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  1. Got seriously no hope for this game what a depressing time we live in. the first couple of months of the season watching vale play was a massive outlet for me and gave me a chance for 90 minutes to forget about everything thats going on in the world and enjoy us playing a game a football. find it really sad that i dont even know if i can bare to watch the games anymore. I have never seen a team with so little about them they should honestly be ashamed of themselves bar a couple of them. In a time where ive not been able to see my family or in months they are able to train t
  2. I mean it would take a seriously bad performance to be worse than brown was on saturday if he is thrown in
  3. I think if he had been this season he would of done
  4. Great response mate instead of having a debate about my post and discussing the points which id happily do just take a sly dig instead. I forgot you cant have a opinion unless you agree with everything that port vale fc say or do. Grow up
  5. He hasnt hes still training with us and still picking up his wages
  6. Had to have a time out on here after the game because dont think I've ever been that mad over a perfomance from a vale team. And one day later im just as mad I can't believe what has happened to us and im sorry but i think carol is partly to blame her naive way of handling the club big decisions is coming back to bite us massively. It started over summer yes she would have listened to askeys ideas of who he wants but offering shocking players 2k a week ie theo on a two year deal is beyond stupid and stinks of being desperate to get someone in and agreeing to whatever the agent asked f
  7. And very tempted to ask for my money back for this one
  8. Easiest 3 points of the season for most teams we come up agaisnt
  9. We are the laughing stock of the english football league
  10. I was all for pugh seeing out the season. but WE NEED A CHANGE NOW. This is simply not good enough carol needs to step up to the plate and sort this crap out
  11. 90% of our squad wouldnt get into a conference team
  12. This is worse than anything under the smurf era on the playing side of things we are gutless the players are simply not good enough
  13. Mills is possibly the worst player ive even seen in a vale shirt he cant make simple passes
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