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  1. I can’t believe the pessimism on here about facing Swindon and McKirdy. Just a reminder Swindon are a L2 team who finished below us in the league. 👍 Fear absolutely no-one. How many other teams in the playoffs beat the top 3 away from home? Positivity please.
  2. Are the Star’s aligning? Forget our record v Swindon. We beat them easily away and would have done at home without KungFoo Cov. After all of the setbacks and <ovf censored> we faced as a club over the past 3 years, the way the club transformed into a role model EFL club serving the community… if there was any justice in the world. Lets <ovf censored> do it!
  3. They finished 3rd after 46 games…of course they deserve it.
  4. Great battling performance .Job done. Fear no-one in the playoffs. Vale lads clearly had a mental reset and reminded themselves what they are good at.
  5. That’s the best half we have played for ages. Much more fire than the recent limp performances. A big 45 coming up to secure playoffs. Most importantly it’s about performance. If we play like this we shouldn’t fear any other teams in the playoffs .
  6. Regardless of the league I really don’t see major changes. Probably looking at 3-5 new players to refresh it and address our weaknesses. I think a few of our lads like Smith, ,Conlon ,Gibbo,Walker,Wilson will be better in L1.
  7. Agree mate he did a fantastic job overall.
  8. Apathy lifted DARRELL CLARKE’S BLACK AND WHITE ARMY. Welcome back Gaffer New manager bounce??
  9. Dodgey twitterverse suggesting we have interest in Callum Camps.
  10. Can’t remember the last time I felt so much apathy towards a game. The way our players wilted under the promotion pressure from being 5 clear with 4 to play really has killed me off for the season. I hope I snap out of it before kick off. The management team must be working overtime with players to get the mentality right. We can’t go in the play offs with a whimper if we get in there. Can’t help thinking this feels like Tranmere last season.
  11. Ipswich Town have transfer listed Tyreese Simpson . Yes please Flickers get in the queue. I bet the queue for will be as long as the Exeter away tickets.
  12. Interesting rumour on one of our loan players….FGR and Tranmere interested in signing Joel Cooper.
  13. I like Brad,I really do and he would always be in my team if fit. He’s a great player, a niggly one who goes quietly about his business. I just don’t see him as a vocal player to galvanise those around him and set a tone.We need more personality in the midfield squad, without Conlon we are nice. Without Brad we are lightweight.
  14. I’m gutted mate by our capitulation but the lads are only human. It’s as simple as that.
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