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  1. Huge win with a good 1st performance professionally seen out 2nd half. Only disappointment goal conceded but to single out Rodney for it is wrong. Yes he made the wrong decision and gave the ball away but Mills has shown the player inside standing too far away from him(we have seen this form Mills all season) and Joyce has not closed the space down when he came inside. Its basic defending where we have given to much space to shoot. Overall good display lots we should be positive about. Rodney was unplayable 1st half. Guthrie was excellent target man. Taylor look more
  2. Same as you which is why I'm not comparing records to say why not manager x or y.
  3. You're assuming Adams wants to become Port Vale manager. No point comparing records of people who didn't apply or want the job. I saw you posted before he was interested in Bradford but it doesn't mean he is interested in us and things have moved on in terms of the season for Morecambe since then.
  4. I'm sure the players will know tomorrow when they arrive at the ground and are told two things -: 1/ Your new manager is watching you in the stand so you need to impress him today. 2/ Keep your mouth shut and don't disclose who until after the press conference on Monday.
  5. Won't be John McGreal he doesn't tick all of Carol's boxes... I think he would have been close.
  6. To be fair that's exactly what we need to steady the ship and hopefully get out this league as soon as possible.
  7. I know Bury fans who where very complementary how they played under Flitcroft. When we played Mansfield under him I thought they passed the ball around nice without looking too much of a goal threat. I will be fairly happy with him... not as flash as others names banded about but he does have a decent managerial record. I think he is pretty no nonsense too which we certainly need.
  8. According Pugh the new manager will be in attendance at tomorrows game. I'm going lump on David Flitcroft. Pugh has played for Flitcroft at Bury so could already have a good relationship with him.I think this would tick a very big box for Carol.
  9. To get a team challenging who are expected to win games is a very different mind set and mentality required for both manager and players. Its why some players and mangers don't fit clubs. However you look at it the expectations of Morecambe and Port Vale are very very different regardless of where the clubs positioning is.
  10. If memory serves me well I think that included the academy as well though which Colchester wanted to rely on more rather than signing experienced pros each year. Same model as Crewe.
  11. I'm with you . I think its a lot different managing clubs expected to challenge where you to have to build a team to be brave enough to play on the front foot rather than playing the underdog.
  12. It really does depend on what your definition of success is though. What was Coughlan's remit at Bristol. Mid table, reduce the budget and develop youth? Did he do that/ I don't know but he certainly secure L1 mid table before clearly failing at Mansfield where his remit was promotion. I'm not advocating anyone but there are quite a few managers I could look at and say they are successful but have not won a promotion from the league. Its a question I would like the media to ask. What is the barometer of previous success? Developing youth, making a profit from developed players,
  13. Not beyond the realms of possibility but I do doubt it. You don't have a 2 or 3 week window for applications to be the manager at a professional football club. I could be wrong but I feel its more a change of position following more poor results and crucially performances. It forced the hand but this line saves face for Pugh, portraying he is not interested in the managers job so any new manager can be assured he isn't going to try and undermine him for the top job.
  14. To be fair all games look tough for us after the last 17 including a home game against bottom of the league however with a new manager in place drilling the defence, players coming back from injury, plus players giving that little bit extra we should scrape together a result or 2 . I'm sure we will pick up a result where you wouldn't expect e.g Bolton
  15. Its the first time ever I actually would be chuffed if games where postponed. Gives us chance to hopefully have a new manger in place before the next game.
  16. It shows how strange Carol's comments where previously when she stated they where not even looking a CV's two weeks ago. I suppose results have forced her hand.
  17. That's the key and should be done by the manager with the final say to bring the player in. The manager is the one who needs to sell the vision of the team, pattern fo play, how the player will be used, philosophy of the club etc. before handing over to CEO to thrash out the deal with the player/agent.
  18. Good post match interview from Honest Frank.. to me seems he very genuine despite what others have been insinuating.
  19. I'm not suggesting he would come or we necessarily want him but the description of our next manager sounds very much like Mark Cooper at FGR.
  20. Hallelujah.... I'm more happy we have actually communicated our intentions. Carol's criteria for the new manager has sound logic. My only question mark would be the new manager must keep Pugh around. This has potential to be a sticking point but I would hope not.
  21. Good rant. Lots of things have and are are going wrong. Some appear not have been dealt with properly. We could blame Carol, Colin,JA, the defence, individual players, signings, tactics, coaches, injuries and covid. I'm sure there are others I have missed. Ultimately they are all to blame. As a collective the PVFC team has not been good enough. Every single person employed by PVFC need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask have I or am I giving everything? I can't judge the non playing staff but I know the answer for the majority of the players. Win, loose
  22. Its called Leadership. Make a decision with conviction explain why you and see it though so everyone knows where they stand.
  23. I have never been called spoilt before watching Vale - that's the funniest thing I have read. Anyway ... I'm grateful there is still a Port Vale but I'm not paying £15- 20 to watch National League football. I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one. I suspect there would be a big drop in sales all round.Its not a threat just reality of the situation. Does Carol have the money to bring someone in? We knows because the club are not saying anything, thats my point about the manager. If we don't have money to bring in a manager then show some leadership let the players, staff and fans know
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