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  1. I was on about a place to drink for people arriving by train from at Euston, don't see the connection
  2. If you get into London early by train arriving at Euston, why not try Mables Tavern, Mableton Place, just off the Euston Road. It's the North London Valiants pub. Then after a few beers (decent ale as well) a short walk to Euston Square LU Station, then four stops to Wembley Park Stn on the Met line.
  3. I had not thought of this but for anyone driving down this is brilliant option. Is just minutes off the M40. Absolutely no problems parking up on a Saturday. No guarantee, but probably as safe an area you can get to leave your car.
  4. The Chiltern Line, has two routes into London both ending up in Marylebone. One route comes from Birmingham passing through, Princes Risborough and High Wycombe. This route will pass through Wembley Stadium Station. I am not sure if you would have to change. at Risborough or Wycombe to get a train that stops at Wembley Stadium or one of the direct ones from Birmingham may stop you would have to check. The other route starts in Aylesbury but after Amersham, shares the lines with the Metropolitan underground line and they stop at nearly all the same stops, but you have to switch on to the Met line to get off at Wembley Park LU station, where on exiting you walk up Wembley Way. Hope that makes sense
  5. The train Station at Wembley Stadium is only a short walk from the Stadium, just a couple of hundred yards from memory
  6. Instead of going to and changing at Wycombe to get a stop at Wembley Stadium, best way from Aylesbury is Chiltern Line to Chalfont & Latimer, then change to Metropolitan Line, then on to Wembley park. Then you get to walk up Wembley Way to the stadium. Coming back will be really easy as all the queues at Wembley Park will be for the Southbound trains. I'll be getting on at Wendover.
  7. Looking back at the first leg, considering they were at home they weren't anything special or particularly better than us. Our only real failing was a lack of creativity. We were certainly more than up for the game. There is only one goal to make up and we have 90 minutes to do it, with a vociferous home crowd behind us. Mckirdy was and is the only difference between the sides. Which is all the more galling since we let him go. Which at the time I thought was the right decision. I don't think anyone could have predicted how he would have performed this season in a cobbled together side. Oh for an Andy Porter or Tony Lacey in the side to dissuade him from playing well.
  8. As far as I am aware Roberts had his demons which were directly affecting his presence and performance at the club. With regards to Mckirdy, he had obviously caused problems at or managed to pee everyone off at Carlisle. However I am not aware (happy to be corrected) that he caused any off field or dressing room problems at Vale. He was let go simply because he hadn't been able to produce the standard of performances to justify keeping him on. He just didn't seem to fit into the way Vale played. It is annoying though that he performed at Carlisle, failed at Vale, then goes on to perform at Swindon.
  9. They were nothing special today. Yes the probably deserved a one goal lead but that's about it. So my dream for Thursday is Mckirdy scoring a late own goal to send us to Wembley. That would make me so happy [emoji4]
  10. Very true, Mansfield are still in the mix, could do it.
  11. Bristol will beat Scunthorpe easily without Coutts. Should Vale not win both games, could give them an easy third place. Northampton away at Barrow far more difficult match. If you look at it from a pure pragmatic point of view they are in the best position of the three clubs. However I am quietly confident we will do it.[emoji4]
  12. Alternatively, should Exeter lose tonight, then lose to Northampton on Saturday, providing we beat Newport it would still be in our hands when we go to Exeter. So depending on tonight's results we could still be in a good position, whichever way the Northampton/Exeter game goes.
  13. How many tickets do Walsall usually release for away fans
  14. Rob, I only live a few miles down the road from you in Weston Turville, whereabouts was this.
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