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  1. Classic Crewe. When are the authorities going to shut down an institution that failed to spot rampant and industrial peadophilia despite it working with hundreds of kids? They lack that many morals with ekeing out a promotion and selling off their current crop (though I'm sure Dario will see most of that cash), they'll beg the FA for the points from a team whose players currently face a Christmas with no money. To be fair, they were that bad against us they'll need forfeited 3 points to squeeze out top 7. Get the Alex liquidated, pronto.
  2. One good thing is that Askey seem very capable of developing players. We've seen significant improvements in Smith, Gibbons, Conlon, Worrall, Joyce, Taylor, Burgess, and Montano since he came through the door. The style of football is pretty decent, and I noticed on Tuesday that even our reserves are all comfortable and competent on the ball and passing it. If you're looking for a stable environment where your player will be improved and will be passing the ball a fair bit, we're a good bet. Obviously now we've got a better reputation in the game because of our ownership we should hopefully see some better quality loanees.
  3. He's out of contract at the end of a season, and I 100% remember reading on a Forest fans' site that he isn't expected to be offered a deal there, with them now at the top end of the Championship, considering he hasn't played a minute for their first team. My hunch is that we'll extend in January and Taylor will, quite rightly in his view, see how the season plays out. Gives him a full season of playing time and he won't have to commit himself. If he carries on his form he'll be a free agent with clubs in League 1 and 2 knocking down his door to outbid eachother on wages and he'll take his pick. Obviously, with the trust, development, and support we've shown him we'll have a good chance, but if a 20 year old bags 10+ from midfield (and has more to his games than just goals), I imagine you'll have your top League 1 clubs (Sunderland, Posh, Ipswich, Rotherham) fancying a go and he'll be off there. Would love to be proven wrong but I'd be very pleasantly shocked if he decides to stay with us, if he continues his form/we're still in League 2. Great talent though; shows that the loan market is very useful if we don't employ a scattergun approach and do our homework (he trained with us before signing). Definitely good to have good links with the Forest Academy.
  4. You also said that you didn't think there was any improvement in the squad, and that after 10 games people wouldn't be very happy with where we were in the league I can directly copy and paste the links if you want? Point is mate, you consistently make claims that transpire to be complete rubbish. I'm sure you're a reasonable bloke but a good 80% of your posts are devoted to our 6th choice central midfielder.
  5. Didn't you say Askey was rubbish and all the signings (Burgess, Taylor, Browne etc) were 'on the cheap'? Sorry mate, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to stop sharing opinions. No hard feelings, but you're just not very good at it. I just can't allow someone to get so many things wrong and continue to be allowed to post his views on a public forum. You've got an absolutely phenomenal hit rate of getting things wrong. You can see yourself out. All the best with your future endeavours, Joe
  6. Taylor's contract, from all the sources I've read, is up at the end of this season. If he carries on this form (well on course to smash double figures for goals), it'll be an almighty struggle getting him to stay.
  7. He wasn't even our worst central midfielder tonight but some folk couldn't wait for the self satisfactory "told you he was sh***" nonsense. I know I bang on and I don't particularly rate the lad as a footballer either, but he's working hard and doing a job in the cup games for what will be a pittance. Politely applaud him off for his effort, go home, and stop celebrating his struggles.
  8. Genuinely would start handing lifetime bans for people cheering a player getting substituted. Frog march them out. Get 'em banned. I'll go into their job, and as their boss hands them a P45 for ballsing up the spreadsheet I'll "WAYYYYYY" through the window, having a right old chortle with my pals. Proper winds me up. I've been angry at players being inadequate before but it literally achieves NOTHING, celebrating a lad who knows the fans don't like him getting hauled, with more gusto than either goal. Get them on a register, proper wrong'uns.
  9. Very reasonable performance considering the 7 changes and them having a few decent names out. Played some good football and two well taken goals. I believe Taylor is out of contract in the summer and I read on a Forest website that its not thought he'll be given a new deal. Special mention to the utter freaks who cheered Lloyd getting subbed; he didn't play well but was far from disastrous, and actually had 3 decent attempts on goal in the first half. Absolute weirdos who shouldn't be allowed out on a school night. Have your little vendettas all you want but please do your very best and get it into your thick skulls that denigrating a Vale player's confidence every time he steps out in a Vale shirt is proper strange behaviour, and you all need your hard drives checking. WAAAAAAAY Bazza chuckles to his mate, another destruction of a Vale player complete. "That's my job done", Bazza thinks. Well worth the tenner entry, managed to give Lloyd another mental kicking, as he leaves before penalties to take to Facebook to give him a bit more stick. Rant over. Great week, great time to be a Valiant.
  10. Just having seats in will make the ground look 100x better. This is all getting out of hand now.
  11. I'm quite happy to lose 45-1 if we score that 1 first. Just want the limbs. Those 30 seconds of primal, base emotion. I want to be approx 14 rows away from my Da with a broken limb and a blackout. Preferably someone who never scores like Gibbo. Pep can bring on De Bruyne and they can spank us about all they want. Just a crumb of limbs and £300,000 in Carol and Kevin's wallet please. All I want for Christmas.
  12. Reckon we can be the first club in footballing history to have a chant for their owners? nanananananananannana Carol Shanahan, Shanahan, Carol Shanahan
  13. Genuinely don't know if a Robbie Williams Concert and Man City Away, sandwiching a Tom Pope hattrick to take him to our record post war goal scorer, will ever be topped. I'm giddy.
  14. The man needed to be liked. He'll hate this. Proper egotist. Would have loved the day out, the attention, the interviews. F*** him. Remember where we came from, and it makes tonight all the more sweeter.
  15. Somewhere, Carol is sat, rightly proud and beaming; a good chunk of the extortionate fee she paid simply to keep us alive, to give us all something to do on a Saturday, to carry on the weekly traditions of the generations before us, is going to be paid back with one fell swoop. Revenue from cup competions will probably exceed £500,000 this season. The buzz for the City game will probably boost walk ups over the Christmas period. Genuinely couldn't be more pleased for the Shanahans. They well and truly deserve a heap of money and a day in the hospitality of one of the biggest clubs in the country. Please all, keep in mind Norman Smurthwaite; I'm sure some of you don't like to recall him, or even read his name, but stay with me. A man who willing to see us liquidated out of spite; a man who would have happily rented Vale Park back to us; a man who single-handedly took us to near oblivion. He'll be sat, probably crying, in the lonely and sad life he leads. Reviled by all, the club he refused to care for now has a monumental money spinner within months of him being forced out. Just picture his face when number 62 was drawn away to the Premier League and FA Cup holders. Then picture Carol's smile. Up the cheeky whites.
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