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  1. Amoooooo 👏🏼 Shows what pace and and ability take someone on can do, somethint we have missed a lot
  2. Cant see anything other than a loss today under the <ovf censored> show askey- team at bottom going sit back agaisnt us 1:0 oldham stinks of it. Our team is devoid of pace and creativity to break through a team with 11 behind the ball
  3. Im sorry but all of you saying that were only 3pts of play offs and weve only played teams in the top 7 so far yeah well if thats the case we are screwed because our form against teams below us is even worse than when we play against teams above us. Some of you need open you eyes and actually watch the way we play we are 3pts of the play offs now but if something doesnt change thats going to get a lot bigger than 3pts off. Saying we played alright second half are you ok???? Like seriously you think that second half perfomance was ok. It was laughable. We as fans shouldnt settle for that if we
  4. First half we were good second half shocking but askey waits until 80 mins to change it
  5. 1 ) im goin off performances we have been really bad in the majority of our games no creativity no chances made bad sides look good, had no plan b when things werent working players look clueless and dont know what there doing 2) He is set in his ways sticks with same tactics in game even when not working refuses change personal until way to late. Clearly has favourites ie worrall who play every week regardless of how they play 3) need your glasses tested on this one he has been shocking get up a highlight reel of his season so far would be a interesting watch he has done noth
  6. Some delusional people on this site defending worrall and askey its not good enough at all. Look at his signings rodney rubbish,whitehead rubbish, mills rubbish, fitz bang average 2nd choice lb borderline rubbish. Shocking signings made by a below average manager whos level is lower end league 2 conference
  7. Im just going to put this out there we need to get john askey out of our club we are going nowhere under him he is one dimensional players look clueless teams have found us out and he has no answers he is so set in his ways and stubborn to change anything even when it is crying out for it. Players shouldnt get into the team through reputation they should by form and if that was the case worrall would be nowhere near the starting 11 has been <ovf censored> diabolical and im sick to death of it as it whitehead. We are not going to go anywhere near the play offs under him so if the club has
  8. I watched every game last season and I can tell you right now I’ve not seen us look this lack luster and have less desire than we have now. And yes these next two games are make or break two more games playing badly and not getting a result will see players confidence shot n will soon find ourselves in a rut that we will struggle to get out of. Football is a confidence game and ours is shot nobody has the confidence to beat a man hold the ball up, make something happen. It’s the manner of how we are playing we have no idea what to do that is why I believe he is in trouble if results don’t go o
  9. I’m sorry but people defending askey need to take a look at themselves- tactically it’s a shambles - plays look disinterested to make 6 changes I feel like he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore. From 20 minutes in we could see that the midfield was being overrun and he changed nothing I’m not saying I know more than askey but I think anyone watching the game could see that so why couldn’t our manager. We have been literally shocking for 3 games now we made an average team look very good where’s the desire where’s the commitment where’s the heart to get in there faces and make things happen o
  10. 6 changes and Worrall still plays he has been abysmal all season and no conlon what is wrong with him does he watch a dofferent game to what we do.
  11. Askey out!!! We are going nowhere under him am afraid one dimensional fails to recognise when we’re not playing well. Clearly evident we were getting overrun in midfield with just the two in there but we stick with it for 90 mins. Diabolical 3 performances in a row if we lose the next two I want to see him gone before too much damage is done
  12. Take there noses from in between the arse cheeks of anyone related to port vale and see things for what they are
  13. And hardly keyboard warrior have I said anything aggressive no, I had an opinion on the commentary and said it, so many people on here jump on you for having an opinion that they don’t agree with. Personally think it’s sad that he’s scrolled through and called me out about it. His job is in the public eye I am entitled to have my opinion. I have not been nasty or personal towards him. Remember when Owen used get slated in bt sports for his commentary do you think he went through forums and started calling people out for them saying they don’t like his commentary. People on here need get a gr
  14. How am I scared to speak to him I said what i wanted to say in previous comments what else is there to say? I can repeat myself if you want me too
  15. I mean I said what I wanted to say - stick to the football just some friendly advice 🤣 that’s what sky and high level bbc commentators do
  16. Think I’m living in mr bowers head rent free 🤣🤣🤣
  17. It’s every week talking about utter rubbish I don’t listen to vale to hear a mother’s meeting. Had to turn the volume off ifolkow because it was that bad. Just stick to football I’m watching city game now and all they talk about is the game because that’s what the reason people are watching
  18. And the fact that you can’t get a vale goalkeeping top in the size you wanted who wants to listen to that while watching vale
  19. Another bone to pick of today is I am sick of Phil bowers commentating I’ve never heard someone know so little about football nobody wants to hear your jokes or hear about your personal life or the fact you don’t want to say there stadium name. He described the way they played as being like a turtle like what are you on about. Makes my ears bleed half the stuff he comes out with.
  20. Literally shocking performance, askey is so stubborn in his ways that can’t do anything to change a game and that could cost us put Pope upfront for the last 30 minutes with Cullen or Robinson’s to play off him a lot could of had a chance. Everyone could see we weren’t good enough and something needed to change why couldn’t our manager see this. Burgess Worrall Fitzpatrick Cullen (not much he could of done) Robinson Rodney simply not good enough should be embarrassed. Don’t know what’s happened to Worrall but he’s miles off the pace and shouldn’t have a place nailed down because of how he pla
  21. Worrall not been good enough all season - theo Robinson does he know the offside rule spends all his time standing offside. Shocking performance no creativity at all. Same as Harrogate game. What’s the point in playing Cullen it not going to play to his strengths. Askey has got it all wrong today
  22. Hoping to solidify our start to the season tomorrow if we keep another clean sheet then I think the 3pts will be coming back to boslem, I’d go with brown gibbo brisley legge fitz (Apparently smith is missing tomorrow not sure if he’s got a knock if he is fit then him in for brisley) Joyce manny conlon mckirdy Cullen Rodney think Worrall will start in front of mckirdy but with his below par performances so far wouldn’t mind him being dropped for this game just to give him a kick up the backside and let him know he needs to perform to keep his spot im g
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