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  1. Mmmmm. I would have hoped for another midfielder if I'm honest but if we haven't got much budget left then we're unlikely to get anyone of much cop. We have to hope that players like conlon really kick on this year and add more goals to their game. I think conlon scored a couple towards the end of the season. I recall him having an excellent game against Exeter at home last season, where he was everywhere and caused all sorts of problems for them. He got man of the match but didn't really hit those heights again. We also have to remember that Worrall only played half a season and is a very good footballer and hopefully oyeleke will play more often than not. If the stars align we should do OK but we need luck.
  2. It's a really tough start for us and Colchester have signed some decent players. We can hope that they aren't fully on it first game of the season, but I expect we might get beat here. This won't define our season though. Like others, I worry that our first team is not that much different from last year. My hope is that all the background stuff, from physios through to food is much better prepared and should hopefully give the players that confidence to perform at their best. You only need a couple of decent players in this league to do well. Let's hope Cullen and Amoo are those players.
  3. I run my own marketing consultancy business. There are so many things that could be done for very little money. It's amazing what a marketing plan can do.
  4. You need to try and capture data at any available opportunity. Either via social media, the website, when people buy tickets, open days, meet the fans etc. I would also hope that we have some details stored somewhere of previous season ticket holders. You need to get permission to send stuff but if you are a supporter of the club, you are not going to be averse to receiving emails from the club.
  5. Whilst I agree that those that are likely to buy a season ticket anyway don't need the push, a well targeted email to those on the fence would be useful. It's probably way down the list of priorities at the moment, but I expect that by next season the club will have a solid CRM system in place, with regular email and even post contact, as do any sales businesses worth their salt. I am certain that a better structured marketing approach will be on the list, but the new owners have priorities, such as getting new players in and sorting the stadium out so that we can actually play games. As others have said, the marketing has been abysmal for years. It needs a marketing manager in place to organise things properly.
  6. Askey's comments about having pace up front fills me with hope that he's talking to an Amoo or Cowan Hall. As he has said, these better players are likely to hold out until later in the summer and we just have to hold our nerve and be prepared to go in with a better offer if needed.
  7. Marc Richards is past it now in my opinion, especially if we are looking for pace up front.
  8. Bang on the money. It's clear to me that Askey is building a squad and not every player is going to be a star name. At least he knows these lads, so they are not complete punts in the dark. As you quite rightly say, the higher earners such as strikers will have different offers on the table, so it's going to take more time. If you look at those at the top of our league, they generally have 2 to 3 game changers and the rest are just average or competent. You don't need Man City's squad to get out of this league, just one or two game changers and the rest are much of a muchness. We simply haven't got the money to have 2 stars in every position. If we get to August and the rest of the signings are of this level, then we can all be concerned, but for now let's have a bit of patience and see what else comes through the door.
  9. I left in 99, so a bit after that. Quite a few Vale fans in our year. In fact I'd say 60/40 Vale
  10. Lee Collins would be a good signing. Still relatively young for a centre back and his current team are disappointed not to keep him.
  11. I went to school in Endon and it was pretty much a 50/50 split. Maybe slightly more Vale fans.
  12. We must, however, invest as much money as possible into 2 strikers. It's the department that we have struggled with and we must rectify it. The problem we will face is that every club in our division is likely to be looking for the same thing.
  13. Yep unfortunately there are going to be teams in our division that are likely to throw money at it again (without the real income to sustain it) and these sorts of players will follow the money. It's not a level playing field.
  14. When do the 10 game tickets come out?
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