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  1. We miss a whole midfield, with options. the idea of a midfield is to cover all areas, defence some may be good at "Goober", running from midfield "Ian Taylor", passing, we have a few but " Ray Walker". ( many more from the past before those,) Plus many that knew the job and linked to the forward players, They were good times but the forwards do need service and at the moment it is poor, they have to create there own chances.
  2. Sterling misses loads like that for Man City, difference is they create 20 chances per half, we do need to finish everything we have. Dont blame Guthrie, it is a team game
  3. I find it best to keep quiet, unless you know what you are talking about.
  4. yes they are out, Vale have played at a better pace and have good pace with Gibbo and Monty. Just hope we get a steady line up from now, injuries are hard
  5. 2 nil lovely from Rodney, deflection from Worrall. Playing well but it does show that you do need the run of the ball at times. Has been lacking at times, so has the concentration. Hopefully we are over our lack of all of those points, plus injuries and can move on
  6. If i had my way I would have Rudgie back, enjoy the clip. Managers, good ones are hard to find and we need one to fit in with the clubs vision, I am sure we will but JR you legend
  7. we need a Joyce player like we did goober, at the moment we lack confidence in all areas, including the manager. We have some decent players but good managers bring the best out
  8. perhaps the second half will be better, but these players need to stick to the position they are told and get some confidence. 7 men running around not understanding what is going on is a recipe for disaster.
  9. The way we are playing is like schoolboys , we all go for the ball and yet miss the open player. Everything needs a rethink, back to basics. hold your position and gain confidence. Looks like it may take a while. For the younger posters. it is the Vale and .... happens. Keep the faith UTV and tc all
  10. For a season yes. cant get rid of all of them 🙂
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