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  1. Swindon reporter says that the playing surface was uneven. Take it he hasn't been to Mansfield recently
  2. Tremendous performance today. Right from the off the team looked in the mood to right the wrongs of Boxing Day with an aggressive, disciplined display against a decent side. Two cracking goals and a clean sheet. Doesn't get much better than that.
  3. Maybe but then they always take my name when I'm buying tickets at the Vale for away games. I'm the only one in my post code which I always find a bit depressing.
  4. Don't think that's the case anymore. Below is how Sheffield United are selling tickets for Arsenal away. Tickets can be bought in person, over the phone or on line.
  5. I think the definitive answer is maybe. This is from the City website and I would very much doubt that all the Level 2 tickets are sold from 207 to 223 so perhaps they are keeping some back just in case
  6. Just got mine and was told we are now over 5000 sold. It's just my guess but I think they'll reach general sale with at least 1000 left. Ticket Office is open until 5 tomorrow BTW.
  7. I've banged on about this before but we should give priority to the regular away fans. I know it's not top of the priority list but a points system for each away match you attend would ensure that the Super Vale Away following get tickets for big matches after enjoying the delights of the likes of Stevenage and Newport.
  8. I was going to post this on Facebook but can't be bothered with the flak I'll get so I'll vent here. I think I'm getting a bit grumpy in my old age but is anyone else getting a little fed up with all this Man City game talk? I fully appreciate that this is a glamour tie for us and of course there is a high level of interest in it but there are five far more important games to be played before the City game. The constant questions about tickets is doing my head in. Once an announcement is made by Vale then we'll know but there hasn't been one yet so shut up! I booked my tickets for Mansfield last week and the guy in the Ticket Office said that there had been very little interest in it and it was nice to talk someone who wasn't asking about the City game. This is before ticket details are announced! The City game will look after itself. You'll get a ticket because they'll be shed loads.
  9. Pretty sure it wasn't. I think it was one of those games where the BBC had a live reporter there. You get some money for that though
  10. Fylde v Sheffield United must have a good chance of being a TV game Work today is odd because whatever crap I have to deal with, the words "Manchester City away" put a smile on my face.
  11. Doubt it'll be a live TV game but it could be one of those Sunday afternoon kick offs where the BBC cross to live reporters like the Exeter game a few years back. And thank God this kind of draw didn't happen 12 months ago. The money generated would have disappeared into Smurthwaite's pocket while we all know the money from this tie will be put back into the club. Good things happen to good people.
  12. I'm sick to death of saving this bloody club
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