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  1. Because the Nazis dressed better than the Brits. Seriously though, I had two uncles who fought in the Battle of Britain. Born in Tipperary , they emigrated to England and joined the RAF. One was shot down over France , but survived the war . The other survived it as well. The first job that I had at 16 was working for a painter who had fought after landing on Sword beach. He told me that he had shot a Hitler youth , who was only 16. He was a nice man . Fifty thousand Irishmen fought for the Allies in WW2, and many never returned. They signed up without even thinking about it.
  2. No, that’s thick Northern Bastards isn’t it? Isn’t it though? Harsh
  3. As I said, the Irish are the most intelligent race in the world , except for James McClean.
  4. I’m not offended mate. I haven’t had anyone shot dead at my front door by a man wearing a balaclava , but I know people that have. If you were to ask them if it’s quite funny, they might not agree. However, the bottom line is that McLean is just an idiot.
  5. A cry for help. He's always looking for attention. He said that if he has to take the heat for all Irish players in England , then he will gladly do it. What a stupid statement. Hundreds of Irish players have plyed their trade in England , and they just got on with it, even at the height of the Troubles. Liam Brady, Roy Keane, David O'Leary, three of the finest that McLean couldn't stand beside, and they all played brilliantly for club and country. He would do well to remember that during those times, English players got along well with Irish players. They did their jobs as professionals, and got on with it. He's a troublemaker, and not a very good footballer. The world has passed him by, and he should be ashamed of himself in trying to portray that image, when people on both sides of the border have more things to worry about with Covid-19, and they don't live in the past anymore.
  6. You'll never win that argument. There's always a good few experts in England telling us how to live our lives in America, and how the country should be run. Most of them haven't been across the Irish Sea , yet alone the Atlantic. It's the same in Ireland , when I go back. Anti-Trump to the hilt, and they're all experts. However, when push comes to shove, they all come crying to America for help.
  7. Two English women walked into a bar. You’d think the first one would have known better.
  8. Dallas in lockdown now, and the word is that Houston will start lockdown tomorrow. Houston , with a metro population of 5 million, has 166 cases , 2 deaths and 7 recoveries as of today. It’s about to get worse in the next month .
  9. Sorry to hear that. I'll say a prayer for her recovery, and all your family. We're all in this together.
  10. https://www.ranker.com/list/best-texas-beers/bottoms-up A list of some of the most favourite beers in Texas. St. Arnold Brewing Company is here in Houston, and is a nice beer.
  11. I can’t go to work, so I have time on my hands. Like Geo, I can’t help physically, but I wish I could. However, if anyone needs to talk about anything , football/American life, following the Vale etc, I can email or Skype if you want to PM me with a number/email address. If you have skype , we could video call. Anyway , take care Vale fans. God Bless you all in these strange times
  12. Keep ‘em coming . We need humour now more than ever.
  13. I agree, shame on them . Vultures , who prey on the fears of ordinary people , especially the elderly. Just to get a <ovf censored> story.
  14. They announced on Friday that anyone returning from Cheltenham will not be screened at Dublin Airport. That’s roughly 30,000 people.
  15. Let’s begin by shooting Klopp.
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