this. I think they'll erect the stage at the Bycars end then you have premium seating in the Lorne Street and Railway (up to the half way line) then cheaper seating in the Hamil End of the Railway and the Hamil itself. Plus, of course, people on the pitch. I'm guessing though. Will be very interesting to see how they pull this off and what improvements to the ground are made for this.
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