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  1. Proper lost my head from yesterdays performance was gutless. We HAVE to bounce back on Tuesday
  2. Just feel like we were set up negativity from the get go today, do we really need 5 at the back at home. Got completely overran because playing so deep and missing a player in the middle because of the back 5
  3. Absolute gutless performance this has been. Not laid a glove on them all game. Stupidity from cov but even before that we showed absolutely nothing. Very disappointing game completely lack lustre. Worst performance by a country mile. Cass hussey conlon been dreadful
  4. Genuinely is maybe 2 out of whole squad who i dont think are quite good enough the rest would walk into any league 2 side
  5. COME ON THE VALE! cant wait for the game. I think we are going to steam roll these today im going 3:0
  6. There is absolutely no chance hall replaces smith at cb smith is first name on team sheet any defensive options that are brought in are to play along side smith.
  7. Never in my life have i seen vale take other teams at our level best players during the season. This presentation weve got must be seriously good
  8. Jonny completely wrong abour mbuemo he starts pretty much every game for brentford not sure where hes got hes only played 26 minutes this season from 🤣
  9. Is this vale ?? Doesnt seem real to be doing decent signings in january. honestly carol deserves so much credit for turning our club around. In my lifetime ive never been so assured by whos running our club. I genuinely believe the only way is up with us at the moment. no messing about getting our targets everyone of then says df and dc sell them the dream of the club its unreal
  10. Listen if we have no chance of signing him but he bangs in 10 goals between now and the end of the season and we go up will be an excellent short term signing
  11. Proud of the boys yesterday we didnt deserve to lose 4:1 at all but brentford shows what the mega bucks pays for in terms of quality finishing. on major positive was the new lad up top i know he scored but i was focusing on him quite a lot and he literally won 90% of his headers against mountains of premier league defenders. His movement off the ball also looked excellent he was making runs constantly and asking for the ball the whole time he was on. he looked a really good player from time he got on could be a really good bit of business that
  12. To me that sounds like dom telford could be signing
  13. When your a teenager and your mum walked in without knocking 🤣
  14. id much prefer play the fixtures with us having more of chance of picking up the points than just gettinf them played with no strikers available just to keep up with the games played with teams around us
  15. Without a striker on the pitch its very tough not saying we would of lost every game but there is the possibility it could of happened and we would of deffo have dropped more points than we usually would if we played with more players available and the difference between play offs and automatic could be a couple of points so potentially not dropping them points could be the difference
  16. Was sort of expecting a signing to have been announced by now, maybe weve missed out on some potential signings
  17. Its also a great chance to get some match fitness in the lads before the important games
  18. We would be that much behind with no games in hand if we hadn't had games called off atleast we have a chance now
  19. I am happy he left and dont think it was a mistake letting him go as it obviously wasnt working out for us. was more making the point that dont think askey was a good enough manager to make it work and then I think the situation was too far gone when clarkey came in for it to be salvaged
  20. The one thing i took from pope's interview on ale n vale was how horrendous askey was at man managing and i believe that to be true. So everyone saying mckirdys attitude was this and that but what you have to remember is he barely had a sniff with us and then in the interview pope mentions about askey started on mckirdy for wearing a snude in training. So i think if any player is not getting any game time and the manager has clearly got it in for them i feel anyone would have a attitude towards a club. i think the fact hes gone to swindon and pretty much starts every week and seems to be loved there suggests that if you are able to manage him properly he does have a good attitude and will give his all. but there is always deffo two sides to the story so everyone sayinf hes got attitude problems there may be a valid reason for him being like that because if your employer doesn't treat you right your not going to give everything. following swindons socials hes turning into a loved key player for them which is nice to see as he clearly has talent and it would be a shame to see it go to waste
  21. I know its good for us games being off but starting get serious withdrawal symptoms now just want watch us play
  22. Genuinely feel these games getting called off is absolutely massive for our season. Getting players back is vital and having the opportunity to do this without dropping points in the meantime could be pivotal come end of the season. Yes disappointing not getting to watch us for a few weeks but this could be a real game changer come end of the season
  23. I mean lets be real none of the players are scared the real reason for them not having it is most are lacking brain cells and are not that bright. ive seen numerous players sharing conspiracy theories about covid so this is probably the reason they are not vaccinated because their uncle alan has shared something about control and nwo
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