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  1. He did. 51 games. Comments from a Lincoln mate when we signed him. I think he's got the most tackles in League 2. He was excellent in the first half last night, consistently turning and spreading the play, completely dictating it. He knocked a great ball into Lloyd, who was fouled and Conlon banged in the resulting free-kick. He went quiet second half and got a bit loose, but entire team was dodgy. Pett's a really good, unflashy player.
  2. I think Martin is less disastrous than you suggest, but he's no better than OK. Johnson has struggled and Benning disappointing. I think Cass has largely been very good. Two great signings, one 'OK' signing, and two poor ones isn't a failure in my view. Undoubted room for improvement but Jones and Cass are definite upgrades on last year's equivalent.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Vale fans giving Smith a standing ovation for dragging a man down when he was clean through on goal.
  4. I thought second half, after the subs (57th min), we were: Smith Martin Jones Benning Garrity Pett Conlon Worrall Rodney Politic Politic was definitely wide left and not playing centrally, which would imply a front three, and Worrall seemed to be much higher up the pitch, with Smith further out to the right of defence. Then, Gibbons came on, and the back 4 shifted to: Gibbons, Smith, Martin, Jones.
  5. I think we're far enough into the season to surmise that Benning isn't the player we thought we were signing. It's a disappointment but with Jones, Gibbons, and Amos, LB/LWB isn't an area of concern.
  6. We played 433 second half (Politic, Rodney, Worrall front three) and were much, much worse. We weren't great with a 352 but we looked a bit better. Politic came on and did very little, which was disappointing. It was an off-night but 352 has served us relatively well.
  7. DC with a very reasonable analysis. Mansfield very good and in a false position in the table (thinks they'll finish top 10) ; too many 4-5/10s for us. Conlon with a bit of brilliance, Lucas responding well to Saturday's criticism. You'll have off days in League 2 and when you do, you take the point and move onto the home game.
  8. That's the point I'm making - Vale fans react to good stuff, but don't encourage it if its not happening. They won't make noise before Vale do anything good, and if Vale are bad, it's complete and utter silence, and sometimes outright indignation at misplaced passes, grown men absolutely howling. We started slow tonight and the fans matched it. Just think we could create a better atmosphere even if the team is not playing well. It's going to happen this year and it's weird to sit in complete silence when the team is 3rd in the table and on a great run. Mansfield are on a 12 game winless run, 90/92, 1-0 down, and still made more noise than us with 30 youths. I've noticed similar in away games we've taken a good following to before. Not sure why but we don't often create very good away atmospheres anymore.
  9. Rubbish performance and lucky to get a point. Covolan bailed us out with the penalty but he was a bit messy in the first half again before calming down. Created very little and Mansfield were the much better side, without massively testing our goal. Lots of semi-circular passing around our box but definitely deserved a win more than us. Assume Gibbons' minutes are managed due to his previous injury problems. We really miss Proctor's hold up play. A side note; Vale fans are very quiet when things don't go well on the pitch. It's quite reactive; when Vale score/look decent, we make a bit of noise, but otherwise we were silent and outsung by 30 teenagers with a drum, even at 1-0 up. It's a strange one as we travel in good numbers but our away atmosphere has been pretty poor for a while and, whilst their fans would make a bit of noise when they were struggling, we go quiet and offer howls, even wails, of dismay at every misplaced pass. Clarke has noticed as he repeatedly refers to the place 'going flat' when the team doesn't perform. We seem to offer noise as a reward for good play, as opposed to pre-empting it. Regardless, 4th and we're not looking like we'll lose many this year.
  10. Off-topic, but why don't we do this sort of thing anymore? Used to love the Super Vale Away behind the scenes videos. Elliot Barnard used to do them on a voluntary basis I believe. A lot of joy used to come from watching back the SVA videos in the week after a great win. We get a player and manager interview before and after the game (conducted by Radio Stoke/Sentinel), the highlights (which are on Sky and Quest anyways), and that's it. There's a possibility that DC, with his tendency to obfuscate regarding injuries/availability, doesn't want a camera poking around, but I still think the media engagement with the fans has so much room for improvement. There's a market for fan-led media, which Ale and Vale have capitalised excellently on for the audio realm, but I think there's a lot of space for both visual media + written media, now that Baggers is utilised for other clubs and the Sentinel effectively ignores us.
  11. Clough is clearly on the ropes and Mansfield are engaging in yet another iteration of 'sign big names and then end up 19th by November', which they're making their trademark. Clough is effectively fighting for his EFL career at this stage. They seem to love a diamond to fit in all their midfielders, so I'd expect Gibbons and Worrall to have a big impact tonight, as well as Politic if he's deployed. We'll have our dominant 30 mins at some point and we simply have to bag in that timeframe. I imagine we'll go for a quick start with the intent on demoralising a very unconfident side.
  12. 800-1000. Anything less is disappointing considering form, distance, and opposition.
  13. He's 22. He might be a good shot stopper but the chances of him having the same skillset as Lucas is low. How many League 2 clubs will have 2 GKs of first-team quality? We have a young lad as a backup, the concept of putting him in for a keeper who has contributed to our successful style of play and expecting the same results is a risk in my view.
  14. If we were losing games then I think there's an argument to be had regarding keepers. When you're third, with 6 wins in 8, and a lot of the goals being conceded being flukey in nature (OGs and deflections), I simply don't like the risk involved. Stone is a gamble himself, and if you put him in for 3 games, and he's not good enough yet (only 22), you're left with a potentially confidence-bereft Lucas, on top of his inherent higher-risk style, with fans now firmly on his back/nervy. That's before you consider the change in structure a switch from Covolan to Stone would entail. I am guessing here, but I doubt Stone is as good with his feet, or will start so high up the pitch, or will collect crosses. We won't be able to play from the back, recycle possession, and have a high line in the portions of games we get aggressive. You may have to completely reorient our build up play and structure for a team that is having absolutely no issues with winning games on a consistent basis, with all losses coming by an odd goal and one in very unlucky circumstances.
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