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  1. Cheltenham won the title with a top league scorer of 8. Newport finished 5th with a top scorer of 6. You can go the route of all your goals coming from one player (Cambridge), or you can share them around. Signing the striker is a foolish game as the chances are you're either a) taking a risk or b) overpaying. Most good teams had someone who notched between 15-19, which Rodney could very feasibly do. Wilson will get goals. He got 10 in 35 at Salford. Maybe a few thought he'd come in and be the fabled '20 goal' man (only one player hit the figure last year) based on his reputation. I imagine the thinking was that he'll offer somewhere around 10 and, if Rodney steps forward as we hope he will, that will be enough in tandem with a good defence + goals from Conlon, Proctor, and whatever other forward we will sign. I think Johnson and Martin will bag a few as they're absolutely humongous.
  2. Wilson has never and will never be a target man. Problem was tonight that he only had once chance and blazed it. I assume the 18 yard box is where he's expected to do the business. Theo is in my bottom three Vale strikers all time. Get him gone.
  3. Loved Ryan Johnson. Proper aggression in him.
  4. Didn't do much. Can't really judge as we didn't get forward much late on. Big lad.
  5. Will never read too much into pre-season but, a few obvious things stand out. This is a squad designed to play with three CBs and wingbacks. The WBs play as high as the forwards and have more creative responsibilities than defensive. Worrall played as forward as he did last season so I wouldn't fret that he'll be held back, he's just expected to track. I was very impressed by the CBs who started and Jones on the left surprised me and looked technically very sound. Worrall looked a bit lost with his marking but grew into the game on the right. Covolan made 2/3 very good stops and caught more crosses tonight than we did last season. The midfield all love the ball and there were a few passages of play where we knocked it around nicely. Rodney is sharp. I expect Wilson to improve on that showing (he was poor tonight) but won't be making overall judgements yet. We're absolutely huge. Martin, Walker, and Johnson are absolute monsters. Still absolutely no idea how we'll fare. Not convinced going forward yet.
  6. We feel well set up in defence and central midfield, and have gambles in goal and up top. If Covolan and Wilson deliver, we'll be a very strong outfit.
  7. I remember when Pope was banned and fined and publicly castigated (rightly) by the FA. The first thing Carol and the club said was that they back him and would appeal the decision. Lack of loyalty, I'm sure Tom.
  8. Will preface this by saying I consider Pope a legend, and the only one of my lifetime. Poor words, not that I'm surprised. He seems unable to comprehend that he went from captain to not playing at all as he just wasn't doing much on the pitch anymore (pre-injury). He would play and have negligible positive impact, being completely immobile and having lost the spring and aggression that characterised his prime. His goal return was average-poor, with him scoring in two league matches last season and four the season prior. He scored in six league games out of fifty one, and has given an interview absolutely BAFFLED that he wasn't playing anymore, ascribing it to a lack of loyalty from his employers forking out good money for a poor return on investment. He seems to think that he was delivering but, due to a lack of 'loyalty', was dropped. No, Tom. You didn't really do enough to out-compete the likes of Cullen, Bennett, or Rodney over the last two seasons. Nine league goals in two seasons isn't good enough. Scoring in five out of fifty one games isn't good enough. For him to completely brush over bringing the club into international disrepute by spending his nights on alt-right conspiracy theory videos and then, with a huge platform, decide to regurgitate them onto social media at 1am, and not think that maybe he has to look at himself for his decline, is a really poor look for him. Did he really think that was the actions of a captain? And that maybe that had a role to play in him not being captain anymore, as he'd been warned several times by Carol and the FA prior to his ban? Does he feel owed something? He played well and earned good money, as football works. We didn't owe him anything. He was well remunerated for his services and chose to leave, of his own accord, to be even better remunerated at Bury. We didn't start kicking off in the press, lambasting a lack of loyalty. Tom Pope didn't owe us anything and Port Vale FC didn't owe him anything. He wasn't an EFL standard player anymore, hence being barely used then released. That's how it works. Nothing to do with loyalty or honesty I'm sure I'll get stick for this as his contributions on the pitch will be remembered for a long time, but Tom has managed to absolve himself of any responsibility for his diminishing minutes and eventual release, despite an FA ban, several warnings from the club for his awful use of social media, and being, at best, an average League 2 striker at this stage of his career. None of this is his fault - it's somehow the club's fault for not being 'loyal'. He's absolutely deluded in this 'I can still do a job' mentality, as he outright failed to do so for 12 months. Obviously, this has wound me up. He's presented the club in a poor, unrepresentative light. A sour end to a great Port Vale career. He seems to think that it's everyone else's fault he got released. Hope he gets his testimonial and the sendoff he warrants, and maybe is more careful with his words in future and looks a bit closer to home when ascribing blame, not that he's shown any aptitude for that to this point in his career.
  9. Didn't the Sentinel's holding group make lots of redundancies and reporters like Baggers were left to cover several clubs (I'm sure he was doing Chester articles)? Local journalism is in the mud.
  10. I'm not going but seems to be a general shambles around the sale. No online sales? Are we in the 20th century? The whole concept of traipsing down to VP is nice for some who have the time I guess, but an absolute faff/inconceivable for a lot. Assume it's to get people to turn up for the away kit thing. Queuing 1 hour+ for tickets for a League 2 game is daft. I was hoping I'd never have to do it again after Salford in 19/20. That's not to mention an hour's notice on a weekday and not enough people on the phones. Classic Vale. Get online ticket buying set up, ideally with a loyalty scheme points system for ST holders + regular buyers (as has been mooted for ages); hire staff to focus on phone sales for obviously busy games; give several days notice for when sales will open so people can play ahead.
  11. FourFourTwo has declined in quality in recent years. Used to be an avid reader. Racing Post, surprisingly, often has excellent football previews. Their Euro 2020 was streets clear of FFT's in my view. Far more detail. Obviously that has little to do with the accuracy of their predictions. I know its their job, and many many more predictions will come out in the coming weeks (NTT20's is always great, those lads are class), but anyone who claims to have a serious handle on our prospects is fibbing. We've undergone the biggest change of any squad and there's simply no way of judging how it'll all go. If you put a gun to my head right now I'd suggest 6th-10th but I genuinely couldn't tell you why bar Worrall and Conlon good, and Pett is a great signing.
  12. Yeah bit rich for Toyah to take a moral high ground when it comes to slagging people off hahah
  13. Of course, it's not an exact science. Just hopefully not a complete farmer.
  14. Check the replies to this - every tweet says releasing Amos is a bad move:
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