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  1. If Wigan, well the administrators can show that a force majeure clause is applicable, which Covid is in theory like a war etc. Then they may escape a punishment. It will be, for them long shot , getting the facts off the HK people even harder. One thing is for sure is that teams spending above their means and others that are mismanaged needs to be stopped. Each club should only enter a league where they can pay all wages, operating costs and all additional expenses. This should be in place each season with guarantees and done before the first game. Penalty for the owner for failure 5 year Stoke season ticket.
  2. Re Wigan and all teams in the future (quote from a Wigan fan) " get together and petition MPs toforce the EFL to clean up its act and effectively manage these changes of ownership perhaps by having owners contribute to some sort of insurance backed fund to prevent these crooks from ruining our clubs. They could also be asked to provide a security bond of some form which would deter anyone wishing to come in and make a quick buck from ruining the lives of Fans, Players, Managers and Club Staff."
  3. Standard deduction is 12 points. Whether they apply it due to the Covid crisis I am unsure. Macc got their penalty though so then probably will. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53247333
  4. Wigan have just gone into Adminstration
  5. They do, Stoke boss just asked Cook if he would put some cardboard cutouts on to give them a chance
  6. Plus its just the same as all the sweets thrown out, a dentists nightmare
  7. I think you have to see it as the experience, American sports have the all day attitude, BBQ's and the like. I am sure if done correctly it would encourage families. The local drunk would find a way to over consume anyway. For me its a positive, but is alchohol a good thing that is another subject.
  8. The problem with that is the contract is binding, so buy out clauses are hard to implement. Plus if you offer one player that option, all the others would want it. Much easier to build a squad if you actually know who has a contract, it is no good having a player and as soon as the money is offered he leaves. Then you cannnot get a replacement to fill the position. It works both ways, Nathan has seen his contract out and he can do what he wants.
  9. It is always nice to think we are losing good players (in a bad way of course, moving to a higher level). It shows we are improving in the eyes of non Vale blinkered fans. Hopefully the structure is in place to find replacements. This seasons squad performed well and one player will not be an issue. If Virgil van Dijk left Liverpool, not saying he would, then the manager would have a huge hole to fill. But that is the way it is, a replacement could improve the team. We stole Naylor and did well with Lee Mills. Nathan will probably be better with a move, so good luck to him.
  10. Mr Warnock may not be everyones cup of tea, but his approach can work
  11. Had an afternoon painting (door frames incase you wanted to know ). Sport seems all over the place. But the BBC report on how bad Stoke were makes me laugh. I dont have a gripe with them as a club and would like to be in the league they are. It will be nice to have the derby games again after next season, but if things go bad we may miss them on the way down.
  12. He was on a good wage, so I presume that is a factor for his release. Calvin was also on decent money there.
  13. Is he better than John Stones? It is a big jump to the Championship, but even some PL players steal a wage. I suppose you need a "break" into that level. All I can say is that he went to Torquay on loan, worked hard and was well liked by fans and management, came back and has been a solid part of the team. So as a professional he has got to do what is best for him. Just a pity we cannot get a fee.
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