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  1. Maybe the BBC are the dumb ones to pay that sort of money then
  2. For heaven's sake,shearer and wright are dumber and dumber
  3. Apparently Stoke made the premier with only 1 plan,stayed there with no plan b for quite a while,making no friends along the way? Just a thought
  4. W.N.E.? Looking at the design it must mean Williams Needs Executing.
  5. Really enjoyable gents,many memories brought back,the on ya!
  6. Though Louis Dodds plays quite poorly, he's good enough for Chorley,surely...
  7. Love Gil Scott Heron, Pieces of a man is one of the greatest debut LP's by anyone,ever. A true talent.
  8. Lah Di Dah is a tremendous track, eloquently put ennui and affection in one song.
  9. Bit of a tongue twister after 5 pints of Titanic Playa
  10. There were some new songs from the Railway as well,how long has it been since that last happened? A really good sign that.
  11. A superb performance, knocked out with the effort and belief that was so evident on the pitch yesterday. I have been guilty of doubt over the manager before now but ,boy, was I wrong. Glad I have been proved wrong.utv
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