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  1. Jean .. once a Headmistress always a Headmistress. ... Pull those socks up boy !!! I think you said the same to Danny Sonner. Lol Good job Ron 'nutter' Futcher didn't go your school he would never have got out of the naughty corner!! The above will only mean something to those who have reached a certain age. Let's hope we all get back inside Vale Park soon and have the opportunity of actually seeing this new squad play. I am off to watch an FA Cup match tomorrow Leek Town v Sporting Khalsa in the Preliminary qualifying round. 400 capacity being allowed in a 2,000 seater stadium only about 2
  2. Just a reminder that if you fancy going a match your local football team would appreciate you going. A cracking game at Leek Town last night Fancy giving Ricardo Fuller some? He has just signed for Hanley Town who are through to the Preliminary round of the FA Cup as are Congleton Town. Great pubs to go before the games and decent quality football without the stress. In these difficult times why not have an Away Day at your local club. They will appreciate your support.
  3. Top Dog is Boomer, and Gavin's immense dedication made him not only loved by young Vale fans but also highly respected by us all I'm sure. If Vale players can show the same commitment we won't go far wrong this season.
  4. They are not the Dick Dale ones. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of those and they sold out within a day or so of being announced. Looking closely the club ones look to be higher spec ones.
  5. The design offers huge opportunities with associated products from scarves to duvets
  6. Brilliant, classically continental. Makes the deck chair stripeys down the road look ancient. Innovative and trendsetting.
  7. Really good match to have chosen Rob, thank you. Ray Walker was class on the ball but what a good ball winner he was. Paradoxically Andy Porter was a great ball winner but what an intelligent ball player he was. Overall one team wanted it miles more than the other. The commitment and energy we had in those days is what we have to aspire to if we want promotion next season. Thanks again, Rob
  8. How did a team with such good players get into a potential relegation game. OK Huddersfield were on the beach, but what good footballers... Bogie, Ainsworth, Foyle, et al. Happy Days.
  9. Only just getting chance to watch it so thanks Rob for enabling a late arrival enjoy the full 90 minutes. What a great start dominated straight from kick off. Rely well worked goal. It was only with about 5 minutes to go I actually believed we were staying up.
  10. Of course, it was Stoke getting relegated.
  11. Was the Bradford fire the same day? I feel sure I was coming out of Huddersfield when news of that came through?
  12. Got to say guys it was a brilliant interview but you should take a lot of credit for the excellent way you conducted it.
  13. Rob, thanks mate, can't put a price on reliving days like those.
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