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  1. Oh , get over it. Prince Philip , with all his gaffes , would have laughed at it.
  2. Although not yet mathematically safe, I’d say that Vale are staying up now, after Colchester losing tonight. Keep it going , DC , and get as many points as you can. I’d expect an unchanged side tomorrow, and Morecambe will know they’re in a game. Vale 2-0 .
  3. Glad you brought that up. It drives me mental seeing players steal 10 yards at every throw-in. Another thing is, why are players allowed to walk away with the ball, or kick it away, when it's a free-kick to the opposition? Players were booked for that before. Finally, and now I'm being pedantic, players putting the ball outside the corner arc, with the liner saying nothing to them. Ok , back to the match. Vale to win 2-0 , after an almighty battle.
  4. Well done Vale on a good solid performance. I’ve criticized him, but Robinson played very well , and a lovely ball for Worrall for the first goal. Guthrie saw his chance and took it well. Five in a row . Clarke’s army on the match.
  5. That Smith woman is like nails on a chalkboard. Awful .
  6. It’s a poor league, and Vale have momentum now. Harrogate won’t fancy this one, so 2-0 to the Vale for me.
  7. Thanks Darren . Just donated . Lee Collins RIP . Condolences to his family from our family . 😥😥😥😥 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. Should be 2 or 3 up. Great shot from Rodney, and a better pass from Robinson would have put Rodney in. Good stuff though .
  9. Robinson scores! Well done Theo. Full moon tonight.
  10. I think Vale will get right into them from the start , and won’t let up . The pressing last Saturday was excellent. Crawley had very little time on the ball. It will be the same on Friday. Vale to win 2-0.
  11. Tails are up now,and I can see Vale winning this 2-0 . With a full week of rest/training behind them , the lads should be in fine form to keep the winning run going. DC will have them ready . Looking forward to Saturday.
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