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  1. Strikers rely on service and they fit into some clubs and not at others. Guthrie sounds like the type to replace Popey, if Danny Pugh plays to his strengths. Who was the striker Micky Adams signed who was garbage and only scoring off his backside at Torquay if I recollect the game right? But he went on to have a really good career at Rochdale I think. Actually did well against us. Even Rudgey got it wrong sometimes. Who remembers Martin Henderson? Finally, it's interesting that John Askey was looking to bring in both Guthrie and Jake Taylor this January, so should we count
  2. How many times have we come away from Vale Park either in person or, this season, in spirit feeling like we have been mugged after dominating the game only to concede late on. Well we nearly did that last night ourselves. But typical of our luck this season Monty's cross shot didn't go in or get kicked in. Then today we find we will be without our talisman striker for the rest of the season after he was clattered. plus Hurst and Whitehead injured. One match we could have definitely done without.
  3. I thought the guy nutted him from behind deliberately and thought it was a sending off straight away. As someone said above when flat out and kicking the ground in pain I thought it was something serious. He will have stayed on because at 1-0 he knew we were still in the game and being Tom believed he could get the equaliser. Also thought Hurst was done over. I thought Pope would be first choice striker for rest of season and the chance to play to his strengths. If picked every week Tom could have been the man to get us the goals back into the play-offs That news is
  4. Joe My first game was 1956 so there's no way you can cop out now, you are only just starting your sentence!! Walka003 You named Hurst &Montano as having played most of the game. C'mon as one replaced the other you can have one but not both I thought we defended well on the whole so the defenders you named as being first team deserve some credit. Midfield better with Taylor hopefully full 90mins on Saturday. Up front, you got me, Robinson played like he was self isolating. Amoo disappointing. Rodney and Worrall back on Saturday to assist Pope. At the
  5. Joe, Honestly thought that once Taylor and Cullen came on in particular, we were going to get to penalty kicks. Unfortunately we didn't get onto Montano's cross shot although we had enough players in the box. When we had got into the game Visser killed the momentum by putting a number of clearances aimed for Montano straight into touch, and then rounded it off by failing to reach the halfway line and conceding a penalty as they took advantage. Thought Cullen showed why we should keep him and Robinson why we should get rid. If Taylor and Cullen play on Saturday I would
  6. Plenty of effort Far better once Jake Taylor came on Cullen looked sharp Hope Hurst is fit for Saturday. Defended well particularly second half Shame nobody got to Montano's great cross shot. Bidder can't kick a ball Assume those moaning we are not still in the Papa John's Trophy will be bemoaning we didn't play our first eleven. Should we get a positive result at FGR will be moaning why didn't we play like that at Sunderland.
  7. I am watching it. For goodness sake Sunderland didn't get to this stage by losing all their games you know. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are up against more skillful players? Some of you just make up stories to fit your own agendas.
  8. What's the score? Reading this must be double figure loss?
  9. I agree he deserved a better owner Joe. He certainly didn't allow Smurthwaite to bully him. Because he couldn't dominate him mentally it seems Smurthwaite forced him out via the 50% budget cut. Any road up as you say he had gone in to bigger and better things. Carol probably wants a Manager who will buy into her ethos which many experienced Managers on the Merry go Round wouldn't understand if it hit them in the face, as they are all about what's in it for themselves and themselves only! So if they are a success would Vale be just a stepping stone in their minds?
  10. Not accusing Carol of anything other than she was recently quoted as saying she needed to re-focus on the primary role. She has acted by sacking the Manager. That is her decision and one that probably took a lot of heart searching. Hopefully it all works out great. So definitely not criticising our superb owner. My thoughts are simply that Askey is a very experienced Manager and a good Manager doesn't become s bad one overnight. A couple of months is not overnight, but something has gone on to change a team from a closely bonded one, to one in complete disarray. Any road up a new Manager
  11. Looking for our 6th Manager in less than 5 years. 23 months ago most posters on here were saying that the club needs stability. Now it's a finger in the air job again. Askey did a good job at Vale and approx 2 months ago we were comfortably in the play offs. Then the bubble bursts big style. A batch of key player injuries, senior players sent off, Covid, conceding late goals, a left field coaching appointment Whatever, it has all added up to ditching over 20 months of steady progress by the Management team and putting us back to where we were before Askey was appointed. What a shame this
  12. Rob Page Will have learnt a lot from coaching the Welsh National side and just think what he could achieve with a quality and supportive owner!
  13. If my memory serves me right ... Old Trafford, Man United away, evening game, all white strip, Clinton penned into the right corner, casually lifted it over the United players back to our Keeper. Doesn't sound much, but cool, real cool. One of my favourites too, as he was my age and easy to think of as a kindred spirit. Sad, sad news.
  14. Perhaps it's injuries, suspensions, unhappy players, who knows. I do remember many posters on here dishing Rob Page for lack of ambition and settling for a mid table league 1 spot. How many on here would want Rob Page back? I think he would be a damned site better fit than the merry go round Managers mentioned so far. Holloway would be a massive mistake IMHO
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