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  1. Yes, Liverpool famously had the most successful season of recent years without using any stats. (They didn't. They employed a physicist to engage in statistical modelling).
  2. Completely necessary that mate! Good one! I'm not as besotted with the signing as you, and get names thrown at me. You seem completely chilled out, to the extent you go around calling people 'gimps' because they've posited an alternative view to the prevailing narrative on here. Without this gimp (among a few others), you wouldn't have a Port Vale to be debating mate. This forum, man. Peace out. Enjoy the season.
  3. A league season, Rob, as I stated in my original post I'm yet to have offered a comment on Robinson, yet have had personal insults directed at me by other members of the forum.
  4. Not disputing that Jean, merely providing a counterpoint to the initial assertion that Pope, Cullen, and Robinson will muster 50 between them when they got 24 between them last season, one of whom was not competing for minutes with the other two.
  5. Interestingly we have retained the most 'minutes played' of any League 2 side; 89.1% of our 'minutes' from 19/20 are still at the club (46 games x 11 players x 90 minutes, so 40,576 of our 45,540 minutes from last season are still at the club, roughly): Initial thought process would suggest this is great; settled squad, continuity, familiarity with system etc etc. Somebody asked the bloke behind the above graphic (Ben Mayhew of @experimental361, who is brilliant) if there was any correlation between having no 'squad churn' (retaining as much of your minutes as possible, and ha
  6. Fully agree. Far too many leaks over this striker. UV hinted about Maynard 2 months ago. Alan Nixon mentioned Hope. There is another name which apparently we were after if Maynard fell through (no idea what happened there). Also a winger who we failed to sign. I'm not even close to ITK; I know literally no one in the club and simply peruse social media. Some people on Twitter were predicting things accurately weeks in advance. You're also correct in this farcical Maynard chase, which has wasted our summer, has impacted fans' perception of Robinson signing. The source needs to b
  7. Robinson has never scored 15-20 goals in a league season in any capacity, at any level, ever. His record is 13, which occurred in 2008. Our 4 strikers scored 24 EFL goals combined last season. 32 if we include Rodney's eight in the National League. Amoo and Burgess scored 7 league goals combined last season. I'm genuinely not offering an opinion here. I have no take on the Robinson signing.
  8. Don't know what the big fuss on Friday was about. Very unfair criticism of Martin!
  9. Good luck to Theo. I'm choosing to not have an opinion on the signing (or not share it on here, anyways). However, I do find the aggression towards people who aren't 100% positive about this a bit weird. They've got every right to be 'whelmed' by this signing as you have to be excited. You don't have to be an eternal optimist/incessantly positive if your opinion is the opposite.
  10. I literally can't see how people didn't think the same as me mate! It's clear as day. It's not even a big deal, just people on here straight up claiming something that isn't true. I'm coming across like a right mad man on here tonight simply trying to prove I didn't misinterpret things. He whipped up interest, and fair play. Great numbers on social media right now.
  11. Will be getting Maynard on the back 😇
  12. This is it for me. Dreams. Get Excited. Over an away kit? Sure, it's nice, but he knew the people he was engaging with weren't referring to the kit. Come on, he's played us like a fiddle. And fair play, if that's how he operates. He definitely provoked interest.
  13. I want to drop this but this isn't true at all. The tweet mentioned Maynard fairly clearly. But as people have said, we move on.
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