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  1. Very frosty this morning. I hope they had the covers on.
  2. It's a fascinating case study really. Firstly as to what laws can be made without any really decent evidence. Secondly, how compliant people are to the rule and finally how easy it is to circumnavigate the law with no proof needed. I have a feeling that this particular law won't age well.....like many of the policies introduced over the last 2 years.
  3. I wonder if we'll get a pen on Saturday? I think I'm right in saying we haven't had one yet, which must be unusual.
  4. Just because they do doesn't mean they are effective. The author of that piece actually touches on the fact that people without masks are viewed with suspicion or outcast. I suspect childhood diseases reduced because they didn't mix together for a while.
  5. Agreed, but should we just accept laws because they are so? Equally, I see people wearing masks where it is not a legal requirement....why?
  6. Really good analysis on masks, citing plenty of evidence. It really looks at the myths and how people have been misdirected into believing that they work. Fascinating, in spite of huge evidence to the contrary and very little quality evidence in support, that people still wear them religiously The Face Masks FAQ – Part 1: Main face mask FAQs - Hector Drummond HECTORDRUMMOND.COM
  7. More water being taken on. Good ship Covid will be at the bottom of the ocean by February at this rate. The narrative is crumbling faster than a shortbread, as us 'conspiracy theorists ' said it would. This time from one of Israel's top immunologists. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to feel that they've been had. They won't admit it of course. Nobody likes to feel they've followed all the rules for no reason. Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure” – Swiss Policy Research SWPRS.ORG
  8. Well knock me down with a feather.... They've also started talking about how previous colds provide T cell immunity from Covid, hence not everyone has ever been susceptible to catch it. This was something the 'wrong ' scientists and 'conspiracy theorists ' were saying nearly 2 years ago. Massive backpedalling going on. Scientists claiming that they knew these things all along. In 10 years time I can guarantee that Whitty will claim that he always said it was a 'mild disease for most people ' and never suggested lockdown as a way to deal with things. I notice I'm getting pelters on another thread. Tommy Tunstall, you've been very quiet since your tales of impending doom before Christmas didn't come to fruition. Presumably those that demanded more restrictions should publicly apologise and personally recompense all the businesses that lost trade through their loose words to the press? Presumably we will never again listen to modellers whom the government have finally realised have consistently been out with their predictions by an order of magnitude? I won't hold my breath.
  9. Move to the politics thread. I could have a field day debating this but I promised not to!
  10. I do actually like Port Vale would you believe?!
  11. I'm conscious that this is off topic. So this is my last word on this. I don't think brain capacity is related to scepticism. There are plenty of very, very clever people who would disagree with you but hey, it's all those nasty ,thick , right wing people that want to kill granny that are the problem right?
  12. I agree about all that except for Bradford. Unless they do some brilliant business in this window, their squad is bang average.
  13. Well...quite. Any criticism of the official narrative is heresy and those guilty should be burnt at the stake don't you know? Don't want to derail the thread but also want to defend someone who has been a great pro for us, always gave his all and seemed a gentleman on and off the pitch. I agree that he probably shouldn't air personal views as an employee but he's entitled to them. We move on...
  14. Valiant_593 gets a bit precious over his beloved vaccines. He won't have a bad word said about them. Having said that, I do agree that perhaps personal opinions should be kept off social media for fear of offending the permanently offended.
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