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  1. Thought we where very poor 1st half and crying out for a strike partner for Pope Thankfully the change was made and we look much better 2nd half. A little concerned about our defence we need to get back to basics to keep clean sheets. Another good performance from Taylor in midfield really beginning to show what a good player he could be and a decent debut from Atkinson out of position.
  2. Tough game today hope we win to keep up the impressive home record.. more importantly we need a clean sheet after conceding so many goals in the past 3 games. Will be Interesting to see how we line-up today
  3. Good signing for me...exactly the type of player I think is missing from the team. Hopefully he is fit enough to make an immediate impact.
  4. Good away day yesterday which I think summed up our season so far. At times we look very good but we never seem able to keep playing throughout the 90 mins and don't handle pressure very well. Very disappointing to loose 2 points at the end - I thought it was unprofessional. JA needs to address the late goals its more than a coincidence. Watching the game yesterday only re-affirmed my view we are missing a ball player in midfield. A player who can protect the ball and dictate the play to keep us passing. Far too often when we are under pressure we are happy to just hook the ball long rather than managing the game.Its happened far too many times away from home. The decision making needs to improve in this area. To be fair we are exactly what I thought at the beginning of the season which is a decent mid table team but I have to say its frustrating to watch. I think we are 3 players short of a play-off/promotion team. LB/CM/ST
  5. Manny's injury record has been an issue since he arrived. This is why I've posted many times we needed an alternative to him in JA's system and feel we are lacking a ball player in our squad who can play as a 10.We need someone who can get on the ball and protect it when are under a bit of pressure. Today will be interesting with injuries in the squad to see how we line-up. I think we could see a tweak to our system with Cullen coming into the line-up to play closer to Bennett. If I remember Mansfield from last season they have a full back who is very good going forward but not great defending so this well be a key matchup .I expect Worrall to play out there. I wouldn't risk Amoo we will need him - its a long season. I think Mansfield are there for the taking - they have good players at this level but reading the managers comments it sounds like they are struggling with confidence and form. If we can start well and get an early goal I fancy our chances to put 3-4 goals past them.
  6. Disappointing to loose conceding goals late in the game away from home again...can't help thinking what might have been so far with late goals at Salford,Newport and now Exeter. If we can just cut out these small lapses in concentration... From the commentary sounded like we gave a good account of ourselves with a patchwork team but just listened to Carl on P&G ...please give your head a wobble. We are a million times better than last season!
  7. As I said his overall play has been good which it was today. He made a great run to create the space for the goal. All I'm saying his he needs to improve his anticipation in the box if he going to score 15-20 goals which is what we need. Strikers job first and foremost is to score goals.
  8. wow..the back 4 where absolutely superb today. Hopefully a performance to build on to keep more clean sheets over the course of the next few games. Young Taylor came on and had a great game in the 2nd half too. Feel for Evans who also looked decent in his 5 minute cameo. Just a quick thought Richie Bennett. He is playing well overall but he just won't score the goals we need. He seems lacks composure when presented with half chances and is not effective enough in the box. He's not anticipating enough to attack the ball so often balls across the box are not contested.Hope the management team and Popey can get on to him about so he can become a 15-20 goal man which we need. Only concern the injuries so we will really see how good the squad is.
  9. You're right we do have lots of options on the bench but only for a striker. Its not really much of an option when we only have plan a at the moment, which to be fair is making us competitive. We have no other ways of playing at the moment which is why the subs aren't great. I'm afraid we need to recognise where we are... the season will be frustrating, we will win games, look like a really good side then drop points ,which has been the theme of the season so far. Can't see it changing with the current squad. In my opinion the midfield and LB position are the issue.
  10. I think its irrelevant results against other sides. Our good results are simple... win at home draw away = playoffs.
  11. I think the problem is more the management team don't have a plan b or c yet. We have lot of options upfront but very limited in midfield in particular with Manny injured. To me this is the issue. Hope Archer injury is not too serious.
  12. If we play like that next week we won't win.
  13. Poor performance today but a win is a win...perhaps a good sign for the season to play poorly and win. Effort in the team is there for all to see but the decision making was very poor today and with little off the ball movement. Need a big improvement next week to get a result.
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