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  1. Disappointed. I thought we were past the stage of rushing players back. It is a long slog to January now. We just have to hope to be bang in the top 3 race and bring in reinforcements. Amoo is really doing a lot for us. He's spent a decade as an inconsistent winger and he's now filling in as a grafting forward. Hope Lloyd isn't far away.
  2. I thought Jones actually looked miles better at LWB and pinged some lovely passes around. We actually had a number of chances second half when we should have sealed the game up. Considering the absentees, I'm fairly pleased. I thought Johnson did exactly what we needed today; no faff launching it at every opportunity.
  3. I thought Gibbo was nailed on MOTM, Garrity close behind. Just incessant drive, even with some mistakes added in.
  4. Have been critical of Garrity but today is the sort of game he thrives in. Scrappy, not a lot of continual possession, a lot of second balls and 'turnovers' which Crosby says he excels at. He is great at picking the ball up in messy situations and getting us forward.
  5. I thought that was Worrall's man but if that's the biggest scare we've had then we managed it fine. There was one where it was fizzed in from the left and their lad miscontrolled it, but I was never concerned and it was a faff-free performance to steady the ship.
  6. Under the cosh? Lucas could have been on Copacabana beach and we wouldn't have conceded.
  7. Sound. For all we've been found out, have no squad depth, and have have ballsed up signing defenders, we're 5th, 2 points off 2nd, and kept a clean sheet today with a new goalkeeper and 3 new centre halves. Strange! They were diabolical and will be lucky to stay up. We played worse today than we did against Oldham yet there's significant less head loss. We can't play like we did today against Exeter, but to be missing as many key players and still deliver a routine win is nice. Hope people can just remember to chill when we put in 1 bad performance next time. Smith, Wilson, Proctor, and Conlon are all key players and we've not really had an issue today. Lucas Legend, Garrity, Amoo good. Rest did their jobs with minimal fuss and we move on with the 3 points. Johnson is a steady head it defender and we looked far more secure with Walker in the middle.
  8. 6th, just above Kjell Knops and below Robbie Earle.
  9. He hit me in the face with a shot in the warmup at Rushden and Diamonds when I was a child. Counted against him.
  10. I go back to the 1890s and I think he's right up there. The facts are clear.
  11. He's an undisputed legend, and probably in the top 5 players we've ever had. Icon does him a disservice, he's way beyond that.
  12. He's second only to Sproson in my view, and another 1-2 clean sheets/faux pulled hamstring should push him over the top. 1 - Sproson 2 - Covolan 3 - Rudge 4 - John McCombe Will not be debating this. The facts are very clear on the matter.
  13. Just remembered these hate Covolan. He simply must be backed as the club legend that he is.
  14. Oh dear. Amoo and Politic either side of Proctor then. Into these.
  15. Maybe true. Will watch a bit more closely tomorrow. My initial theory is that games get a bit more 'hectic' in the last twenty, with teams going more direct and with more mistakes made, so a player like Pett, who thrives in controlled possession, is bypassed slightly. He works brilliantly where we are patient and look for openings via the wingbacks.
  16. Cov Cass Legge Smith Worrall Pett Walker Gibbo Taylor Proctor Amoo Only issue is that I don't think there's any left footers in there sans Jones and Conlon. I've never been convinced by Taylor but I think if we're going to commit to him long-term, we need to use him properly - a number 10. He doesn't get involved enough in the middle to play as a proper CM, but he is very good at timing runs and has positional awareness. Get him working in the space that Proctor and Amoo will create. Pett and Walker can hold down the middle and have an excellent passing range.
  17. There's some really dodgy stats at this level, but these give a basic insight into Pett's importance: 5th highest interceptions/90 of any CM, and highest pass completion of those in top 10 for completions. He's a good sitting midfielder who breaks things up and keeps things moving. I'd be interested in having him and Walker sitting and having either Conlon/Taylor/Garrity playing as a second striker off a forward, as Dodds used to.
  18. Doesn't look like drastic changes if you watch Clarke's interview. Injury wise - "We have had one or two kicks in the teeth if I am honest with you but we have to regroup and the other lads have to come out and show they are ready to go.”
  19. Garrity doesn't have a first touch. Decent away from home as he can break up play and be in the box within the same move, but when you want to hold the ball and control games he honestly looks non-league. Useful player in the right situation but isn't getting in the box anywhere near enough, compared to his mini-goal run. I can see exactly why we signed him but he isn't a 40 game man. I, controversially, also don't particularly rate Taylor, and wouldn't mind seeing Burgess play some games. We had a very good record with him playing the season before last (lost 4 out of his 29 games, one against Man City)- he knits things together and is a nice all-rounder.
  20. I think Jones and Cass are still in our best 'back 5, + Lucas. I'd also argue that the likes of Pett contribute more defensively than Worrall so it's hard to assess defensive utility purely based on where the players are lined up in the formation. I agree with you that there is a hole currently in the squad; a challenge for Leon Legge. I thought Martin would provide that, and I'm not as out on him as others, but he had 100% been disappointing. I also don't think the club has 'no intention' of using Johnson. He had a dodgy debut and has struggled to get back into a team that were winning at a relentless pace. He'll get his chances and I'm not willing to write him off after 100 minutes of EFL football. Our broad point is in agreement; defense still needs signings. I didn't expect every flaw of the squad to be addressed to a good standard in one window.
  21. I agree. He was never going to get a look in when we were winning 9 in 13. He may get another chance yet. Wilson started slow and many (including me) were worried. Some people now think we're in deep trouble without him. To write a lad off this early seems very presumptuous.
  22. I'm not well respected but this is a view I've shared so I will offer a response. Not great, just not poor as you said. I still think that a team that plays a new goalkeeper and 2/3 new centre halves, and is in 5th with the 7th least goals conceded can't be considered to have had a 'poor' defensive recruitment. If it is, then Lord knows what the other 16 teams have done. Just getting a bit binary. If we don't agree it's 'poor', then we must think its 'great'. There isn't a single League 2 team who has a 100% hit rate on signings, so the argument that Benning and Martin are bad means the recruitment was poor doesn't stand up with me. I've criticised Jones, Cass, and Lucas at various points this season, but they still form 75% of a defence which is amongst the best in the division. I agree that a commanding centre half would be nice. Room for improvement definitely, but that's to be expected in a rebuild the size of ours. It would be naive to assume we'd address every flaw in one window. Johnson has barely been given a chance, and especially not as the 'dominant' centre half, after one dodgy debut and then excellent form in the team. Maybe he'll get a chance.
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