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  1. Went for a point, got a point. Defensively much sounder but Bradford weren't very good and any half decent side would have come away from a win. Been calling for Smith to play right back fo a while and he was much better positionally than Mills who's supposedly a specialist right back. Legge and Brisley were helped by Novak being as slow as they are. Going forward we didn't offer much but the penalty shout was a definite. The ball didn't deviate from its path. Oh and Whitehead is still hopeless.
  2. A truly awful performance devoid of quality, skill, heart, passion or any other basic requirement a team needs to win a football match. The sad and frustrating thing was that a lot saw this coming when the team was announced. How Mills kept his place after his horrific performance at Walsall I'll never know. Play Clark there or even Smith and put Brisley in the middle. In fact play anyone else. Danny Whitehead is a terrible "footballer" who is at least consistent as he is appalling everytime he plays. I know that. You know that. The manager doesn't. The corner he took sums him up in an instant
  3. I'm usually fairly calm after a match win or lose but tonight I'm fuming. Defensively that was disgraceful. There is no evidence of any coaching at all with the back four. Mills was horrific. Caught out time and time again for not the first time this season. Legge is so terrified of any one with pace he drops deeper than anyone else. The goals conceded from corners are appalling. The first half a dozen players run to the near post like schoolkids. The second the centre half is totally free. We have no idea how to defend or hold a lead. Then there's the subs. Walsall made four subs and ch
  4. Played well again. Missed chances again. Conceded a goal from a long punt up field within ten minutes of scoring again. I've seen that game before.
  5. How many times do we concede a goal shortly after scoring? How many times do we hear the phrase "gone to sleep" when describing an opposition goal? It's too coincidental now. Its plain bad coaching. So frustrating
  6. One of my favourite players in the current squad and seems a genuinely nice bloke. Always gives his all and I love the fact that he's always up for celebrating a goal which shows to me that he cares. Arguably our player of the season so far.
  7. I've not read the details but I can understand the Premier League clubs being pissed off at having to loan money to for example a Championship club whose owners run a betting business worth over 5 billion pounds.
  8. I missed last night's game as I had a power cut between 7 and 10 last night. Bless you National Grid! 👍
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