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  1. Unbelievable goal someone report it was a tap in so nobody comes and has a look at him
  2. I think nathan smith deserves a lot of credit hes been phenomenal during this run there was a lot of people on here saying they would get rid at the end of the season. When hes perfoming hes the best defender in the league.
  3. Oleeeeee oleeeee oleeeeeeeeee 6 on the <ovf censored> trot what a job DC is doing
  4. Class again from all the lads keep it going boys lets finish the season with real momentum
  5. If stays as it is and we beat morecombe weve got half a chance
  6. Currently 8 points off the play offs we couldnt could we???
  7. Im exepcting a strong second half with the wind behind us
  8. Have you seen the pitch wind against us and rhe pitch is terrible really difficult conditions to play in
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