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    I never expected us to make this much progress, so quickly. When a football club is being so severely misrun it doesn't take much to make things appear on the up, but they have genuinely made a huge amount of progress in 6 months. V2001 did this club a lot of damage, over a significant period of time. Smurthwaite came staggering in and really messed things up to an incredible degree. Reminder, the players nutritional plan was, genuinely, left over pies. The depths that pathetic little worm sank to are nothing short of pitiful. It'll all come out one day. So the point is C&K bought a business that had spent the last 19 odd years being institutionally damaged from within. That had been systemically gutted since 2013. Revenue hived off. Departments eviscerated. No Physio staff last season as I recall. Players on disgusting left over cheap pies. Player recruitment bypassing the manager and coming straight down from the owner who admitted to Micky Adams when trying to give him a new contract on substantially reduced terms (<ovf censored> puddled), "Help me, I don't know how to run a football club." First season in, barely 18 weeks into it, and we're totting up cup run money for play off ambitions in the January transfer window, businesses and investors have flocked back to VP. Boxes sold out, partnerships reestablished, relationships repaired. Kevin went out of his way to contact and pay off a trade debt to a club creditor he had no requirement to, it was owed by the oldco, by Scumthwaite. Still paid it. Local stakeholders and businesses back onside. Autonet and Donno in partnership, money and extras coming in that never would have under Scumthwaite because of his toxicity. Great relationship with the Police and local media who the previous tyrannical bully burnt bridges with (Matthew Ellis) and autocratically banned from VP (Mike Baggaley.) RW is doing a gig at VP in June. Our reputation in football has been lifted out of the gutter. Micky Adams said football is a village. Everyone knows everyone. Scumthwaite was the village idiot. People wouldn't deal with him. Even Ridsdale wouldn't. The Chief football writer at The Times, Henry Winter, openly mugs him off as the buffoon he is. Players will come in knowing they'll be looked after. 2 hours after Jake Taylor had his rims nicked when he parked his car in Manchester, Carol had personally gotten him back on the road in a club supplied courtesy car. Carol clearly has a great relationship with JA and the squad, evident on social media every week. Imagine Normong walking into the dressing room after a win. Carol gets enthusiastically hugged. They'd laugh him out. This positive atmosphere at the club doesn't go unnoticed to those in the game. The secret to how they've done so much so quickly is the fact that Carol is genuinely just dead sound. Her charity stuff has been ongoing for years. They didn't pay a tad over £4m just for Vale. That ransom fee was essentially an investment in Burslem too. Since the decline of the manufacturing industry Burslem has slowly died, worse off than the other 5 towns off the top of my head, there's some stats somewhere on PVO. High street dying, shops closing. Local employment, financial, health, education, etc stats are, compared to the national average, horrendous. The local area has suffered and all the while the football club has been more or less continually waterboarded by arseholes like Bratt and Scumthwaite for the last two decades. No more. The resurgence of Vale over the next 5-10 years as the damage is undone will statistically see an upturn in prosperity in Burslem and Tunstall. It's all linked. I'm not saying I'm expecting us comfortably back and holding our own in the Championship within the next 10 years, I'm saying the club and Burslem will get healthier and healthier year on year as the Normong cancer cells are eradicated, the trade picks up again and the ramifications will gradually be felt in the local area over time. I've met them. I know what they're about, how genuine they are. I'm confident they'll be the best owners we've ever had. No coincidence that a significant reason why is they are the complete opposite of Norman Smurthwaite in every way. 37% of kids in Burslem are categorised as family income below the breadline, second in SoT to only Bentilee at 44%. Imagine that scrooge walrus faced bástard using the kitchens at Vale to provide free meals for those kids in the school holidays like Carol does. He'd laugh at the thought.
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    Somewhere, Carol is sat, rightly proud and beaming; a good chunk of the extortionate fee she paid simply to keep us alive, to give us all something to do on a Saturday, to carry on the weekly traditions of the generations before us, is going to be paid back with one fell swoop. Revenue from cup competions will probably exceed £500,000 this season. The buzz for the City game will probably boost walk ups over the Christmas period. Genuinely couldn't be more pleased for the Shanahans. They well and truly deserve a heap of money and a day in the hospitality of one of the biggest clubs in the country. Please all, keep in mind Norman Smurthwaite; I'm sure some of you don't like to recall him, or even read his name, but stay with me. A man who willing to see us liquidated out of spite; a man who would have happily rented Vale Park back to us; a man who single-handedly took us to near oblivion. He'll be sat, probably crying, in the lonely and sad life he leads. Reviled by all, the club he refused to care for now has a monumental money spinner within months of him being forced out. Just picture his face when number 62 was drawn away to the Premier League and FA Cup holders. Then picture Carol's smile. Up the cheeky whites.
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    Very reasonable performance considering the 7 changes and them having a few decent names out. Played some good football and two well taken goals. I believe Taylor is out of contract in the summer and I read on a Forest website that its not thought he'll be given a new deal. Special mention to the utter freaks who cheered Lloyd getting subbed; he didn't play well but was far from disastrous, and actually had 3 decent attempts on goal in the first half. Absolute weirdos who shouldn't be allowed out on a school night. Have your little vendettas all you want but please do your very best and get it into your thick skulls that denigrating a Vale player's confidence every time he steps out in a Vale shirt is proper strange behaviour, and you all need your hard drives checking. WAAAAAAAY Bazza chuckles to his mate, another destruction of a Vale player complete. "That's my job done", Bazza thinks. Well worth the tenner entry, managed to give Lloyd another mental kicking, as he leaves before penalties to take to Facebook to give him a bit more stick. Rant over. Great week, great time to be a Valiant.
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    I wish the guy who sits in front of me in the Railway Stand bad mouthing Joyce would get himself to some away games so he could see how important Luke Joyce is to our midfield. Another immense performance from him today.
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    Clear, honest, informative and positive. As a fan, I cannot ask for anything more from my club's owner. When you read about Bury fans forming a phoenix club or Macclesfield postponing another fixture, it makes you think "that could have been us" and just how lucky we are right now...
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    Incredible night and we scored the goal of the night as well. Not just the quality of Popes header but the passing football (10-12 passes) from our own box to score it. Pep would of admired that. Better than expected result wise and Brown wasn’t exactly stretched. We defended like trojans and that moment we equalised can never ever be taken away from me. Fans top drawer!
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    It is not Askey vs Aspo for me. Aspo came in under difficult circumstances. Kept us up. Askey is doing a good job. Aspo did a good job under the circs. Askey is doing a good job too. All credit to Askey. But I can't be doing with slagging off Aspo. He kept us up. It was time to go for sure. Which he did in a dignified way. So thanks Neil.
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    I'm genuinely losing the will here. HE HASN'T BEEN SUSPENDED FOR EXPRESSING AN OPINION. HE'S BEEN SUSPENDED FOR REPEATEDLY SWEARING, ACTING UNPROFESSIONALLY WITH HIS ENGAGEMENT WITH FANS, AND NOT ACTING IN A WAY BEFITTING ANY PRO FOOTBALLER, LET ALONE A CAPTAIN. THIS ISN'T BECAUS THE FA DISAGREE WITH HIS TRANSGENDER STANDPOINT, MORE THE WAY HE DECIDED TO EXPRESS HIS OPINION (AND ALL HIS OPINIONS FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS, LADEN WITH OBSCENETIES/PERSONAL ABUSE). How many more times do we need to go through this people? In any other profession, Pope would have been sacked by now for the exact same twitter activity. He's been warned, and ignored it. Stop making this about free spech and wake up and realise the captain of our football club repeatedly brings our club's name into disrepute and damages the good community work our owners are doing by using distasteful language on Twitter. Seeing his gramatically woeful tweets, laden with spelling mistakes and obscenities, as he engages in dreadful 'banter' with some 14 year old Stoke fan (a reminder Pope is in his mid 30s with a family) is cringe-worthy and embarassing. You lot are harder work than the kids I teach every day, I swear. I love the player, but as a bloke Pope has let himself down. This isn't a free speech/transgender debate, but a professionalism debate. Pope hasn't been professional. As stated, I can't see many potential sponsors wanting to do work with Vale if Pope is going to be the forefront of the campaign, especially if the sponsorship is young-people based. It takes one parent googling 'Tom Pope Port Vale', pull up some distasteful jokes about paedophilia, and suddenly there's some big questions to answer.
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    There's so much I honestly can't put my finger on it. To start with, his language is appalling. Now, he's a grown man and we all swear, but a fair number of Pope's tweets have some very poor language in it. As a club captain, you'd hope he'd articulate himself better, considering his profile picture has him in a Vale shirt and IMO reflects badly on the club to have the club captain use bad language when we're trying to engage younger fans and doing things 'the right way'. Secondly, he engages with fan criticism, Stoke, Vale and neutral, far too frequently and in the wrong manner. He's perfectly entitled to respond to what is sometimes vastly unfair criticism and stick BUT he doesn't do it in the correct way. He just calls them an obscenity, makes a personal dig about their looks, and winds them up with further provocative comments. I love players giving some back to fans but in a more mature way. Thirdly, he tweets some very strong viewpoints about his personal beliefs, which is completely fine, but often articulates it in quite an abrasive manner. Does he really need to let everyone know he doesn't like transgender people? 99.9% of other footballers manage to keep their personal beliefs to themselves. I'm not saying censor footballers, but at least hope they're considerate enough to realise aggressively espousing controversial views on sensitive topics is going to rile people up, and once again doesn't reflect well on the club. Overall, he's been warned and warned and warned, but has acted very, very childishly; his old account was even banned by Twitter/FA to end this sort of nonsense. Since then, he's made a new account, got into the same trouble by the authorities (to the extent where he had to go to a hearing with the FA, and been warned by Vale), took a self-imposed exile from social media, and then come back and been even worse than before. Its like a dog you can't train. Its quite frankly embarrassing that a club legend and captain has been banned from Twitter because he can't help himself, akin to being grounded by your parents for not getting off the Xbox. He'll always be a Vale legend but Christ he doesn't do himself any favours. Serve the ban, pay the fine, delete social media (you can't help yourself) and move on, Tom. Sick of it at this point.
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    These have picked up after a woeful start, so as always will be a battle to get the three points. Novak is always a player I've fancied at Vale. However, with the way we've been playing, anything less than a draw would be a disappointment. The Bennett/Pope/Cullen conundrum has no obvious solution; for all his recent profligacy, Bennett is excellent at pressing and harrying which is crucial to Askey's system, especially away from home. Pope has shown, against Crewe, that on his day he is the best target man in League 2. Cullen scores every time he is given a game. All bring something different, and despite 442 winning us the game yesterday, it was late on in an end to end home game. The only other times we've tried 442 away have been Grimbsy and Macc, and look how they turned out. I'd still, and my Dad would vehemently disagree, start Bennett; he is getting good chances and leads the press. Goals will come. Cullen on if we're not taking chances. I really, really like Cullen, and think he'll fly past double figures this year BUT he doesn't seem to bring much else apart from being a hard working poacher (which is great to have in the squad). As a lone striker, you need someone with a bit of pace, a bit of height, and who will run the channels and press the centre halves, which Bennett is the best at doing. For the stats nerds, Bennett had by far the highest xG of any player yesterday. He keeps getting himself into good positions and is getting unlucky. By simple laws of averages and regression to the mean, a goal will come. Obviously Atkinson and Conlon might be available but you can't drop Burgess or Taylor. Genuinely lovely to have options with players we trust to come in and do well. Back 4 picks itself as per, but Brisley seems more than capabale and Evans came in at fullback at Crewe and Dons and didn't look out of place. Yesterday was the start of a run against 4 teams in the bottom 8, sandwiching the cup games. 8/9 points from those 4, and progression in one of the cups, would be a very decent run up to Christmas. Anything more, I'll be ecstatic.
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    What a result! JA and the team making people on here look more and more daft... I’m suspecting certain individuals will be very very quiet tonight! One in particular will no doubt be searching the records from last year trying to find something to compare us unfavourably too Isn’t it surprising that when you take away the short term view of certain poor results and look at the bigger picture that things start to become clear. Improvement from last year, more attacking, better football to watch,2 points off the playoffs! Keep making the moaners look stupid lads!!
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    The seasons hardly begun, maybe it’s a bit early to be expecting this just yet? We certainly don’t want to be broadcasting what, if any, money we have in the pot for future transfers, that’d be madness.
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    For those struggling: season - good tonight - really, really bad
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    What a great result for PORT VALE . I'm not talking score line.... although considering everything that wasn't bad either. Just 8 short months ago the shanahans purchased port vale, lock stock and two broken barrels for less than man c paid for a single player. In the doldrums and bereft of hope, a bunch of individual players who couldn't win an argument in solitary confinement. With an annual budget that wouldn't cover a man c top player....... here we are. Not the finished product be a long long way but in 8 very short months we have made giant steps towards recovery ..... a team who realise there are others on the pitch wearing the same shirt playing for the same club and supporters with hope and excitement instead of depression and dissent. The biggest step as a club we have made is having owners who actually care.... about the club, the supporters and the community. Well done the shanahans, the team for doing their best, the supporters for turning up and doing their bit....... and to PORT VALE football club of the past, present and future...... it certainly looks like we have a future...... it's been in doubt for so long.
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    I've been asked to post this by JAMO-IN-MEXICO as he had issues with the images - Rob Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne. As we approach the 21st anniversary of the beginning of construction of the famous Burslem worshipping Church I thought it time to look at the icon’s birth and early years of its construction. As the brain child of local architect and car salesman Antoni ‘Billy’ Bellgaudi, plans were drawn up in 1998 for a new centre of worship to replace the aging church built just after the war. Billy Bellgaudi in his early years as a repairer of horseless carriages Work began in 1999 and you can see in this picture how the new structure began next to the original church for continuity of worship for the Cult of PVFC followers. A later picture of Bellgaudi during the time the chapel had become habitable. During this time dignitaries from very famous churches from places like Leeds and Arsenal dined within the halls and chapels of the structure. The new TV technology from the BBC, a sort of ‘radio with pictures’ even had their own gantry for their Saturday night Songs of Praise program on which the Cult of PVFC then featured. The 8,ooo seater viewing platform where the faithful could sit to worship and watch the Familia not being finished as the years rolled by. Visiting worshippers of other churches had their own structure. Lead was stripped from other local churches as the great roof demanded more materials than the congregation could afford. Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne as it is today. The Cult fell into decline as funding dried up. Some worshipers began to watch services from the TV from pubs in the town. After Bellgaudi left the church some of the local clerics tried to keep the place going for a while but their naivety meant they invited others bearing fools gold into the church and it all came to grief. EL SMURFO bonum est faciet cry baby A local stone mason firm of Begbies Trayner crafted a new gargoyle for the church in 2013 and things got worse. Here below is a picture of the controversial gargoyle El Smurfo. Many of the Cult began to realise that the new gargoyle was possessed by the Devil and fought for its removal from the Familiia before the entire Cult of PVFC was destroyed and cast into the pit some call NON-LEAGUE. Fortunately, we were saved by a saintly couple of angels in the nick of time. They intend to finally complete the Sagrada Familia Calle Lorne and provide a place for young worshipers in the remaining unbuilt part of the church – a sort of Soft Pray area – if you like. UTV #newera Kevin Bassett – Mow COP parish of the Cult of PVFC
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    When are the critics of Amoo who live in the Faceache swamp going to realise that Amoo is viewed as a danger by opposition managers,therefore they double up on him and force him backwards,today the guy playing opposite Amoo was a winger having to play full back, he gave him space and couldn't cope with Amoos pace, hence his first half dominance of Orients defence, also today he was played in with balls by Cullen to run onto,into space, not 2yd passes to his feet when he is surrounded by two or three defenders. Give the lad a break,he has scored goals he has set goals up, have they already forgotten the run and cross for Popes goal at the Eitihad get behind him and support him he's a Vale player. He has been accused of not trying for Christs sake, as somebody has already said Artell was not wrong.
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    Since Montaño has been playing left back, we haven’t really seen the best of Worrall who has sacrificed his own game a bit to help protect him. A specialist left back would free up both to play to their strengths.
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    Burgess is a great little player... unsung hero of the season for me!
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    Morecambe are going to regret all the cheating and timewasting.
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    Bennett is miles ahead of Pope for me so far this season. Hope Popey makes me eat my words, though. Just feel we need Bennett’s mobility and pace.
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    Askey has clearly got the players fitter and more organised. I also think the new owners have obviously lifted the place and it now seems a place where players want to actually be instead of just turning in to pick up their wage. We're a big club for League Two with one of the better stadiums in the league so there's no reason at all we shouldn't be a club that's on the up and finally got out of this God forsaken league within the next couple of years. Another big thing for me is that can actually listen to John talk after games, win, lose or draw, without cringing. Neil Aspin was so depressing as a bloke and I can't imagine the players were at all motivated to play for him no matter how good he was as a player for the club in his day. Don't get me wrong, Askey is no Klopp, but he talks sense, doesn't come up with the same two or three sentences every week and rambling on about just giving your best effort, and overall just gives off a much better vibe.
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    Worrall has the highest number of successful crosses in the league and is one of the top assisters, so he is, by definition, a prolific crosser of the ball. I'm sorry mate but Taylor has 7 goals this year, so your midfield claims don't stand up either. Our lone target man hasn't scored against 11 men, apart from penalties, all season. That's an issue, regardless if you shoehorn the shift of blame to everyone else.
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    Aspin kept us up. Signed Brown, Joyce, Legge. Worked under the worst owner we've had. Then walked when his time was up. No hard feelings for me. We've moved on to better things. Today was terrific. Well done Arthur and the lads and the new owners. But no need to disrespect Aspo IMO.
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    I remember the stick Tankard got when he first played at Vale. I think some people were miffed because he had been the replacement for the popular Sulley at LB. Tanks was clearly a young player with talent on the ball, he just lacked confidence. He hadn't found it easy to settle....people forget that these are young men, away from family and familiar things, and they can find it hard. Anyway, he was getting uncalled for abuse at times and his confidence went down. Every time he got the ball he was nervous and would make mistakes he wouldn't otherwise make. It was as if the boo-boys liked that because it somehow proved them right! It is a spiral fans can get into if they are not careful....wanting their own player to do badly just to prove a point. Of course, away from home Tanks was always much more confident....but I daresay the boo-boys weren't there. I remember even Seth Bothomley added fuel as well. They seemed to prefer Stokes in that position ...because Stokes was more bustling and got tackles in more. (And thus ended up over-committed and on the ground while play went on around him) In the end a couple of people felt so strongly about it they wrote to the Sentinel page saying how uncalled and counter-productive this abuse was. Not long after Tanks got the last-minute winner against Huddersfield right smack in front of the Bycars (which was full in those days). Cracking volley it was too. It was amusing to see how swiftly people changed their tune and started singing his name. lol He ended up a firm favourite at Vale, or course. And a lot of fans are probably oblivious to the fact it could have turned out very differently and we would have lost out on a good player for us. We often forget that some players take a while to overcome nerves. Booing doesn't help of course! The manager may simply be hoping that the player he sees in training suddenly clicks and is able to show his true ability on matchdays.
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    Imagine our lovely Carol, going for a meeting with a potential sponsor. Lucrative stuff. Warchest for Askey in the Summer. They're really impressed with the strides the club's made in the last few months and want to be a part of it. They like the ethical running and community engagement. "Hang on Carol; isn't this your employee? The leader and most visible player on your team? Is he the one using social media to call fans b******* and c***** on a semi-regular basis? Is he the one attacking, unprovoked, LGBT people who may be a market for our product? Sorry, no can do." This is basics people. Pope was warned. There's no defence.
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    Give me where Vale are today compared where we were this time last year in every aspect of the club and playing staff, we are miles better off. Keep up the good work Mr and Mrs S and JA.
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    Get in Vale! A very welcome 3 points... a pretty dull game with very little on offer from both sides...that does mean however that we kept them quiet and stifled their play. A Cambridge supporting friend of mine has been saying they have been far improved this season and creating lots of opportunities... we not against us they didn’t! While the performance wasn’t great we have played well in other games and been robbed of a win (Northampton, Salford) so this even things up a bit. The Vale are a better side than we were last season. Slow and steady improvement. Well done so far Mr Askey!
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    And that cretin Dale is bleating about the Bury fans being nasty to him. He's lucky they haven't strung him up from a lamp post in Gigg Lane.
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    I think the initiative to raise standards through out the club is to be applauded,if I could afford the kind of money to have a box (Highly unlikely) ! I would hope that the standard of dress reflected the cost of the box, I wouldn't want to see people wandering round in scruffy clothes, football shirts and shorts. Sorry if that offends those whose chosen clothing is the above, I dont mean to offend, but I am surprised that there were no restrictions in situ in the first place,so good luck to Kevin and Carol in your attempts to raise our profile.
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    email is excellent response Dear Hospitality Box Holder Firstly, thank you for your support, as we enter our New Era at Port Vale. We are overwhelmed by the response of the fans and especially to you, our hospitality customers, who very quickly showed your support. Thanks to you, we now have a healthy, but frustrated (!), waiting list for our boxes and President seats. Our aim throughout the club is to raise the standard and bring back the pride to Vale Park that we have all seen deteriorate over the last few years. To this end we emulated a number of other clubs and looked to introduce a dress code for hospitality. Having received mixed but emphatic “feedback” we feel that within our enthusiasm and excitement we haven’t worked in the collaborative manner that we always aspire to. We have therefore, taken a decision to delay making any changes on the match day Hospitality Experience (other than the food of course). Over the first two home league matches (Northampton and Forest Green) we will look to canvas your opinions on everything from food, service and dress code so that we can produce a set of guidelines that everyone feels comfortable with. Please can we emphasise that we can only influence off the pitch and not on! [emoji4] We look forward to welcoming you back to Vale Park for the new season.
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    Overall I thought that was a good battling performance. A total contrast to last season there. That first 25 minutes or so really showed what we can do. We had both flanks pushing on causing problems for their full backs. We had the midfielders and centre half's getting on the ball and switching play. We were pressing and forcing mistakes, we had a few half decent efforts from Amoo, Manny and Gibbo in there too and the goal was nothing more than we deserved. Worryingly after that 25 minutes our work rate in front of the back 4 dropped, their defenders and midfielders were getting on the ball much more, they were overloading us down the left and we couldn’t get out. In the main our defence kept a really good shape, there was very little space for them to play inbetween our fullbacks and centre half's, which is what the defence work on a lot and most of what they got in to the box was dealt with. Having said that I thought Gibbo was getting too tight and getting in to a holding match with Nouble saw him rolled easily or concede a few free kicks. Disappointing to concede so late in the half, but to be fair they probably deserved it. Second half I thought we improved the defensive side in front of the back 4, Worrall put a real shift in until his booking which pretty much killed his defensive duties and him going off was the right move, but he and Gibbo having linked up well attacking in the first 25 minutes were able to link up well defensively and it was a better half in that regard for them. Amoo faded second half and arguably offered little threat, although I’m not convinced Bennett is the answer there and i thought our left hand side ended up being exposing a bit more in that second half, especially when he came on. Again we dealt really well with a lot of stuff they threw at us, I think Browns only real save came from a cross, unless someone got a touch on it on its way through I couldn’t tell. Both full backs tucked in and covered well at the back post. Smith and a Legge got their and heads and bodies in the way of virtually everything. We had a couple of decent opportunities ourselves that came down the right, in particular Cullens chance from a great through ball from Gibbo, for all the world I thought he should have taken it early on his left. I’d love to see that one back. Manny ended up with a decent chance to shoot on goal in the last minute too and our work rate never stopped. Joyce, Manny and Conlon put some miles in across that middle too. Manny was relieving pressure by running with the ball, and it was a total contrast to his personal performance at the same ground last year. Colchester are a good side, they have a lot of quick players and players comfortable on the ball, I can see them giving some sides a good hiding at their ground this season. Overall I was happy with that performance, I didn’t expect us to get anything if I’m honest. For me there were a lot of positives in that game, the first 25 minutes especially how we linked up well and looked to have a pattern of play with intent, with everyone getting involved on the ball. Smith and Legge did well, Gibbons comes out of that with a lot credit too. Worrall goes without saying. But I’d probably put Manny as my man of the match. For those listening at home what was Radio Stokes view on the game, team performance and individual performances?
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    Went today and it was notable that our passing and movement is massively improved from last season. Colchester are one of the finest teams in the division and we gave them a game. Last season each fixture home and away was over after 30 mins. We were miles away. We were less effective in the 2nd half but we stayed with a dangerous, attacking Colchester team who were no weaker than last season. Amoo and Crookes looked great. Worrall and Legge were unconvincing. Pope looked sharp...Cullen looks promising. Overall the clues are there...this will be a much better season.
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    Not losing 13 home games should see us move significantly up the table which must be possible just by being fitter, better organised and a bit more positive, even with a team that will be quite similar to last season. i would be happy with 15th/16th and not having my head in my hands for large proportion of games.
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    We four were in the 1894 as well and we jumped for joy when Popey scored. Couldn't believe how many of us Vale were in that part (spend their £80 per ticket)!
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    Couldn’t make the game today, but I watched it on Facebook. First half was fairly even I thought, Crawley looked dangerous on the counter attack, and Vale looked organised and threatening in spells. Second half was totally different, Crawley pushed their full backs further up the pitch and that meant Pope was completely isolated up front, due to Browne and Amoo constantly helping Gibbons and Montano. This meant Crawley started to dominate the game, but a combination of good saves from Brown and dreadful finishing, meant they couldn’t go in front. Vale resorted to hoof ball because of this and every time we got the ball we looked for Pope and as per usual the opposition picked up every second ball. This is no criticism of Pope, but he was either winning the ball and his knock downs being cleaned up or he was being out strengthened/jumped. Don’t get me wrong, Vale themselves should have done better with a couple of chances. Taylor should have scored with two chances and Browne had one. My main criticism from today was how Askey made no subs. We were crying out for a fresh pair of legs. Cullen or Bennett could have a made a slight difference, we could have gone two up top and gone for it. Askey’s thought process though may have been different because we could have easily lost that if we changed the shape, so it’s understandable from him. On to the next game now, Worrall is back thankfully. We have missed him massively and he goes straight back in for either Browne or Amoo. I didn’t think Amoo was that bad today, he made a couple of half chances for us. He certainly wasn’t our worst player. For me, we have been poor in our last four league games. 1 win, 1 draw, 2 losses. Something has to change if we want to keep up with the play-offs. Our next four leagues are tough, but if we could get seven points from them we could go into the new year with a bit of belief. I’m not going to be too hard on the boys because I think we are doing well this season. As much as three points would have been great today, one point away from home isn’t the worst in the world. Keep the faith Valiants!
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    Everyone relax. Labour and the Lib Dem party have just said this general election was only advisory and are calling for a second general election.
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    I don't think the 8000 will be sold before general sale. Would basically need every single ST holder to snap up their 2, which I simply don't think will happen. There is a reasonable number, though not massive, of Vale fans who are elderly and simply won't/can't go to away games. The first day was always going to be a heavy sell; don't think it'll be anywhere near the same pace moving forward and I'd wager there will be at least a few hundred for general sale.
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    A nonsense and waste of time, as the level of fines suggest. I was at that game, which was played in a good atmosphere, the incident was a bit of posturing. If anything, the response of the authorities has done more to bring the game into disrepute than anything which happened on the field.
  42. 4 points
    Popes first goal was class,a good cross from Wazza but not much pace on the ball but a fantasticly placed header ,the second showed if his experience ,3 players around him in the box and the ability to stay calm under pressure,top man Popey.
  43. 4 points
  44. 4 points
    Bennett scored yesterday ... Why would he be dropped. He is now the top goal scorer at the club with 4 from open play while Tom has 1 penalty. It would make sense to go to Orient with an attacking mentality and that would not be Tom Pope leading the line. I would start with Bennett and if it was deemed beneficial that he be substituted then I would go for Archer who would worry any defense more than Tom. I know there are folk who still say Tom is a 20/season man but that was a few years ago now and as I know very well, as you get older you still think you can do what you have always done but unfortunately father time has the last word and we all have to slow up. This is shown up by the younger, fitter and more driven people wanting your crown. Last night we had two midfielders who scored their first goals for Vale and showed speed and pace that we have been crying out for ......Why would we want to not promote that style of play all over the field. Bennett stays put for me .
  45. 4 points
    Just think we look a better side with him on the bench personally. Thought it for most of last season as well. The issue when he plays is we seem to be extremely one dimensional and just leather it up to him. Personally happy with Bennett to keep starting and use pope as in impact sub
  46. 4 points
    Seeing how West ham kids did on Wednesday I'd say pace will panic that Newport defence start with Worrall and amoo and have archer and browne on the bench for the last 30-35 minutes. Tough game but if we play how we have most of the time we can give anyone in this league a good game
  47. 4 points
    This is the thing with Ben... every argument in his favour is an emotional one. This “his goal kept us in the football league” argument is an emotional. It was one of a number of winning goals that did so. I agree it’s the one we emotionally remember and gave us the biggest relief. But our entire season wasn’t that goal. Factually, he hasn’t performed. Emotionally he has given us some memories. i don’t think we can afford his wages for a few emotional memories.
  48. 4 points
    I think the one observation (and not a criticism) was how the comms could have been improved in what was a very dynamic and challenging situation. I was working so couldn't get to VP to queue up. As the club had stated you could get your tickets over the phone both me and the wife called over 100 times only to learn later that the club was not taking calls. A simple voicemail or social media announcement as things developed stating that things had changed and only in person sales would be made would have been simple to do and would have saved a lot of time and frustration. Once we heard there were still tickets left on Saturday it was up early and got our tickets sorted so all worked out in the end. A voicemail on the ticket line is so simple to do and would have saved a lot of angst for so many people
  49. 4 points
    That’s nothing. The American president prefers putin to his own intelligence service.
  50. 4 points
    Totally agree, A very good read and interesting the comments about the previous dictator which are slowly coming out where once kept quiet. So much we know, so much we think we know went on but i'm sure that didn't scratch the surface to the actually full on issues he caused behind the scenes - this is one reason why I wouldn't knock Aspin 1) because he kept us up after browns tenure and did a fantastic job but 2) the way the club was ran would erode the most committed employee with they must have had to put up with(prob told not to play players if they were due a bonus etc) Back on the article, left over pies seriously how low can you get to save pence. Been said but thank you, thank you Carol and Kevin for caring and saving the club and I hope these articles in the national press (prev one in daily mirror) stick in the throat of smurthwaite as his ego wanted to control good exposure only

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