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  1. Thought seeing as we took 700 last night our fans created 0 atmosphere was like playing behind closed doors
  2. Worst performance of the season so far id say looked leggy, short of composure on the ball- not that keen on martin from what ive seen on him. Just seemed like a off day where nothing seemed to click. onto saturday a point away from home is never a bad one again that was a game that last season no chance we get a draw
  3. The thing that covolan doesnt get enough praise for is his ability to come and claim crosses, what some of you short sighted people dont see the impact of this is massive. Look how many goals we conceded with brown in goal with a header from about 5 yards out as he was glued to his goal line. So when covolan comes and claims things this is quickly forgotten when in fact in previous seasons these would of been goal scoring opportunities for the opposition. Yes he made a error for the goal but look where we are in the league. People on here are just desperate for someone to moan at we won 3:1 its not cost us the game. I cant imagine its even a question in clarkes mind about dropping him at the moment
  4. Also sometimes goal keepers make mistakes scott brown made numerous mistakes last season that i think people are forgetting- if covolan gives us 3 clean sheets for every mistake he makes id be very happy as clean sheets will get us promoted
  5. Trying to not get ahead of myself but <ovf censored> me i think were a class above this level when we start playing. Yes there is going to be blips we cant be on it every game of the season but i really think something special is building
  6. If anyone is in need of a new drinking game try drinking everytime stu says 'you know' during the pod. Got me absolutely trollied after about 5 minutes
  7. Watched the highlights 1000 times already and still cant stop myself from keeping on watching them
  8. They wouldn't join us in boslem if we got promoted tho 🥴
  9. Some absolute idiot vale fan racially abused there keeper on instagram after the game. What is wrong with people like seriously. Why tarnish the win with something like that. No place for it all hopefully he gets banned from vale park for life as I certainly dont want to be associated with people with them view points.
  10. Holy <ovf censored> <ovf censored> GET THE <ovf censored> IN. where are you clarke doubters now you bunch of absolute numpties. we used to crumble in the last ten minutes with last seasons players look at that for fight determination and some big <ovf censored> balls to turn that around up the vale
  11. Honestly anyone who is not impressed with what dc is starting to build here genuinely struggle to believe that you support the vale, for the first time in a long time we look like a really decent team with arguably one of the best squad in the division. Can tell you right now that most of our bench and people who dont make the match day squad would be starters for most teams in this division. We have been the better team in 90% of our games. Weve been competitive in every single game we should be on more points than what we are and as ive said before we are only going to get better. I genuinely think we will be automatic promotion rather than play offs. it looks like all the players have took on all of dcs ideas and are playing for him and the badge and they all have the same aim promotion. There is passion there something that's been missing for a long time at the vale. There is a feel good feeling around the club and if you are a vale fan and are not getting that feeling then genuinely i think you need to question whether you actually support the vale or are they just a way of getting out your frustration every weekend as you look for any possible negative to complain at. We are fourth and id say we have had the toughest ten fixtures in the division to start with. Things are looking really positive as ive not seen a team yet to be fearful of UP THE VALE
  12. I was the same mate i thought that it was a bitter interview as soon as i heard it my point was that he's being made to look more of a fool for doing it for how we started the season.
  13. That tom pope interview is starting to sound more and more like sour grapes as the weeks go on. As good as he was for us it was time to move on and that decision has been proven right so far.
  14. The silence is deafening from the usual boo boys just goes to show they dont support the vale all they want is to criticise and be negative. Weve had a very tough start fixture wise and weve come out from it with a nice points total and were only going to get better. I really think playoffs is the minimum we will finish this season. From what ive seen so far nobody is better than us and i think weve probably got the strongest squad in the league. I know its early doors and its easy to get carried away but i think darrell has got together a really good squad and they are all playing for him. Anyone who thinks this summers business hasnt improved us seriously needs to get there eyes tested.
  15. Would love to see politic play a part today im going for a 3-1 vale win. COME ON THE BOYS
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