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  1. Just seen that mate...we should complain,hey?
  2. If ever there was a match that needed a strong, capable and anti-cheating referee then this is it... Please,give us a homer...🙂👍
  3. Totally agree,but also feel that get through or not,we threw points away weeks back and didn't show control when we needed it. That means that I won't be shattered if we fail as I don't think we were good enough to be an automatic promotion side...if we go up it would be a massive bonus. Is that a fair point of view?
  4. No problems mate... just thought it was getting a bit out of sorts. Sod him,boost us. Like everything else in your reply,come on you Whites! Cheers!
  5. Hello admin,any chance you could make a separate thread for those who want to comment on a certain horrible opposition player ? Then we can just post on here about the Vale and Thursday night,cheers.
  6. At 61 I'm just too old to be on the pitch,pity....
  7. Whatever send off he may receive,it wouldn't be good enough in his eyes,he still moan about it... not enough there, asked the wrong guest players, didn't do me justice...no class
  8. That's not true but we absolutely lack someone who can change a game when needed
  9. Great stuff...love Kipling,a genius-poetry and exceedingly good cakes...
  10. Ok,got that out of the way,where are we going for lunch?
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