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  1. Cheers mate! Am well aware I clog these forums up with reams and reams of rubbish when a couple of sentences would suffice but I get carried away!
  2. So sharing your opinions on a blog is patronising and sanctimonious? And not just a nice side-hobby to have? I have no real view on how great my opinions on, it's just something I genuinely enjoy to do in my spare time. I like to write. It's a hobby. I write about Port Vale, as social media restricts characters and no-one on here wants to read several thousand words of my drivel on every thread, so I put it on a website in case anyone's daft enough to read. I've only ever once posted a link to it on here, and I don't advertise it, so it's hardly an ego trip of preaching my excellent opini
  3. Ah, so there isn't a long term issue of John Askey's Port Vale conceding late goals? I must have been imagining Salford, Scunthorpe, Mansfield, Orient, Macclesfield, Tranmere, Kings Lynn, Newport, and yesterday then! Clearly not an inherent issue that has existed for over 12 months without a sign of being rectified, despite it occurring at a much higher rate than any other side at this level. I was saying much earlier in the season that we weren't playing quite as well as many thought and we needed to improve before things turned sour. We were being bailed out by a good keeper who wa
  4. All fair points Jean. I have long argued that we signed younger players, and the extension of the older player contracts should have, in my view, been balanced by the signing of some younger, more promising players, released by a Cat 1 academy (2nd article down on here: https://pvlollipop.sport.blog/long-reads/). It would have also been better to, instead of signing 9 players (of which several didn't make the squad today) to have signed less but put the money towards players who could consistently add to the very decent team of last year. Fitzpatrick, Mills, McKirdy, Robinson, and Wh
  5. I do worry a tad in the absence of communication that things will get very fractious in the fanbase. I've found myself more than wound up tonight, which is daft. Maybe Carol, if she has the intention of sticking with Askey, might want to say so in a tactful way. We all know she's one for stability and consistency and she's done enough for this club where I'd accept her view and shut my mouth if I knew there was no possibility of change. I perhaps wouldn't agree, but I would defer to Carol, as would most others I imagine, as she's more than earned that right. I understand it could be
  6. Yes they can. They can tell us whether we deserved to win/draw/lose a game already played. They can't predict games. They're retrospective stats. They do analyse underlying trends that can offer us an insight into our strengths and weaknesses, though.
  7. That's not how it works Jean. xG is not predictive of the next game, but measures the quality of chances you've had in already played games. It can't predict the next game. So it measures how good the chances we have created have been, and how good the chances we've conceded have been, based on historic averages. We don't create many good chances and concede a lot of good ones, hence us now being 13th.
  8. No, you made the point that Vale fans keep complaining about the manager. My point is that maybe the managers all deserved criticism? You offered no argument other than that Vale fans are consistently (correctly) sick of being a bad football team, apart from some sanctimonious criticism that Vale fans, who have spent most of the last 20 years in the bottom tier and facing financial ruin, are in some way serial moaners and love to slag off managers. I am a massive fan of Carol and worked for months to help her secure the club. I trust her judgement.
  9. I don't think he will. Genuinely believe he's here until the end of the season.
  10. Love how he makes it clear 'results aren't good', and someone thinks he's made a great argument. Yes, we agree. Results aren't good. Just because previous managers were bad does not mean we are wrong to think this one has reached his ceiling. I'd argue, in fact, that Vale fans were spot on in calling for the removal of Bruno, Brown, and Aspin, suggesting their judgement is bang on.
  11. And therein lies the mentality of some vale fans, usually the most vociferous. Results not going well. Sack the manager. Results still not going well with new manager. Change the players and until then blame the old manager and the new manager. Results still not happening. Sack the new manager and owners. And repeat ad infinitum. Maybe we should, you know, appoint a good manager?
  12. Kings Lynn are clearly an excellent side, mind. No shame in losing to them. Given a great account of themselves.
  13. Askey's been in a job 19 months!!!!!!!!! No bother lads, another year down the pan. We dust ourselves down and go again in 21/22, in the same decrepit, tinpot league we love so much. You Whites.
  14. Yeah, you've got to be bad for at least half a season before you can ask for change. Ensure the season, and another year of our lives, is well and truly down the pan before you dare start demanding we win a few games and stop being a local circus act.
  15. Heskey was only in for an afternoon. Sinclair works with the kids. Not sure there's a link.
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