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  1. Would like to cut his tongue off at the root!
  2. That's not true but we absolutely lack someone who can change a game when needed
  3. Great stuff...love Kipling,a genius-poetry and exceedingly good cakes...
  4. Ok,got that out of the way,where are we going for lunch?
  5. Not picking up any sense of belief or confidence on this thread, seems distracted and downbeat...Come on you Whites!! If we can beat Exeter we can beat anyone...sod how many tickets we may not have sold...if you are there make a noise...are other teams sites not upbeat and chest-thumping?!? Make some din!
  6. Well, radio stoke were there for example 😊
  7. She'll be able to sell you some tickets she made earlier...
  8. Yes,I get as angry as you but the only solution is to turn your head away for 10 seconds. Ignore, ignore, ignore...never give them the pleasure of looking at them...am I telling someone how to suck eggs? Apologies if so...🙂👍
  9. Must get you to look at my feet and see if you can find a sense of humour there 😉
  10. Wish your defence responded as slowly as you
  11. Your view is worthless
  12. Can't argue with you mate. Worries me that credit may be down to him,God forbid!!
  13. My youngest daughter lives in Cotham which is such a cool area, won't forget an evening we spent in the Cider House a decent stagger away...if Barton wasn't such a sh!t of a man I would really want to wish you the best, but....
  14. Just have to mention....for a player who some have given criticism,how absolutely class was James Wilson's finish. He's a top player and has a quality that we should be proud of,all of us.
  15. There's more chance of Jesus Christ returning than Dennis.
  16. Don't think they really hate us, they're just drawn in by the shiny coins at the other end of the city....oooh, the shiny shiny!
  17. Distract them with the Salford tractor!
  18. Their home end invaded the pitch...what a horrible club they are. Sod em, don't need to think about em now,let's get ready to do a job on Swindle!
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