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  1. No, we required his goals when we got promoted (long time ago I know). I think the rest explains itself and that his play time will get limited. Transition takes time and there will be a few other established players moved on also.
  2. I imagine , the whole so called front 3 need to be improved, we wont get a Mane, Firmino, Salah forward 3. But we need to look at all aspects of the squad to improve the chances we create and convert. Its going to take time and Pope is one option at the moment. We all know he wont be around forever and I believe this may be his last season as the main striker. We do however owe him a lot. I remember years back a fan sitting behind me slating Ray Walker, when all it was he was past his sell by date. Comes to us all.
  3. well Foden is rated at £27 million and he ranks 16th in Man City valuations for all their players
  4. TBH both goals would of been given without VAR anyway, need a goal quick now to make a game of it
  5. https://www.viprow.net/manchester-city-vs-port-vale-1-online-stream up and working
  6. XI | Bravo, Cancelo, Stones, Harwood-Bellis, Angelino, Gundogan, Silva (C), Zinchenko, Foden, Bernardo, Aguero Subs | Carson, Walker, Sterling, Jesus, Mahrez, Garcia, Doyle Vale same team as Macc except Pope for Bennett
  7. http://wiz1.net/channel62?61612516 also on here, will say offline until near KO, this requires flash, other will use HTML5
  8. https://www.viprow.net/manchester-city-vs-port-vale-1-online-stream there will be more nearer to KO I presume, ESPN + is showing it and it tends to widely available on many streaming sites, beware of ads obviously. I am watching Fulham v Villa atm so this is the quality https://www.viprow.net/fulham-vs-aston-villa-1-online-stream
  9. SuperSport5 and ESPN+ will have English commentary, both are widely available on sports streaming websites, I am sure a link will be posted
  10. Popey and Gibbo https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50982643
  11. https://tfgm.com/major-works-and-events/events/manchester-city-v-port-vale General travel information here, includes Park and Ride etc
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