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  1. I dont want to jinx us but i think top 7 is the minimum we will finish- who has a better squad than us ive yet to see one. We are only going to get better i think once everything clicks and we find some consistency we will be closer to the top rather than pushing top seven at the end of the season
  2. There isnt a sub that comes on that doesn't strengthen us either the depth of our squad is very good. If we can go on a run of results and get full confidence in the lads i think we will be a serious force to be reckoned with
  3. I really hope people are starting to see the signs that there is definitely a decent team coming together that weve got. Its going to take time but i am really excited by our team and we are only going to get better. Swindon will be right up there end of the season so today was a really good result. UP THE VALE
  4. I cant imagine he will still be at bradford come the end of next season 🤣
  5. Dont be silly mate the linesman reminded us he was playing every couple of minutes when he put his flag up to let us know he was offside 🤣
  6. We obviously signed him to compete for a cb position, he's obviously low on confidence not much you can do for personal errors in afraid
  7. Watch us go on a decent run now i truly believe we are building towards something very promising
  8. Young lad for villa cameron archer just scored a hatty against barrow for villa - looks a real handful - hope dc is watching as i guessing they will be looking to loan him out
  9. How did we get on yesterday didnt manage to watch as was at the races
  10. Very interesting listen the pope interview. I think its a bit of both tom pope knows more than anyone football can be a cruel game- i do think his departure should of been handled better as he is a club legend and i can understand him being upset by that - with the clarke flickers points he makes there are two sides to the story- when they came in he had already stated he had lost his head and was drinking and i had heard rumours he wasnt the best to have around the place from reliable sources at the end of askey era and maybe he was entitled to be like that from how askey treated him. But from clarkes perspective hes coming in to a club that needs results he would of been informed of the pope situation and maybe he thought he needs to make the group to be together and to keep pope happy he told him hed have a part to play to keep him from causing issues. Not saying thats right or wrong and pope being upset by this he has every right to be. But it might of been for the benefit of the team that this was done as pope is a major part of that dressing room and if hes thrown his dummy out it could impact the rest of the players. im willing to trust flickers and clarke until proven otherwise as should all vale fans
  11. Feel like I could copy and paste my post from after the tranmere game. When that one goal goes in i think we will be fine One player i have been slightly disappointed in so far not writing him off as only three games but think mel benning has been really poor so far. seems a bit lightweight and not really effected the games in anyway. The only reason why picked him out as there was a lot of hype around him signing. Hopefully he will improve and like i said no way am i writing him off- just an observation from what ive seen so far
  12. He made 32 appearances in the season that covid stopped early- that seems pretty regular to me
  13. Your not sure if gibbo can be a first team regular whats he been for the past few seasons then 🤣
  14. Where have you seen there is a recall option there is no mention of that on the vale post
  15. Dont think ive ever seen such universal praise from oppostion fans when signing a player from a club, very very excited by this signing
  16. Read the comments on the vale announcement flooded with bolton fans saying what a player weve got, sounds very promising
  17. Reading through the bolton comments on there twitter post there disappointed theyve let him go for the season
  18. Vale sign denis polotic on loan from bolton for the season
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