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  1. No way thats sacred.😀
  2. I'm expecting McGreal with DOF....feeling very deflated. Can't help but thinking the club have wasted 3 months of this season faffing around with the managerial situation.
  3. A very nice nostalgic thought... perhaps not realistic at Rudgie's age.
  4. Bookies think its a done deal at those odds.
  5. I agree it would be a little odd for our level. Could be DOF,Head Coach & Pugh? Who knows
  6. If we don't have the money to do that at this time then there is no point in appointing a new manager. The club have a long term plan so you appoint a manager for that long term plan.
  7. I don't know who applied so can't say who I would pick. We need to invest heavily in a really good manager who is the most important person in the club. For me McGreal would feel very much like the team currently - mediocre.
  8. Twitter claiming its going to be a Director of Football model.
  9. Yes they did up until this season. Each season he was in charge they paid out good money for a player at this level.They where not a Mansfield as they also used the heavily invested academy to plug gaps in the squad as back-ups. Lets be honest last season they only made the play-offs it as the season was cut short.
  10. Constantly failed to deliver promotion despite heavy investment in the 1st team.
  11. I agree totally. We do look like we are trying to see the season out. Its pathetic watching your team like that with 3 months still to play. Trouble with Legge is the defence has looked equally shocking making the same mistakes when he has played. If he does play then we are committed to another season for a player who is not upto L2 standard these days even though he is better option than Crookes.
  12. I think thats really harsh. Crap yesterday yes just like 1 - 11 He was extremely isolated and had no service whatsoever. Hasn't looked much of a goal threat in the games played to date but has a good workrate and general play has been good. He needs a strike partner and support.
  13. NO of course he has. I said before he has been up and down this year and really struggled for consistent form and a bit confidence from the mess around him. He is the best CB we have by a country mile.
  14. When we played them at VP goes who Vaughan played up against? It wasn't Smith that day either.
  15. Thank you and goodbye Danny.
  16. Stop moaning and get behind the lads😃
  17. Put it this way it wasn't an accident Vaughan set himself to play against Crookes today rather than Smith. When Smith goes toe to toe to player he usually comes out on top.
  18. Joyce should go end of contract. Legs have gone doesn't have enough pace to close down the space quick enough. Keeps things ticking over well with simple passes but his play is often too slow and not positive enough. Greater physical presence required for me in this position. Smith has had is ups and downs but I would keep him. When you look at his play he always scraps well, is good in the air despite his height and doesn't get beat very often one on one situations. I think he has looked poorer this season let down by his defensive partners. Smith is still one of the better CB's in this
  19. There is always one team each season who pull some results together to escape. Lets just hope this season is the exception and they remain as porous as us.
  20. You could say the same about Walsall and Scunthorpe yet we lost home and away to both.
  21. Can anyone see where our points are coming from in February not to be sucked into a relegation fight? Newport (H) Leyton Orient (A) Stevenage (H) Cambridge (H) Stevenage looking like a 6 pointer. March looks even worse.. really difficult run of games.
  22. When will the players, board & fans wake up and realise we are in danger of relegation. To say Southend & Grimsby are poor (which they are) so we will be OK is so wide of the mark.Only takes one of them sides to pick up a couple of results and we are in the <ovf censored>. Looking forward to next season if we do stay up, how can a club finishing 3rd or 4th bottom of the league attract players and convince them we are going for playoffs/promotion next season?
  23. Very poor performance all round with the exception of Brown. 2nd best all over the pitch. To me a lot them players are going through the motions .When will the players wake up and realise we are playing for survival and need a bit of fight? Don't see much fight from them at all - we just accept our fate. 3 very very poor goals to give away... At least we know Crookes can't play CB either. New manager need ASAP!!!!
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