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  1. Disgraceful to allow a full 10 mins added time. It’s as if he was allowing Bradford time to equalize. The Assesor needs to have a word.
  2. My goodness, what a match. I ran around the house shouting when that went in. Fantastic. Well done Vale.
  3. Not at all. As soon as he felt his hand on his back , he went down and Salisbury bought it. In that case , Taylor should have been sent off. Last man, didn’t make contact with the ball etc. Salisbury played to the crowd , which happens. Awful decision , and a booking .
  4. I agree. No background noise back then, and a lot more class.
  5. Terrible draw. So close to a bye. Franchise FC
  6. The rest of the world doesn’t hate America. It’s only you.
  7. The N word is used by many black people in America, when talking to another black person. Why is that not racist? Oprah Winfrey said it best. She said that the N word was the last thing that many black people heard right before they were hung for just being black. Yet , Hip Hop is full of it. Chapelle too, but where’s the line between comedy and real life? He’s a very funny man though, and he makes great points about America.
  8. On Friday last , it was promotion places. On Saturday night , it was sack the manager. It must be the times we live in.
  9. The Democrats are as dumb as a bag of hammers.
  10. Mindhunter , on Netflix , is very good.
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