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    So this happened today.... My Dad's ashes are buried at the Bycars End and every year on the 5th November Mum goes up there with my brother and gives the plaque a little polish and takes a few flowers...she knew the Owd Man hated flowers! Anyrode, I've Skyped her tonight and she's told me she's been up VP and she was on about how nice and fresh it looked compared to the last couple of years...seats cleaned etc...it looked like it was well looked after. Then she says whilst she was there this lovely woman came up to her and started speaking to her . My Mum started saying how it changed since she used to come up when she stood on the Railway Terrace with me and my Dad. "It was a lovely chat Our Nick" , she says. "Then you'll never guess what? This lady asked if we wanted a cup of coffee before we left?" I'm listening to this and thinking, "Hang on!" "Mum what did this lady look like?" So she describes her. and we leave the conversation with "Oh she was a lovely woman Our Nicholas!" I finish my conversation and send Our Kid a photo.....of Carol and says is this the woman who Mum was talking to today? Our Kid isn't a football fan but said yes that's her she was really nice.....does she work in the office! No, she only bloody owns the place was my reply! How many FL club owners would engage like that? I don't know if Carol reads on here but Thank you so much for what you did today in such a caring and unassuming way. Valiants we are SO LUCKY to have this family at the helm and I don't care if we play 433 442 or whatever,,,,,,we've got a club to be proud of now and it can only keep getting better with the Shanahans at the wheel. Thank You Carol!
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    Everything spot on. Tactics, performance, subs, support, result. We've beaten two teams who were top of the table when we played them, away from home; and arguably deserved both results. We're 2 points off the playoffs, 5 points behind Crewe (who you'd think were peak Barcelona by the way people go on about them), and 6 points off the top. We've beaten 3 of the top 4 in FGR, Crewe, and Bradford. We've lost 1 in 9, missing our first choice central midfielders. We haven't conceded a goal in open play in 4 games. This is a very decent Vale side, full of likeable, hardworking players. Every single player put a shift in today. We outworked, outbattled, and were far more clinical when it came to creating high quality chances. Their keeper made a worldie from Pope's header; Worrall put one just wide; Amoo should have buried a free header late on. Brown had one save to make, and whilst it was decent, it was basically straight at him from close range. Crewe played some lovely football but didn't cause Brown any issues all day. Superb from Legge. He is an absolutely brilliant centre half. Proper captain's performance. Should be the permanent captain; not a knock on Pope (who I'll come to) but Legge just has that confidence and aura, and the communication, that make him a brilliant captain. MOTM by a long way today. Imperious, and lovely to see him at the end. Proper in love with him. Luke Joyce was again spot on. Great distribution and keeping a hold of the midfield where he was partnered by two young lads. Credit to Burgess and Taylor; did their jobs and covered the ground. Joycey is fundamental to us. Final mention for Tom Pope. This was the Tom Pope of old, of 12/13 season. Best performance I've seen from him in a long, long time. His hold up play was superb, his willigness to chase balls and lay it off left their defenders in disarray. He had their centre halves panicking every time he touched the ball, and we looked genuinely dangerous with him on the pitch. Turned the game on its head and had Crewe on toast. Great save from their keeper aside, he's scored. Excellent stuff, and delightful to see. We'll have some rough patches this season. I hope that when they occur, we have the common sense as a fanbase to see how far we've come. 6 months ago we had genuine fears of non-league at best, and administration/liquidation at worst. The fanbase was disengaged, the players weren't happy, and the club felt rotten. What a difference 6 months makes. Cheers Askey, the boys, and especially Kevin and Carol. Genuinely grateful to have a club I can go and support and enjoy days like today with my old man. Apologies to the folk in my immediate vicinity when the goal went in. Superb following as always lads and ladies. Well-behaved and the loudest in the lower leagues. Love the Vale, me.
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    I hope this is Ok...... Ive pinched this from Facebook........Just how lucky are we ? Carol Shanahan — feeling thoughtful at Port Vale FC. 9 hrs · Stoke-on-Trent · As it so often does Facebook reminded me the other day what an enormous difference a year (and especially this one) can make in your life. Last year I was corralling all the family to watch a Vale game as a start to Christmas, defining a draw as a win, having to begin to except that, as things were going, Port Vale were probably about to drop out of the EFL. Frankly life as a Vale fan was really tough and we kept our spirits up by supporting each other and trying to always think positively. If you had told me then that, just one year later, I would be having sleepless nights over the allocation of 8,000 match tickets for Port Vale’s FA Cup visit to Man City. That this, along with the development of rest of the club would be partially my own personal responsibility I would have laughed in their face. Don’t even begin to talk about having 6 months to stage a concert for Robbie Williams’s home coming to Port Vale and Vale Park. At this point I would have woken up and pinched myself to find it was all a dream. But here we are! From the start of our journey as custodians of Port Vale FC I have felt strongly that we are a Championship club that, through a number of years of neglect and under investment, happen to be in League 2 at the moment. In each area of the club it has been important to create the vision of “what does this need to look like to be Championship ‘fit for purpose’?” and let’s create plans, running parallel on and off the pitch, to get there in whatever time it takes. The ticketing system was one of the initial areas for major concern. We can not move sufficiently forward with hand written receipts for season tickets (quaint as they are) or not knowing our fan base (our customers) well. Dreams of membership schemes that reflect loyalty and commitment to the club are just that, Dreams, until we define our future requirements and source the system that will take us there. Work has been underway with this and a decision will be taken in the new year. We totally underestimated the urgency of getting this installed. It saddens me greatly to see Vale fans upset and not able to give a positive answer to their requests for Man City tickets but I do then have to balance it out with the fact that I wouldn’t swap this year’s problems with last! Colin said in the press yesterday that we will learn a lot from this experience and he was absolutely right. Whether it’s how we make strategic decisions, the urgency we give to upgrading our systems, how we coordinate our messages to the press, or the many other questions we need to consider we will attack them with renewed energy and insight in the new year. But first we have 4 other games and 12 important points to play for over Christmas before our “carrot at the end of the tunnel” (as Scott Brown called it on Radio Stoke!) match at the Etihad. We will try our very best to help our loyal fans who haven’t got tickets. Please return any you don’t need so we can redistribute. Have a great Christmas everyone and a brilliant new year. Can’t tell you how much we, as a Shanahan and Port Vale family are looking forward to it. We couldn’t be more grateful for your support and commitment to the club’s journey. Up the Vale Carol xxx
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    I never expected us to make this much progress, so quickly. When a football club is being so severely misrun it doesn't take much to make things appear on the up, but they have genuinely made a huge amount of progress in 6 months. V2001 did this club a lot of damage, over a significant period of time. Smurthwaite came staggering in and really messed things up to an incredible degree. Reminder, the players nutritional plan was, genuinely, left over pies. The depths that pathetic little worm sank to are nothing short of pitiful. It'll all come out one day. So the point is C&K bought a business that had spent the last 19 odd years being institutionally damaged from within. That had been systemically gutted since 2013. Revenue hived off. Departments eviscerated. No Physio staff last season as I recall. Players on disgusting left over cheap pies. Player recruitment bypassing the manager and coming straight down from the owner who admitted to Micky Adams when trying to give him a new contract on substantially reduced terms (<ovf censored> puddled), "Help me, I don't know how to run a football club." First season in, barely 18 weeks into it, and we're totting up cup run money for play off ambitions in the January transfer window, businesses and investors have flocked back to VP. Boxes sold out, partnerships reestablished, relationships repaired. Kevin went out of his way to contact and pay off a trade debt to a club creditor he had no requirement to, it was owed by the oldco, by Scumthwaite. Still paid it. Local stakeholders and businesses back onside. Autonet and Donno in partnership, money and extras coming in that never would have under Scumthwaite because of his toxicity. Great relationship with the Police and local media who the previous tyrannical bully burnt bridges with (Matthew Ellis) and autocratically banned from VP (Mike Baggaley.) RW is doing a gig at VP in June. Our reputation in football has been lifted out of the gutter. Micky Adams said football is a village. Everyone knows everyone. Scumthwaite was the village idiot. People wouldn't deal with him. Even Ridsdale wouldn't. The Chief football writer at The Times, Henry Winter, openly mugs him off as the buffoon he is. Players will come in knowing they'll be looked after. 2 hours after Jake Taylor had his rims nicked when he parked his car in Manchester, Carol had personally gotten him back on the road in a club supplied courtesy car. Carol clearly has a great relationship with JA and the squad, evident on social media every week. Imagine Normong walking into the dressing room after a win. Carol gets enthusiastically hugged. They'd laugh him out. This positive atmosphere at the club doesn't go unnoticed to those in the game. The secret to how they've done so much so quickly is the fact that Carol is genuinely just dead sound. Her charity stuff has been ongoing for years. They didn't pay a tad over £4m just for Vale. That ransom fee was essentially an investment in Burslem too. Since the decline of the manufacturing industry Burslem has slowly died, worse off than the other 5 towns off the top of my head, there's some stats somewhere on PVO. High street dying, shops closing. Local employment, financial, health, education, etc stats are, compared to the national average, horrendous. The local area has suffered and all the while the football club has been more or less continually waterboarded by arseholes like Bratt and Scumthwaite for the last two decades. No more. The resurgence of Vale over the next 5-10 years as the damage is undone will statistically see an upturn in prosperity in Burslem and Tunstall. It's all linked. I'm not saying I'm expecting us comfortably back and holding our own in the Championship within the next 10 years, I'm saying the club and Burslem will get healthier and healthier year on year as the Normong cancer cells are eradicated, the trade picks up again and the ramifications will gradually be felt in the local area over time. I've met them. I know what they're about, how genuine they are. I'm confident they'll be the best owners we've ever had. No coincidence that a significant reason why is they are the complete opposite of Norman Smurthwaite in every way. 37% of kids in Burslem are categorised as family income below the breadline, second in SoT to only Bentilee at 44%. Imagine that scrooge walrus faced bástard using the kitchens at Vale to provide free meals for those kids in the school holidays like Carol does. He'd laugh at the thought.
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    Even now, Carol Shanahan shakes her head at the memory of the dreadful state that Port Vale were in under the previous owner, Norman Smurthwaite. “The players were fed left-over pies sometimes,” Shanahan sighs. “The players. Yes, really.” Under Smurthwaite the League Two club were facing liquidation — “100 per cent,” Shanahan says. The local paper was being banned, fans were protesting, managers coming and going, and the players’ diet ignored. Until Shanahan, and her husband, Kevin, stepped in last May. Owners of a successful computer business adjacent to Vale Park, the couple had been going to games, increasingly sharing fans’ frustration with Smurthwaite. One of the sense-talking owners in English football, Shanahan knows how important Vale are to the community, and people’s lives. She recalls a recent conversation about the power of football with her youngest daughter, Francesca, who is doing a degree at the University of Manchester in Theological Studies in Philosophy and Ethics. “She said, ‘When I finish can I come and work at the club?’ I said, ‘I thought you didn’t like football much?’ ‘Well, I’m studying faith-based systems and football’s a faith-based system.’ Clubs are religion. Bill Shankly always said that. It’s about caring for the players, giving them the right food, and for the supporters, giving them hope. “We’ve had two funerals drive past in the last few weeks, one was an old player [Graham Barnett, forward and coach], one a really good fan [Paul Hanks]. The whole club came out and we all applauded, really gave them respect. It’s in their faith. Francesca said to me that night, ‘How privileged are we to work in an organisation that somebody wants to drive past on the way to their funeral?’ “If you worked in Asda for 30 years, you don’t say, ‘can we have one more trip past Asda’. But I want to go past the Vale. I want my ashes to be at Vale, I want my wedding to be at Vale. It makes me even more aware of my responsibility as a custodian. Because we’ve been going since 1876. Look at that history! I’ve heard so many people say, ‘the first time I came to the Vale . . . was with my grandfather,’ ‘the first time . . . we sat over there’, ‘the first time . . . we played Preston’. No matter what else is going in the rest of their life, they’ve got the Vale.” Shanahan has always loved football, growing up in the West Midlands, her mother was secretary to the doctor who looked after West Bromwich Albion. “As a ten-year-old I used to go on my own, walk down the street and watch West Brom. Jeff Astle! Bobby Hope! When they played away, I’d go and watch the Wolves or the Villa. I just love football.” Full of energy and ambition, Shanahan was working in computers at 17, and met Kevin when assigned to a British Leyland project. The pair founded Synectics Solutions in 1992, building up a hugely successful company which, amongst other things, designs software to protect companies’ data and prevent fraud. They were based in Newcastle-under-Lyme but needed bigger offices. “The one we found was an old supermarket next to Port Vale. Burslem is really run-down so we started to help, I was doing work in the holidays, feeding kids.” They started with 6,000 meals a holiday, this summer 9,000. “I said to Kevin if we really, really want to help Burslem we’ll make Port Vale successful because that permeates the community. It’s that whole feelgood factor, it helps our staff’s well-being, helps everybody.” It took three years of on-off negotiating to prise Smurthwaite’s grip off the Vale, paying slightly more than the reported £4 million. “You would never pay for a club like we’ve done,” Shanahan says. “It isn’t worth it.” Not as a business, but as a community asset? “It was a Sunday morning, and I said to Kevin, ‘There is somebody who’s got our loved one hostage and we’ve got to pay the ransom. When you view it as negotiating with a hostage taker, rather than as a business deal, suddenly the money [issue] disappears. Suddenly, it’s we’ve got to do it. My view was if we are successful in six years’ time, that [sum] is going to be a player’s leg.” So they paid what Smurthwaite demanded. “Should he have had it? No. But who’s won? When I stand there with all the fans and we’re all together and he’s sat there counting his money, I know which one I’d rather be.” She’s a proper custodian. “He certainly wasn’t.” Fans love Shanahan, as she discovered when watching Vale defeat Kidsgrove Athletic 2-1 in a friendly last month. “Somebody said to me, do you feel like Jesus?’ ‘No, why would I feel like Jesus?!’ ‘Because everybody keeps coming up and says, ‘Thank you for saving us’!’’ I’m the female Jesus! I feel humbled. “We had only bought the club two days and a lady called Marilyn [Darcey] came in with a bunch of flowers for me. She was in tears. She said, ‘I’ve been coming to this club since 1957, and I’ve only not had a season ticket the last two years because of what was happening’. And now she was going off to get a season ticket.’’ Shanahan cares. At the 2017 Institute of Directors awards, Shanahan was named “Director of the Year for Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility”. She’s driven by a sense of responsibility and community. “If you look at Burslem, all of the central services have gone, the children’s centre facilities.” So Shanahan opened up the stadium more on non-match-days, signing over the social club to the Port Vale Foundation as a community centre. “For everything from mothers and toddlers to pensioners’ tea-dances, the whole lot. I love what football can do to help the community. I think a lot of teams have moved away from that. That saddens me hugely.” After first-hand experience with Smurthwaite, Shanahan worries about some owners. She was speaking on Tuesday, at an EFL event held at Nottingham Forest, where much of the talk concerned the futures of Bolton Wanderers and Bury, just as it has been in recent times over Blackpool, Charlton Athletic and Coventry City. She believes the EFL should separate its organisational and policing roles. “How can an organisation speak on your behalf but also hold you to account? There seems a conflict there. There needs to be a separate way of holding clubs to account - and holding owners to account because Port Vale isn’t the only club which has been held hostage.” She finds some of the EFL rules too lax, some too restrictive. “I’m looking at things like players’ bonuses, and was mortified to find out I have to register something by Friday and that’s it! I can’t then change it! This is my business! What if I want to motivate somebody in December? In some ways, you are very restricted. In some ways, you are too free.” She’s found some decisions easier, giving a three-year contract to John Askey, who had arrived in February and kept Vale up. “I was very lucky with the manager. John Askey’s local, his dad [Colin] played for the Vale, he’s very gentle on the outside but steely on the inside. He believes, like I do, that we have a responsibility while our players are with us to develop them on the pitch and off.” Signings have been about potential. “I’ve had fans say to me, ‘but you haven’t signed names.’ ‘No, but I sign people who are going to be names’.’’ Negotiating with agents, some driven solely by greed, has been a painful eye-opener. “There are good agents but we’ve come across some you just wouldn’t give the time of day. It’s horrendous. How on earth that whole scenario has been allowed to grow I have no idea. If the rest of the world acted in the same way we’d be in a lot bigger trouble than we already are.” Club messages are accompanied with the hashtag “#ANewEra”, staff talk about the club being run properly now, of hope and pride restored. There’s a new gym, created when volunteers came in to clear out a larger room and shift the equipment in, allowing the players to all work out together, rather than in small groups and shifts like before. Shanahan has also tackled the food problem. “They were fed fish and chips on the way back from away matches! It was horrendous. One of the first things I did was sort the kitchen out, bring one of my chefs from next door and say, ‘Right, work with the fitness coach and come up with a menu.’ So now we have proper food. Last time on the coach, we had pesto pasta chicken and that went down really well.” Saturday brings more good food, following Saturday’s trip to Colchester United as Vale push to rise from the EFL’s lowest level. “We’re not really a League Two club, we just happen to be there at the moment,” Shanahan says. “People say to me, ‘Your stadium’s too big’ because the capacity is 20,000 and I say, ‘No, the league is too low, the stadium’s fine. Let’s sort out the league.” The passion is there. Vale supporters showed that when taking on Smurthwaite. “Our fans are wonderful,” Shanahan replies. “They’re the best of the 92. They’ve been through so much. I want to create a community so it’s all of us in a cohesive group. They deserve it.”
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    I am saddened to learn of the passing of OS. My first encounter was during my first and was meant to be my only Fans Forum Originally it was my intention on that night to announce l was winding up the Club and refunding all ST monies When the meeting starting l recall a very passionate bearded guy giving me a grilling due to failures of stock in the shop I realised that night the passion of OS and many others and the rest as they say is history OS or Mike as l learnt later was one of my biggest critics but always presented himself with passion and at times with restraint and more often than not was better briefed than l on the subject matter It saddens me of his passing and l am sure the SC will think of the fitting tribute to mark the mans commitment to the Club RIP Mike
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    We weren't great. It was a reserve side plus Bernardo and Aguero. I knew Vale fans would be distinctly unimpressed with the atmosphere from City fans. Our popular end is the stand which you had. Whenever we have a Cup game that end gets broken up. The atmosphere is very different when we have a big game in the League. At least we turned up though unlike most FA Cup games. I watched the highlights yesterday and there were some very poor crowds. The FA Cup still represents a great opportunity to get to Wembley but their must be a logical explanation for low crowds. It seems the Premier League and Champions League are benefiting at the expense of everything else. Good Luck in League 2. I'll look out for your results. The Pope's goal was class.
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    As a long suffering Notts County fan I just want to thank the Vale fans who have taken the trouble to send messages of support for our club and very clear warnings about that evil shyster Norman Smurthwaite, who had positioned himself for a possible takeover if the club went into administration. A fair few of our fans were prepared to welcome him as our new saviour but I always believed he was a lot worse option than our exiting chairman: the loud-mouthed, incompetent clown Alan Hardy. This evening we have been taken over by a Danish consortium. Hardy is no more and Smurthwaite can crawl back and rot under his stone. Time for beer, beer and more beer. Once again a big thankyou to PVFC fans and all the best to you this season !! https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/reedtz-takeover-statement-260719/
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    A lot of Vale fans will never truly know how much they owe Mike Lakin for the existence of their football club. Would love to have something commemorated for him at the ground, and would be more than happy to contribute. The man was at every single meeting, march, and event organised in an effort to save Port Vale. He was absolutely instrumental in removing both V2001 and Norman. When football returns, we'll only have a club to return to thanks to Mike sacrificing hours of his time, taking the stick, driving to isolated far-flung pubs for meetings, turning up at the ground early to distribute leaflets, being at the forefront of every march. The last time I saw Mike was in the concourse prior to the City game; how he would have enjoyed his hero scoring at the Etihad, breaking the club's scoring record. I'm yet to meet anyone as committed to Port Vale as Mike, and probably never will. A proper loyal bloke, sound as they come. He's a massive loss to our football club, and to those who knew him. Absolute gem. RIP Mike.
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    I’m a firm believer in the psychological phenomenon of a winning mentality. As applicable in football as it is in anything else. Tom Pope, 2012-2013, 33 goals. Bang. League player of the year. Vale player of the season. Records set. Opposition managers like Evans seething. Some of those were outrageous. Pressing the backline for his 3rd or 4th against Evans, predator on the hunt unsettling the defenders...Hunt, terrified, then predictably turned the ball over under pressure. Wimbledon away. Two fcüking cartwheels to propel himself forward a few yards over the keeper and then slotted home from an obscenely tight angle. How did he do that? The right mix of confidence and strikers arrogance born out of an elite mentality. He’s somewhat of a confidence player. I say somewhat as even when he’s down or we’re losing heavily you still see him with his head up grafting to turn it around, he doesn’t shy away and hide. The confidence bit is how he makes chances out of nothing he ordinarily might not when on his A game when on a bit of a roll. The likes of Amoo and Monty are definitely confidence players and I suspect Bennett is that way inclined too. I posted on here a while ago about paying to get the likes of Amoo in with a sports psych from the FA down the road at St Georges Park because when the lads head is right he is scary for an opposition full back, they can’t live with him when he feels confident enough to show up and let loose. Would Pope have scored that Wimbledon goal in an alternative universe where we were mid table and he’d scored about 10 so far that season? Very possibly not, it was the mental drive and the “I’m going to fcüking batter Mat Mitchell-King and net here” mentality that started on day one with a smart finish in 3-0 win against Barnet on the opening day. We were in admin and had our backs to the wall and Micky infamously set his “us vs the world” mentality in the squad. Fčuk everyone else. Pope KNOWING he was going to bang one in every game, Vincent and JMW KNOWING they were going to embarrass their fullback and deliver quality balls into the box several times a game. Elite mentality making chances from nothing out of sheer drive. Askey is quite a different fella to Adams. Quieter, more reserved, he plods along in the background quietly building us from the bottom up. After years of stand off football I love our high press. Used to hate us standing off and letting the opposition run forward 40 yards and find a diagonal ball, constantly getting ourselves into trouble. Browne won the ball for our first against Colchester but the move started from Conlon breaking the sound barrier chasing down the centre half putting him under pressure. L2 hoofers can’t cope with it. Worrall steaming 40 yards down the pitch in injury time. The way he runs is exactly like a player on Fifa 20 being edited to have 99 pace and stamina! It's like he's cheating, it's unbelievable how he does it week in week out. Where does he find the energy reserves? Mentally. From what I’ve heard and in my own gut feeling from his demeanour I reckon Askey is pretty steely really and behind the scenes in our tight, close knit squad, he’s quietly set about an elite, winning mentality and all the players are right behind him and Kevan. It took time, and we still have the infrequent, occasional howler (Morecambe away most recently) but this is L2 where despite best intentions on the day players can be inconsistent. 6th minute goal was a sucker punch and before we could recover mentally the second in the 12th minute wobbled us. Poor do that day, but we’ve kicked on since and got our heads right again. We all know what the Vale of old are like in front of an expectant decent crowd when doing well, after the Lord Mayors show et al. It’s so important the winning mentality and belief in the squad extends to the fans and if somehow the Smallsall inbreeds take the lead, don’t drop heads. No barracking of Amoo, Bennett or Monty within earshot if they’re having an unsettled 5 minutes and turn the ball over once or twice. No constantly screeching "Askey you <ovf censored>" as one clown did near me at FGR away. Need the 2500 travelling fans to keep roaring them on and share in the confidence and belief, it makes such a huge difference to those sorts of players. Oyeleke has such a confident gait as he half jogs, half swaggers up and down the pitch playing outrageous through balls and turning defenders (still think that flick to Montano for the 3rd against the Scum when looking the other way to confuse the defender was premier league level genius) - get them all in that confident winners mindset consistently for the last 13 games or whatever it is and HMS plss the league is unmooring her lines.
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    Following Bury's demise on BBC Northwest I'm struck by the quality of the "Spokespeople" for Bury FC who didn't seem to have the ability and nous to remove their clown in charge and it made me realise how bloody lucky we are to have our supporters club, Black and Gold and the guys behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to bring the pressure on Smurthwaite to relinquish his grip on our club. And how bloody lucky we were that Synectics Solutions decided to move from Newcastle to Burslem to be our next door neighbours, because without that stroke of fate we could easily have been Bury FC. So when you complain about the lack of this or the lack of that,just think on, we now have people in the club who care and in this day and age in the world of football thats priceless.
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    Stayed overnight in Manchester and just got back. I actually went in the East Stand and your comment that vale supporters didn’t make much noise is completely different from what city supporters were saying around me. They say from ‘words from out of babies’ two young supporters behind me asked their dad ‘why are vale supporters singing so loud others teams don’t sing so loud’ I think vale supporters should be proud of their support.
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    Has anyone blamed Ryan Lloyd yet?
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    It's a year since our ex owner was mysteriously knocked down on the Friday evening prior to Carlisle. Demonstrations were planned, the club was a shambles. An ok performance resulting in a red card for Ricky Miller and another home defeat . A January window resulting in numerous signings, Edser, Trickett-Smith, Elliott, Whelan etc . We leapfrog 12 months , lost only one home game, I actually enjoy attending now. Stability from new owners who actually give a toss instead of a self centered sponge. Steady progress on the pitch. Two unexpected away wins at MK and Cheltenham resulting in a brilliant day for the club at Man City . We've had a couple of games where the adrenaline and tension was so much I could of cried ( Chesterfield and Mansfield wins ) , I don't want to go through the pain and relief again . So we are in a wholly better place as a club. Yes it's frustrating losing to Morecambe and getting battered yesterday. But come on guys , talk of lack of ambition and Askey is a rubbish manager , do me a favour. You don't go from two seasons of absolutely dire performances to only losing one at home and actually even having a sniff at the play offs if Askey is a poor manager. It's steady progress and building blocks , I really don't know what some people want or expect from our club. Seems to me that some are only happy when they are moaning. A misplaced pass is even met with derision and boos at times. We have people scapegoating certain players . Amoo again singled out yesterday but nobody else mentioned in such a poor light as he was. Just what is up with some of our fanbase ? It's Port Vale for goodness sake , I'm 53 and have maybe experience of 4 promotion and 4 relegation in my 48 years of following them. Our time will come again, football is cyclical . If you want winning football every week then go to Liverpool or Celtic. I trust in our owners and I also believe that Askey is doing a good job. For crying out loud get behind them and if we finish 12th it's a damn sight better than what's gone before.
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    I’m fed up of those Stokies Gibbo and Smith showing no commitment...... i’m fed up of everyone exploiting Crookes - everyone knows he can’t play left back..... I'm fed up of Askey signing squad players who will never be used...... I’m fed up of Askey using players who finished 20th last year as the basis for his team........ I'm fed up at the lack of progress we are making on the pitch....... I'm fed up that some regular posters on here won’t know what do do with themselves tonight after a stunning team performance. Back four were outstanding, Gibbo controlled his game well after an early booking, Crookes solid and used the ball well, Leon led by example, Smudger solid and unlucky not to have more than his one goal. Joyce controlled the midfield, along with the bundle f energy that is Worrall, and despite the 3 early injuries the replacements all contributed well, especially Taylor. Monty was a real handful, Bennett led the line with energy and his awareness from Wozzas quick free kick created the goal. Browne was tricky and I am sure will have a role to play as the season progresses. the sun shone, and we should really have won by more. Thank you Kevin, Carol, John and Dave for allowing me to enjoy my Saturdays again.
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    I got an email notification sound on my phone earlier just as I was getting into my car. I said out loud to myself "hopefully that's more about Mike" as I was closing the door as there was good news sent out earlier in the week about him doing a little better. It wasn't good. Fcuks sake man. As Joe mentioned Mike was at every single meeting. He was responsible for the coffin march. He was an instrumental part of the B&G surgical team fighting to stop Norman disease killing the patient. I must have hundreds of impassioned emails from Mike where his unwavering commitment to the club and hatred of the damage being caused to it by the last lot is profoundly obvious in every word. One of the reasons we nearly went up this season, is Mike Lakin. One of the reasons we were even in a position to take the plss out of that billion pound Sergio Aguero and John Stones shower with an 8 pass move from our own box to the back of their net was Mike Lakin. How fitting that his hero Popey finished it off with a typically top drawer header. That isn't hyperbole. It isn't rosetinted. He was instrumental in scaring Norman out. Fact. The details will come out one day. That Man City goal is the best football mental I've ever had and when I think back to it from now on, in my mind I'll be dedicating it to Mike. We wouldn't have played that game without him. We very possibly might not have existed as PVFC on January 4th 2020 if it wasn't for Mike. I'm gutted he didn't get to see promotion as a result of his efforts but I know he was delighted with the amazing progress this season and at how brilliant Kevin and Carol are. Nice one pal. Just opening a beer for you.
  17. 13 points
    I'd just to thank the marvelous Mr Edge for reaching the remarkable milestone of 500 Guess the Crowd competitions: I am certain he has entertained hundreds of you with the competitions and his hugely generous prizes. Not only that but the prizes bring in revenue for the club shop as they are mostly sourced from there. I am sure it takes loads and loads of time and dedication to manage the competitions but I don't think the OVF forum would be the same without them. On behalf of the OVF family I'd like to say - thanks Barry!
  18. 13 points
    Where to start? Unfair to single individuals out as every single player was absolutely outstanding in quality, workrate, and organisation. They all did their jobs perfectly. Colchester are a damn good team and we've played them off the park. The commitment to play good football in atrocious conditions is testament to how confident these boys are. We had half a team out and the lads that have come in all knew their jobs down to the smallest detail. If one pressed, the team moved as one to close off passing lanes and to limit space. If the ball was won, the transition onto the front foot was spot on. The coaching being done by Askey, Kevan, and Pugh every day is excellent. Browne, Cullen, Brisley, Conlon; all were out of the team for an extended spell and have come in and all performed admirably. After the years we've had, lets enjoy this run and start dreaming. Its been absolutely s*** being a Vale fan for 20 years, bar a season or two, but we have proper owners, a proper manager, and a proper team, befitting our fans and our club. 5000+ in the middle of a storm with no away support is top notch again. I hope some of the kids who were there today come back next week. Regardless of where we end up this season, whether that be top 3 or missing out on the playoffs, I'm struggling to articulate my excitement for this club's potential. A year ago today, a group of Vale fans decided to try and remove Norman. The work done by so many people in these past 12 months cannot be forgotten. Most importantly, Carol Shanahan has been sent from heaven, or whatever you choose to believe in. She's transformed this club from life-support to bringing us all a lot of joy every week. We'll never, ever be able to repay Carol for what she's done. F*** it. I'm excited. I don't care if we miss out. I love my club again. UTV
  19. 13 points
    I posted this in another thread but to cut and paste... Sure absolutely terrible decision to pick a fit player over two players recovering from injury. After all, we've not just had recent experience of rushing people with injures back too soon (*coughs "Manny Oyeleke"). What an appalling decision by John Askey to pick a squad so poor they can only pick up three points against Carlisle and their fourth win in a row. He's clearly lost the plot..
  20. 13 points
    Good manager. Best since Adams. Needs more time.
  21. 13 points
    Fed up about listening to the Ray Williams love child Tom Pope love in. First thing Tom did when he came on was to concede a foul and the last thing he did was to concede another oul, but enough said on that matter. Right now we look like we are trying to accommodate a system, rather than helping our players to play to their strengths. Tom is a great talisman, but is not the answer that makes all our problems disappear, so apologies for the unintended direct criticism, as we would be a poorer team without Tom at our disposal. Worral playing too deep most of the time, therefore stifling his ability to hurt teams offensively. Worral is not a like for like replacement for Manny, so don’t use him as such. He should be on the right wing in place of the inconsistent Amoo, where he’s been most effective, particularly when supported by a right back to link with. Amoo, impact sub as an option to add fresh legs if needed Montano, hardly ever has a good game when in the starting eleven, read for Amoo Back four are on the whole steady when it comes to basic defending, but apart from Atkinson, are woefully uncomfortable on the ball which results in the alarming surrender of possession with Crookes looking like a liability coupled with a general theme of poor decision making which runs throughout the team. Midfield unit lack forward drive and are defensively set up which means that apart from the exception rather than the rule, aren’t able to productively support in a creative or offensive capacity, which is why we’re struggling to pose much threat, even when Colon is there, because he’s quickly evolving in to another backwards sideways player. We may seem like we’ve missed him, but before his injury, he’d also started to have some poor performances No problem with Joyce as a sitting midfielder, but we can’t have three of them, which is why Worral needs to be released to the right and young Burgess needs to be reinstated with positive brief, with Taylor linking with him and Joyce. In attack, as mentioned above, midfield needs more incisive contribution to support whoever is the lead striker. Bennett has ability to create for himself and is willing to unleash that left foot but can look average if the midfield link up isn’t happening. Archer has lots of promise, but needs a break to get long enough on the field to show why he should be there, the odd ten minutes won’t prove anything. Left side as a whole is a bit of a conundrum with little depth and needs urgent attention to strengthen and balance the team. One final point on the overall improvement or otherwise, is that we all want to see progress and many on OVF want to see this in significant ways. Perhaps this is because they think we’re better or should be better than we are. Well for me, the unholy mess that the club was in up to May 5th shows progress by the very nature that we have games to actually come and watch. Right now we’re not great and in a poor vein of form and yes areas of the squad needs improvement. Who really thought that this was going to be instant or without issues, or even mistakes being made? Years of rot are not rectified with quick fixes and it may take longer than many are prepared to wait to achieve success on the field. As supporters, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a moan and express opinion and concerns when we’re not top of the league, but we can only make a positive impact by actually supporting the club, so as Vale supporters, let’s have a go at doing just that
  22. 12 points
    To be fair when you've got Scotty Brown it's a big ask to challenge for the #1 spot. I too would also like to send my best wishes for the future to all the released players. Particularly Ryan Lloyd, who was on a hiding to nothing at Vale other than dog's abuse. Time to part ways but the stick that lad has had to put up with? Not on.
  23. 12 points
    I'd tend to disagree. Firstly, haven't the owners said that their spending priorities are for the existing stands which is why they won't be putting money aside for the LS concourse. So not only will the club work to improve the other stands but that work and improvements is guaranteed (i.e. it is not dependent on reaching a donation total). I don't think fans fundraising for the LS concourse is going to stop the club spending elsewhere on the ground. So in effect this concourse is an optional extra. I may have a vested interest (as I have three kids who come to games now) but I think finishing the Lorne St is a nettle that needs to be grasped: Stoke are doing loads of things to attract the younger generations to their clubs. Vale is an ageing supporterbase. We need to get youngsters in and although the staff are brill, in my experience the facilities in the Bycars are not attractive to kids. I certainly think my kids "suffer" the view from low down in the Bycars rather than enjoying it. If we are to attract youngsters it will help if they have a good view, good facilities etc. There's also the positive angle of a completed stadium and a completed stand (which may be more attractive) to sponsors We've also had so many false dawns over this stand I think it would be a real statement to get it finally over the line.
  24. 12 points
    What an awesome interview with Monty tonight about mental health. Total respect for the guy. However to all you big mouthed moaning half wits who think it’s OK to bully our own players by hurling abuse at them. I would suggest that you need help. So shut the f up and get some counselling.
  25. 12 points
    The surveys were done under the previous regime. There was one done in 2018. Norman didn't do quite as well it's fair to say. He got a 1.79 out of 10 for treatment of fans and an overall mark of 16 out of 100 so a mere 78 points down on the Shanahans. https://www.againstleague3.co.uk/2018/12/21/al3-ownership-survey-the-full-results/
  26. 12 points
    it must be one of the most diverse boards in the Football League with four female board members. It's a great example and shows football boardrooms should not just be male dominated.
  27. 12 points
    I think the point you’re missing Ernie is that in a season where we’re close to the play offs, are through to the next round of the EFL cup, are through to the 3rd round of the FA cup, are beating top teams away, are unbeaten in the league at home, where players cast aside by Aspin have come to fore, where some homegrown lads are becoming key players, where we have shown we are capable of playing some decent stuff and to be fair we’re looking better than we have done since the Page era ..... and amongst all the positivity and amongst all the good things happening all you do is clog threads by constantly talking about a squad player who hasn’t been a key contributor to our position now. The reality is that a Ryan Lloyd is the least of our worries, he hasn’t contributed enough to be someone who warrants the amount of time, effort and barracking you give him. I don’t understand what your agenda is or what you’re trying to prove. Maybe you constantly bang on about him because he could be the only thing you’ve got right in that he won’t contribute much to the team. Which everyone agrees with. But pretty much everything else in the main has worked out this season and things are looking up. You’ve become a troll of the highest order with the same old posts, the inability to be rational and that’s why so many people have you on ignore so they don’t see your posts, if you can’t be happy this season then honestly when can you be?
  28. 12 points
    Somewhere, Carol is sat, rightly proud and beaming; a good chunk of the extortionate fee she paid simply to keep us alive, to give us all something to do on a Saturday, to carry on the weekly traditions of the generations before us, is going to be paid back with one fell swoop. Revenue from cup competions will probably exceed £500,000 this season. The buzz for the City game will probably boost walk ups over the Christmas period. Genuinely couldn't be more pleased for the Shanahans. They well and truly deserve a heap of money and a day in the hospitality of one of the biggest clubs in the country. Please all, keep in mind Norman Smurthwaite; I'm sure some of you don't like to recall him, or even read his name, but stay with me. A man who willing to see us liquidated out of spite; a man who would have happily rented Vale Park back to us; a man who single-handedly took us to near oblivion. He'll be sat, probably crying, in the lonely and sad life he leads. Reviled by all, the club he refused to care for now has a monumental money spinner within months of him being forced out. Just picture his face when number 62 was drawn away to the Premier League and FA Cup holders. Then picture Carol's smile. Up the cheeky whites.
  29. 12 points
    The disrespect that is shown to Tom Pope is I find stupid and very, very sad. Tom Pope is the number one choice to lead the line though he does need the help of a partner up front but tell me a striker who does enjoy playing on their own up front. There isn't a better centre forward in the division he has sublime heading ability, good ball control and is a good passer of the ball. Granted he lacks pace but as he himself admits ''how can you lose something which you never had in the first place?'' I fully expect Tom to be our main striker for several years yet because he wont lose his heading ability and his many other assets that have made him a great striker for Port Vale. Please folks think before you write rubbish on here about Tom being 'a washed up has been' because it is disrespectful and embarrassing to the best servant that we have had for many years.
  30. 12 points
    I find it unbelievable that even after the Shanahans have paid way over the odds to extricate our club from Smurthwaites grip and saved us from almost certain oblivion, some are still whinging like petulant children just because they haven't splashed fortunes on the playing budget. If the Shanahans read this forum I would like them to know I am eternally grateful that you rescued Port Vale and that the vast majority of supporters understand and respect the fact that for the short term at least we have to manage expectations.
  31. 11 points
    I think on the football side I’m fairly neutral if I’m honest. Smith is a very good player don’t get me wrong, better suited to L1 than L2 if you ask me. Look at Brisley’s performances and our results when he came in* (I’m ignoring Swindon because I convinced if we became the new Man City and them bottom of the EFL we’d still lose there). And also, you wonder what the financial cost is and whether that money could have been spent on that striker who really would make a difference...? HOWEVER..... the message this sends out is immense, both to players and (spit, spit) agents. Port Vale is no longer the two-bob, do everything on the cheap, tin-pot organisation Bratt and Smurthwaite turned us into. We are becoming a club players WANT to come to rather than being the booby prize. If you want a stable, well-run club who negotiate contracts properly go to Port Vale. If you want to be coached into a better footballer, go to Port Vale. If you want to contribute to and inspire the local community, go to Port Vale. If you want to work towards life after playing, go to Port Vale. But well done Nathan for believing in us and of course the owners. The way this is playing out, I have a hunch that he’ll knuckle down and get us to the top of the League, we’ll have another big FA Cup away day where we cause a major upset, and he then gets his Championship move in January on the back of this netting us a big fat transfer fee in the process!! You heard it here first.....
  32. 11 points
    I think you're being very harsh. We have looked after him but he has also played his part by being a model professional for six years and being great for the Vale on and off the field. There's plenty of other players who have let their standards slip or been idiots when contracts started winding down but he has done nothing, hasn't agitated for a move, said anything bad in the press - he has been professional throughout. As for the time, to honour a contract and then look at other options when a free agent is entirely proper (far better than say going on strike when under contract or sulking like others have done). I can't see what he's done wrong - what other young player, in demand, would not do something similar? Football is only a short career after all. It may or may not work out for him in the future but I am not disappointed with Nathan Smith one bit, he has been a cracking player and person for Port Vale and he'd get a warm welcome from me if he returned in another side's colours.
  33. 11 points
    Apparently just announced the the crowd over the tannoy 25,308
  34. 11 points
    Stoke will still announce an attendance over 25,000
  35. 11 points
    Struggle to see why so many appear so keen to replace Monty. He’s having a great season
  36. 11 points
    Birchall said,'Why it is every time Tom doesn't play there is always a lot more crosses going in that he would have buried' Mmmm do you see a pattern developing there Birchy lad??? You sum it up correctly, Cullen was the instigator behind the build up to those crosses which wouldn't have happened without him on the pitch. I've been a bit critical of Cullen but he was excellent today. Deserves a run in the side like Pope and Bennett have had.
  37. 11 points
    Getting to the point now where, regardless of level played at/individual quality, Tom Pope is amongst the most legendary figures of this club's history: Local lad and fan Record-breaking scoring season to secure our only promotion in 30 years Top scorer in consecutive seasons to keep the club in the Football League Record club goalscorer since 1945 Scored at the treble holders away, after tweeting he'd do so Scored the hat-trick to secure the tie at the treble holder 3 time player of the year winner League 2 player of the year 310 games, 109 goals, countless priceless memories.
  38. 11 points
    This feels like the vocal minority causing a negative stink. We have roughly 4,000 season tickets... our average home league attendance last year was 4,431. Assuming that’s up this year and excluding away fans, we are talking about roughly 500 fans here. My guess would be that the VAST majority of them would have managed to get a ticket through friends with a season ticket. Some won’t have done, and it is a huge shame. But the club have not “let anyone down” on purpose and they shouldn’t be “ashamed.” Season ticket holders are the lifeblood of a league 2 clubs budget. They determine who we can afford to sign and when. And they deserve benefits for committing. I also wonder if it had only been 1 ticket per season ticket if we would have sold out? Revenue maximised, club financially secured ... its a good result. Some won’t like it and I understand why. But to start attacking the club because of it is a bit over emotional.
  39. 11 points
    Those having a pop at Lloyd... listen to the Clarke Carlise episode of the "Undr the cosh" podcast. He talks about his battles with Anxiety, his depression and his suicide attempt. He talks very eloquently about the impact people comments have and the way they can get to a player. The Lloyd vendetta on here has gone too far... and those taking part should be ashamed. Lloyd in the past has mentioned that he has fallen out of love with the game. The continual barrage of a few idiots, who are doing it to make themselves feel big, or to entertain themselves, has crossed the line into Bullying. The impact that can have on another human being is profound... . We all send our thoughts and condolences when terrible things happen like in the case of Gary Speed... but then go straight back to vile, relentless personal abuse of one of our own. Couple that with the fact that if they were face to face with Lloyd, never mind if he was Legge and Popey at the time, they would shrink up their own ars*holes. Keyboard warriors. This Vendetta doesn't help Lloyd, doesn't help the squad, doesn't help the club, doesn't help the NewEra... So what the point? Are your lives so sad and pathetic that this is the only joy you get? You are weak.
  40. 11 points
    Very reasonable performance considering the 7 changes and them having a few decent names out. Played some good football and two well taken goals. I believe Taylor is out of contract in the summer and I read on a Forest website that its not thought he'll be given a new deal. Special mention to the utter freaks who cheered Lloyd getting subbed; he didn't play well but was far from disastrous, and actually had 3 decent attempts on goal in the first half. Absolute weirdos who shouldn't be allowed out on a school night. Have your little vendettas all you want but please do your very best and get it into your thick skulls that denigrating a Vale player's confidence every time he steps out in a Vale shirt is proper strange behaviour, and you all need your hard drives checking. WAAAAAAAY Bazza chuckles to his mate, another destruction of a Vale player complete. "That's my job done", Bazza thinks. Well worth the tenner entry, managed to give Lloyd another mental kicking, as he leaves before penalties to take to Facebook to give him a bit more stick. Rant over. Great week, great time to be a Valiant.
  41. 11 points
    Keep in mind Legge is vastly experienced, has played in a lot of successful sides, and will know exactly what 'character' is needed. Slightly baffled by the labelling of this as a 'purple patch', with some very interesting caveats put in to this current run. Despite us 'digging deep' and the like, Bradford were still top when we played them, Crewe were top and are now 4th. Very strange excuses. We've lost 1 in 12 and that was against Macc; only one team has lost less games than us this year; we've beaten 3 of the top 4; we haven't lost a single game at home; we've actually progressed in cup competitions. Casually dismissing this as a purple patch and making excuses as to why we've beaten good teams is very disingenuous to the work Askey has done.
  42. 11 points
    I wish the guy who sits in front of me in the Railway Stand bad mouthing Joyce would get himself to some away games so he could see how important Luke Joyce is to our midfield. Another immense performance from him today.
  43. 11 points
    I remember Crewe fans slating Artell last season for being negative, with some saying they should of sacked him and gone for Askey. However despite all that the club stuck with Artell and now look where they are on a smaller budget than us. How many fans wanted Rudge sacked before that Finney goal v Macc and the rest is history. For gods sake, the club needs stability not another 15 ruddy managers and clear outs every Season. Give the bloke time for gods sake.
  44. 11 points
    I’m more excited about today’s game than any match in the last 32 years. The reason being my son is mascot. He’s 5. Following in my footsteps as I was mascot when I was 5 on 18th April 1987. A 3-2 home win against Mansfield. Hope he brings us some luck.
  45. 11 points
    So, four games into one of the worst set of fixtures we've had in a while and we're unbeaten, perhaps unlucky not to have two wins instead of one, we have new signings (whose quality was criticized by a lot) scoring goals and taking the focus off Pope, we have three young defenders doing really well and an attractive, attacking style of play. I know it's a marathon not a sprint and there's a long season ahead but considering the praise that (rightly) goes to the owners for the changes they haev made in such a short space of time, I think a similar thing is due to John Askey.
  46. 10 points
    the supporters club are talking with the club about sorting bucket collections at the games so it will happen but not at all the matches. last year at about this time our ex owner came out and stated if a buyer wasn't found he would put the club into administration and we would have probably got a points deduction and relegated out of the league, carol and kevin shanahan and their family came along and paid way over the amount the club was worth to save our wonderful football club from oblivion. since then the turn around in the atmosphere at the club has been unbelievable on and off the pitch. this fundraising is to help the shanahans out and for all the port vale supporters to say a massive massive THANK YOU for what they did last year, however small or big you can donate between now and august is much appreciated and it will be fantastic to see the stand finally completed and a fantasic family area to be used for many many years to come.
  47. 10 points
    Interestingly I was sat next to the Stoke official who works out their home attendances, he hadn't gone to QPR so called in to watch us today. I asked him what he thought the crowd was this afternoon? He said 14,798 with 868 from Colchester......!
  48. 10 points
    Hasn't he done fashion design before? He's probably having a say in the design, maybe put that RW logo next to the Errea or on the sleeve. Would be excellent if he was involved in the promo for it. We're sat here in early Feb, teasing a collaboration on NEXT SEASON'S kits with one of the biggest pop stars of all time. At this stage of the season, Norm was feeding the players cold pies and threatening fans over twitter.
  49. 10 points
    Just seen on Sentinel website, terrible news as son of LEGEND Paul Musselwhite has sadly taken his own life - he'd qualified as a Doc too...whole life ahead Puts moaning about Morecambe and the tfr window into perspective Shouldn't happen to any parent ever - God speed to all in the Musselwhite family
  50. 10 points
    Great gutsy effort when it seemed that nothing would drop for us. Yet another horrific ref AND linesman display ( Lorne street end ) . This squad is light years ahead of what has gone before. To the Lloyd and Kennedy hater , give it a rest for once. As ToyahW said given the injuries Monty picks up Lloyd could fill in if he was needed. Only on here could things be dragged down by negative comments. Manny out virtually all season, Conlon since Sept 14th. Pope barely starting a game. We'd of expected to be 20th with those people missing. Players have slotted in with ease and the likes of Burgess does not look out of place. Askey has done an amazing job so far , going to Notts County last season I genuinely thought if we lost the game we were a gonner. Should of won but then beat Mansfield and went on a nice run. His recruitment on a lower budget has proved to be shrewd. 99% on here are all pulling in the same direction but the berating of players whether it's Bennett , Lloyd or whoever is doing my head in. We couldn't afford Eoin Doyle or Nicky Maynard but we are doing very nicely thanks very much. Get behind the whole club and stop writing garbage on here
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