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  1. I'm of the opinion to let them get on with it because I simply don't care. Lower league football won't collapse because the so called big six are gone because they didn't give a stuff about the lower leagues in the first place. And all this football should band together rubbish. Where was the outcry when Bury went bust or numerous clubs went into administration? You didn't hear Gary Neville rant about the death of a club where his father was a legend. The likes of Sky and UEFA are only kicking off because the money isn't going to them.
  2. A pity really but I hope he plays forty odd games for Chesterfield next season because he is a talented player. My lasting memory of him will be scoring a last minute rocket at league leaders Lincoln on New Year's Day a few years back. It sent the travelling Valiants home happy that afternoon.
  3. If true it's a disappointing but understandable decision. Manny gives us something we don't get from any other midfielder and is a class player at this level but we all know his injury record. I'm just glad he isn't moving to another League Two club.
  4. Interesting that Bet365 paid £85m into the Denise Coates Foundation so the charitable donations are not coming from the paltry £469m she's paying herself. Profits slump 74% and her salary increases by £277m to £421m. Charitable my arse!
  5. One of my big concerns with the appointment of Flitcroft was that I don't think he was done with management and if an offer came along that interested him, he'd be off and we'd be back to square one again. He was asked about his desire to still manage again and he gave a long answer that didn't answer the question. As he's only got a 12 month contract, it's still a concern to me.
  6. Link has just come through
  7. I don't understand this. We still do not have a manager. I love the Shanahans but they seem to making this up as they go along.
  8. Went for a point, got a point. Defensively much sounder but Bradford weren't very good and any half decent side would have come away from a win. Been calling for Smith to play right back fo a while and he was much better positionally than Mills who's supposedly a specialist right back. Legge and Brisley were helped by Novak being as slow as they are. Going forward we didn't offer much but the penalty shout was a definite. The ball didn't deviate from its path. Oh and Whitehead is still hopeless.
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