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  1. Yes he is local but sadly yet another young lad who received a big salary for his age and thought he "has made it" . He's just another McKirdy - big time Charlie and done <ovf censored> all to back it up. The type of player we need to stay well clear of.
  2. I don't think we need to sign a 20 goal striker. In my opinion we need a striker who can be a foil for Rodney and lead the line plus a midfield/striker who can play in between the lines dribbling at defenses with the ability to play passes in behind for Rodney. If we do that and Rodney stays fit there is no doubt in my mind he is a 20+ goal season player next season. My budget would be spent on a LW who can create and score goals and a very technical AM who can get on the ball and make us play then go from there for the striker partner. I'm expecting us to be a very different possession b
  3. I would be very happy with Gordon as a squad player. I like the fact he is a local lad and in my view would be a big upgrade on Cullen and Guthrie.
  4. Brilliant look forward to listening to it.
  5. Now he is someone who ticks a lot of boxes for me. Direct running style from the left always gets himself on the back stick which is why he has a half decent record playing out wide. A bit of pace, physically strong and versatile enough to play centrally if needed as backup to Rodders.
  6. I think its more to do with finances and the uncertainty of next season rather than squad sizes. Clubs have to prepare for the worst in terms of covid protocols playing matches, which is an expense even before you get fans through the turnstile. If there is a period in late autumn/winter when fan numbers are restricted or even not allowed at all a few clubs will be on their knees. We are in an extremely fortunate position.
  7. I think its noticeable the quantity of players released by other lower league clubs already. It certainly looks to be a market in favour of clubs rather than players this summer. I suspect this was part of the calculation by Flickers and Carole for our own retained list.
  8. MBE

    Retained list

    Senior pros Monty and Joyce showing their class with comments in the Sentinel. All the very best to both of them. I suspect we will see Joyce back at VP next season with another team. He will get a good reception from me.....until kick off anyway.
  9. MBE

    Retained list

    What a great side we had then.... hopefully we can get back to that kind of level again in my lifetime.
  10. Cloughie's love child will end up back at Mansfield. I would also be very surprised if he doesn't try and sign his other adopted son John Brayford.
  11. MBE

    Retained list

    Just ignore the <ovf censored> fan.
  12. MBE

    Retained list

    Judge it after 15-20 games of next season.
  13. Generally they aren't the best players if they are released.
  14. I find talk of liking players released from Walsall and Mansfield a little strange.Both clubs who have been as <ovf censored> as us during last season. I would strongly suggest are lot of these players are going to be more of the same, just a different face.
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