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  1. Wise words from John McCombe, really hits home.
  2. I'd be more annoyed if I only had Newcastle to watch...
  3. Pay offs may be the only way because at least two of them are not worth keeping. The cost of poor transfer dealing, sadly.
  4. Good luck to him,hope it works out for him. But he was never going to fit into a leaner,fitter side as we'll be next season. Always a sad thing when a player can't achieve their potential. Can't wait to see who will replace him.
  5. Considering the nature of your text, second coming could be misunderstood!
  6. Thanks for the clarification,cheers.
  7. Sorry,I haven't heard that interview. I just get frustrated with Manny more than any other player as I feel he can be a bit mollycoddled to use an old phrase. Not the same commitment as someone like Worrell... personal opinion.
  8. Then why was he removed? Do you think he is value for money week in week out?
  9. This afternoon has convinced me that Manny must go. Not fit enough to be a pro,no matter how talented we're told he is and not tough enough either. Thanks but no thanks.
  10. The man is a realist,really taken with him.
  11. What a wonderful stat that is,thanks
  12. He's started to crop up on you tube
  13. Go to posted images and watch time and time again, bloody marvelous
  14. Love how their no.5 throws up his arms for offside! lol
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