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  1. Like the Rodney signing. Never seen him play before but love the fact JA is backing himself and his staff judgement with a 3 year deal. Makes it sound like a development signing however it wouldn't surprise me if he turns out to be a starter if he give us more of a goal threat. As for Ironside & Palmer I don't get the love for either of them. Don't think either of them have a better all round game than Cullen. Agree we need another striker though, personally would like to see a statement signing in this position.
  2. Absolutely gutted for me the management,players and the staff after they put a tremendous effort in this season. I really thought we would get in to the play offs and fancied our chances against anyone. Well done Carol and the club for making a tough decision but ultimately the right one for the future of football. Look forward to next season whenever that will be. Season ticket at the ready.
  3. Goodluck to him. Showed flashes with a good left foot every now and then but I always thought overall he looked out of his depth at L2 level. I would have kept him around personally as an insurance policy. Having said that if he was unhappy not being in the team, its been very evident he is 3rd choice striker over the past month, best to get rid now to avoid the risk of affecting a positive atmosphere amongst the squad. Bit of a risk but 3 strikers for 1 place should be enough for the remaining games.
  4. Amoo had a disappointing performance on Saturday for his standards,but he's our most creative winger( Not looked at stats only used my eyes!).Pretty much all of our attacks go through him, in particular at home. Struggling to understand why a few here want him out of the team. He was great the previous game against Scunthorpe, tore them to shreds - I expect him to shine again Saturday. Same team again for me as last Saturday, although a match fit Manny or Taylor would be handy to bring into give us more firepower on the pitch.
  5. MBE

    Run In

    The season has shown us we will have no one to fear and I would fancy our chances if we make the play offs. We need 6 wins with the remaining games and I think the next 3 games will define our season. Win back to back home games and win. at Oldham we should make the play-offs. I still think we will do it.
  6. Clearly although I agree with you about Clarke. Amoo definitely had an off day.
  7. Gutted not to win yesterday another 2 pints dropped. Would take a good point before the game at a form team but when you play well and are on top you have to put teams away. If we don't address that in the run in we could miss out. Joyce and was outstanding. Probably his best game in a Vale shirt for me. I just wish the league would sort out the officials. How can the referee take advise on a decision he made standing 6-8 yards away from a linesman who was at the other end of the pitch? We have put ourselves under pressure now must win back to back home games. This could be the defining moment of the season.
  8. I have enough room for 3 of them in my car on the way
  9. Very disappointed not to see that game out. Another 2 points thrown away. How many times does it need to happen before we learn from our mistakes. They where getting on top and we where clearing the ball long and Cullen had no chance against Butler in the air so it kept coming back. Our energy was draining in midfield and I think again we are too slow with the change. Pope should have been on for Cullen a lit earlier in my opinion. Having said that I thought we didn't do enough in the 1st half to press home our advantage with the wind and a 1 goal lead was never going to be good enough in them sort of conditions. We are just not ruthless enough. It was similar to last week where we are not positive enough and go for the jugular when we have the advantage. We just seem content to take the lead. This attitude needs to change if we are too sustain our place in the play offs. I don't know why we have changed, maybe its because we are in the play offs now but I didn't see this mentality in wins against FGR and Colchester.
  10. MBE

    Run In

    So another 9 points and the double over Crewe
  11. MBE

    Run In

    The run in is going to be very exciting and is much more than we could have hoped for this time last year. Reviewing the remaining fixtures I'm going to make the bold prediction Vale WILL make the play offs. After yesterdays point, the determination and ability to just 'hang in there' convinces me we now have the mentality to get at least 4 away points needed along with home 5 homes wins to extend the season into May. Cheltenham -: Fixtures Remaining - Northampton (H) Colchester (A) Vale(H) Cambridge (A) Macclesfield (A) Grimsby (H) Newport (H) FGR(A) Exeter(H) Swindon(A) Crawley (H) Stevenage (A) Salford (H) Final Pos 5th Pts 79 Predicted Run in Form W6 D4 L3 Cheltenham will play each of the teams in the next 3 games but I expect a solid defence and 2 games in hand on us and Colchester to be enough for them to comfortably make the play offs. Northampton -: Fixtures Remaining - Cheltenham (A) Grimsby(A) Mansfield(H) FGR(A) Carlisle(H) Cambridge(A) Oldham(H) Crewe (A) Colchester(H) Plymouth(A) Bradford(H) Newport (A) Final Pos 6th Pts 75 Predicted Run in Form W6 D2 L4 A continued fantastic home form will get them over the line despite a run of tough away games most notably at Crewe and Plymouth. 3 points in the final fixture away at Newport on a terrible pitch against a team with nothing to play for will seal it. Vale -:Fixtures Remaining - Scunthorpe (H) Cheltenham (A) Crawley (H) Bradford (H) Oldham (A) Crewe (H) Carlisle (A) Grimsby (H) Cambridge (A) Newport (H) Plymouth (A) Final Pos 7th Pts 75 Predicted Run in Form W6 D2 L3 Crucial wins at home will give us the points needed even though I expect us to loose several games on the road as we look to play more positive. A play off place will be sealed in the last home game of the season. Colchester-:Fixtures Remaining - Cheltenham(H) Carlisle(A) Scunthorpe (H) Crewe (H) Newport (A) Mansfield (H) Bradford (A) Northampton (A) Oldham (H) Walsall (A) FGR (H) Final Pos 8th Pts 74 Predicted Run in Form W5 D4 L2 Too many draws in the final 5 games will cost them a play off place. Its going to be nip and tuck until the end of the season but please we need all fans to get behind the players (even when they are having a bad game) for one final push.. we can really do it !!! Top tip - : Don't book any holidays in May!!!!
  12. MBE

    Our budget

    Give me good coaching and team spirit over a higher budget.
  13. Good point on the day although its a bit disappointing we couldn't keep hold of a lead away from home...again. I thought the players body language at the end was very telling in the fact they looked really gutted to have only drawn. Monty even looked like he was apologising to the fans at the end. Goes to show how far this team has come. Keeps the show on the road IF we can follow it up with another victory at home.
  14. Brilliant news to have more tickets. Well done Walsall & Colin. Would be great if we could sell out the new allocation.
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