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  1. If he hasn't learned diplomacy by now then he never will. I personally feel that he's an ungracious fellow and his goals shouldn't give him carte blanche to act without impunity. As for a testimonial,well count me out.
  2. Not loyal? He'd have been shown the door much earlier at other clubs after his persistent foolish tweeting. Also, respect is something that is confered upon you by other people,not something you can just demand. Whatever he was as a player he has no class as an individual.
  3. An even better option for us !!
  4. Am I being cynical to think that bar takings are going to go through the roof? Because of increased gates of course....
  5. A wasted talent,or a talent wasted by an over ambitious agent.
  6. Can hear the slow water drops from here...
  7. As we used to say in the 70s,"they've more coaches than Stonier's"!
  8. Wanted to hear a mid-field confrontation between Mueller and Rice.....
  9. I'm eating humble pie for tea...I know it's not a particularly good German team but I thought the team selection was wrong... instead I was wrong. Well done, keep on proving me wrong and make me happy at the same time 😁😁
  10. The selection of a scared manager imo
  11. If we can get stuck in like the Czech team did today.... attitude is everything, forget history!
  12. Suppose it's regionalist or nationalistic,but he has got the right idea and good on him
  13. That's what I wanna hear, let's have it.....
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