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  1. I'm sure it will be more of the same. 433 with a lottery draw for the starting striker. To be fair to JA you would have to stick to what you believe in at times like this. Injuries & covid will dictate changes to personnel but don't think JA will only play anything other than what he feels is the best team, with lads he thinks he can rely upon in his time of need. With question marks over Amoo, would probably mean Monty coming in on the left and switching Wozza to the right. The subs bench maybe more revealing. I expect us to be competitive as usual away from home (except Stevena
  2. Very fair valid points and could be a factor. I hope the club have a different logic though. There should be a sense of urgency to go up this season due to the ageing squad and capitalise on the feel good factor of the club. Playing in L1 with crowds next year would substantially increase revenue streams and fans interest. If we do nothing and finish mid table then it will be a really big rebuild job in L2 in the summer.
  3. Norfolk Enclue ,you will draw the line at 8 or 9 league defeats on the trot? Out of interest hypothetically what would you think if we lost to Bolton, did well in the Pizza trophy then drew or lost v Colchester? Enough signs of recovery to get another go against Walsall?
  4. Show me an experienced manager operating in the lower leagues who hasn't had the sack. The point is he has experience of getting promotion out of the lower the leagues.
  5. Colchester & Bolton promotion L1 & Bradford promotion L2. Works for me.
  6. Kind of nonsense authoritarian manager we need to move forward and get out of this bloody division.
  7. The fact its virtually a brand new squad of players you have to give them time to gel them together - the slow start was inevitable. I think we are well past that phase!!
  8. I think it really does depends how we play. If we played a more solid 442 which I would like to see us play then its Fitz. I think he has done little wrong all season and always looks quite sound defensively. In JA's 433 then Monty all day long because we are very reliant on the fullbacks pushing on . This has become our Achilles though as teams have figures out how to play us and we are so vulnerable on the counter attack with the Legge and Smith pulled out wide. How many times do we pull opposition centre halves out of position? Virtually bloody never!!
  9. Tomorrow JA should take a look at himself in the mirror and ask do I know how to put this right.Can I turn this around? Just working harder is not the answer. Please JA do the right thing.
  10. Experienced or inexperienced doesn't matter. We just need a manager who understands we need to play two upfront(we don't have a striker who can play on their own up front) and stop leaving huge gaps in the fullback areas. A manager who has tactics for plan a b & c.
  11. Last season those late goals turned wins into draws. This season draws to defeats.😔
  12. Why wait another game to pull the trigger? Enough is enough. 6 games lost in a row. I don't see what waiting for a defeat at Bolton would achieve. If we picked up a point at Bolton can we honestly expect the pattern for the next two home games against Colchester and Forest Green be any different?
  13. I think thats really unfair Dave. I have questioned JA for a few weeks and said last Saturday he needed 4 points from Stevenage and today. If not he needs to go but I think his calm "boring" manner loose/win or draw is a strength. I thought this really helped us when he took over the club with our confidence shot, we looked absolutely doomed. We only see what JA wants you to see outwardly. We have no idea how he really is in the dressing room to find out if players find him inspiring.Given the longevity of his career and promotion on his cv, saving our club to be a Chesterfield then I wo
  14. I find this one bizarre. Neither have player have played particularly well or been given a fair crack.Both where goalscorers at their respective clubs last year which is what we all agreed we desperately needed. This is why we signed them. I've said it before, something is wrong in that dressing room. I'm not talking about the lads on the pitch because they are working hard but something is not right in that squad.
  15. I agree we need a change. I don't think we did deserve to loose the game but I could say that for quite a few of our defeats this season.Sadly that game has followed the pattern of many we have witnessed at home. Decent start. Don't react very well to conceding a goal. Huff and puff in the 2nd half. Don't create clear cut chances. Don't take half chances which do come our way. Concede late goal. Same thing pretty much each week at home and its not good enough. That dressing room needs different voices and ideas. The great MA went after 6 straight defeat
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