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  1. And a lot more he was a commited naval man and yes he had his moments, bit like most of us do. He has done more for my/our country than I have
  2. The problem with that is a lot of RU and NFL (more so) rely on set piece plays. That allows officials the time to stop the game. The laws are the laws, I agree, but football requires some allowance to allow the free feel. I always liked Collina for his judgement and many others, Mr TK on the other hand just no no. Interpretation of rules does have its down/upside. I thought the referee had a good game. About time too my wife always makes better decisions than me 🙂
  3. Good win, the twitter comment @ half time made me laugh on commentary, Vale are closer to the play offs than Sjoke 🙂
  4. A bit like playing in the car park, wind has not helped. Second half will be more of the same regarding skill. We both get 45 mins of the same let us see if we have the extra class/nouse to win a game that conditions will dominate. The ref is better than Trevor Kettle, is that comment allowed. Seriously Rebecca has done a good job, with the conditions involved.
  5. https://twitter.com/ben_rumsby/status/1372516965147844608/photo/1 Plenty need to face the music, the last line quote sums it up
  6. We miss a whole midfield, with options. the idea of a midfield is to cover all areas, defence some may be good at "Goober", running from midfield "Ian Taylor", passing, we have a few but " Ray Walker". ( many more from the past before those,) Plus many that knew the job and linked to the forward players, They were good times but the forwards do need service and at the moment it is poor, they have to create there own chances.
  7. Sterling misses loads like that for Man City, difference is they create 20 chances per half, we do need to finish everything we have. Dont blame Guthrie, it is a team game
  8. I find it best to keep quiet, unless you know what you are talking about.
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