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  1. 5 ties done and no team has yet turned around a first leg deficit. Yet.
  2. Vale have released information regarding leaving the ground after tomorrow's game. Basically Bycars Lane won't be accessible for a while. They also say Pyro Dogs will be at the game. Think I saw them at Glastonbury once.
  3. This is stating the obvious but Swindon fans are a very strange bunch. The amount of complaints regarding the officiating is frankly bizarre. They say that he favoured Vale and gave them nothing. Was I at another game?
  4. I'm not reading the 35 previous pages so forgive me if I go over old ground. Yesterday we were ok. Not great but nowhere near as bad as some have made out. Swindon's first goal was their first attempt at goal and I think we were obsessed with their big men and forgot about McKirdy. The second was a decent finish but the ball dropped nicely for McKirdy something which didn't really happen for Vale in their attacks. McKirdy never showed this kind of form for Vale nor anyone else before this season and is clearly a self absorbed brat. Even the Swindon fans I spoke to know this and fully expect him to up and leave given half the chance. As Clarke said Vale were sloppy with the ball yesterday but getting the third goal in the tie is huge. I genuinely think that Swindon thought they'd done enough at 2-0. The celebrations went on too long and it took an age to kick off again. Wilson's goal means we don't have to chase the game Thursday. We go into it with the mindset of having to win the game not having to go gung ho from the start. Swindon are a good side but are definitely not unbeatable. I think they are weak at the back and their defence is poor at ball distribution. Press them and they will make a mistake. Roll on Thursday and as an aside, if I never have to go to Swindon again it will be a day too soon.
  5. Anyone else in our position would be guaranteed at least a play off place but as we all know this is Vale.
  6. Good price for League One football. 🤞
  7. I can't quite believe it. Shocking news
  8. https://www.itv.com/football/articles/itv-to-broadcast-efl-highlights-from-next-season Hmm. ITV and football aren't usually a good combination
  9. I think all three are a much of a muchness tbh and none of them fill me with a lot of confidence
  10. Unless Mrs Jackson is a lot older than she looks I doubt it as we last played Chelsea away in 1928!
  11. Was in a pub about a mile from the ground when it was called off. The landlord couldn't believe it but he told me that the groundsman drinks in the pub and he knows he's on holiday for a fortnight. Might be a typical pub story but interesting.
  12. First allocation sold out. 475 additional standing tickets to go on sale soon.
  13. Frustrating night against a poor Salford outfit. First half was ok with more shots blocked than I've seen in a while but it was a stinker of a second half with Vale unable to even threaten to break down their defence. A midfield of Walker, Pett and Garrity is far too predictable as they are all a much of muchness. It's an area we need to strengthen especially with Conlon's rumoured departure. Up top we have two inexperienced players learning their trade which is not what we need right now.
  14. If Stoke had played a different League Two side in the third round ie us, the crowd would have been 20 thousand more. So who are those extra fans going to see?
  15. I wrote this before the Man City draw: I've rubbed by crystal ball and I see a Premier League side in blue away from home......🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ So my credentials are unquestioned. I've had a feeling we will get a certain club and I've just done the random number generator and the same club has appeared The spirits are strong today ladies and gentleman very strong and I'm getting the name.........Peter. Is there a Peter in the draw? A Peter Borough?
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