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  1. Absolutely stunning. 5 weeks in and we have the literal quote 'we have owners who haven't the first clue how to run a football club'. 5 weeks. What a horrendously entitled fanbase. I need a break from this.
  2. Why are people just making things up?
  3. Shocked to see he is 35. A quality player, has bagged double figures in the Championship as recent as 3 years ago.... but he got 1 goal last year, 5 before that, and 6 before that. Obviously he'll still have quality but at that age I imagine his pace has gone, and would have cost a bob or two. Bradford will be a very interesting team this year. Very boom or bust signings.
  4. Does anyone actually know anyone (apart from Mickyferns) whose buying of an ST will be impacted by signings? What names are they hoping for? Genuine question. I think people who intend to buy one will have decided to by now. I think the signing of 4th tier players will have a negligible impact in attracting stay aways. They'll turn up if we win games, not if we sign some recognisable but fundamentally standard League 2 players.
  5. You've made the Bowery bit up. Complete conjecture. The idea we'd gotten so far along with Bowery that the social media lad thought he could tease that an announcement was imminent, for Bowery to then drive to MK Dons and sign a deal there, in the same day, is sheer madness. Just like when you said we were talking to Akinfenwa. Day after, he signed a new deal at Wycombe. You keep making things up which undermine your already questionable opinions. Agree with the Lloyd thing though. He's done but they're waiting to pair it with a big name to stop people crying into their keyboards, which is fair enough, and a decent marketing strategy. Bolt him onto the end of a striker signing. I think they were due to announce Lloyd and then several fans started blarting on twitter so they postponed it to coincide with another signing.
  6. No he was spot on. My bad. Ferguson just never played. Regis was the one released for a bad attitude.
  7. Agree with all of that, but unfortunately the game is run by the big clubs. I don't like it, I don't agree with it, but boycotting games has had no affect in the last two years in which most club have posted record low attendances. As long as the big clubs want a plaground for their golden generations, it'll continue in the same format.
  8. Also, for people concerned about lack of transfer activity; only Bradford, Carlisle, and Northampton have signed more players than us so far (not including the inevitable Lloyd).
  9. Bradford doing a lot of risky business. Zeli Ismail, who has some negative reports from Walsall, as well as Adam Henley who is never fit and has just come back from the States, and a defender from Dunfermline. On top of that, they appear to have signed Hornby to at least compete with the unpopular O'Donnell for the number 1 spot, and are signing Richards-Everton from Stanley, lad with non-league and Scottish pedigree prior to 40 games in 18 months at Stanley. 6th signing is a defender from a team called 'AFC Sudbury' from the Bostik League North, whatever that is. Not really a single safe bet there, but they've got a top manager so should do well. Anyone liking any other teams' businesses so far?
  10. Also; its not food sales that would boost our budget. You get cash for every win, and cash for progression. That's the money maker. Finally, we're not as important as people think we are. If we'd not attended vs Stoke last year, no one would have noticed. No debate would have been provoked. Try to avoid hyperbolic condemnation of 'degrading themselves' when most people fancied going to a game of football without your simpering outrage (I boycotted last season, by the way).
  11. Not here to provoke an argument for the inclusion of B Teams. Literally no one likes them. However... They aren't going to go anyway. Lower league fans not attending Checkatrade games is NOWHERE NEAR as important to the EFL as the Prem clubs who demanded B Teams in the first place. They will always satisfy the Prem clubs over us. As I've mentioned, Andy Holt of Accrington says that this is a vitally important revenue stream for lower clubs, and a good run in the competition (backed by good attendances) can boost a club's budget significantly, which seems to be a big gripe on here at the present. Only presenting the counter point. I back anyone taking a moral standpoint against the competition, but if a good run it this meant a bigger budget in 2020/21 then I can put my moral issues aside. Added to that, its unlikelt to make a difference whether me and you go or not.
  12. Crawley have signed Nathan Ferguson, the lad who played and scored in the Checkatrade for us and then vanished, later released as a result of attitude problems. Been at Dulwich Hamlet. Be thankful for Ryan Lloyd, folks
  13. Add Slater and Perry from the Sinnott years onto the list.
  14. 100% agree, he was class. However, I'm wary of forming judgements on players based on those one or two games, and simarly judging new signings based on the same criteria.
  15. Yes their squad was bad. Most teams in this league would be ecstatic at signing Scott Brown, Manny Oyeleke, Tom Pope, possibly even David Worrall and Leon Legge. Bad squads can have good players.
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