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  1. No Mills, Fitzpatrick, or Whitehead in the 18. Title charge is on. hwfg.mp4
  2. Think he was very positive when he did release him, mind, and was part of his promotion team.
  3. If you can't rip p!ss out of your rivals, what's the point in being a football fan?
  4. Fuller, Aranutovic, and Bojan were irritatingly good footballers.
  5. He's no better than John McCombe but played in a 442 Pulis side with Huth next to him and 4 rottweilers in front of him. You'd think he'd passed away from the outpouring. Jobbing centre half who stuck at Stoke as no one else was ever going to pay British Sterling for him. Move on.
  6. Yep. No more p!ss taking of Stoke fans, folks. That's it. Sit quietly and applaud begrudgingly. Footy.
  7. I used to hear 'Ramsey's leg had already been broken before Shawcross made contact'. Genuinely. Of course, Stoke fans then became the laughing stock of the nation as they booed Ramsey every time he played them on the basis of 'he didn't accept Ryan's apology'. A very normal fanbase.
  8. Would appear he's leaving Stoke in the coming days. Despite our differences, I'd like to place on record my gratitude to Ryan for providing many great memories for the city. We'll never forget this moment. Thank you Ryan.
  9. Correct with us. Been largely silent home and away for a while. Dunno why. Even in games like Walsall last year when we took 2k+, it was very dry. The 2nd goal yielded celebrations less wild than those you see at Gala Bingo. SVA as a chant has just become the go-to, as no one can be arsed singing anything else/coming up with something new. I was getting a bit tired of hearing it pre-lockdown, I can't lie. Come on Vale + SVA on repeat. 3 word chants. Sometimes it gets decent at Vale Park but the crowd tend to react to a spirited performance, as opposed to driving the players on pre-e
  10. Wasn't it old Norman who said 'Bodin was the brains', after Page left on us for a divisional rival? Striking similarities. The entire 'pretend, make-believe Unicorn interview' is straight out of the sweetie-jar playbook. Unhinged. They're clearly in financial shambles. Wish them well. Get another billboard erected.
  11. A quick note - do not take the Walsall fans' view too seriously. I remember Vale fans being very critical of Rob Page after he upped sticks, partly to save face. "We didn't want him anyway!" "You're welcome to him" etc etc. It's fundamentally a blow to your club's ego to have the main man poached, and fans go into a form of denial/revisionism to cover this up. They're very unlikely to speak positively of a man who has left them in the lurch as they sit 11th, 4 points from the playoffs. He seems to have done a reasonable, if not excellent, job. There has been mass turnover at Walsall
  12. A proper manager. 4 promotions 10 years, with 44.5% win rate and holds the highest coaching qualifications. Still only 42 and has worked under a DoF before. Revered by the Gas; Walsall fans split but they're hardly going to wish him well as he dumps on them mid-season for a club they consider a rival. I was genuinely concerned the DoF model would lead to an untested rookie. We've managed to snag a highly-qualified, young coach with a raft of success under his belt and nearly 500 games of management. Very pleased, after a worrying few weeks. As you were.
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