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  1. I'm really looking forward to this one 1st away game in person this season. Scunny don't look like they have much going forward to me.Record suggests they struggle to score goals and with a leaky backline. History means bugger all - another away day hoodoo to banish 0-2 to SVA and cement a place in top6.
  2. Wilson is class act and a very genuine person judging from his interview from Saturday. For me technically the best player at the club, even better than Condon. I was a little sceptical when we signed him thinking he could be a big time Charlie like McKirdy, however the work rate has been exceptional. He has ran himself into the ground every game. Hopefully he will now start to get the rewards and score a few more goals. I posted before I really think he has the potential to be our X factor this season. I can't see him ever being a great goalscorer but a scorer of great goals to turn games in our favour and someone who will create assists. A modern day Tony Naylor.
  3. Missed the game away on holiday but what two fabulous goals from Wozza and Wilson. Fingers crossed we can build momentum....
  4. I think all the signings so far have been mixed in terms of performances. They have all had a good game at some point and shown flashes why they where signed but have not quite managed to put it together consistently YET, however it's what you would expect with so many changes and playing in L2. I've seen enough to see the players bought in are an upgrade and the squad overall is very strong compared to the last 3 years where it picked itself each week. The one thing we are missing in the team is a ball carrier who can run at defenders and commit players. We do have them in the squad so I'm pretty sure we will see Politic and Amoo given more game time at home to open defences unless Rodney can pull himself together.
  5. Birchy talking sense on RS - thank god for that after some ridiculous callers.
  6. I'm really pissed off with that result today. Why are we constantly playing not too loose? Great start, we should be 2 or 3 up within the next 15 mins looked good but one the goal goes in we looked really larthegic. We looked completely off the pace with no idea how to manage the game, constantly giving the ball away. What really annoyed me is iin the 2nd half we went 442 put them under pressure scored a goal and immediately the manager changed it back to <ovf censored> 352 and we lost all energy and impetus again. From that point only ever going to be one team winning it. Very poor defending for the 3 goals but I'm sorry that defeat is on the manager tonight for handing momentum. back to Rochdale with poor subs and tactics. AND when is Rodney going to <ovf censored> learn how to play football.??
  7. No idea if Danny boy is a good signing or not - I guess I will have to wait to seen him play in quite a few matches in a Vale shirt before I decide.
  8. Great move that is by the club - shows they are listening. Well done PVFC
  9. I know it’s early doors but I think tomorrow is a massive game. We really need to get that 1st home win so the team don’t feel pressure at home and to start building momentum by winning back to back games. As good as last weeks win at FGR was it means nothing if we don’t take 3 points against Rochdale.
  10. Do you reckon one of them was Bradford? He chose us so they went to the next man on the list and got Theo😀
  11. I know I'm in the minority here but I always thought Theo was worth to keep as 3rd/4th striker IF he accepted that role. I know he was terrible when he first arrived but he played a major part in the success we had towards the end of the season. I think with a bit of confidence he would have scored a a few however once the manager had made the decision to transfer list him then he had to go. I hope this decision to doesn't bite us on the arse when we play Bradford.
  12. Looking at other business Tranmere signed Mark Duffy 35 and Nicky Maynard 34 whilst Bristol Rovers have signed Leon Clarke 36. Is it just me or does anyone else think its looks a bit desperate?
  13. Honestly he will find himself 5th choice if he doesn't start listening to the coaches. Agre with @Doha really poor decisions and he's not taken enough care with passes but the lack of movement to get across the defender on the front post or get on the far post is really begging to bug me. I'm so frustrated with him because with his skillset he should be playing the Championship.
  14. Excellent performance. A couple of individual errors cost us the game but we passed the ball extremely well creating chances. Huge competition for places in most areas of the pitch - I need to see much more from Rodders though in ana area the penalty area. I'm beginning to loose a bit of patience with him.
  15. I've seen Burgess,Robinson and Whitehead all training with the Paynter's youth group this morning. Looks unlikely any of those will leave before the end of play today.
  16. Perhaps not. I'm expecting Hurst to leave on loan. He needs 1st team football to improve his game and has no chance getting it in this squad.
  17. Eden Bailey is nowhere near ready physically to compete at L2 football and a would harm his development doing it now.
  18. On the face of it I was a little bit surprised with the Lloyd singing however thinking about our squad Proctor and Wilson are clearly a promising partnerships so why would you want to break that up?With Rodney and Amoo waiting in the wings to attack with pace and power that doesn't leave much scope for a 5th striker. Reading descriptions of the player sounds like he is the type to run his <ovf censored> off and chase everything down to put defenders under pressure. How can you not get behind a player like that? Generally these type of strikers don't score many goals but do tend to create chances indirectly (not credited with the final pass) by winning the ball high up the pitch so for me the stats are not really interesting, other than the number of appearance made by a 21 year old which is very impressive. It's going to be interesting to see what Lloyd can bring to the table and how DC will use him.
  19. Vale with best defence record in the league after 5 games and Carl wants a new keeper?
  20. Great all round team performance from the 1st minute.Very hard working but with some quality when it mattered. The game reminded me of that winning streak wow had last year where once we scored you never thought the result was in doubt. We looked in full control of that game. Really pleased for a couple of players tonight who I thought played very well in Wilson and Benning both of whom much has been expected and neither quite got going yet. Hopefully this will be the start.
  21. Fair enough Tony but I really see similarities for us when Flickers was manager at Mansfield. Slow start drawing games hard to beat playing 352. Bring in a young forward on loan end of transfer window(Tyler Walker) to fire in the goals . Sounds familiar? Hopefully we don't collapse at the end of the season like his Mansfield side did. Its early days 4 league games old our pattern fo play I certainly still developing I'm certain it will pick up soon and you feel more optimistic.
  22. You don't even think top 7? I know its early days so far but we look solid creating chances, just not finishing them. Captain Conlon to come back in soon I think its only a matter of time before they start going in and we become team that win 1-0. Don't think we will ever blow anybody away - not enough firepower for that.
  23. Really looking forward to this one tomorrow. I know its early stages but I expect FGR to be top 7 come the end of season anyway so it will be a good barometer to see where we are. I have a sneaky feeling we will finally get 1 in the W column come 5pm. 0-1 to the Valiants.
  24. I was a bit concerned by Taylors absence with the friendly. I expected him to take part given DC had said before he was running. I hope DC is pushed on it at his conference, it really would be nice to understand what is the situation is. It's a real shame because I think Taylor would be a real asset playing in further forward in the Garrett role plus we really don't seem to have any completion in that area of the pitch with Conlon out injured too.
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