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  1. Not worth considering,ta-ta now mind the roads....
  2. Good on ya Breadwinner and all the rest of ya....been getting things wrong since I turned down The Beatles when I worked for Decca......UTV.....humble pie for tea(again)!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Glad to be so wrong 😁 Just going to check on my Betamax and V2001 shares!
  4. Hope you are right and I'm wrong...time will show the wiser.....
  5. I'm more afraid,3-0, I'm afraid. Be chuffed at owt better but fear this is DC's wake up call. Hope I'm wrong and all can rub my nose in it ... I also predict Ronaldo to totally mess things up at man.u with his monster ego upsetting th'apple cart.
  6. True words,sir...can be a cynical world can't it?
  7. Worried about missing out on the IPL gravy train. Money ruining sport and standards yet again,sadly.
  8. I suspect that a lot of it may be directed towards DC and his tactics? He's still very much Marmite for some people who are 40 years loyal fans. Just a thought.
  9. It was her own counselling that inspired my eldest daughter to become a support officer. It also was massively helpful to my wife after double bereavement. To quote a wise man," no man is an island,entire of itself". Shared experience is a true bond-why else do we all communicate on this excellent website.
  10. Admiration to both you and WV for your strength in posting your feelings. My kids work as a carer for Mencap, a student support officer and a trainee social worker. I'm so proud of them all doing work to help others. Love and support are the key things in our world if we want to live humanely. Wish you both the best.
  11. Sums up the experience of us Vale fans so succinctly πŸ˜πŸ‘
  12. I'm Brings to mind an old TV advert for British Gas(maybe)where Brian Clough was talking about home energy whilst introducing us to his new goalie Alphonse who was diving around the living room. Anyone else remember it?
  13. So Rory,are you in Ambridge, Oxbridge or Ireland?
  14. George Lloyd knew my father, father knew George Lloyd...singalong!!
  15. The whole presentation is encapsulated by angela Smith's voice -monotonous. Same callers, repetitious interviews and smug hosting. Blakeman still sounds like a schoolboy who's won a kid's competition to get on the radio for a day. I listen less and less each week,the only hilarious part is when Downbeat Dave talks about his crwho? team,his monosyllabic answers and world weary delivery make Jack Dee sound like Mr Enthusiasm,true post modern comedy.
  16. Really well expressed,just what I would have put forward myself,cheers.
  17. I have not taken against DC at all,but he is responsible for that first half performance ,he chose the starting X1 and he should have them motivated to perform. I wish him all the best,it is early days but he has to back up his arrogant manner with results, plain and simple.
  18. Didn't like the part of the interview where he claims,"well, I've done my job",as though absolving himself from the first half performance.
  19. I really have little liking of the world we live in anymore, financial motive is king. Used to love the Green un,it was my job to take a copy into The Albert on a Saturday evening when I lived in Newcastle in the 90s and talk about results with a few of us Vale and a lot more Stokies. Things have changed with a loss of regional identity. Thank my lucky stars I was born when I was,1961,lived through the most interesting of times.
  20. Is this comment a juvenile attempt at making paedophilia humorous? You've been in trouble on here before,grow up.
  21. The deterioration of test cricket is symptomatic of the modern desire to shorten the format of everything,be it sport (limited overs becoming 20-20,the hundred etc) or putting shopping in a one stop retail park. It feels like all has to be made more marketable but at the sacrifice of tradition and quality. We live in a world where bland smug gits like shearer,Wright,cowell and Morgan are taken seriously within the media. And a self serving liar for a PM,what an awful era to be living in Britain.
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