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  1. Good post match interview from Honest Frank.. to me seems he very genuine despite what others have been insinuating.
  2. I'm not suggesting he would come or we necessarily want him but the description of our next manager sounds very much like Mark Cooper at FGR.
  3. Hallelujah.... I'm more happy we have actually communicated our intentions. Carol's criteria for the new manager has sound logic. My only question mark would be the new manager must keep Pugh around. This has potential to be a sticking point but I would hope not.
  4. Good rant. Lots of things have and are are going wrong. Some appear not have been dealt with properly. We could blame Carol, Colin,JA, the defence, individual players, signings, tactics, coaches, injuries and covid. I'm sure there are others I have missed. Ultimately they are all to blame. As a collective the PVFC team has not been good enough. Every single person employed by PVFC need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask have I or am I giving everything? I can't judge the non playing staff but I know the answer for the majority of the players. Win, loose
  5. Its called Leadership. Make a decision with conviction explain why you and see it though so everyone knows where they stand.
  6. I have never been called spoilt before watching Vale - that's the funniest thing I have read. Anyway ... I'm grateful there is still a Port Vale but I'm not paying £15- 20 to watch National League football. I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one. I suspect there would be a big drop in sales all round.Its not a threat just reality of the situation. Does Carol have the money to bring someone in? We knows because the club are not saying anything, thats my point about the manager. If we don't have money to bring in a manager then show some leadership let the players, staff and fans know
  7. I did follow your conspiracy theories which I found amusing. A half smart 5 year old could see things where not right on the pitch and change was needed. If it was all down to JA poor management, signings and tactics or not its all irrelevant. If a team keeps losing and players are not giving 100% effort the buck stops with the manager. He's paid to sort it including behind the scene problems.
  8. We haven't even backed Pugh to say its he is the manager until the end of the season let alone pay to bring a manager in!! I'm not the custodian of the club so don't need to pay the bill but I would think the club can't afford not to pay the bill to bring someone in. I'm sure I won't be the only one but there is no way I continue to buy season tickets,shirts,coats etc. to watch a team play football in National League. There will be a bigger hole in the finances for the club if we continue to drift.
  9. Its pretty clear what we need. Pugh/Sinclair have had 4 games yet we are still making the same fundamental mistakes. The fullbacks are constantly out of position, the distance between the two centre halves is to wide. If we continue as we are we will be relegated. We are in this position because we left it too late to sack Askey in the first place and not acted to bring a management team to sort it out. The longer it goes on the harder it will be to turn around as the confidence completely drains.
  10. I can only describe that one way.... a relegation performance. Piss poor defending yet again. its a joke. Huff and puff looked very disjointed with no desire to get on the end of balls in the box. Conlon put some fantastic free-kicks and crosses but we just trot to the ball. Not one player trying to attack the ball. Conceding for fun and don't look like we will score. Sorry only going one way now. Now looking for the results of Barrow, Harrogate,Southen and Grimsby...let that sink. Carol please please please get a leader of men in that dressing room as manager to drill
  11. At least we will have two up front to try and get hold of the hoof balls.
  12. I'm with you I would like to see us employ 442. Its a tight pitch up there so even if we are outnumbered in midfield the wide players should be able to tuck in enough to cover the spaces. I disagree with the midfield though. I do think Conlon and Taylor have enough energy and are good enough to play as a two. Conlon sitting in pulling the strings, with Taylor the box to box man. Assuming we are still struggling with the injuries players I would go Brown Gibbo Brisley Smith Crookes Wozza Taylor Conlon Hurst Cullen Guthrie
  13. You can't throw in a 1st year scholar into that position. Its unfair on the players development. He will get bullied at crosses and corners. At that age it will only take 1 error and it could set him back a few years.
  14. Yes . De-register Legge for Robinson for now until a replacement is bought in at CB.
  15. I think Leon's contract is the problem. He clearly doesn't have another season in him and I think he's in the cusp of earning another 12 month extension based on appearances. Its a good move by Vale. Even in the short term for tomorrow I wonder if we would re-register Robinson as I think we are very short up front with Rodney and Pope injured plus Cullen can no way play tomorrow and Saturday. I think we are trying to get someone in - we desperately need it at CB with or without Leon in the squad.
  16. I like the profile of the goalkeeper signing. Under age so not going to affected the squad registration but signed until the end of the season so we can get a really good look at him. Keepers from the top teams tend be very god with the ball at the feet.....just saying😀
  17. He's hardly going to say they have struggled. Confidence is at an all-time low in that back line looks so shaky. The smallest knockback really throws them off the stride so he can't say anything else in public.
  18. We are massively missing leadership on and off the pitch.
  19. You can only play what's in front of you and I would argue we where over due some luck this season.
  20. No he hasn't done anything to earn the job yet but there is no denying it the team, prior today, had improved with Pugh in charge. The reluctance to sack JA during the losing run says it all... we don't have the money to invest in a new manager.
  21. At the end of the day if those players perform for 'Pughy' they will be successful. He will get the job permanently, we will be in the playoff places and those players would earn a new contract with us but would also be in demand elsewhere. If he keeps them around because they all get on and they don't perform 'Pughy' will be out on his ear at the end of the season and so will those players. If the team end up in and around the bottom of L2 the lads out of contract won't be in L2 again next season. They will be playing lower than L2. 'Pughy' or 'Gaffer' those players are playing fo
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