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  1. I wonder when this will be rearranged? Not many free Tuesdays this side of Christmas. November 17th?
  2. Conlon is currently playing as one of the best midfielders in the league. Exeter had a couple of free kicks in similar positions but they were terrible in comparison. That wouldn't look out of place in the Premier League. The second was all about tenacity, but the weight and execution of the pass was perfect for Dave to run on to and his pace instantly burned away from the defender. What's very promising is that we haven't had to be at our best to beat these two sides. It's been pretty comfortable without getting out of 2nd gear.
  3. Can you watch a replay of the match later on if you have paid the £10?
  4. Legge gives his absolute all and is an excellent example to others. He makes mistakes but in general he has been excellent. Good signing.
  5. Really good first half but the ref is dreadful. He's pulled us up for every single challenge and missed a couple of theirs.
  6. There's some odd people in the world. I feel like sometimes people have to have a difference of opinion to make them feel better about themselves and to make them feel important. I can understand to some extent about spending in other areas, but the player budget is completely separate and it's never just a one off payment, it's an ongoing wage, signing fee, agent fee, medical fees that can go on and on for as long as the player is at the club. Finishing Lorne Street is a one off fee. It's been a blight on us for years and it can't be attractive to investors, potential players, spon
  7. Whether you think that keepers get too much protection or not, that's a foul all day long. The knees jump into Brown, preventing him from getting any leverage. I'm surprised more wasn't made of it at the time. In the Premier League that would be a foul 10/10. You can't jump into a keeper and impede him.
  8. No point wasting money on players that are not likely to improve the team. Unless we can get a decent signing in, I would keep the money until the summer, when better value and greater choice is on offer. Last season we signed a lot in January and they hardly played. No point wasting money on rubbish just to keep a few fans happy. January is only a good time to buy if you are a mega rich premier league team who can afford to throw millions at it.
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