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    I wish the guy who sits in front of me in the Railway Stand bad mouthing Joyce would get himself to some away games so he could see how important Luke Joyce is to our midfield. Another immense performance from him today.
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    What a result! JA and the team making people on here look more and more daft... I’m suspecting certain individuals will be very very quiet tonight! One in particular will no doubt be searching the records from last year trying to find something to compare us unfavourably too Isn’t it surprising that when you take away the short term view of certain poor results and look at the bigger picture that things start to become clear. Improvement from last year, more attacking, better football to watch,2 points off the playoffs! Keep making the moaners look stupid lads!!
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    The seasons hardly begun, maybe it’s a bit early to be expecting this just yet? We certainly don’t want to be broadcasting what, if any, money we have in the pot for future transfers, that’d be madness.
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    I've been asked to post this by JAMO-IN-MEXICO as he had issues with the images - Rob Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne. As we approach the 21st anniversary of the beginning of construction of the famous Burslem worshipping Church I thought it time to look at the icon’s birth and early years of its construction. As the brain child of local architect and car salesman Antoni ‘Billy’ Bellgaudi, plans were drawn up in 1998 for a new centre of worship to replace the aging church built just after the war. Billy Bellgaudi in his early years as a repairer of horseless carriages Work began in 1999 and you can see in this picture how the new structure began next to the original church for continuity of worship for the Cult of PVFC followers. A later picture of Bellgaudi during the time the chapel had become habitable. During this time dignitaries from very famous churches from places like Leeds and Arsenal dined within the halls and chapels of the structure. The new TV technology from the BBC, a sort of ‘radio with pictures’ even had their own gantry for their Saturday night Songs of Praise program on which the Cult of PVFC then featured. The 8,ooo seater viewing platform where the faithful could sit to worship and watch the Familia not being finished as the years rolled by. Visiting worshippers of other churches had their own structure. Lead was stripped from other local churches as the great roof demanded more materials than the congregation could afford. Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne as it is today. The Cult fell into decline as funding dried up. Some worshipers began to watch services from the TV from pubs in the town. After Bellgaudi left the church some of the local clerics tried to keep the place going for a while but their naivety meant they invited others bearing fools gold into the church and it all came to grief. EL SMURFO bonum est faciet cry baby A local stone mason firm of Begbies Trayner crafted a new gargoyle for the church in 2013 and things got worse. Here below is a picture of the controversial gargoyle El Smurfo. Many of the Cult began to realise that the new gargoyle was possessed by the Devil and fought for its removal from the Familiia before the entire Cult of PVFC was destroyed and cast into the pit some call NON-LEAGUE. Fortunately, we were saved by a saintly couple of angels in the nick of time. They intend to finally complete the Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne and provide a place for young worshipers in the remaining unbuilt part of the church – a sort of Soft Pray area – if you like. UTV #newera Kevin Bassett – Mow COP parish of the Cult of PVFC
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    Morecambe are going to regret all the cheating and timewasting.
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    Bennett is miles ahead of Pope for me so far this season. Hope Popey makes me eat my words, though. Just feel we need Bennett’s mobility and pace.
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    Give me where Vale are today compared where we were this time last year in every aspect of the club and playing staff, we are miles better off. Keep up the good work Mr and Mrs S and JA.
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    Get in Vale! A very welcome 3 points... a pretty dull game with very little on offer from both sides...that does mean however that we kept them quiet and stifled their play. A Cambridge supporting friend of mine has been saying they have been far improved this season and creating lots of opportunities... we not against us they didn’t! While the performance wasn’t great we have played well in other games and been robbed of a win (Northampton, Salford) so this even things up a bit. The Vale are a better side than we were last season. Slow and steady improvement. Well done so far Mr Askey!
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    I think the initiative to raise standards through out the club is to be applauded,if I could afford the kind of money to have a box (Highly unlikely) ! I would hope that the standard of dress reflected the cost of the box, I wouldn't want to see people wandering round in scruffy clothes, football shirts and shorts. Sorry if that offends those whose chosen clothing is the above, I dont mean to offend, but I am surprised that there were no restrictions in situ in the first place,so good luck to Kevin and Carol in your attempts to raise our profile.
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    email is excellent response Dear Hospitality Box Holder Firstly, thank you for your support, as we enter our New Era at Port Vale. We are overwhelmed by the response of the fans and especially to you, our hospitality customers, who very quickly showed your support. Thanks to you, we now have a healthy, but frustrated (!), waiting list for our boxes and President seats. Our aim throughout the club is to raise the standard and bring back the pride to Vale Park that we have all seen deteriorate over the last few years. To this end we emulated a number of other clubs and looked to introduce a dress code for hospitality. Having received mixed but emphatic “feedback” we feel that within our enthusiasm and excitement we haven’t worked in the collaborative manner that we always aspire to. We have therefore, taken a decision to delay making any changes on the match day Hospitality Experience (other than the food of course). Over the first two home league matches (Northampton and Forest Green) we will look to canvas your opinions on everything from food, service and dress code so that we can produce a set of guidelines that everyone feels comfortable with. Please can we emphasise that we can only influence off the pitch and not on! [emoji4] We look forward to welcoming you back to Vale Park for the new season.
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    Overall I thought that was a good battling performance. A total contrast to last season there. That first 25 minutes or so really showed what we can do. We had both flanks pushing on causing problems for their full backs. We had the midfielders and centre half's getting on the ball and switching play. We were pressing and forcing mistakes, we had a few half decent efforts from Amoo, Manny and Gibbo in there too and the goal was nothing more than we deserved. Worryingly after that 25 minutes our work rate in front of the back 4 dropped, their defenders and midfielders were getting on the ball much more, they were overloading us down the left and we couldn’t get out. In the main our defence kept a really good shape, there was very little space for them to play inbetween our fullbacks and centre half's, which is what the defence work on a lot and most of what they got in to the box was dealt with. Having said that I thought Gibbo was getting too tight and getting in to a holding match with Nouble saw him rolled easily or concede a few free kicks. Disappointing to concede so late in the half, but to be fair they probably deserved it. Second half I thought we improved the defensive side in front of the back 4, Worrall put a real shift in until his booking which pretty much killed his defensive duties and him going off was the right move, but he and Gibbo having linked up well attacking in the first 25 minutes were able to link up well defensively and it was a better half in that regard for them. Amoo faded second half and arguably offered little threat, although I’m not convinced Bennett is the answer there and i thought our left hand side ended up being exposing a bit more in that second half, especially when he came on. Again we dealt really well with a lot of stuff they threw at us, I think Browns only real save came from a cross, unless someone got a touch on it on its way through I couldn’t tell. Both full backs tucked in and covered well at the back post. Smith and a Legge got their and heads and bodies in the way of virtually everything. We had a couple of decent opportunities ourselves that came down the right, in particular Cullens chance from a great through ball from Gibbo, for all the world I thought he should have taken it early on his left. I’d love to see that one back. Manny ended up with a decent chance to shoot on goal in the last minute too and our work rate never stopped. Joyce, Manny and Conlon put some miles in across that middle too. Manny was relieving pressure by running with the ball, and it was a total contrast to his personal performance at the same ground last year. Colchester are a good side, they have a lot of quick players and players comfortable on the ball, I can see them giving some sides a good hiding at their ground this season. Overall I was happy with that performance, I didn’t expect us to get anything if I’m honest. For me there were a lot of positives in that game, the first 25 minutes especially how we linked up well and looked to have a pattern of play with intent, with everyone getting involved on the ball. Smith and Legge did well, Gibbons comes out of that with a lot credit too. Worrall goes without saying. But I’d probably put Manny as my man of the match. For those listening at home what was Radio Stokes view on the game, team performance and individual performances?
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    Went today and it was notable that our passing and movement is massively improved from last season. Colchester are one of the finest teams in the division and we gave them a game. Last season each fixture home and away was over after 30 mins. We were miles away. We were less effective in the 2nd half but we stayed with a dangerous, attacking Colchester team who were no weaker than last season. Amoo and Crookes looked great. Worrall and Legge were unconvincing. Pope looked sharp...Cullen looks promising. Overall the clues are there...this will be a much better season.
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    Not losing 13 home games should see us move significantly up the table which must be possible just by being fitter, better organised and a bit more positive, even with a team that will be quite similar to last season. i would be happy with 15th/16th and not having my head in my hands for large proportion of games.
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    (Quick note than things can and probably will go wrong so let's keep a level head and remember this club would have been liquidated in May if Carol and Kevin hadn't blown the retirement fund/their kids' inheritance).
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    I'd have posted the goal but I'm too busy punching the air fcuk off Salisbury you utterly useless CNUT GET IN
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    A nonsense and waste of time, as the level of fines suggest. I was at that game, which was played in a good atmosphere, the incident was a bit of posturing. If anything, the response of the authorities has done more to bring the game into disrepute than anything which happened on the field.
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    Popes first goal was class,a good cross from Wazza but not much pace on the ball but a fantasticly placed header ,the second showed if his experience ,3 players around him in the box and the ability to stay calm under pressure,top man Popey.
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    That one feels like a defeat but in the cold light of day tomorrow a draw will look like a fair result. Brilliant first half apart from a lapse that let them take the lead... but from that moment we were brilliant. Pope lead the line very well (and cane agonisingly close with a header) and our wingers had acres of space. They couldn’t handle our corners and we should have put the game away. special mention about the atmosphere as well... it was great. second half their sub (Harrold) changed everything and they deserved their equaliser after a period of domination. Before Taylors wonder strike I would have guess they would go on and win it, and we scored against the run of play. taking the lead is what made it feel like points dropped... and unfortunately the two people at fault were Brown who should have come for the cross and Legge whose header away was poor. Many will try and blame their favourite scapegoat but having been there and watched it unfold, and watched the reply on the feed again just, that just feels a bit lazy and boring. He was marking his man and there were 2 other vale players between him and the guy who crossed it. wins at home and draws away is the old mantra. Great performance, a useful point but one massive disappointment given it was in our hands.
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    Bennett scored yesterday ... Why would he be dropped. He is now the top goal scorer at the club with 4 from open play while Tom has 1 penalty. It would make sense to go to Orient with an attacking mentality and that would not be Tom Pope leading the line. I would start with Bennett and if it was deemed beneficial that he be substituted then I would go for Archer who would worry any defense more than Tom. I know there are folk who still say Tom is a 20/season man but that was a few years ago now and as I know very well, as you get older you still think you can do what you have always done but unfortunately father time has the last word and we all have to slow up. This is shown up by the younger, fitter and more driven people wanting your crown. Last night we had two midfielders who scored their first goals for Vale and showed speed and pace that we have been crying out for ......Why would we want to not promote that style of play all over the field. Bennett stays put for me .
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    10k is a decent sum for any league 2 club, win tonight and that’s 20k already. after these group stages, the prize money increases to 20k per win, could easily make 6 figure sums with a decent run.
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    Just think we look a better side with him on the bench personally. Thought it for most of last season as well. The issue when he plays is we seem to be extremely one dimensional and just leather it up to him. Personally happy with Bennett to keep starting and use pope as in impact sub
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    Seeing how West ham kids did on Wednesday I'd say pace will panic that Newport defence start with Worrall and amoo and have archer and browne on the bench for the last 30-35 minutes. Tough game but if we play how we have most of the time we can give anyone in this league a good game
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    Best footballing performance I’ve seen for a long time! Deserved win. Pope is going to have to put in some performance to shift Bennett from playing up top, excellent display. Worrall - what a performance never stopped running, if we had another 3 of him in the midfield!!!!
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    This is the thing with Ben... every argument in his favour is an emotional one. This “his goal kept us in the football league” argument is an emotional. It was one of a number of winning goals that did so. I agree it’s the one we emotionally remember and gave us the biggest relief. But our entire season wasn’t that goal. Factually, he hasn’t performed. Emotionally he has given us some memories. i don’t think we can afford his wages for a few emotional memories.
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    I think the one observation (and not a criticism) was how the comms could have been improved in what was a very dynamic and challenging situation. I was working so couldn't get to VP to queue up. As the club had stated you could get your tickets over the phone both me and the wife called over 100 times only to learn later that the club was not taking calls. A simple voicemail or social media announcement as things developed stating that things had changed and only in person sales would be made would have been simple to do and would have saved a lot of time and frustration. Once we heard there were still tickets left on Saturday it was up early and got our tickets sorted so all worked out in the end. A voicemail on the ticket line is so simple to do and would have saved a lot of angst for so many people
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    That’s nothing. The American president prefers putin to his own intelligence service.
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    Will card readers be issued to the homeless? Will charity boxes be swipe enabled? Will everyone be granted a bank account no matter what their circumstances? Markets/car boots/street vendors/school fairs/instant reissue of cards on loss...... just a few of the relatively minor problems..... add in the costs of using a card abroad..... rubbish exchange rates/high bank charges/certain cards unacceptable etc. An old adage...... if a computer can write it it can also rewrite it. The obvious problem is system failures/power outages/hacks.
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    Totally agree, A very good read and interesting the comments about the previous dictator which are slowly coming out where once kept quiet. So much we know, so much we think we know went on but i'm sure that didn't scratch the surface to the actually full on issues he caused behind the scenes - this is one reason why I wouldn't knock Aspin 1) because he kept us up after browns tenure and did a fantastic job but 2) the way the club was ran would erode the most committed employee with they must have had to put up with(prob told not to play players if they were due a bonus etc) Back on the article, left over pies seriously how low can you get to save pence. Been said but thank you, thank you Carol and Kevin for caring and saving the club and I hope these articles in the national press (prev one in daily mirror) stick in the throat of smurthwaite as his ego wanted to control good exposure only
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    Come on Vale. Good or even an ugly win today would be good. Nice cup run would be good for the club and would provide some income to get players in Jan window.
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    Not sure Askey brought Popey on earlier on your recommendation.
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    Couldn’t agree more... I sometimes think Vale fans have become addicted to drama, and when there isn’t any, they will create some. JA is doing a decent job. He is a perfect manager for Carol and Kevin, who are new to football ownership, given he ran Macc from top to bottom in his time there. He needs time to keep turning the QE2 of a disaster caused by Smurthwaite... so far he is doing it.
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    People calling for his head are bonkers (that’s if there are any), we should be doing all we can to ensure he’s building something in that 3 year spell. Like I said earlier in the thread look at Crewe, Artell was a dead man walking if you listened to praise and grumble last season and the year before, now look at them. Time and patience are needed here, we can’t keep having a knee jerk reaction having had so much upheaval of the last 3 years with managers and so many coming and goings with players. At some point you have to stick and be bold and give someone the time and the chance to do something. Problem is that we seem to have a minority who expect everything now.
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    So what if he called a few people out for criticising him? I'm pretty sure that if people are willing to stick their neck out to criticise someone, they should at least be tough enough to take it on the chin when that person has a go back. So he hasn't quite used an eloquent tweet to do that, I couldn't give a toss. People get upset too easily these days, by everything. Well done Tom for standing up for yourself. He's still more than good enough for us, and I'm sure most teams in our league wouldn't mind have Popey in their squad to call upon. Anyone who doesn't think Popey is club legend needs to have a word with themselves in my opinion. This lad has never given less than 100% and is one of the clubs all time top scorers, basically getting us promoted in 2012/13, and keeping us from dropping in to oblivion in 2018/19. If that doesn't qualify for 'Legend' status I don't know what does.
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    I don't think they want him to fail, they just think he isn't good enough. (besides ernie)
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    Can I just point out that on the day the referendum was announced, I said that it was daft to have a vote to return the sovereignty of the UK by taking away the sovereignty of the UK Parliament. I never believed the first referendum was a sensible way of dealing with a complex constitutional question which few people really understood. I don't believe we should have a second referendum. I voted remain on the basis that if staying in the EU turned out to be a bad decision we could revisit the decision. If we left the EU and it went <ovf censored> up then we'd never get back in on the deal we have at the moment. Even the leavers are now admitting that there will be problems. It's like shooting yourself in the foot - you know it's going to hurt like hell and will make your life very difficult for a while. But don't worry because in the long term it will all heal up - unless you get an infection and your foot drops off, or you get sepsis and you die. It's all a hell of a risk isn't it?
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    I enjoyed that game today, I didn’t think there was much between the sides but we deservedly came out on top. The back 4 have to come in for a lot of credit today because I don’t recall Brown having a save to make. They did the ugly stuff well and kept the ball out. I mentioned it at half time but there was some really good defending from the full backs at our back post, people may take that for granted and not notice it but we conceded goals that way last season and it just how we’re slowly improving. This back 4 are getting better as a unit IMO. Crookes arguably had his best game for us today, and got forward too, whilst Legge and Smith were solid again. Gibbons came through a dodgy opening ten and defended with tenacity and second half got forward to put a couple of decent balls in too. Today was a hard game for our full backs, they were having to close down wing backs on the half line or inside the oppositions half and that takes a lot of fitness and desire and in the main they hardly threatened with any real purpose. joyce had another good game in the middle and rarely gave the ball away, I can remember one dodgy pass in the second half and someone next to me stood up and shouted <ovf censored> off Joyce. He can’t have understood what role Joyce was bringing to the side, he was constantly on the ball and changing play. Worrall is another having a good season and today was no different, he put another good shift in. Topped off by some quick thinking that lead to our goal. The injuries to Conlon and Evans were unlucky, hopefully they’re not too bad. But if they are then it leaves us short of cover with Manny still out. Taylor has a good game too, his energy and closing down was his big strength for me today and it meant they couldn’t rest on the ball. I thought Monty was excellent today, ran at them, caused them problems and he should have scored to put the game to bed. Brown did well going forward, I’m convinced he has more speed than he showed today though, but he’s strong on the ball and it was a promising debut. My only criticism would be that it looked like he doesn’t fancy going back the other way defensively too much. Bennet is a frustrating player, one minute he’s really weak at holding the ball, then the next he’s bringing players in to play with some great touches, then the next he’s out on the wing getting in the way of wingers and full backs and isn’t where he should be and then he’ll win a great flick or put in a good ball like the one for the goal. I am not convinced though by his aerial prowess in the box. But his problem is that he’s compared to Pope who’s by far one of the best strikers in the league for his hold up play and heading ability. Plymouth have some good players but like I said I don’t recall Brown being called in to action. Oh and no one is going to convince me that it wasn't a plan to kick the <ovf censored> out of Danny Mayer early doors too, Worrall, Joyce and Conlon all had go before Gibbo succeeded and in the main he ended up having a quiet game as a result. Overall that was a strong team performance, committed and with some quality too. We look loads better than this time last year.
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    Looks like another fans favourite in Archer seeing him tonight. Mobile and strong and with some speed. Well done the Vale players and staff.
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    Cracking result that for Stoke tonight. Keeps Jones in a job for a bit longer and something something 1972.
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    I see some posters finally have their chance to post after a few quiet weeks. We will hopefully finish around 15th this year, that involves winning some and certainly losing a few. Terrible day in the office, needs improving... if some people could try and sound less pleased it would be good!
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    Best half I’ve seen from vale for a while. Excellent and a shame to only go in at 2-1 don’t let this one slip lads. 6 from 4 and unbeaten will be a very good start. Bennett has looked much better than when I saw him against Colchester.
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    As things stand, I wouldn’t be disappointed to see Whitfield on the bench, to be bought on with 15 - 20 mins of the game left. Whatever the stats say, he has shown he has a bit of creativity, something which I see as lacking in the team. Would I trust him as a starter? No, probably not.
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    Agreed. For the first time since Page was in charge you can see what we are trying to do. With regards to Manny, is he over doing the weight training? He seems a very big unit and I just wonder if he is so injury prone because he is weight training too heavily?
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    Just been thinking, Smurthwaite really was a <ovf censored> idiot, wasn't he? Absolute <ovf censored> of the highest order.
  45. 3 points
    Stoke losing as well to a Hugill goal
  46. 3 points
    Friendlies mean nothing, last weekend we were excellent against a decent Premier League outfit until making big changes, days before beat a decent Fleetwood side. Don’t judge anything off friendlies at all. I expected promotion in 2007/08 after wiping the floor with United and Sheffield Weds 3-0! We went down easily. I don’t think we will go down. We’ve got the squad from last season in terms of strongest XI pretty much that stayed up comfortably in the end, added some goals (Miller’s 4 goals I think were the only striker goals bar Pope?) Cullen if fit should get double figures easily and Bennett for 6 or 7 when out of favour at Carlisle for part of the season. Added in the pace we lack in Amoo and Browne and not having 6 months of Uber negative set ups from Aspin and things not right in the dressing room and off the field and things look much better. No excuse this side should finish well away from Danger. Upper mid table is achievable.
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    How is it obvious that 'Askey is not being very clever with his signings with the budget he has been given'? We'll only know that in the coming months. Until then, it's just opinion and your opinion is worth just as much as anyone else's on here. Unless you have a Delorian with a fitted flux capacitor sitting on your driveway, you have no idea what's going to happen this season. Injuries will no doubt weaken many teams in our league. We might not be able to have considerable squad depth because of our budget. What we can do is try and keep our best players on the pitch as much as possible. Having a physiotherapist and sports scientists back at the club, along with equipment to monitor and identify potential fitness issues is surely a benefit in this regard. Askey, like other managers will live and die by their signings. He's added some players at the top of the team, and then decided he didn't trust many of the backups. I'm sure if we had more money available, then we would have brought in more starters. But 15 teams conceded more than us last year, so the priority had to be attacking players. We look to be better than last year on paper, but we'll only know when the season starts.
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    To get a bespoke kit would have depended on our previous owner getting his act together long before he left. You can't expect new owners to have done it in less than three months.
  49. 3 points
    Am I right in thinking that last season we had Pope and Miller, oh and Whitfield up front. This season, we have Pope, Cullen, Bennett and Amoo, all attacking players. Midfield and defence at least as good, with a fit, so far, Manny. With more depth in most positions. It looks much more solid and fit for purpose. Am I missing something?
  50. 3 points
    They sold Jayden Stockley to Preston for 750,000 in January so obviously have some money to spend The Hugil money could help us the same , oh hold on a min someone trousered it all and left

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