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  1. A clean sheet again would be great. I expect it will be a tough encounter though . 2-0 to Vale, eventually.
  2. I like that outlook. It might be pushing my luck, but I think Vale will win L2.
  3. He was awful. Pointing one way , and the liner pointing the other way. He let Fleetwood away with hard and tactical fouls.
  4. Port Vale : Champions Cullen 19 goals Port Vale Bradford City Colchester Walsall ( Play -Off Final winners) Forest Green Bolton Leyton Orient Relegation: Stevenage Morecambe Doyle 23 goals
  5. Ah Wikipedia , a bastion of knowledge.
  6. Show us proof that Trump is a racist.
  7. Because the Nazis dressed better than the Brits. Seriously though, I had two uncles who fought in the Battle of Britain. Born in Tipperary , they emigrated to England and joined the RAF. One was shot down over France , but survived the war . The other survived it as well. The first job that I had at 16 was working for a painter who had fought after landing on Sword beach. He told me that he had shot a Hitler youth , who was only 16. He was a nice man . Fifty thousand Irishmen fought for the Allies in WW2, and many never returned. They signed up without even thinking about it.
  8. No, that’s thick Northern Bastards isn’t it? Isn’t it though? Harsh
  9. As I said, the Irish are the most intelligent race in the world , except for James McClean.
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