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  1. I can recall quite a few times when you've looked dead and buried in December but turned it around in the New Year. Plenty of time yet... good luck,as you seem a true fan.... can't help enjoying Dour Dave suffering though,sorry.
  2. You try spelling anything after drinking Lymestones Abdominal Stoneman
  3. Watching football is a very emotional thing but sadly some fans are often "tired and emotional" during game time. Hope it doesn't put your kid off. It can be difficult to explain an intimidating atmosphere,good luck.
  4. Therefore he needs to show his conviction that it's a squad game, which it is and which he has,but it didn't work today as it did last week. There's a good squad there but working out the balance is tough but that is the job and where ,in time, he'll be judged but not after such a short time.
  5. In fairness Amoo made all the difference last week coming into that position but agree it was a strange double sub.
  6. I'm really hopeful because we have done so well in the games that we've expected to get nothing. Said before last Saturday that if we got anything from Orient then something special is happening... can't see any reason to change my mind UTV
  7. Sadly the world we knew has changed in every aspect... everything bows to the premier league greed machine. This is johnson's britain,be grateful for your crumbs.
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