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  1. Terrible news. My Dad used to sit near to Mike in the Railway. My Dad moved to the Disabled Stand a few years ago but whenever they bumped into each other around the ground, they spent a few minutes putting the world to rights. A true Valiant.
  2. No game has affected me more. No lead is ever safe after watching that. If I'm ever sitting comfortably at a match with us three up with ten minutes to go (rare I know) my mind flashes back to that fateful afternoon and I'm back on the edge of my seat. Now my emotion at the end of a match is usually relief as we haven't screwed it up like QPR. It scarred me for life that game.
  3. Yeah Lawrie Wilson is the one that immediately springs to mind. Looked a good player when he played against us for Bolton. Looked anything but in a Vale shirt. He's still going. Plays for Ebbsfleet.
  4. Current record is 39 seconds. Because that's what I did it in!
  5. Claims now he's in the Nightclub business ie he hands out flyers.
  6. BBC reporting that all elite football is suspended. So Stoke are playing then.
  7. BBC reporting that all EFL and Premier Leagues games are suspended until April 4th
  8. Stoke will still announce an attendance over 25,000
  9. The first penalty incident is shocking. I wasn't there today so I don't know if it was a foul or not but neither does a linesman who's at least thirty yards from the incident. There is no possible way he is in a position to be certain if there was a foul or not. He can only make a best guess and a stronger referee would have stuck with his original decision.
  10. Quite like the idea of the fifth round being mid week. Not something for the third round but this round is about right.
  11. Agreed. Scunthorpe weren't exactly dominating before they equalised but they'd definitely inched their way back into the game because they'd made changes and we'd failed to react to them. Askey has made effective changes in recent games a la Pope's introduction at Northampton but today his lack of them was a mistake. It happens.
  12. Anthony Coggins in charge Saturday. Not done a Vale game since he sent Uche off when he returned with Cambridge a couple of seasons back. Having said that he's not one to flash the red card about but he does give a few penalties.
  13. Should have known it wouldn't be our day when all the trains from Rugeley to Walsall were cancelled so had to jump in a taxi and arrived five minutes before kick off. Thought Walsall made us look like a team with makeshift full backs today and fully expect Gibbons to be back next week. Also thought that we lacked a bit of energy with the high press Askey likes non existent today. Brown knows he should have done better with the first but made up for it with an impossible stop in the second half. More of a point gained than two dropped today.
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