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  1. Swear not all that long ago the bog batterers were storming Coates' boardroom for some fisticuffs? Tony Pulis drags a historically 2nd tier club to a decade in the Prem + Europe (only to be heckled off the pitch and forced out the club after the fans get entitled and DEMAND good football) and the entire club falls apart without him. Hughes rode the wave for a few years, trusting the lads Pulis had brought in to run a tight ship, and then flogged them all for Berahino, Wimmer, and Imbulla. Coates then goes on to prevaricate and make wrong decision after wrong decision ("I don't know what the fuss is all about"), lobbing money at managers to spend on past-it farmers in the hope they can sh*thouse promotion before the sweet nectar of parachute payments dries up. Such a weird club. They showed more ire/action against Pulisball and its consistent mid-table finishes than they do at the architects of them being on the brink of League 1 despite earning more money in the last 3 years than most League 1 clubs do in 50. I'm not saying its all old man Coates but whoever is making the decisions there needs sacking, and Coates is the man with that power. Ah well. The feeble attempts at COME ON STOKE come on stoke in a half-empty soulless lego ground next to an incinerator, miles out of town, as they battle to preserve their Championship status, provoking poor Bryn to more tearful breakdowns on the airwaves, will be enough to keep Scholesy boy and his merry men in the boardroom.
  2. Was a bit fearful that relegation would trigger some genuine action in the fanbase at their inept operational structure. £18m on Kevin Wimmer ffs. How heads didn't roll I'll never know. Hopefully, squeaking survival on one of the largest budgets will placate the masses enough that our lad Scholesy can continue the sterling work he has embarked upon. Relegation and a subsequent overhaul and promotion push would re-energise them; there's a certain joy to behold in them 'losing me love for the club'.
  3. Leon Knight is a proper tool. Tweeted a load of misogynistic stuff a while back. Anyone holding him up to defend their own point is only undermining themselves.
  4. Of course, when it comes to punditry (a separate issue), women have to be 100x sharper than a man as they'd get eaten alive by the baying mobs if they ballsed up. Paul Merson claimed De Bruyne would flop; Collymore said Guardiola's style of play wouldn't work over here; Chris Kamara barely knows the names of the players of the game he's reporting on. Most of this is brushed aside, and in Kamara's case, celebrated as a bit of a laugh (which is fine, he's quite entertaining). Issue I have, when a female pundit is on, if she even slightly calls things wrong, the attack dogs are out.
  5. If this was the case, surely the male to female ratio in commentating would be roughly 50:50, as there's no real reason why a women should be less/more adept at commentating a game of football than a man? It's merely talking/describing/contextualising the game, after all. Gender should have zero impact in whether that person is the best for the job, its the individual's character? Of course, the ratio is nowhere near 50:50. One of the weirdest threads I've ever seen. Moaning about diversity quotas/box ticking because women, 50% of the nation's population, are involved in commentating more (probably because they were best for the job), and Mario doesn't like their shrill voices.
  6. Great post. Our previous chairman once said, whilst drunk on Twitter, that 'football is a village'. One of the few correct things he ever said. Word gets round. Agents talk. Players talk. "My mate X was well looked after at Vale, good manager and sound owners". We've been the outcast of football for my 20 years as a fan. Finally it feels like people want to sign for the Vale, and we're not the last resort.
  7. Its possible for him to be a replaceable, League 1 standard defender, whilst also being pleased that a 24 year old League 1 standard defender has committed two years to us.
  8. 2 year deal an all. What a turnaround.
  9. Bloody hell. No idea where that's come from. Last minute u-turn? Not as much interest as Askey has claimed (though I can't see why they'd make it up)? Regardless, whilst I wasn't devastated to lose him, to keep one of the better centre halves in the league, entering his prime, for another 2 years against (probable) competition from a higher level, is a big deal.
  10. Nah, surely not? Askey was fairly clear that he didn't expect Nathan to sign and we were looking at other options, plus this Motherwall CB being seen at the club.
  11. Genuinely can't believe I'm letting this tinpot club get me excited. Never ends well. Sick of it.
  12. They're awful. Only 3 players out of contract, a bloated, mismatched squad full of inadequate footballers, a disengaged apathetic fanbase, and financial pressures imminent with parachute payments decreasing and a massive wage bill. Things are going to get worse before it gets better, even if they scrape survival this year.
  13. Don't know if its been mentioned but people suggesting Motherwell captain Peter Hartley. 32, centre half, been around the block in the lower leagues. Their fans seem to rate him, they finished 3rd last year.
  14. Earlier this morning they mentioned McCartan and by lunchtime Bowers had discredited it. We all love a rumour/debate but their track record is getting a bit ropey.
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