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  1. This one should be a routine victory if we are expecting to be a top 3 team. First and foremost though we need to work harder them to earn then right to play.If we play our high tempo game, which we did in a short spell against Crawley, I would expect our quality to shine through. Assuming Gibbo & Amoo are no where near match fitness Brown Mills Legge Smitth Monty Conlon. Joyce Manny Wozza Cullen Rodney
  2. Sadly the PL is so self absorbed it doesn't realise without a strong football pyramid there will be no PL.
  3. Very good away performance. Solid performance from everyone with a little bit of stardust from Conlon. Its difficult not to get too carried out but we really do look the business this year.
  4. I agree. He's a player that wants to play on the shoulder and run in behind but the game wasn't there for him to do that. In general a lot of the balls where just played footing in the air with his back to goal which is defo not his game. He missed a sitter yes but more importantly he was there to get on the end of a chance. If he wasn't getting in there for the chance then I would be worried. He will be better for having the 90 mins.
  5. A very decent performance from us against a side expected for play offs. Just ran out of steam a little bit in the last 10 mins but overall very happy with that. More minutes for Manny, Monty plus nice to McKirdy show glimpses tonight. He will be a big asset for us. With Amoo to come its going to be very interesting to see the midfield selection when they are all fit. The keeper looked good again and I thought Crookes was superb at the back. If nothing else tonight has shown what an excellent squad we have.
  6. A solid start to the season with a clean sheet. How did we not get a penalty earlier doors for GBH on Smith? I'm not too surprised by the lack of subs as I expect another 6+ changes for the game on Tuesday to keep rotating the squad to build players fitness levels - plus we know King John doesn't like making subs until 80 mins.
  7. And also the lads not involved at all through injury, fitness etc. Pope, Amoo, Gibbo, Wow... we so very lucky to have such a fantastic squad at this level.
  8. Wear New vale shirt -Check Code applied to Iplayer - Check Read match day program - Check Baesd on fitness My team would be -: Brown, Mills,Legge,Smith,Monty,Joyce,Burgess,Conlon,Worrall,Robinson,Rodney Hope we get the luxury to get more minutes into Manny for the last 20.. Come on lads 3 Points please!!!
  9. This thread has been brilliant entertainment for the past 10 -12 pages. Thank you to all contributors for the entertainment but a shout out to Doha for his donation... Top man. Really like the signing of McKirdy. Can create something out of nothing and scores goals.We look in great shape now as a squad but my expectations have rocketed. I would be disappointed with anything less than 3rd place. I really do feel the continuity of the 1st team and the strength in depth we should be up getting off to a good start and be up towards the top all season.
  10. Absolutely no idea who Nathan Thomas is other than a wiki page. Looks like another player King John has worked with before when at Shrewsbury so must trust him to fit in the squad and clearly feels he is good enough to play in L1. In King John I trust so If he's good enough for him he will do for me!!
  11. Except you can't re-invest a windfall like that back into the 1st team playing squad due to salary cap rules. Could invest in infrastructure, facilities & youth set-ups or end up in the arse pocket of the owner (not aimed at our current owners, although quite frankly I would not begrudge them if they did after saving us )
  12. Reading the Sentinel quote it doesn't sounds like King John has other targets he would prefer. McKirdy sounds like plan b or even c which is encouraging on the quality of players we are chasing.
  13. Me too OR even worse Stoke. For the 1st competitive game of the season we did OK. I was little disappointed by our 2nd half play and thought we should have done better to control the game. Final ball and decision making to improve with set-pieces but this which will come with more competitive games. The biggest plus for me though is even without Monty, Amoo, Pope & Manny we where still able to field a strong team with some very good players to bring. I think we are looking in good shape for the season.
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