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  1. Yes but some of his comments were laughable. I think 'we weren't brilliant' is putting it mildly! "We had the wind against us", "one goal was an own goal and the other 'looked' offside". He then puts the all important caveat in 'no excuses'. You've just made three. Some fans at games are bad for stick though, I agree; a group at Mansfield gave Amoo vile abuse for an hour before he set up Smith's goal. I think fans just expected more battle and we looked profoundly off the pace for an hour against a team with 4 wins, and led to disappointment. I don't think anyone has properly 'slated' the players, simply pointed out Tuesday wasn't very good.
  2. I keep seeing on Twitter people claiming a left back 'is a must'. It would be nice to get a specialist in but the priority is still the forward line for me. I see Danny Rowe of Fylde has gone to Oldham; a risky move.
  3. Crooks is a slightly below average defender for a League 2 club; he'd probably start regularly at centre half or left back for the teams at the bottom end, or in National League sides. He's still young so the criticism of him in my view is excessive, but that's the case with any player who isn't good enough. They become, literally, one of the worst footballers of all time.
  4. I hope we go 2 up top. Don't care about the result, performance, attendance, or league position, just give me 2 up top. I want 2 up top. 2 up top please Askey. On when the 2 up top go marching in. The Wonder of 2 Up Top 2 Up Top FC
  5. Just a final stat, not edited at all, for those who claim we don't create or cross. Worrall has put in the 2nd most crosses this season (131) and Amoo the 5th most (101). Of every single player in the League. We literally have the most crossiest winger pairing in the league by a massive margin. All we do is put balls, aerially, into the box. People spending 10 seconds 'remembering crossing' and confidently asserting 'we don't put balls in the box' are selectively remembering to fit their narrative. We cross more than any other team in the division by miles. Now, you could quibble on the quality and claim the crosses 'are all bad/useless', but when one of those players has the highest number of key passes, is top 5 for assists, top 5 for completed crosses, and highest xA in the league, and the other recently went on a run of a goal or an assist every game for 4 games, the mantra that the Pope 'isn't being fed' simply falls apart under the first sign of scrutiny. Our entire build up play is predicated on crosses. We have one very good winger, and one serviceable one, and two attacking full backs. Is it at all possible, that at 34 and after several injury layoffs, Pope simply isn't able to bully defenders in the air as he once did? CAVEAT; HE'S STILL A LEGEND.
  6. I've been sceptical over Smith's contributions the last few seasons but he's my player of the year so far. Not a single bad game. Loves a scrap. First name on the team sheet.
  7. Palmer would be reasonable. A definite upgrade.
  8. Excellent post. I am biased in favour of using xG though. Worrall also has the 3rd most successful key passes in the league (30, just behind Danny Mayor and Randell Williams) and I believe he's in the top 5 of successful crosses. Every single statistical metric point to Worrall being a top 5 winger, absolute minimum, this season. When the added eye test comes in, and the exceptional work rate, I can't name a winger, maybe possibly Mayor, I'd rather have. So unfortunately, despite having one of the league's eminent creators in the supply lines, none of our forwards are scoring. The problem is the strikers. We simply can't keep bleating 'feed the Pope' when we've got, by all metrics, one of the most 'feeding' wingers at League 2 level. And no lads and ladies, anecdotal evidence such as 'I go the games and can't remember many good crosses' isn't the same.
  9. I don't think excluding penalties is that radical.
  10. Worrall has the highest number of successful crosses in the league and is one of the top assisters, so he is, by definition, a prolific crosser of the ball. I'm sorry mate but Taylor has 7 goals this year, so your midfield claims don't stand up either. Our lone target man hasn't scored against 11 men, apart from penalties, all season. That's an issue, regardless if you shoehorn the shift of blame to everyone else.
  11. Incredible that you can't argue that with 4 in 24 Pope is having a below par season without people arguing you're denigrating his legacy/saying he's crap.
  12. Come on now, mate. No one is saying he's rubbish, just he shouldn't be our main striker. He's played 24 games against League 2 opposition and only scored 4 times, 2 of them penalties, the other 2 in the same game against ten men. He's yet to score a non-penalty goal against 11 men. He's played 62 in the last 2 seasons and score 15, 6 of them penalties. You can't argue 'he scored against Man City' and then dismiss 'he's failed to score against the worst professional teams in the country, apart from penalties, in 23 of his 24 games'. It works both ways. By the same logic, Amoo set up Pope with a pearl of a cross in front of 50000+ people against a team which cost £200 milion and some on here are questioning his ability as a winger? Are you having a laugh? Alas, because Amoo is far from a legend people have the rationality to accept he's been below par in the league, as has Pope, unfortunately.
  13. Pope's only scored open play goals in one league game out of 24 this season; Morecambe at home, against ten men. Getting bored of having to put the caveat - I still think he's a legend. Top 5. Just not the man for the here and now, and the future.
  14. I did type out a massive response Mike, but I concede he's your favourite player and there's no point as we're never going to look at it objectively. He's given me some of the best memories of my life, but 2 open play goals in 24 (15 x 90 mins in total) is not a good return by any metric, and we can't keep living in the past. Popey's a legend, no doubt. Just think we could freshen up the front line a bit, whilst still retaining a place in the 18 for him.
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