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  1. He was putting the players through the paces pre match yesterday Maybe just no longer registered as a player.
  2. Fantastic performance... best of the season. Every single player was at least 7 /10 apart from Brown who had nothing to do!! Strong in defence , midfield energy and work rate was brilliant and Cullen. showed his quality. Monty = best left back in the league.
  3. Players have got used to playing 4 3 3 and particularly what positions to get into when defending Thats why I don't think JA will change it. Plenty of options at right back, Atkinson, Evans, Oyeleke has played there in the past and Montano is a better leftback than winger in my opinion. Agree with you on Monty. Can't see Oyeleke playing after only 15 -20 mins too much of a risk. Evans for me is a liability at full back. His positional sense is very poor in particular defending the back post. Atkinson is the only real viable option for at right back but I do worry about him against a tricky winger.
  4. The logic is get the best players out there who can compete against a very physical side. Smith gives us that. If conditions are going to be as bad as the forecast then its going to be a bit of long ball fest and a scrappy game. 3 at the back and two up top would help with that. If we changed formation for the game it would really take the opposition by surprise and could give us an early advantage. All of the scouting on us would go out of the window. I don't think JA will do it - I'm sure he will stick with his tried and tested 433 with Atkinson at right back.
  5. 3-5-2 would be the way I would go in my opinion. Get Smithy back into the side Monty and Worrall wingbacks and get Cullen up front with Bennett. With the wet and windy conditions expected its going to be another real grind.
  6. Clarke - Agree stupidity Pope - There midfielder has gone down, it was a nothing in it. He fell on the floor and no its not a yellow if you square up to someone on a football pitch without raising your arms. Pope's reacted but really warrants a 2nd yellow? Our Penalty - all day long Their penalty - never in a million years. Joyce never even makes a challenge - he wasn't even close enough to block him the player off let alone foul him. No he didn't his 4 big decisions right. Kettle was crap all game.To say the free kicks he gave to FGR, in particular the 2nd half period where dubious is an understatement. He couldn't wait to get his cards out,yet when we where fouled he never saw it.1st half Legge gets poleaxed he does nothing, 2nd half Brisley takes an elbow after being jumped into and he does nothing. How this guy is still a league official is beyond me.
  7. Great win despite Trevor Kettles best efforts to even up how poor FGR where. Askey can't be pleased how unorganised we where at the end in midfield when we stopped tracking our players. Squad to be tested Saturday.
  8. Brilliant 1st half performance. Two halves of football are rarely the same...hopefully this one will be and we can control the 2nd half.
  9. Apologies I didn't realise alternative views where not welcome on a forum.
  10. I hope so. I rather think the suggestion by Carol was more tongue and cheek from a direct question about the Lorne Street, which some fans have jumped on to the back of, rather than a specific need. Nice to do for sure though.
  11. Thats the debate. Should it be the Lorne St now, I just disagree it is and think priorities need to be elsewhere.
  12. For what its worth in my reply to the SC if we are looking to make donations to the club I think we need to be helping to support the youngsters in the academy and the various pathways the club offer. This should be the life blood of the club to help bring lads on in the local area, skills wise but also get them interested in PVFC. I don't believe this has been adequately funded for years.
  13. Its not the concourse I'm referring to specifically, just think 100k can be better spent on the existing facilities which are used currently around the stadium. I personally will not donate as I don't think we should be raising money for it.
  14. Can we not do that within our existing facilities without spending that kind of money? I think we can.
  15. Joe, I agree with you there are lots of things we need to do as a club,which lets face it needs to built from the bottom up. I'm all for the SC raising money for the club to show the Shanahan's we are right behind them. I just feel but 100K donation (assuming the money is raised) could be a lot better used by the club. Don't get me wrong I would like to see the stand finally finished, in particular that end of the Lorne Street - its where I used to watch in the early 80's, so it would be very nostalgic for me and bring back happy memories of people who are no longer here. I just think at this moment in time we have greater priorities as football club. By the time we are in the Championship all of the colour in the seats would have faded and will look a bit shabby.
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