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  1. I'll admit, I was heavily keen on Maynard. Problem being was that the club had clearly built their plans around him; when that failed, it seems like panic stations occurred. Hopefully this summer is more structured.
  2. As a side note, this article is great to read. What we've wanted for a while.
  3. No. I'll try and avoid cliches here. A Director of Football does more than scout. A Director of Football will lead the recruitment, and will decide what sort of squad the club wishes to build. For example, Flitcroft may decide that a certain playing style is most effective for us. Players will be signed to ensure this, and should Clarke depart then the Director of Football can appoint a manager who will suit this style, so another squad overhaul isn't needed. The Director of Football usually handles the financial negotiations too, lifting the weight from Clarke. The DoF will work sea
  4. I think Brown was the only player who, if retained, would start more than 30 games next year. The rebuilding job hasn't changed; we've just got to source a first-choice keeper too.
  5. Can understand the sentiment but we have three local lads likely to start next year, plus a very popular player in Worrall. If they win games we'll quickly grow attached. We are entrenched in one of the top 3/4 worst periods in the club's history (possibly the worst 20 year spell post-war) and our fanbase isn't getting any bigger or younger as Stoke hoovered up an entire generation from 2008-2018. Brave and drastic measures were needed.
  6. Rob's front page article about key summer windows for the Vale really underlines the significance of this summer. In the same way Summer 16 initiated a decline that very nearly saw us go into non-league, led to fan protests and near liquidation, some of Rudge's windows were the catalysts for a decade of success. This summer, due to the scale of the rebuild and the new approach to it, has the potential to do the same (in a positive sense). Clarke and Flitcroft have clearly bet on themselves to deliver something close to that. If it goes belly up, they're both (but especially Clar
  7. Great episode. Bowers' comments regarding Robinson's contract being 'pretty good' is worrying. He could be content, at 31, to keep earning good money at a club not far from his Birmingham home. Clubs will undoubtedly show interest but will any of them take on a large contract for a lad with three league goals? Really hammers home the shambles of the striker chase last summer; strung along by Maynard for a bigger bonus, p!ss about Jamille Matt who promptly goes and scores 16 for FGR, and left overpaying for Theo Robinson who hadn't scored more than 11 in a season since 2010.
  8. Definitely a sign that our recruitment net has widened, which is good.
  9. I'm going off his picture being tweeted by an ex-coach of his and someone asking his name, to which he replies he can't disclose it due to safeguarding. Maybe the club will announce them all in one go.
  10. MK fans love him. Maybe he has improved with age? Promotion-winner from this level etc. I think Clarke/Flitters had a goalkeeper in mind when they released Brown; as stated, despite his decline, it is a risk to release Brown without knowing what the replacement will be like. Nicholls fits the bill on that front.
  11. Best GKs who have been released: Ryan Allsop, Marek Stech (had a poor season), Lee Nicholls, Jonny Maxted, Lee Camp, Ian Lawlor, Lewis Ward. Goalkeepers who have rejected contracts/offered new deals: Lawrence Vigouroux, Sam Hornby, Jack Bonham, Scott Flinders Just so people get a feel of what's out there currently but of course it doesn't stop us finding a GK (or 2/3) elsewhere.
  12. Left Back Watch - Danny Amos, 21 just released from Doncaster. Not played loads for them but the fans are incredulous.
  13. Swindon fans are livid at the release of Tom Broadbent (CB) and Anthony Grant. There's so much baggage with Grant, age not withstanding, but he takes the p!ss out of League 2. He was strolling around when they spanked us 3-0 last season, barely trying, but completely dictating the entire game. It'll be a good team that signs him.
  14. Just leave it. Proper nuts over there.
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