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  1. Its the physique we are lacking with the rest of the midfield to play that position except Manny who lacks the discipline.
  2. You're right. Momentum and confidence is everything in football. Even world class players look bang average when confidence goes as they take more care and 2nd guess things which they normally do without thinking.
  3. I posted a while ago I think we are in a relegation battle.The club AND fans have been very complacent about it as we drifted towards the bottom which is what annoyed me about the manger situation. New manager or not we need to secure our league status first and foremost so we can have a summer rebuild. It will be an uneasy month or two as the manager figures our squad capabilities and teams at the bottom start to rally towards the end of the season. It happens each season when struggling teams start to play on the front foot rather than playing not to loose. In my option our status
  4. Micky Adams esq post match interview from Clarke. Really upfront from him again not mincing his words.
  5. Exactly. We have to a base to work from and stop the losing mentality. Can't keep averaging nearly 2 goals conceded per game. Tells me a new manager is assessing the squad inherited and will give every player in the squad a chance to show what they can do before moving forward in the summer. It is irrelevant whether Brown, Aspin, Askey or Pugh signed the players.
  6. Very very low on quality and a really disappointing performance with the ball.It appears we where playing with a hot potato. No player prepared to put the foot on the ball and play a pass. On the positive side we looked very solid at the back and I thought all 3 CB's played really wellI think. Even though he hasn't played Guthrie really showed his value tonight by not playing. Rodney is not a striker!!!
  7. Me too. I also like how upfront he is with the questions reading the transcript of the press conference today.Calls it very honestly where its about Crookes, midfield or squad fitness. Clearly questioning everything and everyone. I imagine there are going to be quite a few lads in that squad who he will upset in the non too distant future. I don't think it's going to be long before he starts to question the players character and mentality. Personally I love it. We need a damn good shake up.
  8. Rodney has shown he can't hold the ball up when playing up front which is why Guthrie was brought in.
  9. A new manager and a massive summer clearcut will reignite the dream.
  10. And he is creating the space for others to get the goals. We are have one the best records in the league for scoring goals... that is not our issue!
  11. How many chances has Guthrie had to shoot since he has come to the club? None. I don't recall him missing any shooting chances. What he is doing is occupying defenders, winning his fair share of headers, holding the ball up, bringing others in to play which allows us to play higher up the pitch. He is giving us the mobile presence we desperately needed.
  12. Lots of effort and a bit of fight today although I thought we were very poor with the ball. Disappointing to concede out of nothing - I thought we looked very comfortable up until that point then we looked very shaky for 15 mins which just shows how fragile we are. Its going to take a while to get that confidence back. I can't believe the criticism of Guthrie on here. He worked his socks off and won most of the headers against the CB. Never had any decent cross to attack. The only time put a good cross in he moved to the back post taking two defenders with him and created the space
  13. Clean slate for everyone over the next 18 games.
  14. I'm interested to see how the young CB from Huddersfield plays today. Thats a very young looking backline overall. Big performance from Brown needed talking his way through the game to help them along. Hopefully we will see an extra 10% of effort today for a new manager along with a positive performance.
  15. I expect we will play 4-2-3-1 tomorrow to try and protect the back four and keep a clean sheet to give us confidence to move forward. 4-4-2 if we end up chasing the game.
  16. Interesting comments around the squad from Clarke - better than Walsall, biggest he has had to work with, squad only set-up to play one way. Will need to show they are adaptable going forward as he will tweak it! Even more interesting he is also assessing the coaching staff as well if they are upto the job. Another excellent press conference with Clarke.
  17. I'm a little confused about the squad situation. I noticed Grimsby signed Giles Coke last week and Southend United have rolled the dice signing Nile Ranger and Ricky Holmes. All three players are free agents so I understand they are OK to sign but I understand you had to declare your squad and couldn't change to add to it after that point. Can anyone clarify what the rules are on squad registration?
  18. Love this routine. Its like something out of the Ted Lasso series.
  19. Or me! Onwards and upwards to safety with an exciting summer to look forward to.
  20. That post says it all about our season so far.
  21. OMG love this guy Clarke. Even a welcoming interview and press conference have a little bit of an edge. The tree is going to be getting one hell of a shake and imagine a lot of leaves will be falling!! Bring it on !!
  22. What strikes me most listening to the interview of both Flitcroft and Clarke is the character they show. I really think the mentality of the squad is going to change quite quickly - if not those players will be shown the door come the summer.
  23. Its on another thread mate. Very positive response generally and rightly so.
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