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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54298824 Cheltenham v Grimsby game off now also, plus Grimsby may have to postpone next week v Bradford. Not looking good for a full season.
  2. Go to the ifollow drop down, select Next Match, Port Vale v Harrogate , buy a Video Match Pass option. This takes you to the payment screen, where you can enter the code.
  3. ginginator


    Issue is this also https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54258226 and https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54248560 and that is just the players. Things are not looking good if the players cannot stay "covid free". Imagine the fans from all areas attending
  4. Well MrB I was just studying the scores in all leagues, lots of goals. Plus Vale have not had a 4-3 for a while so I plumped for that, I think it will be an open game and if Leeds can score 3 @ Anfield then who knows 😉
  5. I do feel that with Leon/Nathan on the pitch and a few others we do benefit from the vocal communication that they have. The flicked header on Saturday, just wide was an example. The Exeter player got between them both, they just touched hands and there was no argument on fault. This is the benefit of having a squad that gels. Harrogate will also be in this mold, nothing to lose and playing for a football league/career future. It will be a good game I hope, 4-3 for the Vale.
  6. https://fansonline.net/macclesfieldtown/mb/view.php?id=202587 you decide 🙂 They do have a chance due to the grace period to settle the order, but they seem to be fighting each other.
  7. I have had no issues, I use Steam also. Epic has been improving since 2019. I suppose it depends on the titles you want Epic is getting a few more now. I find the better games on Epic recently, but the Steam social is much better and the UI . I only posted the FM/Epic article due to OVF. I used Steam more than Epic in the past and probably still will.
  8. FM 2020 is free on Epic Games I already have it but for FREE it is a great offer. 🙂
  9. They are unless the owner pays up and the winding up order is overturned. Liquidation beckons probably, turning over a winding up order is not going to happen. Amar Alkadhi is the one who can and he wont appeal I doubt
  10. It will be a last resort option, Macc could still be saved if someone buys them, so JA is a creditor and would at least get a % I believe of what he is owed.
  11. Bale taking a pay cut 🙂 he was on a reported 600k a week. But if teams want success and go over the top that is the issue. I would glady sign a contract for £600k if it was offered. Who do you blame the player or the system/fans/owners that need the success. A bit like anything in life, for a few keeping up with the Joneses seems to rule. I always wanted the best boots but got some cast offs 😞 but I survived.
  12. John Askey sent counsel to instruct his support for the winding up order . As would I, if owed £173,000
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