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  1. He isn't physical but he is definitely a proper defensive player. He screens the back line well covering lots of ground filling in spaces left behind, always prepared to take the ball from the back line, makes a lot of interceptions in passing lanes to break up the play and usually attempts to play the ball forwards rather than backwards. He has rarely lost the ball. Not sure what else you need a defensive midfielder to do? He's been excellent in most games for me this season, one of our most consistent performers. His GPS stats I suspect are very impressive.
  2. Not a very good performance overall and I didn't think we managed the game very well in the 2nd half BUT the players dug in really well, showing a lot of grit and determination to hold out for a draw. Superb free kick from Conlon and penalty save from Covolan.How was that a penalty? Awful decision. Great to see Rodders back but I forgot how frustrated I get watching him play. Clearly needs to get up to speed as well. Good point IF we can back it up with a win on Saturday. I can't help but thinking its the kind of point a promotion team grind out when not playing well. Good things are happening.
  3. Big call that to bring in Lloyd rather than Amoo or Politic who have both looked a real threat. Not sure what more Politic needs to do to get a start? Looks quite a defensive line-up but at least we have lots of game changers on the bench if needed.Nice to see Rodders back in the squad. Come on lads!!!
  4. Honestly Clarkey is like that after every goal. He is as entertaining to watch as the match at times.
  5. A draw would be good enough tonight to build towards another unbeaten run but can't help but feel these are there for the taking..
  6. We never had viable no.2 because JA didn't believe in a squad. I was happy Brown was realised, quite frankly he was utter <ovf censored> in his final season and didn't deserve a new contract. Wrong message would be sent out to the squad is sent out if DC doesn't act.
  7. Does anyone if you can legally stream it on ifollow tomorrow night?
  8. Because you think you are right doesn't mean you are right when you could actually be wrong or right! As an ex goalkeeper I can say he <ovf censored> up and should have saved it. No excuses for not saving. I could be right or wrong but the only opinion which really matters on this one is DC.
  9. I'm the opposite. I have concerns about his stop stopping - kicking is not a real issue for me. You can;t make a mistake like that and keep your place in goal. Time for DC to bring in Stone to show the squad you have to perform or loose your place. What better place to bring him in against his former club where he will feel he has a point to prove.
  10. Pett does a lot of screening in front of the back 4 which allows Conlon to roam and play further forward. He's a solid anchor in the midfield which will always look unspectacular. Solid player for me very rarely gives the ball away.
  11. 1st half we looked a little passive and played in front of Barrow too slowly but a fabulous 2nd half performance.Great tactical change at half-time by DC to change the game. Bennning and Politic were excellent. Shows we can play different ways to beat an opposition and not afraid to change it when needed. Can we please stop questing James Wilson's fitness. His workrate today was absolutely epic. The keeper has to improve - he is the weak link at the moment.. Great 3 points lets hope we can go on another run.
  12. I'm looking forward to this one. Expecting a really decent game of football from both sides. Don't expect personnel changes unless Proc is unfit. If so I think Politic would come in with a small tweak to 3421 formation. 3 points please for DC's promotion train to build up steam again.
  13. Goodluck to him. Hopefully he impresses and can generate interest to make a permanent move for the good of his career.
  14. I think you will find they are a very different team than that. Mark Cooper has changed the squad significantly and is trying to play ‘football’.
  15. Do you think Cambridge fans where saying the same about Mullin? Strikers sometimes just find a home where they are wanted with a style of play suits them to score lots of goals. If you looked Proctor's history he is playing a division below his standard in which case his form is sustainable.I don't think he has ever played with someone as good as Wilson either.
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