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  1. If someone is unfit they will be more prone to injuries
  2. Theres to many snowflakes on this forum mate, and seeing as cullen got injured in there game he was one of the players that statement was probably aimed at.
  3. Yeah obviously that is a nice amount for the average wage my point was more towards the fact he was one of our lowest paid players
  4. Ahaha obviously a nice amount but player of the season and club captain being one of out lowest payed players was a bit of a surpise
  5. Potentially tripled seeing as some players being on around 2000 and him being club captain
  6. Heres an interesting fact for you all which i struggled to believe but from a reliable source- before tom conlon signed his new contract he was only on 700 a week one of our lowest paid first team players
  7. Think hes signed for them from what ive heard, wish the lad well never got a sniff at vale rumours never confirmed to be true i think he just didnt fit in for whatever reason that is. Got no hard feelings towards McKirdy personally
  8. You cant just throw 11 players on a pitch that have barely played together and expect us to look like a solid outfit its going to take time, i would imagine we will have a mix of results and performances at the start of the season some good and bad, but it will be simply them working out eachothers game. Look at bolton they made a large amount of signings last year and started the league terribly then they came good. We all need a bit of patience at the start of the season because it will take time. It might not take as long as bolton did to get going but i think we might have a slow start to the season, if we dont great. But lets not lose our heads if we lose a couple in our first few games
  9. Only vale fans would be this critical of a pre season friendly game against a championship outfit whilst gelling together a group of players who have only played together a couple of times
  10. What were you expecting him to have achieved by now 😂😂 only been in the role a few months some fans are baffling
  11. Two sloppy goals conceded thought we could of done better with them but its preseason concentration isnt going to be 100% and against a championship team always going be a struggle think weve made some very decent signings for this level and cant wait for the season to start its hard to judge where your at in pre season but aslong as were getting fitness up to speed thats all that matters
  12. Hopefully your wifi goes down a few minutes before kick off so you cant slate anyone after the game
  13. I can see bailey getting some game time in the efl trophy this season valueable experience for his development and if he plays well who knows could potential find him self on the bench for match days
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