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  1. It’s looking a bit serious now . Defensively solid today. Guthrie should have scored , and when he didn’t , he just sauntered away . Robinson , who could be there till the next 100 year pandemic before he scores, and Cullen are awful. We have no goals in the team. Darrel Clarke , I don’t envy you . Once again , like Askey and Aspin before him, you’re trying to save us from relegation. Start with Swan on Tuesday , for at least he shows energy. The players got what they wanted by getting rid of Askey, which I believe was set in motion before that bad run of results. They downed tools , and ha
  2. Robinson is definitely Sunday League. Absolutely useless.
  3. That Lardie Brendan on P&G now needs a lie down , poor soul. All S***e . I want to hear Clarke’s pre match interview.
  4. Dusty Springfield had a voice that could soar without any effort at all. Brilliant singer.
  5. Oh the joys of following Port Vale. We must be mad , or gluttons for punishment, or both. KTF
  6. I like your posts , and I liked Askey , but whatever happened before or after the Kings Lynn game , and the subsequent bad run , is gone now. Very early days for Clarke, and I have faith in him and Flitcroft to do a job. I see your point though.
  7. Posted at 14:1014:10 Post update Barnsley 1-0 Stoke Stoke make an early double change against Barnsley in the second half at Deepdale. Steven Fletcher and Jordan Thompson are withdrawn in favour of Sam Vokes and Joe Allen. Can the Potters get back into this one?
  8. Only two games in , it can’t be the manager. He inherited a bad group of players , for the most part. Summer can’t come quick enough. I feel that the standard of football in general has dropped in the last 10 years. Players are taught not to think for themselves from the age of 10, and they’re coached way too much about tactics and not being individuals. You can see it every week in all divisions. Players don’t shoot as much as they used to. They don’t take a chance. It’s boring and predictable. If Ian Bogie or Gareth Ainsworth attended a Vale match now, he would leave after 10mins. Ev
  9. I think he rings up at 8pm during the week , and 4pm on Saturdays just to make sure he can moan away . Depressing to listen to, but not to be taken seriously. Jim Royle indeed. 😂
  10. It's no surprise that it ended 0-0 . The majority of these players are awful. Sound enough defensively, but Darrell Clarke said last Saturday that the quality isn't there, and it's true. We'll claw and scratch our way to safety, then Flitcroft and Clarke should do a big clearout of National League level footballers. I've always thought Askey was decent enough as a manager, but this proves that his recruitment was awful. Clarke will sort it out, I'm sure of that.
  11. Looking forward to the preview. Currently in an emergency room after my blood pressure went sky high on Sunday night.Following the Vale can be stressful at times. Thanks for all the pods , lads. UTV
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