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  1. Mckirdy may have had his moment on Saturday but just think,every day he has to look in a mirror and see that he is a double of Dave Hill from Slade,ugleee!
  2. Agree with all of this but we have to remember that DC thinks in terms of a squad,not just an eleven. The new strength in depth will allow him to rotate with, hopefully,no loss of quality. Pep roulette in Boslem? Wow!
  3. Tricky,yes,but we may yet lose Conlon...hope not. But to paraphrase Woody Allen,as tricky situations go, it's one of the best. I'll take an abundance of riches anytime!
  4. Took us about 15minutes to get in. Of the 2 stewards standing by the gate,one of them was totally motionless and just staring into space,statue like. Finally the taller one asked us to queue at the season ticket door where a guy in front of us couldn't get his phone ticket to scan. No fault of the lady on the turnstile,just poor technology.
  5. You and sunny,mmm, that's one person then.
  6. Just wondering,if Boxing Day goes ahead,how many people who would normally plan to attend might think twice about it due to risk of COVID. I'm unsure about going myself, be interested to hear what others think.
  7. He's played both,as expected 😡
  8. Wonder where my Patrick Kenny Dalgliesh boots are,£12.99 from Power Sports,tower square Tunstall are...anc league hot shot Sunday morning at Hanley Park..... probably swapped them for a Fall l.p.
  9. We clung on there to take 3points,great stuff Vale,just kept ourselves out of jail as it were,ha ha.
  10. Fantastic,what a squad,really impressed...so proud of you!!! Well done Dazzler,you deserve it all UTV
  11. Are you suggesting that our manager knows "the ways"? Good,glad he does!
  12. Shouldn't be a problem cause you often sound full of crap 🙂👍😂
  13. He can always appeal that he has no recollection of a physical content at the time... What goes around comes around...reap what you sow,joe
  14. Bloody good luck to them, hope we get a result to make us feel proud. Goooo ahhhn Vale!! UTV
  15. Let's hope Deadly Denis is still with us for this game! Potential for a Golden Gordon imo!
  16. Bang on, it's a bloody raffle, just be glad to be in it, which we have earned,sure,but where does the sense of entitlement to a great draw come from?!?
  17. Looking forward to seeing Smudge "get to grips" with Ivan Toney...red card one way or the other!
  18. Prem team not good enough? Blimey,get a grip.
  19. He was covering the Sunderland v Oxford game today for Radio 5 The further away the better! Acres covers games all over the country but it sadly doesn't mean that we are shot of them. Anyway, enough attention for the fool tonight, ignore, ignore, ignore and bring on Monday's draw utv
  20. I fear we will have to suffer him for years as he's too crap to progress up the BBC ladder,so he's the new Mel Scholes, garbage but we're stuck with him. Such a shame that our local radio station is cringe worthy.
  21. What do people expect him to do every match? We have to be realistic, he's as raw as he ever was, he's not a first choice,but it's Hobson's choice at the moment so encourage him,those who slate him do not help him.
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