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Match Thread: Northampton Town v Port Vale


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Disappointing. Rodney is the only bright spark, we don’t have enough players like him. There’s not enough wingers or pacey players in the squad. I’d like to see Amoo on the pitch.

Back 5 just kills anything going forward from deep positions. The wing backs end up too deep and when they get the ball they just end up hitting a hopeless ball down the line.



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1 minute ago, Rory said:
4 minutes ago, Sandyford_Lion said:
Not sure about Gibbons, full back and Worrall wide right.
Clarke has signed what people on here , many people on here, are calling the ' best midfield three in the league ' Walker, Pett , Conlon. No room for Gibbons and Worrall in their usual roles and even if we did play this way then the front two would need to score 30 plus between them.
We have a big squad, full of options but we need a balanced first 11 for the majority of games to do well this season. Dont see where many of the new signings will fit in. I would be happier with seeing a good , well balanced first 11. 
Yes lets wait for another striker and a left winger to join us but then where do they play and who drops out. 23 players, all capable of starting the game but do we have a balanced team ?
D C needs to earn his money from now on. He will not change players and systems after one game, that i am sure. We need to bounce back, SOON

What do we need a left winger for?

so we can change the system for the last twenty mins when we are losing.

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I really didn't expect him to go with 352 this season. I thought he only resorted to that last season as we were so gash defensively and needed to nick a few games to avoid relegation. Playing Worrall at RWB is a crime. Our most creative player, by far, should not be restricted by a primarily defensive role. With the central midfield we've now got, why are we still resorting to lumping it as far as we can? Doesn't make sense to me at all. Onwards and upwards, and we'll now see what DC is made of. If he sticks with 352, and we carry on looking poor, is he really any better than Askey in that respect?

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38 minutes ago, Wrex said:

Would any of that be untrue?

Besides he can't really say "what a stupid thing to do, he'll never play for me again, who signed this idiot?"

Apparently DC and his staff have all done their homework on the players signed.


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15 minutes ago, Biddulph_PV said:


I mean the whole ‘me and Flitters have done all this analysis in a darkened room with stats galore’ nonsense. It’s L2 for Christ’s sake. I don’t need a spreadsheet to tell me Worrall is Vale’s most creative player so is totally wasted at RWB. 

You know our actual right back is injured don't you.

So we should ignore stats? Stats galore is a silly idea? 

One loss and the whole system is wrong.


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3 minutes ago, Biddulph_PV said:

And why are we lining up 5-3-2 when we’ve got one widest pitches in the League, crying out for wingers??

Had. Looks a bit narrower in recent pictures. Paddock is miles from the touchline. 

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Jones - MOTM and we will benefit from those throws over the season

Pett - really liked some of his touches and worked nonstop - reminded me a little of the bogeyman (blast from the past)

Rodney - run his socks off and got battered from pillar to post

Proctor - like the look of him - be interesting when playing in a full 11, which brings us to:

Covolan - 😲 - we love a psychopath

Wilson - mmmmmmmmm 

everyone else - cant really remember much of note 

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