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  1. Will be moved I presume as Sjoke are at home also, a home draw, nothing to lose for us
  2. Well hopefully the FA know more than them, you never know though 😀
  3. It is 7pm befrore the Boreham Wood v St Albans City game Find out all of the details around the 2021-22 Emirates FA Cup third round proper draw WWW.THEFA.COM
  4. Did not think you were of that age? Which side were you on? Harold or Hardrada? 🙂
  5. Centre forward is only 16. But I do agree U21/23 s should never be in the competition
  6. Liverpool do have half there team on international duty or injured, hence 2 GK on the bench. The Liverpool commetary has been decent re the Vale
  7. Congraulations to Darrell 🙂 Also all the team behind him. The players seem to understand, to progress, you need to be able to commit to a plan. Go out and try your best and produce, which they have done . They all have the skills to get out of this league. We may need a boost in January, maybe not. I still dont feel we are up to full speed yet. Injuries may yet be an issue re the boost come January. But it is a really positive start. Onwards and upwards.
  8. I think its a ban, rule change,. Hence why most refs just ask for a sub
  9. Crewe fans that will not attend have to sit outside the stadium and listen from there I believe, I may be wrong 😄
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