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  1. Not a fan of 3 CB's.I was hoping we would move away from it but it looks it the way forward in the new season as we have done so in each pre season game.
  2. Oh dear those comments from Tom come across rather bitter, which is a real shame. I'm sure he's hurt by the club he supports releasing him and I know he had a tough time under JA accepting he was no longer needed but he would have been better off not saying anything. I'm sorry to say he's shown a lack of class with those comments and has clearly not learnt anything from his Twitter exploits when the club stood by him. A real sad way to say goodbye from a club legend.
  3. So nothing announced... I didn't know if I had missed any news - The Sentinel reporting has been horrendous during the off-season.
  4. Does anyone know if Solanke and Griffiths are still on trial, signing or have left?
  5. Meh... at least the Synectics green has gone.
  6. Not sure about that one Darren. Some very very dubious predictions in there.
  7. I don't subscribe to the tough start. If you look at all of the sides we face in the first two months they have all had a biggish turnaround of 1st team players and will all be finding their feet. If we have had a good pre-season( our 1st team players have been together very early compared to other teams) I see it as a great opportunity to get of to a good start. The real tough one early doors will be Stevenage away, who I see as dark horses this year.
  8. I think top 7 is a minimum for us - anything less should be seen as a failure given the summer recruitment. I feel our chances of success will heavily depend on the front two and of course luck with injuries to key players. We really need at least 40 goals between Rodders and Wilson to give us a chance. I was watching Tony Naylor goals yesterday on the Youtube channel and couldn't help thinking Wilson could potentially give us the same kind of X factor in this division IF his head is right and DC can motivate him. I'm obviously biased, but on paper as things stand I would take our collective attacking/creative players of Rodders, Wilson, Proctor, Conlon, Wozza and Benning over anyone else in this league. Still think we need another top striker at this level to give the option of playing Rodders LW.
  9. I think some poster are maybe a little sensitive about Pope 'finding his level'. I would suggest he has found the right level for him at this stage of his career due to his age and the way he looks after himself away from football, plus his legacy injuries. I don't see how that disrespectful at all. Personally I wish him all the best an absolute legend and a brilliant career with 2 spells at the club. A lower league legend - never mind a Port Vale legend. All the very best TP. I'm sure if the Bears feed the Pope he will score! The king is dead. Long live the king.
  10. Bailey will be nowhere near the 1st team squad come August. He's only a 2nd year pro. I would imagine he has gone to the training camp this week to get a taste of what what it takes physically to be a professional. A lot of clubs do the same thing with young pros at this time of year to test them out. If he was really good and strong enough to be part of a L2 1st team squad at this stage of his career he wouldn't be at Vale!
  11. THE worst full back ever seen in black & white. Lets hope Rodders plays LW when we face Walsall.
  12. Paul, Its good to have a different opinion on a forum but not the last word, unless ts a popular view.
  13. Totally agree. For me the different formations we could go with to start and switch to during games is really exciting. With squad almost complete I think you could make a really strong a case for 442,433,4231,352,343 or a midfield diamond. DC is certainly going to keep us all guessing throughout the season which is great news because the opposition won't have a clue either. What a breathe of fresh air....
  14. If we all thought the same this forum would be so boring!
  15. Happy to have brightened your day with an opposing view.😀
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