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  1. Perfectly summed it up. Top post. We were struggling even before Smith went off; that was just the catalyst for the collapse. Grant bullied us and 2 moments of quality from Doughty put them out of sight. First time I've seen the players visibly wilt.
  2. just sick of snowflakes bringing a good man down feed the pope an he will score
  3. Michael Doughty is also quite the baller. Impressed with him. Doughty + Grant is a decent League 1 central midfield.
  4. Slight concerns from me at the present. Club's in a far better state but we are currently reliant on, largely, our first 11, of which: Brown, Joyce, Legge, and Pope are well into their mid 30s Taylor is a loanee and we have little chance of seeing him here after May Gibbons, Smith, Monty, Worrall, Burgess, and Amoo are out of contract. So of our first 11, they're either entering an age where they are likely to decline, unlikely to be here this summer, or at risk of going on a free. None of this is the club's fault; its the hand dealt by years of squad and transfer mismanagement. Just could be a very hectic 6 months ahead.
  5. Only player to emerge with credit today was Burgess, who never lost the ball (apart from when the unusually poor Joyce decided to pass to him whilst he was on the ground) and was the architect of our only chance which Cullen should have buried. Gibbons always looked to get involved but several threw in the towel/weren't up to scratch.
  6. Can't agree. I attended and we were absolutely dreadful. It was even for the first 10/15 until Grant decided he fancied running the show. He's had on us toast and made us look like amateurs today. Smith went off and we fell apart at the seams. 3-0 flattered us. Several good stops from Brown and bar Cullen's squandered effort we created absolutely zero, failing to test Benda once. They are the top scorers in the division but have lost their two top scorers! There was 30 goals missing from their side today. Clinical doesn't cut it. We were outclassed. The lack of resilience shown by a few of our players today was the biggest disappointment. On to another tough game on Tuesday.
  7. That Lee Power account is a parody, by the way.
  8. Made the late decision to attend this. 2 and a half hour drive to a ground I've never seen a win at. Come on you Cheeky Whites.
  9. I won't name any names but the individuals on Twitter are those who literally moan about anything. I think the most rational fans are the majority; would like one or two signings but trust the people running the club to know what they're doing. If Pope gets a lengthier ban we'll have no choice but to sign a striker. The most urgent priority is contracts; I don't fear losing anyone bar Worrall and Gibbons but decisions have got to be made as to who we are retaining so we can plan for the summer.
  10. He should be held to the same professionalism standards as every other player at the club.
  11. Not commenting on it either way, but just noticed that some of the more 'vocal' elements of our fanbase are getting a bit antsy on social media regarding the lack of movement by us. I'm content in that I trust the people making the key decisions these days, but its just a trend I have noticed recently.
  12. Can't disagree with that. Pope on social media is by far the most objectionable footballer I've seen. Genuinely had enough of him. He's not even very funny. If there's more bans coming (5 games the rumour) then I would question his future at the club beyond this summer. He isn't good enough anymore to warrant this level of unprofessionalism. He's been warned but has (again) let himself, the club, and the fans down.
  13. The one match ban was for another tweet. If true, I imagine the 5 game ban is for repeat offenses. Let's not blame this on 'PC culture/snowflakes'. If you think 'people are so easily offended' is sufficient explanation, you aren't paying attention. Pope has acted unprofessionally with lewd comments, foul language, belligerent behaviour, aggressive opinions, and acting as an embarassment to the club for over a year. He is the captain, media presence, ambassador, and probably highest paid player of a club trying to strengthen ties with the community. Imagine little Oliver, 8 years old, coming home from Primary School. "Mum, some players from the Vale came in today and were really nice! Can I go and watch them on Saturday?" "Sure we can Oliver, let me google the prices and I'll get the tickets booked!" Mother googles 'Port Vale': First result - Tom Pope banned for one match for Twitter activity, further investigation into anti-semitism. "Well, maybe he's a not a main player" Mother finds out he is a former captain and largest profile at the club. Its a hypothetical but I wouldn't be impressed if my kid wanted to go to a game of a club represented by a bloke like this. I'm sorry but if he's banned for 6 games in total there's grounds for dismissal. Its absolutely unacceptable. The FA had a hearing last year. The club warned him last year. He got banned earlier this year. And now he's at it again. This isn't a shock to us. Its so bad none of us could even pinpoint the tweet responsible. If it was literally ANY OTHER PLAYER we'd all be criticising them to no end. Legend on the pitch but all this leaves a sour taste.
  14. Just had a bit of a daydream about Worrall on one wing and Marshall on the other
  15. Mark Marshall released by Gills. Wrong age, and I only mention him because he played for us, but he was class when we had him.
  16. She's 'liked it'. Never did I mention her posting it. I'm sure he's been pretty clear with Pope as to how daft he is being. Its not about whether its right or wrong; he was questioned by the FA last season, he was warned by the club last season, he's been banned this season, and now he's been banned again, not relating to the anti-Semitic line. He's now missed 2 games this year because he can't keep his trap shut about daft things on Twitter. Its fundamentally a joke, and if it was any player bar Popey there would be absolute hell up on here/social media.
  17. Our Chair Lady Carol has just liked the following tweet: I see Tom Pope “saying what he wants” has gone well for him again Make of it what you will. This is on her public Twitter profile, is still there as far as I can see.
  18. Swindon, Crewe, and Plymouth for the autos. Exeter, Cheltenham Northampton, and Colchester. For the playoff; despite experience in the squad, Bradford fans seem unhappy with Bowyer and is struggling to get Doyle firing in his Swindon form. Vale 10th. One of those seasons when we need to win the last 6 with a GD of +32 to get 7th, but at least the season stays alive till the end. Relegated; Carlisle. I think Westley and Adams will keep Stevenage and Morecambe up, and Macc have a habit of pulling it out of the bag. Carlisle have lost Branthwaite and I spoke to a few of them in the pub prior to our game with them this season, and they were very despondent, and its gotten worse since.
  19. Established secure manager, well-run club, evidence that we look after our players, incremental increases in attendances (regularly topping 5k now), more money in the pot, hopefully a top 10 finish. If you're a League 2 footballer we won't be a bad option next year. Would be great to keep all of our players but as I've said, bar Worrall, I won't lose too much sleep if we lose any of them.
  20. Fundamental thing to remember is these same players we're now lauding were consecutive relegation scrappers. Good coaching has improved them as a unit. A rebuild wouldn't be ideal but if we do have to go out and sign a few, all but Worrall are replaceable at this level for realistic prices, and he has actively and publicly stated he wants to stay. Smith's a good centre half but definitely there is equivalent quality out there; maybe not from Madeley or 23 years old, but we got promoted from this league with Clayton McDonald a defensive lynchpin for half of a season, and Liam Chilvers seeing us over the line (I rated them both, but they were hardly anything more than bog standard League 2). We'll be sound. Competent people in charge, these days.
  21. Good news regarding Taylor, and a situation where all parties seem to benefit. I get what Askey's saying but I still imagine a forward will come in on loan; even if its a young lad. Any news on Gabriel? Is he training? Taylor, Gabriel, and a forward may have to suffice for now, on the basis that we extend Worrall et al (possibly not Smith).
  22. If you can't tell, I really, really dislike protracted, 'he said she said' contractual negotiations. Worst part of football.
  23. Not saying you can't, but its a attribute which will count against him. Seems to be the perception I'm arguing Smith isn't good; I'm not. There was an article I wrote on this website's front page in which I said he was one of our best players this year, with a shout for overall Player of the Year. I just don't think he'll go the Championship, and questioned the veracity of the Birmingham link. The gap between our League and the Championship is monumental. I also criticised the Birchall 'in the know' business on Radio Stoke; why on earth is he privy to contractual negotiations between Smith and the club, apparently down the disparity in sums being offered by us and demanded by Smith/his agent? That, or he's making things up. Just don't want this become a 'storyline' for the rest of the season. Unwelcome distraction. If he doesn't want to sign, we shake his hand, thank him for 4 seasons of service, and see him on his way. People arguing 'we give him what he wants' are talking crazy. We pay him what he's worth.
  24. Bar Vale Fan in Alsager its very exaggerative to claim he's been the target of 'boo boys'. I've never heard him criticised at a match or in any way 'booed' in the manner Lloyd and Amoo have been this year. Maybe one call on Radio Stoke about 12 months ago? I think most fans have widely commended his consistency. Stop pretending he's been hard done by.
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