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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Justin Miller as the worst right back we've had since I've been watching the Vale. Lovely fella, just wasn't good enough (much like the rest of the squad). Didn't he also have a massive throw that was rarely showcased?
  2. I must admit, I'm also a little underwhelmed so far but all we can do at the moment is trust JA and see how the trialists get on. The year we went up, we all thought we were up the creek too. We were in administration, didn't make any marquee signings and were one of the bookies' favourites to go down. Then everyone stepped up, Pope got 33, and we ended up getting promoted. On the flipside, the likes of Northampton splashed the cash and did sod all. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see a few more signings that I know but we aren't exactly a desirable club to move to as it stands. I wouldn't say I'm a happy clapper, but I'll give it 10 games then make a judgement.
  3. Similar to Gateshead's away kit last year:
  4. At that age it's not talent, it's potential. If teams want to pay for youngsters then so be it and chuck a clause in there relating to senior appearances.
  5. Seems like the best we can hope for is that he signs for a Premier League club and then comes back to us on loan. But given how he's played this year, he's more likely to move on loan to a League One club.
  6. Pretty sure this isn't just about the racist abuse he's encountered. A while back he talked about suffering with depression when out injured for long periods too so this isn't a single-pronged thought that he's having. Also, just because someone's earning loads of money, it's daft to assume that he could retire and live off it without knowing his other personal circumstances.
  7. He won't sell until his deluded valuation of the club is met. As he says, he's never come out of a deal worse than he went in. By that logic, the club will never be sold and the club will be destroyed.
  8. "Up to 80%". I wonder what the "up to" part depends on, and where the other 20% goes?
  9. I think we all know that's going to be another long, tough season but was that not expected? As many have said on here, we need stability and Aspin getting the chop means we're back to square one. Then in a year's time we'll have this same thread and conversation because the new manager won't have built his own squad. The fact is that we may well just have to settle for survival again this season, get rid of some dead wood and then rebuild the squad in the summer. Players like Tonge, Pugh, Lainton, Davis, Barnett etc must be on decent wages so this can be better spent in the summer (or before then). Hopefully on a left back. Saturday was promising - we went to a team that are unbeaten in the league and could have taken all 3 points. Saying that, Forest Green also had chances to kill the game off. I'm not local, so it was the first game I've been to this year but I'm not overly worried. Give Aspin 'til this time next year and -maybe- then talk about him going. Up until then, I'll be getting to any game I can, cheering the lads on and eventually celebrating an away win. UTV.
  10. I think around 12th. If we suffer a couple of injuries and the players bought in from non-league aren't up to scratch we could really struggle. Having said that - last time were promoted, we were one of the favourites to be relegated. Anything can happen in this league but I'd be happy with midtable and then build next year for a promotion push.
  11. I remember going to one when I was about 9 - got my shirt signed by the likes of Billy Paynter, Sam Collins, Mark Goodlad et al - one of my fondest memories as a Vale fan, meeting my heroes. Pretty sure there were tours around the ground going on and an open training session. Dead good for younger fans in particular.
  12. Errea have been great design-wise in my opinion. Avec currently provide for Darlington and Bradford. Pretty sure they've dealt with Donny, Scunthorpe and Palace in the past too? I'd take either.
  13. Craig Davies, Sam Togwell and Lee Collins really contrast with Kevin Gall, Tobias Mikkeaelson and Dominic Blizzard don't they?
  14. Echoing what others have said - the “stewarding” was a joke. Sit where you want in a sellout stand? Madness. I know it mustn’t happen often but that was a joke.
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