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  1. Good post Tony. Regarding the purchase I thought it was the total package in instalments but you raise a good point that it may / could have been just the ground, and the club purchased outright. Sure someone on here will know the answer.
  2. Houston Valiant Totally agree mate and we have all been Vale fans long enough to know what comes next !!
  3. I was critical a few weeks ago that we were trying to build s castle whilst stood on quicksand. I don't believe that is the case anymore and totally agree with the opening post. UTV
  4. Take a look at our record against Walsall from 1960s till a few years ago. It wasn't that they were just up the road, it was our record against them no matter how well we played summat would go wrong. Remember watching the returning Footex's coming through Stoke in steam days. They were never happy trains.
  5. The affects on player performance post Covid also needs to be taken into account, as it has affected so many younger people to a lesser or greater degree. Smithy is one whose sudden loss of form takes some explaining otherwise.
  6. Darren I agree with your post, just wonder if Mills will prove a better player than we have given credit so far with a run of games. Crookes seemed to be benefitting from regular start before injury. Above everything else it's the same situation as past 6 years or so ... We have to find a replacement for Pope and hope Devante continues to progress.
  7. 593 ...suggest you misread my post. I never said 'how well we are doing ' I also never mentioned Askey. My view is about a dozen of our squad are good enough to do well in this league as they have already proven. I too was disappointed we signed Robinson, in fact I wasn't overjoyed at the possibility of Maynard (his form this season has shown nothing to make me think I was wrong) The last two games have shown the players when fit are good enough but it would be wrong to think players like Whitehead have a future at Vale. At the moment I can see there being room for 8
  8. It will be a buyers market though, so better value for money must be possible.
  9. My view is that there isn't a lot wrong with the majority of the squad. They finished 8th last season, started this one wel!, Then hit the buffers. the next 9 games will dictate whether there is a cull or not.
  10. Rudgie used to say drop a few from the bottom of your squad, and bring in one or two at the top. Last Summer I seem to recollect great enthusiasm that all the players offered new contracts signed them. This probably took the vast majority of the budget, yet not too many moaned at the new, make weights, that were added. The team did well for the first dozen or so games and I don't recollect anyone being surprised how well we were doing. One of the highest scorers, goals spread through the team, defensively sound. All Clarke has to do is get those players fit, motivated
  11. It's amazing what instilling confidence and belief can do to a players performance ... Scott Quigley anyone?
  12. All week posters have in general been saying we will get hammered today. We weren't! Apparently every high flying team that we come up against are nothing special. Bit of a coincidence that, maybe they only play as well as we allow them to. Because we are giving 110% effort. Sorry if that doesn't fit some posters agenda. The players are being hammered as the worst players we have ever had. Well having watched Vale for the last 65 years I can assure you they are not, not by a million miles are they the worst we have had. After ten games these players were 5th in the le
  13. If Clarke gets the same points ratio in our next 12 games as he got at Walsall I suggest we stop up comfortably. It's OK to criticise his win ratio but at this stage his defeats ratio is equally important, and he lost just 6 at Walsall this season.
  14. Quite simp!y.. you don't try to build a castle when stood on quicksand.
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