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  1. When will the players, board & fans wake up and realise we are in danger of relegation. To say Southend & Grimsby are poor (which they are) so we will be OK is so wide of the mark.Only takes one of them sides to pick up a couple of results and we are in the <ovf censored>. Looking forward to next season if we do stay up, how can a club finishing 3rd or 4th bottom of the league attract players and convince them we are going for playoffs/promotion next season?
  2. Very poor performance all round with the exception of Brown. 2nd best all over the pitch. To me a lot them players are going through the motions .When will the players wake up and realise we are playing for survival and need a bit of fight? Don't see much fight from them at all - we just accept our fate. 3 very very poor goals to give away... At least we know Crookes can't play CB either. New manager need ASAP!!!!
  3. Expecting defeat today. We won't keep a clean sheet with that back 5 to give us a platform. Defeat today will just add more weight to the manager situation. It needs to be put to bed one way or another quickly.
  4. Clubs don't panic they make decisive changes when required.e.g. Mansfield,Tranmere. How many clubs lose the number of games on the spin and keep the manager? I don't think 2 wins in 17 games is a panic decision. We are pretty much in the same position as when Askey took over. Table doesn't lie. No we don't. Don't get a very good 1st choice 11 mixed up with a the squad - 2 very different things. The number of players we have had missing through injury and covid have demonstrated the squad overall is poor. Too many non league players outside of the 1st choice 11.
  5. You're right. We need to fight for survival.
  6. I tend to agree. The manager criteria set by Carol and Pugh not interested in the job statements are the biggest issue. Every manager linked or appointed questions will remain "How do they fit the criteria?" and we all know Pugh certainly doesn't as he is no experience to measure against it. Look at the managers in the betting and how many fit all of the criteria? To be honest I think they have dug themselves in a hole where there will be a population of unhappy fans whoever they go with. I really think though regardless of covid pressures the manager is the most important person t
  7. Thanks,I had no idea who that was. At first I thought it was a mock up of an old Micheal Owen in Scotland shirt which didn't make sense in this thread. Now it does. Thanks
  8. After the 22 man final squad is handed in today I would pay up the contracts (cashflow allowing) of those players whose contracts expire in the summer to keep them away. You can't have pro's training and not playing - its no good for squad harmony.
  9. Very interesting one that. Also Marcus Maddison signing for Bolton.
  10. I really hope thats untrue. Will be very unhappy with McGreal. When will we realise we need to invest in manager? FFS Makes me think the club are desperate to get a few results with Pugh and hand him the job until the end of the season. That was clearly plan a/ until we had some dodgy results and performances whilst he was isolating for covid.
  11. I like Blakeman's excitement when he commentates. The scouser who filled in for Bowers commentated one of our home games I thought was excellent as he just described the action -can't remember which game. Bowers is OK when he sticks to the match rather than rambling on about how his goalkeeping for RS ,wrestling or Star Wars.One thing I really like about him is he is a genuine Vale fan. I don't rate the pundits to be honest. Sproey makes sense sometimes but can't pronounce players names and shows far too much bias towards his own players. Yates bugs me the way he keeps referring to
  12. Colin Garlick confirmed on RS will definitely get one more player in upfront before window closes.Assuming he was talking about loan for Will Swan. Gave little away about the manager only quoting Carol's with "speed not haste" strap line. I got the impression they where not close to making an appointment or announcement.
  13. To be a little mischievous does anyone think Cowley has had a hand in this signing?
  14. Announcement at 5:30.... player signing.
  15. I know what you mean however at some point we have to give Crookes a run of games at CB to see if he will be good enough to play in the 1st team. Having said that we definitely need another CB.
  16. I wonder if our new manager is involved in trying to find a centre back?
  17. I hope that suggests we have another CB lined up.
  18. Didn't know that. Its a <ovf censored> rule.
  19. It might be against conventional wisdom on here but I do hope we can offload Legge and Cullen. To me both players will just be a drain on resources. I would also re-register Robinson with a young loan striker signing too. Not heard any rumours about CB which is a little concerning although I'm sure Sproey is working hard to find one for us.😀 Expecting a few players to be realised from contracts this week so maybe an opportunity for an experienced pro somewhere after the transfer deadline.
  20. Going to be interesting day on Monday. New manager announced and I would expect some movement in our squad. Legge almost a dead cert to leave due to his drop off in performance and contract situation. I think maybe one or two others may also leave. I'm a little concerned about our options up front. With Pope injured long term and Robinson de-registered only leaves Cullen as a back-up to Guthrie.
  21. Huge win with a good 1st performance professionally seen out 2nd half. Only disappointment goal conceded but to single out Rodney for it is wrong. Yes he made the wrong decision and gave the ball away but Mills has shown the player inside standing too far away from him(we have seen this form Mills all season) and Joyce has not closed the space down when he came inside. Its basic defending where we have given to much space to shoot. Overall good display lots we should be positive about. Rodney was unplayable 1st half. Guthrie was excellent target man. Taylor look more
  22. Same as you which is why I'm not comparing records to say why not manager x or y.
  23. You're assuming Adams wants to become Port Vale manager. No point comparing records of people who didn't apply or want the job. I saw you posted before he was interested in Bradford but it doesn't mean he is interested in us and things have moved on in terms of the season for Morecambe since then.
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