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  1. I'm not totally against a DOF at all and think it might be a good move longer term but I think the club have took the eye of the ball and are not looking at the here and now. Assuming we will be safe this season is a very dangerous assumption.
  2. I would like to think we will finally get the manager situation resolved between now and Monday to give the players a lift to battle for a really tough 3 weeks with away games at Leyton Orient,Salford & Cheltenham not to mention the leagues leaders at home and the 6 pointer against Stevenage. To be honest I think we have been very complacent, even a little arrogant about squad our quality and league status assuming we are Ok and in no danger of relegation. We have allowed the whole situation to drag on far too long. Our dithering and delay could really bite us in the arse.
  3. To be honest I'm not overly impressed by either but its pretty clear we are looking for a coach rather than a manager so they both fit the bill.
  4. Pugh back as joint favourite for the job. How many times do the bookies need to be told he doesn't want the job or is not ready for it?
  5. Its not a glowing reference to say the least.
  6. Where has he come from? That really would be out of the blue.
  7. It says more about the standard of the league as whole this year which is very very average this year and the state of the Newport pitch at the time of year. They struggle to play rugby on it let alone football.
  8. I'm going to throw a name who I think would fit in with our new approach who has been very successful... Stephen Robinson. If he is willing to come down to L2 after his 3 years at Motherwell remain to be seen but a "project" like ours might just tempt him to come back to England along with knowing the support he would get from the club. He ticks all of Carol's boxes.
  9. Reading the interview Carol gave to the Sentinel that is one of the reason they wanted him. Also felt they needed a voice on football matters to link the board room other than football operations by Garlick.
  10. I don't think we can do the Crewe model. It will take too long to establish and cost to much investment. It took Crewe 20 years plus millions of pounds from players sales over the years to establish and maintain where they are. They now have such a great reputation they pick up the best young prospects around outside of Man U & Liverpool because they have the academy status and a proven clear pathway to the 1st team. What we need to do is establish are proper scouting network at home and abroad to pick up young players from big teams who drop out at 18/19/20 years old plus gambles l
  11. Flitcroft's interview with the Sentinel is very good. Reading between the lines I'm expecting a manager to be appointed end of this week. Appears for the first time in a very longtime we are going to have a proper plan for the 1st team. Its going to be a massive summer of upheaval for the 1st team squad.
  12. Be careful Tyler this is how Pope got into trouble with the FA.....innocent questions😁
  13. Me neither after the way Flitcroft spoke about the situation. I can't help but thinking it all be an inexperienced manager. I can't see past Adam Murray of those who have been linked to the job unless there is a real left field appointment.
  14. I just think its the way of the world in particular with social media, plus there are times when it helps to be indiscreetly discreet.
  15. The press conference announcement was called out of the blue yesterday and people speculating it would be a new manager and possibly a new managerial set-up on social media. Doesn't necessarily mean it was leaked. I think this was more a case of throwing enough theories around and one if them will eventually be right.
  16. It won't be Pugh now. Too much has been said by Carol and now by Flitcroft about it. Have some faith.
  17. Flitcroft speaks very very well. I do like the ambition of the club just very frustrated with how long it is taking to put a new manager in place and would have liked him as manager. Thinking who the new manager could be. I can't see how it will be anyone with lots of experience to work under Flitcroft. Makes me wonder if the new manager will be announced within the next week to give it chance to sink in the new structure. Classic comms strategy. Looking at the managers linked with us I think Adam Murray looks the most likely candidate to work in tandem with Flitcroft.
  18. To be fair I think there is a lot of truth in that. I'm not against Flitcroft at all, he's someone I would have been very happy with as manager. I just find it a strange thing to do at this moment in time. Now we are going to be waiting even longer for a new manager whilst the DOF chooses his manager with the board. Why not just invest in a top manager rather than a DOF and manager?
  19. Watched the YouTube video in full... we are still looking to employ a manager.
  20. Sounds very much like Flitcroft with Pugh head coach to help him develop.
  21. Listening to Flitcrfot said too many things need to be implemented at the club to be successful. Lacking infastructure more than a manager needed.
  22. No way thats sacred.😀
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