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  1. I thought Taylor had a real purple patch in his first period with us. He didn't quite come back the same player but he did have injuries and was in and out of the team a bit. Hopefully he will get back to how he was but I think he would need a run of games and I'm unsure whether Clarke rates him.
  2. Terrible defending for the goal. Why was Smith in a wrestling match rather than trying to get to the ball? That allowed the ball to bounce and created a scramble. Wilson's miss is one of those things. It came behind him and at pace. Most of the time it hits the shin and goes in but it just hit him at the wrong angle. 9 times out of 10 it hits him and goes in. Thought the sending off was harsh. Their player was still miles away from goal so not really a definite goal scoring opportunity. Having said that, why is he out there 40 yards from goal in the right back spot? Leave it to the defenders when it's there. Referee was new to the league, so would always be liable to give it, particularly following pressure from half their team. In those few games towards the end of last season we had started to do the shithousery well. Going down injured, influencing the ref, wasting time but we didn't do that yesterday (granted we were chasing the game). Look at Northampton, who deliberately targeted our keeper in order to get him sent off, it's not very nice tactics but it worked. They were also great at going down at the slightest touch to the point where they didn't allow any momentum as the game was massively stop and start. We definitely need to be more streetwise and target these things. Overall though, it's a really tough opening day fixture and I didn't think they were up to much. Certainly didn't put us to the sword in the last 30 minutes. They looked functional. We know from previous seasons that even the top teams aren't great in this league, I just worry that we lack that x factor and bit of pace. If we go behind and teams shut up shop we look in trouble.
  3. I don't like 3-5-2. It becomes too defensive and worrall is not a wing back. We need to be playing it through Pett and Conlon. I don't like eccentric goalkeepers, they'll cost you too many points over a season. We lack pace or a player with the x factor. Having said that, we haven't had that many games in preseason to gel and played away against a team that have just come down from the league above and before we had a man sent off a draw would have been fair. I think we'll struggle for the first 10 games or so and then steadily improve but I expect we'll grind out 1-0 wins rather than being free flowing.
  4. I thought Wilson looked a cut above league two in terms of touch and awareness last week. If he can keep consistency and keep injury free, he could be the ingredient we have been missing.
  5. I never give any thought to friendlies to be honest. They're just a match fitness exercise and that's it. Many players who have looked world beaters in friendlies have turned out to be pants and vice versa. Some players just can't play at half tilt.
  6. I'd be kind of glad if we were stronger and more dominant in the centre of the park as this is somewhere we have been weak and exposed for years. We now have some tall strong lads down the spine of the team to help us dictate a bit more.
  7. What we're lacking is that player that knits things together in midfield like a Pirlo or a Modric. Someone that is always available and can dictate the pace of the game. In the last 2 major tournament defeats we've lost grip in the midfield and given up too much possession. The very best sides wouldn't give up 2/3 possession to anyone. It causes us to drop deeper and inevitably the pressure tells. I think we're among the best in the world in defence and attack but it lacks that midfield maestro to take us to the top level. Perhaps Bellingham might be that player eventually? We also lack that killer instinct and psychologically we're still not very strong. We were beaten before the penalty shoot out the other night. Just looking at the body language of the Italians compared to us. They didn't look nervous or anxious. Having said that, we could have still stumbled over the line. If Rashford's penalty goes in I think we would have won. There would have been more pressure put on the Italians at that point. I mean Rashford sent the keeper the wrong way but he was trying to be too precise. I'd always go for increased power over accuracy as it gives the keeper less time to react.
  8. Would be a good signing that. Mansfield say he's been one of their best players over the last few years.
  9. There's been some hints that there might be a busy week on the transfer front. Anyone have any inklings as to who and how many?
  10. I've always thought the Leyton Orient fullback Brophy looked a decent player. Not sure of his contract situation but looks to have ability.
  11. He wasn't a vale fan. I knew him when he was at crewe and he certainly wasn't a vale fan.
  12. I'd imagine much of the research has already been done. It's now a case of who is a priority and assessing whether the budget will stretch . They won't have released so many players without some inkling of who is going to replace them.
  13. Yeah, unfortunately you can't really plan until you know who is available, so much of the assessment work will be happening now and once the playoffs finish.
  14. You're making yourself look silly here RampantZebra. In the real world, bosses can and need to be harsh when necessary. If everyone said that everyone was great, businesses would fail left, right and centre. Some of these boys are very fortunate to be professional footballers. Most of us would love to have the talent to do it as a job. When they don't give their absolute all, they deserved to be told in my opinion. They are all adults, who should be able to take criticism on board.
  15. We've worked tremendously hard this second half and we aren't playing for anything!
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