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  1. We have no chance given the way DC manages the status of his players. He's the only manager I have ever known who has players with long term injuries but makes it sound like they are in contention to start. He set his stall out early doors with the local press on players to the point where they don't even bother to ask him most of the time.
  2. Unless we are trying to control the narrative with a new player ourselves. A bit like Harrogate did with Hall leaving. I honestly can’t see this one happening though. For all of Rodney’s struggles with fitness and form I don’t see how it benefits us.
  3. Re Rodney . Physically a premier league player. Football brains National League North. L2 level playing as a LW is where is currently at. When he has a day he is unplayable. Can beat players for fun with his pace and I reckon could hold off a tank protecting the ball.He’s an absolute beast. Sadly for him he’s doesn’t fit into our system and hasn’t progressed enough to show he can be our 3rd striker. We can’t rely on him to be a goal threat. If we sell him which provides funds towards an experienced ST then I’m all for selling him, if not I think he’s worth preserving with.
  4. I agree they did look for the taking 2nd half but if I was Orient I would say the same thing about us as we offered very little. For me you just have to remember where we are as a team at present. It’s night and day from the heady days of September and October. A point away at a play off rival is a very good point and a place to start and build an unbeaten run. A scrappy win next week and things will look very different.
  5. It just means DC finds a different way to win, which he will.The transfer window is still open and I’m positive we can expect to see a few reinforcements to cover injuries.
  6. No doubt promotion is the target and I’ve said before DC has failed if he doesn’t deliver but we still lots of games to go. It’s far far from over. This league is fuckin <ovf censored>. Everyone will beat each other as it’s proven. You also have to put where we are in perspective. We have suffered horrendous luck with long term injuries to arguably our best 4 players. Tell me a team in this league which could cope with that? Nobody, yet we are still very much in the mix. We are just working our way through it and need a little time to adjust. On the evidence of the last 2 games it coming.
  7. Reading the comments back I can’t understand the negativity on here. A depleted Vale squad have just come back from a really tough L2 team who will definitely be competing for play off places with a point. We have stopped the sequence of losses, looking really solid at the back in the process for 1st time since probably around September/October. Something to build on to get the season going again. We are only just off the playoffs and auto places with 20+ games to go and most of the teams in and around us have to come to VP. It will come good keep the faith.
  8. Well happy with that.Back to basics and a clean sheet. I thought the much maligned Martin along with Smith and in particular Hall (my MOTM)were superb today. We looked a really strong defensive unit with Walker in front who had a really good game too. I think our general play has improved substantially over the past 2 games but we need to be much better in the final 3rd,having said that both Wils and Amoo are clearly a little of the pace as you would expect. A CM who can dribble, take players on with a little creativity would make a huge difference. A blow for Gibbo, hope we get to see him again for the run in.
  9. “We have a score to settle with them, the way they celebrated after the game.Players remember things like that. Hopefully we can take that energy and beat them Saturday” Lawrence Vigerourx. I hope the Vale lads are well aware of it and prepared for a proper battle.Really looking forward to it tomorrow.
  10. He likes his own voice for sure but I don’t understand why you feel that is BS? I thought it was good explanation of what’s happening at the club now and the future. Personally speaking it fills me with confidence the club is actually being run in the right way from top to bottom.
  11. A little bit of a dig at the end about how things used to be although completely justified. I’m sure Tom will be on twitter later.
  12. DC presser explains a lot about Conlon. Good on him for trying to push through it. Good news sounds like Hall will be fit which probably means 352 again. Despite back to back defeats looking forward to this one. Hopefully we can get back on track.
  13. I’m hoping one will be the keeper.I noticed Walton has signed permanent at Ipswich. Maybe they are prepared to let us have the lad who was at Salford? Can’t spell his name so won’t even try!!He would be a big upgrade.
  14. DC said he was near fitness last week but I thought he was quite shifty when asked about the rumour in the press conference. I think there could something in it.
  15. As its a thread about transfer rumours, not RZ's wild theories, has anyone heard updates or new rumours.. Rodney leaving?? Benning leaving (appears 3rd choice LWB)?? or players linked? I can't see anything new on Twitter, in fact its getting boring this week after the excitement of 7 days ago.
  16. I said exactly the same thing during the game. I thought it was a poor decision. The linkup play with Gibbo and Wozza was very good. They instinctively know each other’s game.
  17. I would love him, a player I have always rated from his days at Yeovil. Just the kind of player we required for me. Someone who is prepared to dribble with the ball and take people on.We don't have this type of player at the club. He would fit in nicely just behind the striker or out wide in a 343.
  18. Positives from last night: Gibbo playing( move not happening maybe?)He looked great at RCB causing them problems. Much improved performance overall creating lots of chances. Edmondson gave us a good presence up front. More minutes for Wilson. Walkers passing 1st half was excellent. Back to back home defeats are disappointing BUT we are very much alive in the race for playoffs and auto promotion. We just need to win a game to restore confidence going, get on a winning run, which we are more than capable of doing.A really big run of games coming up but remember every team is capable of beating anyone in this league. Nobody bar FGR will runaway. We should take heart from the winning runs of Tranmere and Mansfield to show what’s possible with a bit of confidence and self belief. Keep the faith
  19. Very happy with DC explanation about Politic leaving. Fair.
  20. Really good interview by DC. Level headed as always.
  21. We had enough chances to win 3 games playing bang average. How Garrity hasn’t scored at least 2 tonight I have no idea but if don’t take chances always going to be suspect to a <ovf censored>, schoolboy goal. <ovf censored> me what a poor kick from Stone but oh my good what the hell was Walker thinking with his kick to give the corner away. Rush of blood. Salford looked poor L2 team there for the taking which makes it frustrating but you have to give them credit for the way they defended the penalty area. Certainly threw bodies on the line. Vale fans though, man take a long look at yourselves, booing the team with 20 mins to go. What is all that about? Players need support going through a difficult time not just when things go winning. Team must go better and raise its game.Fans MUST do too if we want success.
  22. Happy Case has been dropped. Think he’s struggled to be honest for quite a few games. Conlon is an interesting one. I wonder if he had Covid and is feeling the after affects struggling with energy. He’s looked flat in the past 2 games.
  23. I'd like to see us revert back to a system where we can change formation during the game. A left field selection but I would spring a surprise ,start 4231 but could easily revert back to 352 or 343 during the game. I like the potential partnership down both flanks which would cause any teams problems. I know Hussey is not a winger but we need him out in space to whip the ball in the box high up the pitch to do damage. I think Benning would look much better in a back 4 where he can overlap a player in front of him. Also gets Conlon further up the pitch to influence the game. Obviously assumes Gibbo is available. Stone Gibbo Smith Hall Benning Walker Pett Wozza Conlon Hussey Wils Harrat Subs; Amoo,Edmondson,Garrity,Martin,Rodney (if fit),Draw a lottery for the final 2 places.
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