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  1. It would seem that everyone on here has either forgotten about wozza or written him off. He's definitely got another good season in him as RWB. He contributed to many key moments in the playoff games. His dip in form mid season coincided with his hip injury and the fact that Smith was playing behind him at RCB. With Cass at RCB I think we'll see a fully fit Wozza back to his best. Granted we need to bring in some competition but don't write him off yet.
  2. Plenty of people, in all walks of life, don't hang around in their home town for life.
  3. Cue the meltdowns. Life is short, Gibbo has only known living in SOT and playing for Vale; cant blame him for wanting a fresh challenge and new surroundings; maybe there was a bit more money in it for him but if his heart was set on leaving there was little we could do.
  4. Any other country gets to a semi final and final of a major tournament and we wonder why we can't be like them. England do it and we're lucky?
  5. Pointless competition, lots of changes, I'll judge Southgate on major tournaments. Aside from Alf Ramsay, England's most successful manager.
  6. Why because football doesn't work that way anymore unfortunately You mean society doesn't work that way anymore unfortunately?
  7. Were the heads of the Swindon players and staff so far up their own derrieres that they didn't think that a) there would be a pitch invasion and b) there would be mindless idiots who would confront Mckirdy? Because why on earth did they line up for the penalty shootout the furthest of the 2 teams away from the tunnel? Otherwise they could have been surrounded by stewards & led up the tunnel in no time. Had a bit of realism and common sense come into it we wouldn't be talking about it.
  8. He certainly can't moan if he doesn't get given anything. Not the cleverest thing to post.
  9. Surely anyone can walk up and buy tickets before the match? If so then the club need to come out on Thursday afternoon and say how many are available to encourage last-minute walk-ups; by that time it will be too late for Swindon fans to travel in the hope of getting tickets in the home end?
  10. Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 - Sports Grounds Safety AuthoritySports Grounds Safety Authority SGSA.ORG.UK I dont know anything about these things either and I may be way off the mark but the above link suggests that it is the local authority that issues the safety certificate in consultation with the police. The devil will be in the detail of course but maybe its at the discretion of the appointed H&S person within the local authority?
  11. Unclear is an understatement! I don't understand any reduction in capacity because what has changed/got worse since we last filled VP?
  12. Forgive me if this has already been discussed re the current capacity but, aside from the unused section of the Lorne Street, what are the particular 'health & safety' issues that prevent us from selling all of the available seats elsewhere in the ground? There are clubs in the national league that can fill their ground to the rafters so surely VP should be able to? In the scheme of things it seems a token gesture to reduce the capacity by a few thousand but it doesn't give a good impression when on SkyTV beamed around the world it appears that we cant sell all of the home tickets for such a big game!
  13. Agree, the one on Smith was pre-meditated following earlier verbals between the two and could have been red for intent IMO. He also should have been booked for not walking off behind the goal when subbed, which would have meant they were down to 10.
  14. But we won't beat teams around us playing like that and it's not unreasonable for paying fans to want to be entertained.
  15. Build up too slow, everything we do is in front of opposition. Pett slows us down at every opportunity. 3 up top looks attacking on paper but we just end up with all 3 playing with their backs to goal. Play 1 off proctor and put another body in midfield. We're hard to beat but need to vastly improve going forwards if we're going to go up via playoffs.
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