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  1. I don't envisage we'll sell that many more from this point but you never know. Would be very surprised if we sold 20k. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  2. That's genuinely insane! What a weird bunch and when you watch some of the videos of their fans, they don't really seem that into it. Strange. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  3. This is it. Before any facts have been investigated both their manager and the club have made the decision that all wrongdoing was on the part of Port Vale and Swindon were the completely innocent party. Surely they should have said that they will also investigate their own part in this and punish any guilty parties accordingly. Again....why didn't their players run off the pitch? There was ample opportunity. I know because one of my friends said they were still loitering by the tunnel. After their week of calling us pigs and saying we were terrible footballers, what reaction did they expect from the boozed up minority? Just don't get involved and leave...it seems like a couple went back in the melee for more....not quite the pacifists they make out. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  4. There's been zero congratulations from Swindon since the game from anyone involved in their camp. They had zero class before the game, arrogantly believing they had done enough of which both their manager and captain added to. This lack of class has continued since. Garner really is an unlikeable character, full of his own delusions of grandeur and full of excuses. It strikes of a poor sportsman who can't take defeat and has to blame something else other than his own failings. Can you imagine Clarke not giving any credit to the opposition? There's one reason that they're trying to make this a bigger thing....it's to detract that they were 2 goals ahead and messed it up due to their own failings. Really, their fans should be questioning their manager's tactics and some of their players performances rather than anything else. Again, if any of our supporters are deemed to have done anything wrong then the book should be rightly thrown at them but it works both ways. Why did their players remain on the pitch and get involved? Why did their supporters remain in the stand? I sit in the Bycars and I know that even when it is fairly full it takes less than 5 minutes to empty....there's a huge exit by the refreshment kiosk. Why are their side taking the say so of their players who have shown themselves to feign things on the pitch? The apparent evidence being one player who appears to have a tiny scratch on their nose. It's all a deflection from the fact that their players bottled it in the most important game of their season. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  5. Wembley is a hole with some overpriced chain pubs and the boxpark will be an overpriced letdown. It's 10 quid just to get in. I'm going to meet a mate at Waterloo and head to a couple of cracking boozers off the Strand and go to the curry club. Head up to Wembley a bit later. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  6. Whilst I don't condone any aggressive behaviour towards any opposition players or fans and any identified be banned, I'm struggling with a couple of things: 1) From all the footage I've seen, I can't identify any punches being thrown. Lots of shoving and handbags but not full on fighting. 2) Why didn't their players run off down the tunnel? They seemed to want to stay to get involved with arguing. Just run off and don't get involved 3) Why, if the situation was so dangerous for away fans, did they stop around? I would have been out of the stand as soon as the penalty was ballooned. I noticed people still in there 10 minutes later! Again, not condoning any wrongdoing and if anybody, from either side, is found to have done anything wrong, then they should be punished accordingly. But a few things don't add up to me. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  7. Why are they all sticking around too? If it were me I'd be walking straight out of the ground. They're taking the high and mighty path because they lost, it's as simple as that. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  8. We'll have to score 2 whatever happens, so even if we go a goal down, the task is not insurmountable. Their manager, fans and players definitely have a whiff of arrogance about them. I'm convinced that they think they've done enough. Get them panicking and all this 'Man City of league 2' stuff will go out of the window. Even their better players are still league 2 players, so apply pressure and we have a chance. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  9. McKirdy when here looked like a show pony with very little interest in football. He's having one good season, like Pope did in 2013. He might have another good season next season or he might not if the going gets tough. Barely anybody would have kept him. Sometimes players come good...it happens. The best way to shove it in these players faces is to win on Thursday and then his 20 odd goals mean f all. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  10. Never read it in my life. Why would you make that assumption? He dresses like an 8 year old and this is reflected in the way he acts. How do you make the leap to Daily Mail reader? Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  11. To be honest he doesn't look much different on or off the pitch. He dresses like an 8 year old off the pitch and he's a <ovf censored> on it....I can't imagine him being a wonderful, compassionate human being off the pitch. Hence why he has fallen out with people at every club he has played at. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  12. Totally agree. He's clearly got the mental capacity of a 6 year old and when we pulled a goal back, he conceded a free kick and that silly little smirk had turned to a bit of panic. As I said though, we need to let our football do the talking and then if we win I'll be the first one to give him absolute pelters. I'm sure he wouldn't be sticking his tongue out and doing that silly celebration in that scenario. Him and Williams were like a pair of little kids when interviewed. There's definitely something amiss with both of them. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  13. There's lots of reasons why people can't attend....money being a prime example. £20 could easily buy 3 or 4 family meals. I don't tend to get to many night games with a business to run and two young kids but I've made absolutely sure I'm going to this one. If there are people out there who can afford to go and have no other reason not to then that is disappointing. On the flip side, I know of 3 people who do not regularly go (1 lives abroad, 1 lives in London and the other is a vale follower by proxy of his old man) are all going. I also speak to a number of casual fans and all seem to be going. Perhaps the lack of kids and those working on nights/away in the week is a bigger number than we think? Sunday at noon is ideal for a home game. Not too early, not too late, lots of people are off on a Sunday hence Swindon have found it much easier to sell. In terms of size, there's not much difference between the two clubs...they have a relatively good catchment area with not that many sizeable clubs nearby. It is what it is....nobody won anything based on crowd size. We've finished behind 2 clubs who get much smaller gates than us. There's several in league 1 and some in the championship who get smaller crowds but I bet they don't give a stuff. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  14. I agree. There was a real air of arrogance from the manager down to the players and supporters that didn't sit well with me. They talked like their away record means that Thursday is a foregone conclusion. Records mean nothing and having a better away record means nothing. We need to start how we did against Rochdale at home or FGR....I don't think they'll like it up them. Clarke's interview intimated that he'd had a go at them, whereas Swindon will have had pats on the back and high fives, which will hopefully give us the impetus and drive. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  15. Additionally, you could tell by their celebration at 2-0 that they thought that was enough. I still think that they think they have this sewn up, but those last 10 minutes they were hanging on and that goal will have knocked them, no doubt about it. It's about using that little seed of doubt to push us on Thursday. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  16. What encouraged me was that as soon as we started to apply pressure to them, they didn't look up for the battle. Technically they have some decent players but I think if you go in strong on them they won't fancy it. Williams would go over in a stiff breeze and there were another couple like that. Their full backs gave us a lot of room second half. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  17. Has there been any confirmation of how many tickets have been sold for tomorrow? Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  18. I feel for you but I think there will be plenty spare when things quieten down. Not every season ticket holder will take up the option of their seat. I might be wrong but I think the newsletter account is linked to ifollow. I bought a ticket for the Brentford cup game online and the credentials I'm sure were different (same email though). Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  19. The match is going to be won and lost in midfield I think. They have probably technically better players in midfield but our pressing and hounding will be better. If we can stop them knocking it around in midfield and win the ball high up the pitch bringing the wing backs into play then we have a good chance. If we turn up half hearted like against Walsall and Newport then we might struggle. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  20. I refreshed the page when I reached 0 and it took me through. Each stage loads very slowly but just leave it and it will load eventually! Unfortunately my confirmation email isn't showing the QR code so I have had to email the shop address. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  21. How do I prove that I have a season ticket if buying online? There's a number and a QR code on the ticket but how does that work online? Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  22. Definitely avoid. He's older than the sun! Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  23. There was a rumour we were talking to him in January.....he has since gone back into the Ipswich team and done ok. He's perhaps the 'fox in the box' we are missing. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  24. I would say there is a gaping chasm in the centre of politics for those who agree with both right and left wing policies. The Labour party has been taken over by ultra left wing types or champagne socialists, whereby their main priority is to look virtuous, irrelevant of what effect that has on the people they serve. Never did I think that the labour party would support policies in the last 2 years that will destroy the people and communities that they purport to serve, but they have with relish and without question. They just wanted to look holier than thou rather than truly getting a balanced view of the situation. Not once did any party listen to alternative views or consider alternative takes on the data, which were put forward by very intelligent and knowledgeable people, not someone on Facebook. Then you have the Tories who have become a mix of the far right (Patel, JRM) and the left leaning, woke green agenda brigade. Their core voters probably didn't suffer too much over the last 2 years and in fact some have become even wealthier...including members of the government. Then you've got Tories and Labour who are just thick, career politicians , with zero knowledge or idea of what they have voted for. I said that my parents had a meeting with our local MP...he did not have a clue about anything to do with Covid. He knew nothing. If it was my job and I represented people, I would want to know and understand everything, even if I didn't agree with it. The problem is that the media has been like a rabid dog and has deified the NHS to such an extent that the weak politicians (barring a handful) didn't dare go against the narrative. I know people who have lost friends because they have dared to question ze motherland. We always said that being under someone like the nazis would never happen in this country. But as Micky Adams used to say, people have rolled over and had their bellies tickled. It shows how easy it can be for people to slide into tyranny. No questions, no reasoning, no thought. People are still wearing masks for goodness sake. It's beyond pathetic. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
  25. There have been much cheaper and rigorously tested drugs available to use all along, but as with everything in the last 2 years, if you follow the money you won't go far off the trail. As is the case with the left (and I count myself as left of centre) , as long as they can morally justify it to themselves then that's all that matters. Whatever appears to the outsiders as the most virtuous thing to do. I saw a meme online that said 'I support the latest thing '.....and it's so true. Each Pfizer shot is sold at around $15. They're making astronomical amounts of money from it. Uptake of 3rd and 4th shots has ground to a halt and it's thought in the UK alone we have a stockpile worth $4 billion which will ultimately be thrown away. Bit by bit, story by story, people will realise they have been had. Sent from my SM-A920F using onevalefan mobile app
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