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  1. Regardless of the result on Thursday these players have give everything for this club this season now more than ever in my lifetime do we need to give them everything we have on Thursday. No getting on backs no creating more pressure for them just nothing but support. We can roar these boys too wembley. What an achievement it will be but weve just got to give them everything weve got. If thats not enough then so be it what will be but we go down fighting. Make the place a fortress and pack the park.
  2. What a bloody perfomance. This team never backs down
  3. Just as bad as it gets that. It looks as if someones plonked 11 strangers on the pitch. Trying to stay postive but genuinely believe that we are going to have to rely on other results for us to make the play offs. Will be the most vale thing in the world us losing out on play offs now will be
  4. Not posted in a while as too nervous but COME ON THE BOYS
  5. 64 goals scored not bad for a team with not many goals in it. If we win on monday and mansfield lose could be done and dusted
  6. Its a bloody brilliant being a vale fan atm. What a win. finally seem to have the ball falling in our favour which couldn't say for the whole season. The boys dug in so deep to get them 3 points. The character of them is immense. And genuinely couldnt be prouder.
  7. Id also much prefer be looking over our shoulder at this stage of the season than be in the chasing pack
  8. Three wins and a draw may be enough from our last 6
  9. What will be will be . At the end of the season whoever is in the top 3 deserve to be. Do i think we will be in that 3 yes. But youve got to think two months ago we would of snapped your hand off at a play off place. Automatics are a bonus which we are well on our way to achieving
  10. Two more wins and play offs atleast will be secured in my eyes. Who would of thought could say that a couple of months ago
  11. Its in our hands doesnt matter what other teams do. Also midtable teams with nothinf to play for can be dangerous opponents because the shackles come off. There will be plenty of suprise results between now and the end of the season. just dont see who we have to fear weve been phenomenal
  12. If we win our next two struggle to see how will catch us
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